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  1. I take it you've never seen the Ba-Baas v New Zealand game from the early 70's then.
  2. It is played by women but not quite to the same standard as the guys, and watching women's Rugby League is still far more entertaining than men's rugby union.
  3. Hmm, just read this. I'm a "Rabid Brexiteer" and yet I'm married to a "Brown person" and have been to two others. I think your statement is arrogant, unkind and maybe says more about you than it does anyone else.
  4. Elephant leg kebabs. Most other things are available if you know where to look. Decent sausages are a rarity though.
  5. As JGF states there have been no stickers for visa extensions for months. Previously when extending the sprog's visa he was advised "We've been told not to order them". Why or what on earth that's about I've no idea but we just put it down to being in the Philippines (like so much else).
  6. Well it might be now but that's (apparently) not guaranteed for a lifetime any more. Nonetheless congratulations on the birth of a healthy baby.
  7. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The USA showed everybody that making illegal something people want does not work. They just find alternative ways of getting the drug they want. I am of course talking about Prohibition. To my mind, (and this is just my opinion, I don't expect to change the minds of those who think they should be able to "ban everything" they themselves don't like), it would be far better to regulate and tax drugs in the same way as cigarettes and alcohol. Money raised could then be used to help people who want to quit. Sadly I think it's a debate that gets shouted down far too quickly. Please note I don't and never have done "drugs" other than alcohol and previously tobacco so I don't have any axes to grind.
  8. Bugs love it here, especially at this time of year when it's warm and particularly damp. Pneumonia is endemic and easy to catch.Only time in my life I've been in hospital with an actual illness. Living an airconned life is not ideal but I prefer it to trying to sit/sleep in a pool of sweat. Strangely I don't mind the heat when I'm outside and don't sweat too much. I can play a round of golf without having to resort to toweling myself down at all, unlike some of my friends who have to on every hole.
  9. Well somebody who lives in Marco Polo has got an Aston. Goodness knows how they ever get the nerve to drive it on Cebu's roads. Slowly I think............
  10. Your cost estimates are about right for Filipino golf courses. Many of the "better" private courses will charge 5000 peso for a round if you're a tourist. Locals and non-tourist foreigners can get better prices and there are ways to get guest rates on some courses on specific days. Some courses are cheaper but not always by much. It's another example of the Philippines over-pricing itself. They should be making hay with golf tourism, particularly at this time of year when the South Koreans, Japanese and Taiwanese are too cold to golf. To be fair here in Cebu we do get quite a lot of them but it should be another big tourist opportunity if properly priced and marketed.
  11. Filipinos are not racist they're just xenophobic.
  12. I've never considered eating it, cooked or otherwise
  13. Yes but the kangaroos hop out and the hungry crocodiles eat the rest before you have the chance.
  14. That's the Philippines, near enough is good enough.
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