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  1. Gator, When I was living in the Philippines. I rented from a lady who's husband and two sons all worked in the oil fields. They were having a horrible time finding work. She was working hard to keep the apartments full to maintain the life style they were used to. I told her 8 months ago, If Trump gets elected, all those oil jobs will coming storming back. I remember her looking up at me with these eyes of hope, wanting to believe that I was right. I still see her face now as I write these words. Well I am so happy to here your report on what is going on in the oil industries, Thanks! I will reach out to her and her family, just to encourage her further. I'm sure her Husband and sons have already gave her some words of encouragement. Things are getting better all the time! Jobs Jobs Jobs!
  2. Things are getting better all the time. The markets are going to be very volatile for awhile. In the past the markets had to worry about what the banks were going to do, now they wonder what the Government will do under a Trump Presidency. Interest rates in the housing markets and as well as consumer spending will play its part in the economy. I heard some one say that the left took Trump's statement literally but never took Trump seriously. After watching the election I would say this is a true statement. They also stated the Trump supporters took Trump very seriously but never took Trump literally. Meaning no one expected him to build a concrete wall all down the border. The virtual wall will be very effective if the immigration laws on the books are enforced. As long as the country is placed ahead of all else I 'm good with whatever brings us together and making us prosper. We need to create jobs and throw out some regulation. We need to secure the country and make sure we get the feel for the folks coming into the country, another words Vetting! They banked that Latino voters would not like the border and vetting stance that Trump took. They were wrong about that. It comes down to security and safety. I had the chance to interact with Trump campaign as a donor. My concern was our relationship with the Philippines and China. I hope they listen. I have met forty people on SS that all donated $50.00 to the Trump campaign. Just a small sliver of those around the country that donated. We have Steve Bannon coming on board and he is very inteligent. Pro America first. We have Preibus coming on board, he has all the right connections needed to make things run well. There is tension across the country, however it is mostly artificial. Paid complainers willing to say and do anything for a fist full of dollars. Things are getting better all the time! Jobs Jobs Jobs!
  3. JJ: I know a little about stocks. I have been putting 15% of my income in the Thrift savings plan since 1993. I have seen the ups and the downs. I have rode the market to the brink of catastrophe. I was lucky enough to have very good mentors in my life, especially while serving in the military. These men were men of the world who took me under their wings and showed me how to do everything from survival to properly dressing for an occasion. They were investors and they were shakers. They made the world they wanted with their minds and hard work. I have not fluttered around this world like a feather waiting for a place to lay. With that said. The things that are going on in the market are bigger broader and much more unexpected than an ATT stock. I suggest you take a real hard look at your portfolio. I believe you will find opportunities that have been there in sometime or ever. For the fun of it, what do you say we have this conversation again in six months. I do appreciate your willingness to contribute to this conversation and appreciate your life experience, but this is different. When the regulations come off, there will be a volcano of investment flurry like America has not seen in 40 years. The Tea Kettle will Whistle, as one of my commanders use to say! He was a British chap though, so he would! That is why I voted Trump, its about the prosperity and the security of my family.
  4. Jake. My Father is Black, my Mother is Hispanic and white, they met 56 years ago as missionaries to South. America. My wife is from the Philippines and I am a mutt. I'm not sure why you are referencing skin color and the KKK, but I assure you it has no place in my home or in my vote. My entire family is made up of many cultures and colors and most of us did vote for Trump. We don't believe the negative about Trump. However, there is absolute proof the Clintons are not nice people. Just our opinion. They way we voted. There are 116 million Americans paying taxes, there 106 million who receive governmet benefits and don't pay taxes. There are thousands more coming every day that won't be paying taxes, but that will receive benefits. THere needs to be an even playing field, from immigration to taxes to jobs. Something must give or we will all lose. That is why the country is divided. not quite 50/50 We need jobs and we need to reduce our debt. we need to invest in education and infrastructure. That is why my family and I voted Trump. Nothing to do with color. It was a logical and rational decision on our part. I was in an elevator once when I guy walked in and soon farted. It was horrible. The elevator door opens and there stands two beautiful women. I could see by there face they were hit hard by the stench. The guy that farted stepped off the elevator and let them in, then he turned and told me I should see a doctor. The Ladies looked at me horrible, then they put there backs to me as the door closed. The moral of the story is...Sometimes the folks doing all the stinking and finger pointing are the ones accusing everybody else of stinking and finger pointing. I don't have a raciest bone in my body, in fact I have sacrificed much for others while in service and in life regardless of color. If we continue to see each other by skin color and not our hearts, there is no chance America will survive. Things are getting better all the time, because just maybe, others will find jobs and be able to take care of themselves. Don't we all want to live free and prosper? Can't we all just get along? Live Long and Prosper! .
