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  1. I renewed mine on a 2 month extension in October, collected yesterday, total fees came in at P5836
  2. virginprune

    Did the Earth Move For You?

    I live just outside Koronadal, it was a fairly long quake here. Very noticeable but no damage.
  3. That's General Santos City where they will only issue 6 months if married. Most people go to Glan to avail this extension without any hassle.
  4. virginprune

    No vegetables?

    MSG is a flavour enhancer that I personally don't like to use. I much prefer using salt, not too much, spices and herbs for flavouring. I obviously use some products with MSG as an ingredient such as soy sauce which I use in certain dishes but these are few and far between. Magic Sarap or similar I will not have in the house and I don't usually eat at junk food establishments.
  5. virginprune

    No vegetables?

    We consume many vegetables at our house, including many purely vegetarian dishes like soups and curries etc. My partner has always eaten lots of veggie food, harder to get her son to eat them apart from a few favorites he has, he's 20. MSG, sarap or otherwise is totally banned from my house.
  6. That I am unable to confirm. Maybe someone on here who has purchased secondhand can answer that or failing that drop into your local LTO office and make enquiries.
  7. I think what Jack means is that their can be issues around change of registration. You need to have all the details about previous owners which are not always straight forward to get. I recently bought a scooter new, got my partner to buy in her name, she doesn't have a license, I do have Philippines license, we informed the dealer that I would be the rider. If you have a regular partner here I suggest you buy new as much less complicated.
  8. virginprune

    Cooking for Holidays or special occasions

    I cook mostly which can be Italian, Greek, Indian, Middle Eastern and British. All the family like my cooking though generally they will add rice unless there is pasta or something like cottage pie.
  9. virginprune

    The Car Service!

    These warranty rules apply on bikes too. I bought a Mio Aurox in July, first service at 1 month or 500km. After the first month, with 85km on the clock, I duly took it for it's service. I was told not to bother and bring it in when the appropriate mileage was reached. This I did this week and was informed that I had missed my first service so had to have the second one done instead.
  10. virginprune

    Philippines Expat Merit Badges

    Putting up with cold hot food and karaoke at parties
  11. I used Grab earlier this year, less than 10 minute wait and much cheaper.
  12. The terminal fee was included in my ticket when I flew out recently. I did not pay any travel tax on exit just ECC which I paid at my local immigration office beforehand. I had been here for 3 years on a tourist visa. Is the travel tax just for people on resident visa?
  13. virginprune

    No water again !

    That includes the tank which will be about 4x capacity of my current metal one. The plastic tanks are very much cheaper and have a far longer lifespan than the metal ones.
  14. virginprune

    No water again !

    It already is and fills automatically, during a brownout surprisingly the electric pump doesn't work!