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  1. With all the laws they have on the books that they don't enforce. I don't think they will add another law that won't be enforced here in Dumaguete.
  2. This "no parking no car" is for Metro Manila only.
  3. Ram1957

    Laws Are starting to be enforced Negros

    UPDATE FROM FACEBOOK: On the helmet implementation The latest would be that the LTO will implement the RA 10054 Or the Helmet Law along the National Highways. Apprehension of no helmet inside the city is put on hold until further notice but we will slowly implement it. Information drive will be conducted for widest dissemination.- Mayor felipe Remollo
  4. Ram1957

    Laws Are starting to be enforced Negros

    The HPG are the one's that are enforcing this with their checkpoints. TMO Traffic Enforcers are not enforcing this law. I was at the Dumaguete LTO last week and they were extremely busy with those who got tickets for not wearing helmets. One individual decided to run the checkpoint and got a P12,000 fine when they were caught by the HPG.
  5. This might help. https://www.autoindustriya.com/auto-industry-news/license-plates-from-2013-2016-could-be-released-soon.html
  6. Ram1957

    PNP Plates

  7. Ram1957

    PNP Plates

    I think he's talking about this. http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/metro/657628/hpg-cracks-down-on-unauthorized-commemorative-plates/story/
  8. Internet check-in is a joke on Cebu Pacific. We checked in online and went through security only having to go out of the secure area when our names were called to report to the Cebu Pacific check-in desk. We had only carry-on baggage.
  9. Ram1957

    US SSDI Survivor Benefits

    Some truths about Social Security. https://www.aarp.org/retirement/social-security/info-2016/debunking-six-more-myths-about-social-security.html
  10. Ram1957

    Coca Cola!

    Well maybe this article has something to do with this whole problem. https://www.philstar.com/business/2018/08/18/1843479/coke-femsa-exits-philippines
  11. Dole regulates all employment by foreign nationals and their website makes it clear on who or who cannot work depending on what visa they are on. http://www.ble.dole.gov.ph/index.php/web-pages/118-alien-employment-permit
  12. If they would enforce the laws on the books they wouldn't need this sticker program. Here in Dumaguete its common to see motorcycles with no plate. Yet law enforcement seems to be blind when it comes to enforcing that law. I really don't think a sticker will help in anyway. Whoever is doing these drive-by assassinations are not going to be part of the sticker program and they all seem to have one thing in common, no plate.
  13. The program is voluntary not mandatory. I have already seen one with the sticker on it here in Dumaguete. It didn't even have mirrors on it. I'm not going to waste my time getting a sticker. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1016574/pnp-launches-clean-rider-campaign-to-fight-crime
  14. Dave, I'm currently going through this process for my brother. First you need to get a Medical Clearance from your doctor and then have a lawyer do an affidavit based on the medical clearance. This has to be done no earlier than one month before your visa expires. Manila is the approving office. I have to turn my brother's paperwork in next month. Have no idea on what cost will be until Manila approves the extension. And this needs to be done every two months.
  15. Same happened to me last week. Someone in the States tried to get into my account.