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  1. virginprune

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    I'm British and display decent taste in music!
  2. When you pour yourself a drink, put on an album and 30 seconds later...brownout.....and just accept it.
  3. I have a stepson, he is 20 now and I have known him since he was 15. His father left before he was born and has not shown any interest in contact. He calls me Tito and we have developed a good relationship. This took time but now he respects me and is generally a good lad. Although he could eat and sleep as an Olympic sport
  4. I'm not. I'm looking to move as soon as I get a buyer for my place.
  5. The adjoining barangay to me has a fiesta 5 days a week every week of the year. At midnight it doesn't stop the volume gets turned up and then carries on till 3 am. How long should I take my holiday for?
  6. I have had an ACR expire before my extension and just after an extension, like less than a week. Each time I was advised to wait until next extension. Never been an issue. This was at General Santos office.
  7. We bought and registered a Mio Aerox in my parner's name, she does not drive. I am the principal driver. It came with one year registration and one year 3rd party insurance and a helmet. Supposed to have a jacket too but 'out of stock sir' I bought from a dealership and found them very helpful.
  8. Same with Socatecco down our way. The unscheduled ones still happen regularly despite preventive maintenance.
  9. Update: I got my sticker yesterday in Gensan so no issues there.
  10. She is Thai and Poo is a fairly common nickname there. That book has been around for years....good catchy name though. I live in South Cotabato, SOX for short. There is a billboard in Marbel that advertises ' Discover the flavour of SOX ' regional cuisine or daily special..?
  11. I got a sticker last extension, around 6 weeks ago. Going again in a fortnight so see what happens then.
  12. I'm sure there will be lots of stock in Davao. There are plenty in Marbel where I am, same region 12 as Davao.
  13. I've only been here for getting on 4 years but I feel comfortable and have no desire whatsoever to return to the UK. To settle and enjoy it here you have to really want it. Many, I believe, find that the reality does not live up to the fantasy, which for those the fantasy was all it ever was. Each to their own though, no use staying somewhere if you're not happy.
  14. It's not really house music but a genre all of their own called Buduts. I agree with you regarding dj skills being non existent, they just play tunes in no particular sequence with no mixing whatsoever. As a fairly competent dj myself I find this excruciating...
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