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  1. That is exactly what happens. As the muscles round the eye weaken reading vision becomes more impaired but distance sight improves. Irritating because you have to change lenses again. I have progressive lenses and have had for some time. Whilst they can initially be a little disconcerting that doesn't last long (or didn't for me) and after that I've barely noticed. You can always tell someone whose just got a progressive pair as they try to negotiate a step..........
  2. I believe the afore-mentioned Eric Brown when asked which of the Spitfire/Mustang he would prefer stated "In a dogfight over Berlin I'd prefer the Spitfire, to fly home in afterwards the Mustang" or something of that ilk.
  3. The Mustang was better but not until they put a Rolls Royce Merlin engine in it.
  4. First time I used the headlights on the car I bought I thought they weren't working the tint was so dark. I took that off fairly sharpish. Even so driving at night here is too stressful to be fun. I do it because sometimes you have to but speed is reduced and overtaking (undertaking!) becomes much less frequent. The Filipino habit of not bothering with lights and pedestrian predilection for dark clothing and sauntering across roads without a care in the world makes one pay sharp attention.
  5. About 5.15 AM in Cebu City. Short duration but very noticeable when you're trying to shave.
  6. Traffic lights and all other road signs/instructions in the Philippines are advisory only. If somebody really wants to get past you - let them go. They may be the one who gets out of their car and shoots you.
  7. I bought my car (used) from a dealer round the corner here in Cebu City. Took about 3 days to clear the paperwork and the PNP check (we went together in the car I was buying, a second test drive if you like). That was about 5 years ago and it's still running ok (touch wood). Driving in the Philippines certainly adds spice to your life.
  8. Well I've flown from Singapore to New York direct, that's an 18 hour flight. All business class and there was plenty of free space so it was possible to do a little light exercise in flight. Not too bad once you've watched a couple of decent films and then eaten and drunk enough to put you to sleep for a while. Helps to have a good book or two as well. Even better if you can arrange to arrive Sunday afternoon when the Monday is a holiday and the Yankees have a home game to which your NY colleagues can take you (FOC) followed by entertainment at one of the "Gentlemans" clubs......
  9. Barako coffee is excellent. I drink "Black Gold" which is Barako mixed with arabica to enhance the aroma (apparently). Strong in a French press or drip filtered works just as well for me.
  10. Give me a Rhino anytime..... (except this last couple of years obviously)
  11. Played for 17 years but find Rugby Union borderline unwatchable now with the new "Tackle" laws. Give me the Rugby League anytime.
  12. I've got NFL Gamepass. Works fine the majority of the time. They do show some games on TV as well. Channel 260 on Cignal as far as I can remember.
  13. To quote a friend's comment about driving in India as it's just as applicable here: To drive successfully in the Philippines you need three things - a good horn, good brakes and good luck.
  14. Anybody who rides a motorbike here without wearing a good helmet, whether driver, pillion or fare-paying passenger is playing chicken with their life. Sadly there's plenty prepared to do it (and have their children do it too - and the dog occasionally).
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