  5. Just in case you only get the bad and the ugly, as it was for me when I was living in Philippine. I wanted to let everyone know the US is starting to really get excited in ways financial. If you have a Roth IRA or something similar, you should see a big upside in your portfolio. I started my wife's Roth 7 years ago and it was so so. I have already seen a Yuge uptick in her portfolio. I was surprised to see the action in the restaurant business. However, the stocks like Trump's idea of keeping the best parts of the Obama care and giving the rest to the free market for competition. The restaurant stock share holders are seeing future growth by reduced cost of having growth of service and employment, thanks to lower cost of health insurance and less regulations. I know you may be seeing a lot of demonstrations. However be aware much of this is pay to perform by the shadow people like Sorros. They have found that more than 3 million has been paid out to protestors so far by the dividers. The US economy is totally ignoring them. The fact is, there is real shock by the young children in college. They all thought for sure that Hillary was going to be President. Of course they have to pay for school now instead of the tax payers. Still waiting on Clintons and the Obama's to speak against the violence. If that happened things would be better. But we will see. There are many that enjoy the divide. There are many who are praying and working behind the scenes to try and bring the country together. The media is still pushing the their negative agenda and the divide. They have made up there mind they will make us all suffer who have voted for Trump! Like I said the stocks are ignoring this as is much of America. Things are getting better everyday!
  6. I tried to write about what is going on here but it keeps getting shut down. So I guess the US elections stuff isn't permitted here. The Left is everywhere, like agents of the dark side they mute the voice of the real people. the ones that pay the taxes and give crying protestors free college. Let me just say things are going well! The stock markets are burning like rockets and the tax paying Americans are excited and optimistic abut our future. Duturte is excited and reaching out twice now to Trump. Many coming out of the shadows, stating they voted for Trump and have always been in that camp. We are seeing the greatest election in the history of America. In the movie The Postman, Costner stated to the Pony express riders, "Things Are Getting Better All The Time!" Well they are, so be happy.
  7. The America I live in is happy and celebrating Trump's election! We put our Christmas tree up and are celebrating receiving an early Christmas gift. First time for the wife to vote and her vote helped make history of the grandest proportions! She is really proud of that. we are going to buy a house next year as I'm sure the economy will be cooking on all cylinders. I have seen the list of things Trump plans in the first 100 days and the folks possibly going into the cabinet. With control of congress, I think the world will benefit from the new America that emerge from this historic moment! The stocks have already rallied as Trump and Paul Ryan come to a place of optimism! I think you will see great things between the Philippines and the US, as either John Bolton or Newt start to navigate the needs of the US and the Philippines, as far as security are concerned. Trump and Bolton see Deturte's meetings with China as a good stabilizer for the area, a benefit for trade and commerce. It was indeed exciting watching the country turn red from end to end, being apart of something so Yuge!!!!!!
  8. The rail system will be a game changer for the Philippines. I see folks mentioning Terrorist, please don't give these folks the time of day. If you base life on those who would frighten you, you will never leave your beds. We, and the Philippines will fight who ever wants to fight as they come to us. The rail will bring commerce and family into coincidence with each other, making the Philippines that much healthier, economically and socially. It's not the fight the dog is in, it's the Dog in the fight! Graaaalw!
