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  1. I looked at Costa Rica in 2011/2012. Am in southern Philippines now. Cheaper, ladies are more approachable. Warmer. San Jose is so cold in the winter , I froze as the rooms and my tent did not have heater . And the beaches are so bloody hot . 55 in San Jose in February and 104 at Tamarindo. I spent a year in my Jeep from colorado to Panama and back. Lived in playa Del Carmen for a year before that. Too flat, too cold to use an unheated pool in the winter. Wandering around the gulch has its allure but I found nicas more, amable, than ticas. Spent a Halloween at the sportsman’s in 2011. Good times. Wouldn’t trade it for what I got now. I do return to the usa for work for 6 months a year, but not in row. , but I ride in the pointy end if I have enough miles. Long trip, but I watch the tele, which I don’t have at either place. I am touring the Philippines this month. The worst ? I learned Spanish which does no good here and I can detect no learnable patterns in the speech of Visayas and the shitty internet where I live. But this hotel and every hotel on the trip has been great. We were in Cagayan de Oro lyesterday, 30 people in the seven seas water park. $15 a head to enter. Awesome.
  2. Quiet down here in dipolog. Anyone have a good restaurant? Building a house in katipunan, so not really living in dipplog, but close .
  3. You love your wife ? That extorted money from you? Filed a case against you? ( face palm). This is where the question is asked. Are you sure the child is your?
  4. Too young and immature to be married at 16, but having a child is fine,!!
  5. my gf used to work as yaya. All of her coworkers received a pre - employment physical. When my gf left her job, the 18 yr old girl that was to fill her spot failed her physical . TB. The employer paid for a round of treatment and sent her back to the province.
  6. Best thing my gf does correct..... Stay slim, and shapely !!! And attentive to my needs and desire!!
  7. This story goes the other way also. I have a crazy stalker that a year and a half later is still trying to contact my gf and tellin her that she is seeing me and I am cheating on my gf. At the beginning my girlfriend believed her and our relationship suffered as she was believing the stalker and not me . This changed,when we were in the province and the stalker sent my gf a message that we had been together the previous day. Not at all possible as we were together 24/7 . Finally , my gf saw she was just starting trouble to,break us up. Almost succeeded. I have always been quick to pull the eject lever, until this gf. I am keeping her.
  8. This all hypothetical . Most guys see what they want to see. Hear what they want to hear and are slow to arrive at a truth known to people watching from the outside. As an example , I have told guys about their cheating gf or wives and not been believed or treated worse than the cheater. Even so , I will tell guys , because I want the same done to me.
  9. Most countries require you to enter and leave on their passport if you have one.. as a dual nationality with a USA and a philippines passport, you would enter and leave the PI on the PI passport and enter and leave the USA on the USA passport. To enter other countries you can use which ever is more advantageous. Keeping in mind that with a USA passport, they think you need to follow their laws at all times. An example would be , even if you have a passport that would allow you to enter Cuba , technically the USA could charge you with a crime. As a USA citizen .
  10. The boatman on Me-Me banca didn't seem to have a problem throwing their trash overboard yesterday.
  11. Why own property? What happens when you find out the quality of the building is sh&t? I watched them build, so I won't buy here.
  12. My gf had never ridden a bicycle . Her mother told her she could not, she would lose her virginity!!!
  13. Don't shower during a woman's menstruation. . That only lasted one time.
  14. I can live like a filipino. I can go camping and sleep on the ground. I can sleep on the beach and be eaten alive by moskitos . I can live without hot showers. I can eat what is available instead of what I want. .i have lived a mile away from the electric line. All solar and wind powered. I had to haul in water 15 miles to a cistern on my hill, but I still had a heated waterbed and hot showers and a hot tub!! Will I do it again ? Not unless I have to . For now , I don't have to. I used to live in a growing city in mexico and many of the long time ex-pats expressed a desire to return to a town of 20 years ago. I told them they are crazy , I enjoy a big grocery store , dependable electric ,even when it rains, Internet , a/c, cold cold beer, and garbage pickup. Only a few years ago , I realized , I can not eat a meal or part of a meal if I am not enjoying it. Before I never had the luxury of time to not eat what was I front of me. There was work waiting.
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