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  1. I make my own ice from my well water. Tubes not cubes as I like a big chunk in my glass of rum or a gin and tonic. Ice in beer is just wrong.
  2. Can you provide documentary evidence for that because I can't find that assertion anywhere. If that is the case I am surprised that it is priced as imported beer.
  3. I always thought that Tiger is from Singapore not Taiwan
  4. This accident was very close to where I am. According to local radio they were all working in the local scrap yard. They were on their way back to Surallah from a beach day in Gensan. Instead of using the highway the driver decided to go the mountain route via T'boli, with disastrous consequences. This is a very sad time for all concerned, relatives and friends. RIP It always concerns me when I see trucks full of people, usually sitting on unsecured plastic chairs, seemingly unaware of the dangers. Regarding motorcycle helmets the usual run of the mill cheap ones, P2500 and below are fairly poor standard. There is a shop in Gensan that sells good quality Italian helmets starting around P4500.
  5. BBQ contrary to popular belief is not cooking....it's burning meat, or veg, whilst drinking copious amounts of beer, not a negative by any standard. Proper cooking is something else entirely.
  6. I always wear a helmet but madam once preferred not to. Got a tug from LTO, P1500 plus 3 hours+ to pay and collect license....thankfully all paperwork in order, carry vehicle registration and license with you at all times. Lesson learned, I will not allow her on bike now without helmet.
  7. How does the propagation of the pagan winter solstice have anything to do with overstaying?....apart from unwanted relatives.
  8. My experience of getting a drivers licence here was very similar to Huggybearman, apart from the eyesight test which for me was...you have so many groups on your British license you must be able to see....I suppose eyesight for driving isn't an issue here as they know the majority of locals don't look anyway.
  9. Why would you want to ban e? Had some great times on it.
  10. I acclimatised quite quickly, I have lived in the tropics twice before. We have no aircon or fans, sometimes it gets a bit sticky before the rain, afterwards it can be quite cool. I have known it to feel chilly at night then I have to cover up. I live nearly as far south as is possible to go.
  11. I have held philhealth previously then it was P2400 annually. When I came to renew I was quoted P17,000 and was told I couldn't renew at old rate. This was 2 years ago. When did you get that quote and subsequent cost? I am single on a tourist visa, does that make a difference?
  12. I agree with many of the posts here. I learned not to get stressed while driving a cab for many years in Cambridge, cycle city ruled by lycra louts! This temperament has remained with me here while riding my motorcycle. I don't speed and have good hazard awareness which you need as everything is a hazard. I notice less road rage here than in the UK, that is good as to get involved in that sort of flare up can have serious consequences. Be safe out there and keep your cool is the best mantra
  13. I've always wondered too why side roads seem to have priority over main roads. I think everything has to be opposed to common sense purely for the reason of being contrary.
  14. Marawi City, until rebuild, doesn't really exist anymore especially for visitors. I live in South Cotabato in the south east of Mindanao, have done so happily for more than 4 years. There are many displaced people from Marawi now resident here, have not noticed any change in the general attitude towards westerners, so far. Have got to know socially more of the Muslim population and find many of them like it here because of less strict religious observances. Time will tell of course whether any Islamists will gain a foothold, the area is still 90% Catholic. What I am stressing is, do not be put off somewhere extremely beautiful and very friendly by the doomsayers, the majority which have never even visited this area.
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