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  1. virginprune


    My experience with sound systems/karaoke have been that when we lived in town the curfew by and large was followed. However, since moving out of town, a bit up the mountain, the curfew is completely ignored. There are far more parties into the early hours, always buduts no other music style at all. Karaoke is worse in some ways because it will go on until 3 am somtimes then back on at 6 am. I imagine to get their money's worth from the rented videoke. It's more fun here!!!
  2. I cook every day usually 3 meals. Some are stir fry many others are cooked with sauces. I like and cook Indian curries fairly often, when using beef or goat tjat is 2-3 hours on the hob. I use the oven frequently which again can be up to and longer 2 hours depending. Plain rice is cooked in a rice cooker, other styles on the hob. Kettle is electric, except during brownout. My pans are stainless steel high quality and copper pans from the UK. All cooking inside apart from bbq. I cook for 3 adults everyday sometimes more, last year there was 7 of us including a child. Then the 22kg lasted 14 weeks. I think that covers all your questions.
  3. Likewise. I usually use a 22kg bottle which is about 4 months of usage. I have an 11kg as well as a spare while awaiting delivery on the other, lasts about 2 years like that.
  4. I have seen many accidents involving trikes but I don't recall a trike on trike collision.
  5. You get 29 days after your initial 30 to take that up to 59 days. After that it goes in calendar months.
  6. I concur with this, for example my latest extension is from July 5th until September 5th. That gives me 63 days this time.
  7. You will get an entry stamp in your passport and that immigration officer will inform you of how many days you are allowed to stay. Before those days expire you have to report to your nearest immigration office where they will process your waiver. This will cost you P2000+. They will attach a sticker in your passport with the date of expiry. You must not be late reporting or there will be financial penalties. It is usually best to go a few days early but not more than one week earlier. Does this offer clarification?
  8. I get 2 months as well but the official rule is stated as 59 days...or at least it was.
  9. As a Brit I got 30 days on arrival, first extension is for 29 days, all subsequent extensions are for 59 days or 6 months. The ACR card is applied for on the second extension. My office for extensions is General Santos City where I can only get a 6 month extension if I am married. If I wish to avail a 6 month I have to apply at the office in Glan. Each office has their own rules and procedures. Nothing has a countrywide standard so YMMV.
  10. Hope your lady gets over this cough soon and that it's not to serious. It could be the aircon, I get a dry cough even if I go on a few hours journey by bus....that's why I won't have it at home.
  11. I've been here 4 years now and though there have been things to get used to I have had no major issues. I tied everything up in the UK before I moved and so far have had no problems. However, at the end of next year my state pension will need setting up, looking forward to the money but not necessarily the process, we'll have to see. I can honestly say that I consider the Philippines my home and have found happiness here generally, despite some frustrations, that you can get anywhere really.....just roll with it is the best advice I give myself and it works.
  12. For the last 13 years in the UK I lived in Somersham. Where near Huntingdon do you live?
  13. I lived in Cambridge for many years, lots of fond memories, some not so!
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