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  1. I wonder who got their pockets lined with the Canadian Dollars to allow for this in the first place. They are not sending it here for free. Follow the money and find out who is really responsible for the Canadian trash coming here.
  2. The Chinese have been stealing information on both the F-35 and other US Military aircraft for years! https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/08/chinese-theft-of-sensitive-us-military-technology-still-huge-problem.html
  3. Best to ask the BI Lawyer when you go in for your 13A Permanent interview. Expat sites are not the best source of information when it comes to the real story.
  4. I was in the same position as you. Ignored the clowns. Never went to court, Judge ruled that their collection of Social Security was unlawful and dismissed case. The lawyer that is handling this case is a complete idiot and I'm sure the Judge will agree. As for putting your money in a Philippine Bank remember they don't have to follow US Law. Don't worry about it.
  5. A collection agency cannot garnish your Social Security for a debt. That's Federal Law. You don't have to show up at any court procedures the Judge will see that your funds are Social Security and not let the creditor proceed. All banks know that it is against the law to garnish social security payments from your account. As you said they can come after you for student loans, child support payments and back taxes that's it. https://money.usnews.com/money/retirement/articles/2015/09/17/is-my-social-security-safe-from-debt-collectors
  6. You put yourself at risk when a change of ownership is not completed. If the new owner gets involved in a hit and run and runs off it could put you into a position you wouldn't want to be in being the previous owner. They will come looking for you and you being the rich foreigner will open up some expensive lawsuits or worse. I have always did what was required when selling a car. People here like to pull the open bill of sale and it could very well come back to bite you in the a**.
  7. Hopefully you won't have any problems getting the OR/CR for it. Last bike I bought took 6 months for the OR/CR. Get caught without it and its a P10000 fine for you and a P100000 for the dealer who sold you the bike.
  8. In the 70s you could be put on International Hold if a local had charges against you. I'm not sure if that law changed but in the 70s it was on the books. If you wanted to get off the IH you ended up paying the local who had charges against you.
  9. Best to get that information from the horse's mouth. You can send the Embassy a message through their FB page or email them directly at their website.
  10. Filed already and just got my refund!
  11. DU30 has already made it clear that those who do not follow US Immigration law will have to accept the punishment they receive. I read some where that there are between 200,000 and 300,000 illegal Filipinos in the US. The majority of those are overstays. Do that here and find out what happens to you.
  12. Look for a vehicle that has been dealer maintained. Alot of individuals here do not maintain their vehicles. If I was buying a used car here it would be a Toyota due to the availability of parts. Most SUVs here are diesel and cost more to repair when it comes to engine parts. On the other hand diesel is a little cheaper than gasoline here.
  13. This will be your new home away from home if you run afoul of the immigration laws here in the Philippines. Unlike the States you do don't want to violate any immigration laws they will find you and jail you. The justice system is quite slow here and the US Embassy can't do anything for you.
  14. That was my opinion, I didn't say anything about a recommendation!
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