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  1. DavidK

    JGF new car

    Well somebody who lives in Marco Polo has got an Aston. Goodness knows how they ever get the nerve to drive it on Cebu's roads. Slowly I think............
  2. Your cost estimates are about right for Filipino golf courses. Many of the "better" private courses will charge 5000 peso for a round if you're a tourist. Locals and non-tourist foreigners can get better prices and there are ways to get guest rates on some courses on specific days. Some courses are cheaper but not always by much. It's another example of the Philippines over-pricing itself. They should be making hay with golf tourism, particularly at this time of year when the South Koreans, Japanese and Taiwanese are too cold to golf. To be fair here in Cebu we do get quite a lot of them but it should be another big tourist opportunity if properly priced and marketed.
  3. DavidK

    Are Filipinos Racists?

    Filipinos are not racist they're just xenophobic.
  4. DavidK

    No vegetables?

    I've never considered eating it, cooked or otherwise
  5. DavidK

    Miss Universe

    Yes but the kangaroos hop out and the hungry crocodiles eat the rest before you have the chance.
  6. DavidK

    Road conditions.

    That's the Philippines, near enough is good enough.
  7. DavidK

    Miss Universe

    It has to be said though that she is the least Asian looking Asian girl I have seen. At least the last (Austrian) one did look a little bit Asian .Not that I'm unduly bothered to be honest. And yes we did send all the criminals to Australia. All the lunatics were diverted to the Americas
  8. When it comes to driving around here there are a number of rules and things one should be aware of before commencing such an action. I'll try and summarise them to the best of my ability but by the time you've finished your trip I expect you'll be able to add to them. The three rules of driving (in Cebu at least): Rule 1 - There are no rules Rule 2 - Might is right Rule 3 - In case of dispute see Rule 1 Then there are the three main driving types, excluding jeepney drivers who should get their own separate thesis: Type 1 - Ultra aggressive, think the road belongs to them and will push/jump into/overtake into any gap whether actually there or not. My advice is to let them go and not get in their way. They are usually driving large/expensive cars and have a huge sense of entitlement. These are the people who may, if you get in their way, get out of their car and shoot you. Type 2 - The truly terrified, rarely go faster than 30 kph and the most frustrating of all, especially when you realise the road in front of them is empty. Frequently have to be overtaken on the inside. Type 3 - They know not what they do. Don't understand just how dangerous what they're doing is. Nearly all motorbike riders fall into this category. Unpredictable so usually the most dangerous/troublesome of the lot. General advice: Don't be in a rush, attempting to save a few minutes by driving faster/more aggressively will up the odds of trouble considerably. Even if you think the road is clear it probably isn't. Driving up the west side of Cebu a few weeks ago a mostly clear road was constantly obstructed by signage in the road ("Danger: Sign in road"). Actually they were slowing you down because of local schools, which is fine but why leave them out all day rather than just when pupils are going to/from schools?. Stupid question I know, this is the Philippines. Remember DWW (Driving Whilst White) automatically puts you in the wrong. Ensure your car has good aircon and a good CD player (or equivalent if you stream your music from your phone). Apologies if all this in entirely familiar to you.
  9. DavidK

    False Advertising on Lazada

    Hmmm, I always look before paying and have rejected a purchase after having done so. Maybe I just get the gullible delivery agent...
  10. DavidK

    Should have gone to Specsavers. LOL

    Or like me you've got no hope because you're colour blind...............
  11. Well without wishing to go into any details I am aware of one who was arrested for "Abandonment & Adultery", (and no, it wasn't me). So it certainly can happen.
  12. DavidK

    Elevator Manners

    Well I have to take slight exception with JDDavao about Singapore, having lived there for 6 years. Yes they do queue impeccably for taxis but the queue that forms for the MRT can turn into a scrum once the train arrives (I used to take the MRT to/from work so had a lot of experience with rush hour). Also they like to try and get on before passengers can exit, which I had some fun with when I occasionally got fed up with it. most of them weren't big enough to knock me over if I obstructed their entry whilst making my exit . It's the same with the lifts there, they always want to get in before you get out.
  13. I flew back for New Zealand earlier this month and on the day of my flight went to a travel agent to book the "throw-away" exit flight. They very handily booked me on an airline they could reserve for 48 hours without payment which was sufficient to get me on the flight. Immigration here just asked how long I might be staying this visit and once I explained I lived here and was married to a Filipina they weren't bothered.
  14. Well if it were me and I had a 12 hour layover I'd go and annoy my daughter and stay for free but if you haven't got one of those I'd go for the cheapest hotel I could find in the Changi/East Coast/Siglap or similar areas. The food courts are fairly cheap for eating and drinking and there are some interesting bars if your tastes run that way.......
  15. Just flown to Wellington, NZ, with Singapore Airlines. Silk Air from here to Singapore then SA via Canberra and vice versa on the way back. Price is as good as anyone else, layover at Changi is manageable and if you're going to be stuck at any airport that's the one to be stuck at. Excellent service as usual. Even managed the no cost exit flight option thanks to a very good travel agent in Wellington.