  9. Notice I don't mention names! You can fill in the blank however you wish. Well Bow00, First of all none of what you have stated is true. Why it is true, that the sheep follow the ram-ette. Not all of them do. He will get a fair share of those folks you have mentioned. I'm now here in the alleys and back roads of the US. I'm very active in the politics here. There are people voting that never have and never would have, if things hadn't gone so bad. They are angry! Those folks will more than compensate for those who don't like the other side. I am all over the place and I see and hear what is really going on. Being a a former government employee I have friends from all walks of life and cultures. It comes down Economy and security, who can get them and their families jobs. Who can protect them. I don't know what kind of information you get there in Hawaii, but I don't imagine it's what I have here. So don't believe what you are fed by certain folks wanting to entrench the old ways deeper. There is a storm brewing, you can feel the electrical charge in the air. Million of yard signs point in one direction! Millions of unemployed and unsatisfied! A change is coming, so sit back and watch, one in a lifetime event!
  10. Here is what I'll do, all in fun of course. In one year, If Deturte isn't being romanced by the US, assuming Trump wins, I'll by you a case of your favorite Beer! But if it all goes the way I think it will, you can buy me a case of beer! What say you? I never Jest! Just Predict!
  11. I think Deterte Is paving two roads. This leaves his options open. I think he is smarter than most give him credit for. He knows the American elections will soon be over. With that in mind, he knows that America's current administration has been very slow in intercede and toss dollars towards the Philippines. He knows that Trump and himself have been compared to one another, he's not sure but he is betting they are like minded in they don't take any Sh...t. He is already aware of Hillary's policies from her past visit. He understands she hasn't done much for the Philippines. Even as Secretary of state all the Philippines got was lips service. So he steps over to China, whispers sweet nothings in their ear, figures he has nothing left to lose because no one is really stepping up on the Island building thing. So he gets the ball rolling with China, not too fast because in truth he wants to see what happens with the US elections. If Trump wins, he figure he'll give Trump a chance to flex some muscle and slid some dollars overseas. If Hillary win, he figures same oh same oh from her! His ace in the hole is Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. The state department and many others will be concerned that these other countries might see China has a good deal if Philippines gets treated well. That scares the heck out of the US, they don't want to lose their position in that area of the world. So it all kind of puts Deterte in the drivers seat, making him the most powerful leader in the group because he has created leverage. He becomes revered and attended to by world class leaders. If Trump wins, there is no doubt in my mind the US will treat the Philippines with world class attention. Trump will speak to Deturte and they will have a great relationship. Philippines will now be the key to stabilizing the whole area. Checkmate!
  12. These kinds of questions when answered should be highly filtered. Though your service has long been over, you still may have information you are unaware of, that could benefit an enemy. Information gathering is like a puzzle, you have no idea what part of a puzzle you could be helping to complete. Why we are all proud of our service, let it suffice, All gave some, some gave all, regardless of country! It can still put you in harms way even years later. Just saying!
  13. Tools Tools Tools I-pads, Lap tops. I sent 15 boxes. I used the clothing the tools and the computers in their various forms. The rest of the stuff I didn't need. I pads were my life saver. You can buy them on ebay for $100.00, money well spent. They also make great birthday presents. I only needed the clothing because of my size. Oh, I also took all my electric guitars that I could take the neck off of and put them in boxes. I also took my music electronics, stomp boxes and such. Glad I did because their is no such thing as good music equipment. If you do find a name brand, it will cost you twice as much as the states. I carried an Acoustic guitar on the plane, that was easy peezy. Started a band there and played some restaurants. Good time turning my band on to Bob Seger, Willie Nelson, Gordon Lightfoot, Vince Gill, Brooks and Dunn, Jackson Brown, you name it. They had never heard that music. When we played out, people would say, hey what's the name of that song? It was a great time!
  14. You are right on all accounts. Great Advice. Been there done that.
  15. Reboot, you are a wise sage indeed! The truth was never articulated as well! South China is the Philippines Mexico. There is such a similarity in these instances to the US. of course Duterte is being being hammered by the left leaning media. He may even feel overwhelmed. To take on a problem of such magnitude is a reflection of his love of country. Whether he is successful or is able to bring such a task to its full potential, remains to be seen. What he has done is he has brought hope to the people of the Philippines. As we all know Hope Floats! Maybe the next President will continue to weed out the real problems and continue to hold the Philippines up to the light.
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