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  1. First visited at 25 years old. Stationed at Subic Bay at from the time that I was 28 years old until I was 32. Those four years were the best of my 20 years in the Navy. The clap was a regular occurence, but was easily taken care of with a shot of Trobicin. San Mig was 35 cents in most bars. A derelict's paradise.
  2. As others have suggested, I need to talk to a realtor. I'm so ignorant that I didn't consider setting a closing date far enough out that I'd have time to get my affairs in order. I've owned one home and I've never sold one. Thanks.
  3. robert k, Thanks for your response. I would prefer to be present to take care of any unexpected problems. I'm hoping that having the house inspected before I sell it will avoid some problems. Uncharted territory for me.
  4. I’m planning to retire within the next year and make the long awaited move to Cebu. My intention is to hire a realtor to sell my home in Virginia after my departure to the Philippines. Ideally I’d like to be present during the sale, but selling a home could take a week or it could take years and I want to set a date, balikbayan box my stuff, and go. Have any of you guys sold a home in the U.S. while living in the Philippines? I’d appreciate any input/suggestions. Thanks, Todd Weller
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