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  1. Played for 17 years but find Rugby Union borderline unwatchable now with the new "Tackle" laws. Give me the Rugby League anytime.
  2. DavidK


    I've got NFL Gamepass. Works fine the majority of the time. They do show some games on TV as well. Channel 260 on Cignal as far as I can remember.
  3. To quote a friend's comment about driving in India as it's just as applicable here: To drive successfully in the Philippines you need three things - a good horn, good brakes and good luck.
  4. Anybody who rides a motorbike here without wearing a good helmet, whether driver, pillion or fare-paying passenger is playing chicken with their life. Sadly there's plenty prepared to do it (and have their children do it too - and the dog occasionally).
  5. Despite being full of Kiwi's New Zealand is a civilised country. If you can remember the 1970's it'll be like being home from home. The banks are happy to hand out cash via the ATM machines as well. Surprisingly if you bank with a decent institution the exchange rates are usually about as good as you'll get as well.
  6. Don't worry, starting next week it's the search for "Lost Confederate Gold". I'd never realised people were so careless with their gold until I started watching History/Discovery channels. Of course for all their faults and hype the "Lost Gold/Treasure" programmes still aren't a patch on "Ancient Aliens". However in a bid to up the ante the History channel is now combining the two - one of the guys from "The Curse of Oak Island" is now joining the search for "Ancient Aliens". The hyperbole will be unmatched in all of recorded history*. * See what I did there?
  7. Because my wife told me we were, because she was from Cebu and because she'd already bought a condo unit (without telling me).
  8. The Philippines is possibly the only country in the world that could turn spam into a delicacy.
  9. When mine quit (car was 7 years old) I just had it regassed. Worked fine after that. Most "older" cars here need it redoing every so often.
  10. Here's my experience of an accident i had last year. Driving home mid-afternoon, within half a kilometer of destination, going uphill on a four lane road (towards Marco Polo if you know it). Road in my direction is completely empty (unheard of), no jeepny, motorbike, bus, truck, lorry or cars so accelerate to about 55 kph. Come round final curve, still no traffic. At which point a lorry parked at the road side suddenly pulls across infront of me to make a u-turn (illegal u-turn as it happens). Helpfully the driver has his hand out of the window suggesting I should stop. I can't of course. I might have been able to pull round infront of him but if anything was coming the other way that would have been a serious, possibly fatal, accident. So I run into the back of his front tire. Bad for my front nearside, no damage whatsoever to the lorry. Impact not enough to even set off the airbags. So, wait for the traffic guys to come and measure up, thence to police station together with driver of the lorry and his lady boss (who had taken 2 hours to arrive). Sit in front of policeman to dicuss, with other driver. Clear as day who's at fault. End discussion. Lady boss approaches and says"Can we collect your car tomorrow to repair?". Guess what? They also own a car shop. However on hearing this Cebu's finest says "Ah but... on reviewing the traffic report your skid mark was about 7 metres, therefore you must have been going too fast". Conclusion after a little more talking - both to blame, sort your own repair bill. Another case of DWW (Driving Whilst White) being an automatic offence.......
  11. DavidK

    Visa extension

    Just been to renew mine today for the second time since last arrival. Surprised by the fact they were willing to give me six months but it did cost 11,684 peso. That does include another ACR card though.
  12. Too late. "No deal" is the default option. In fact there is a good argument that we actually left on the 29th March regardless of what May did to extend the deadline. If the next PM doesn't support a potential no deal withdrawal then I predict the wipe-out of the conservatives at the next GE.
  13. Soon taking your kids out of their cotton wool at any time will be banned. Surprised they allow them to learn to walk at all considering they're likely to fall over whilst doing so.
  14. And there's many more than those three. This is going to be hours/days/weeks of endless fun. A laugh a minute watching them trying to prove black is white and up is down.
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