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  1. virginprune

    The Car Service!

    These warranty rules apply on bikes too. I bought a Mio Aurox in July, first service at 1 month or 500km. After the first month, with 85km on the clock, I duly took it for it's service. I was told not to bother and bring it in when the appropriate mileage was reached. This I did this week and was informed that I had missed my first service so had to have the second one done instead.
  2. virginprune

    Philippines Expat Merit Badges

    Putting up with cold hot food and karaoke at parties
  3. I used Grab earlier this year, less than 10 minute wait and much cheaper.
  4. The terminal fee was included in my ticket when I flew out recently. I did not pay any travel tax on exit just ECC which I paid at my local immigration office beforehand. I had been here for 3 years on a tourist visa. Is the travel tax just for people on resident visa?
  5. virginprune

    No water again !

    That includes the tank which will be about 4x capacity of my current metal one. The plastic tanks are very much cheaper and have a far longer lifespan than the metal ones.
  6. virginprune

    No water again !

    It already is and fills automatically, during a brownout surprisingly the electric pump doesn't work!
  7. virginprune

    No water again !

    I am lucky in that I have water, including drinking, from my own well. My problems arise during brownouts, we invariably run out because the tank is not to capacity, 84 gallons, when power goes off. When it's a scheduled power out we make sure the tank is full but many are unscheduled. I will be replacing with a much larger plastic tank on a 10' tower in the next couple of months. This will also give me better pressure although it is fairly good now. I've been quoted P20000 for that job inc all materials and labour, which I find reasonable.
  8. virginprune

    Foreigner living on the streets

    Being homeless is never a lifestyle choice. I have been homeless in the past and when my situation improved I worked with the homeless. A kind word or deed goes a long way and is generally appreciated.
  9. I flew to uk via Oman recently from Terminal 1. I believe this is the international terminal. I have been informed that the return would come into Terminal 3. I'm coming back straight into Davao so I will never know!
  10. virginprune

    On dating sites...

    Good luck. It worked for me and my partner and we're certainly not alone in using this method.
  11. virginprune

    Grab or Taxi?

    I've used Grab in Manila recently and was impressed by their service and prices.....this is high praise from a retired cab driver...
  12. virginprune

    Filipino Cigarettes

    Yellow soft pack Camel are made in Turkey. The red flip top are made in Malaysia, inferior in my lungs opinion.
  13. virginprune

    Cash withdrawal fees.

    I have a HSBC account in the UK, they certainly do charge, around £7-8. BPI do not accept HSBC cards either debit or credit. This is for UK based account. If you have a local HSBC account that appears to work differently.
  14. virginprune

    What's it Like in Your Neck of the Woods?

    We live outside the city of Koronadal, about 2km. Our home is built in clay blocks with a wrap around verandah. Our plot is one of a few that have recently been converted to residential from agricultural. It's situated around 400m from the road in a two hectare area. Besides our house, we were the first to build, there is a German guy opposite us and over to the side a couple of plots away the vice principal of the local senior high is in building mode as I write. All other plots are undeveloped as yet including the few others that have been purchased. The land is made up mostly of fruit trees, mostly coconut, banana and two types of papaya, native and chinese. There are other trees and bushes as well including mahogany, nara, pepper and some coffee amongst others. It very much has a jungle feel to it that I love, lots of birds in the garden and big frogs with a strange hollow sounding croak, almost like a laugh. We have two Labrador/Retrievers, a golden and a black one, they were 2 back in April and a cat my partner had before I invaded her sanctuary! We have no proper road laid, the nearest real road is around 1km away. We have lived in this place 2 years today and both love it here. We have always used tricycles and public transport to get around but a couple of weeks ago I bought a new Mio Aerox, orange, which opens up more possibilities for us regarding beach visits etc, over 50km away.