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  1. Here is the same it is extremely difficult to find a rubbish bin, even in the malls sometimes. When I was young we were taught at school to not litter, was as simple as that. Sometimes the children here in the SD come to our house and we give them candy, I can bet you before they hit the road outside the house the candy wrapper is off and thrown on the ground, I call them back and tell them to put the wrappers in the bin, that they walk right past, they think I am some kinda crazy long nose :unsure: Rubbish bins is not the answer. Japan which is remarkly clean, you will very rarely find one. At Narita airport even there you will find it hard to see one or 2. When Japanese consume candy, sweets and other foods while walking about, they pocket the wrappings and wait until they get home or they find one of those rare thrash bins. At vending machines, there is a can/bottle recycling bin right next to the machine. They also save a lot of money on overhead costs this way not having to have a workforce dedicated to emptying rubbish bins. Sadly cigarette butts do not count as thrash in their minds, so you do still find cigarette butts in the streets. jacques
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