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  1. I went to a gold shop in Portugal where i am at the moment, i wanted to buy a gold chain, i saw what they had and compared a few, what caught my eye was a 60cm chain, 20 grams, 19.2 ct for €1630 (php 92,737.00) i was tempted to buy it but i held off, something told me it was a bad deal, i have bought many gold chains in Thailand where the gold there is 22 carat and the prices are good, i saw the same 60cm chain, 20 grams, but 18 carat for sale in Australia for the same price, if anyone on this forum can contribute to my conundrum, for future investment, should i buy gold chains or gold coins, which would be easier to sell if we ended up in a new economic crisis, i'm not sure in which direction to go. Also has anyone bought gold in Dubai, any feedback please. Yamashita's gold, let's go find it.
  2. I do a lot of flying all over the world and i have to pay for my own flights, so i do search (not for the cheapest) flight but the cheapest / flight duration time, how many times have i found my ideal flight, noted it on paper, went back the next day, the price has gone up, it also happened one day, i found my ideal flight, my friend calls me, i get back to the computer, it says ''your session has expired, please log on again'' log back on, price has gone up. These are deliberate ploys by companies to get you to pay more, in my case, yours could differ, i find my perfect flight, if i don't book it straight away i make a note of the flight and price, when i'm ready to book i search for the flight again using several engines like Momondo, Skyscanner, Rumbo and others, i use one browser to search for the price then repeat the search using other browsers ( i have 6) you will be surprised at the results, remember cookies keep your search in memory, if you join any flight search website you will never get the bargains also if you tick the box to be alerted of the next lowest fare, it won't happen, i search for flights in a browser private window so they never know who you are, they want your business so display the best fares ,,, by using a private window it eliminates cookis and history,,, all companies do it, a good guide is Scott's Cheap Flights, have a look, the website has good tips on getting cheap tickets. Good luck.
  3. I just buy the materials and pay for labour, one thing i do now, instead of buying a truck of sand, xxx bags of cement, the mix is about 3 sand to 1 cement, i now buy a pallet of pre mix sand cement mix (mortar) and keep any left over for other jobs, you should be able to get it somewhere in the Philippines, it just reduces wastage in my case.
  4. I'm not shellfish by any means, i'll put another prawn / shrimp on the barby / garilla and share them with my mates /friends / neighbors / homeless people which brings me to a yoke / joke /yarn, ok, In my younger days i wasted my time working in retail, boring was the word to describe the workplace so we spent most days passing the time telling yokes and being practical jokers, i remember falling off my chair from this yoke, it goes like this,,,, "' What do you call an Asian run over by a truck '' A crustasian,,, So what's so funny about this yoke, my friend was Vietnamese and he laughed his head off, pretty soon just the thought of a joke will be banned, enjoy it while you can.
  5. The headline says,,, Oil Tankers attacked in Gulf of Oman, U.S. Navy says but the missing word is ''apparent'' how quickly blame ismade. Here in Europe i have just seen a report on RT cable tv that commented on how the story is being circulated around the word without any concrete facts, it seems someone is attempting to use this story to drum up public support for what ? You can read this,,, https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-14/fake-news-does-more-real-journalism-real-journalism more of the story is here, youtube also has more stories https://www.rt.com/news/461887-iran-video-blame-attack/ the reason for my post is that a story must be fair and not just one sided. For American expats this might interest you. https://www.rt.com/business/460611-nations-boosting-gold-reserves/
  6. Get Woke, Go Broke Here's another phrase to make young peoples' ears bleed,,, get a job, or that dirty four letter word '' work ''
  7. Just to clarify my Norton purchase,,, the Norton subscription i bought from ebay, it was shipped from Hong Kong, i received a disk in a Norton jacket, it looked like the real thing, i registered the product with the Norton website, it accepted all my details and i became a registered user, i had no problems, because i travel so much i wasn't sure where i would be when the subscription ran out, that's when i registered for auto renewal at the Norton's website, if you google ''Norton auto renewal '' you will see the many complaints about this issue. For all my fellow expats, as a frequent traveller i know the problems of Geo-blocking it's very annoying and i have tools to work around these problems but a simple easy fix for some is the use of VPN, i use the Opera browser with built in VPN, i also use the TOR browser but for every day browsing so all sites come up in English i use the Firefox browser with all the blocking add ons i can lay my hands on but you can get a free VPN called Browsec that i have set on UK all the time so i search with Startpage and Bing and every result is in English, give it a try, -disclaimer- the products i mentioned are from my experience, thoroughly research anything before you jump in so you are comfortable they are for you, read reviews and forums and only believe 10% of what you read, i mentioned google but i seldom use it... Enjoy
  8. Paying for cable tv is a joke, the programs are of a low (production) B grade quality that repeats endlessly so i watch streaming content as i travel around, for my advice, i'm in Europe now taking care of my rental properties so i have 9 tv's throughout the properties and i've bought many different types and makes, now after many years of suffering with the different makes i now will only buy LG tv's because they are simple and they work (one problem i had years ago was next door had the same tv so their remote would change my channels, increase volume turn tv on and off etc) my house has 6 LG tv's, in lounges and bedrooms but i don't have that problem now. One problem i did encounter that i can't change is that i recently bought a 65'' tv that was on sale, it was a smart tv, after unboxing it and setting it up i realised the mistake i had made, smart tv's are a dud, as are curved screen tv's, the tv tries to over ride what ever settings you enter, and they can't be changed so if you are buying a new tv and it's on sale at a fantastic price it's probably because no one wants it and it's a dud, buyer beware.
  9. I bought a Norton's product several years ago from eBay with 5 keys for $45, as i travel a lot around the world i didn't want to worry about the product so i filled in the fields for auto renewal with credit card details, (big mistake) recently i was in Laos and received an email with a credit card purchase / receipt, it was for Norton's auto renewal of my $45 product that was charged at $399, so after i came back to life i made many phone calls reversed the purchase to 1 key and no auto renewal. When this product ends so will my association with Norton's, i will use Windows Defender and manually clean my system,,, be warned its a scam.
  10. My story is the same as you, ilived in Issan, Na Jan, during dry season then Europe for rainy season but i can't stand being there any longer and looking to re locate, i have been to Manila before, not like Bangkok, stayed in Surigao del Sul, thats where i'm heading off to,, been there before, love the countryside, a bit like Laos have to get used to it so lets wish us both the best of luck.
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