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  1. DavidK

    Visa extension

    Just been to renew mine today for the second time since last arrival. Surprised by the fact they were willing to give me six months but it did cost 11,684 peso. That does include another ACR card though.
  2. Too late. "No deal" is the default option. In fact there is a good argument that we actually left on the 29th March regardless of what May did to extend the deadline. If the next PM doesn't support a potential no deal withdrawal then I predict the wipe-out of the conservatives at the next GE.
  3. Soon taking your kids out of their cotton wool at any time will be banned. Surprised they allow them to learn to walk at all considering they're likely to fall over whilst doing so.
  4. And there's many more than those three. This is going to be hours/days/weeks of endless fun. A laugh a minute watching them trying to prove black is white and up is down.
  5. We can all fail with the budget one way or another but wives do seem to have that special talent to spend money or find reasons to need to spend. Here is my wife's latest spectacular. It's a good job I keep my hair so short or I would have genuinely pulled it out in frustration this time. About 3 months ago she suddenly announced she needed a new (darker) tint on her car windscreen, despite it having been OK for the last 5 years. My answer was that it was fine as is and the only result would be she wouldn't be able to see very well at night. This she poo-poohed as my usual nonsense/idiocy. Well I thought little of it until about a month ago she stated she was buying new headlights for her car as those fitted weren't bright enough (despite them having been fine for the last 5 years)........ You know why you bang your head against a brick wall? Because it feels good when you stop.
  6. I had something similar last year. Left eye was severely swollen for no apparent reason. Doc decided it was an allergic reaction, but to what I know not. Antihistamines helped but it took two courses before it went completely (and hasn't returned since). There were no apparent insect bites or other obvious reasons for it to happen.
  7. Dearie me, Fraser in "Dad's Army" had nothing on most of you lot. The Earth has been a ball of ice and a lot hotter than it is now (where do you think all the coal, oil & gas came from originally?) and will be again in the future. Humankind didn't have a lot to do with it then and won't in the future. Oil has been running out since the 70's but we still seem to have plenty. What will humankind do? Adapt exactly like it has always done. Anyway, not my problem, I'll be long dead by then. Now if we want to have a discussion worth having it's what ties all this together: population control - but that's too politically dangerous for our great leaders to touch with a bargepole. And yes, "renewable energy" makes sense when it's economically viable and there is no reason not to recycle or to keep our environment tidy. Littering is a pet hate of mine.
  8. There seem to be numerous "folk remedies" for gout, each more appetising than the last . Fortunately, as a strong supporter of drugs, they work for me.
  9. I can get Arcoxia (120mg tablets) over the counter which I use whenever I get a gout attack.
  10. Heresy. You put salt on dripping not pepper.
  11. Bird's custard is actually very good. Difficult choice between putting that or ice cream on the wife's apple pie.
  12. I take it you've never seen the Ba-Baas v New Zealand game from the early 70's then.
  13. It is played by women but not quite to the same standard as the guys, and watching women's Rugby League is still far more entertaining than men's rugby union.
  14. Hmm, just read this. I'm a "Rabid Brexiteer" and yet I'm married to a "Brown person" and have been to two others. I think your statement is arrogant, unkind and maybe says more about you than it does anyone else.
  15. Elephant leg kebabs. Most other things are available if you know where to look. Decent sausages are a rarity though.
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