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  1. These problems date back to the 1990s when they got rid of the Philippine Constabulary. Under Marcos the PC got accused of civil rights abuses but one has to remember who was President at the time. Most people know that the PNP could do alot better but they are going to need alot of help and the organization will never be free of rogue officers. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/859350/revive-the-philippine-constabulary
  2. You get caught once for selling drugs and you didn't learn your lesson. Must feel really stupid now after getting caught for the second time! Some people never learn. "From Facebook" AMERICAN NATIONAL ARRESTED AGAIN FOR SELLING ILLEGAL DRUGS What: Arrested Foreign National for Violation of RA 9165 (Illegal Drugs) When: OOA 8:00PM of June 15, 2019 Where: Room 01, Lodging/Boarding House, Canlas Subd, Brgy Taclobo, Dgte City. Who: Suspect:JAMES THOMAS HOBERT, American Citizen, Single, Male, 50yo of Western Florida, U.S.A. - Newly Identified SLT Joint elements of CDEU-DCPS, PDEU, PIB/SOG conducted anti-illegal drug opon thru buy bust Why/How: Joint elements of CDEU-DCPS, PDEU, PIB/SOG conducted a joint anti-illegal drug operation thru buy bust w/ PDEA Coordination # 20002-062019-0373 recieved by PDEA which resulted to the successful arrest of the abovenamed suspect. Evidence recovered/confiscated were as follows: 1 pc elongated transparent heat sealed plastic sachet containing suspected shabu powder/granules for buy bust and 1 pc 500 peso bill as buy bust money; 1 pc elongated transparent heatsealed plastic sachet containing suspected shabu powder/granules; 2 pcs medium transparent heatsealed plastic sachet containing suspected shabu powder/granules. 1pc big transparent heatsealed plastic sachet containing suspected shabu powder/granules; Cash proceeds P230.00. The total confiscated suspected shabu granules estimated weight is 8 grams with DDB of 54,400 pesos. All the pieces of evidence were taken from the suspect's direct possession and control. Dispo.Suspect is temporary placed under custody of Dumaguete CPS while appropriate charges is being prepared to be filed in court. He was arrested of the same violation on april 2018 in mangnao. (PHOTOS COURTESY OF ROY ORTEGA)
  3. To tell you the truth I don't really remember that was 40 years ago, but it was cheap.
  4. Yes it was dirt cheap then and the beer had a bad quality control problems. You had to look at it close to make sure it didn't have anything that wasn't suppose to be there. Plus we had stateside beer on base anyway. Biggest problem was the water, wasn't fit to drink back then. But it was two different worlds back then you had basically a large American City on Clark and once you left the base it was completely different.
  5. When I was stationed at Clark 77-80 it was 7 plus pesos for the dollar during that time period.
  6. Here's a forecast on what the Peso could do. https://longforecast.com/usd-to-php-today-forecast
  7. The article said a CCTV camera was used to catch the footage so no one was holding the camera. Alot of cities are going to CCTV cameras that are monitored to cut down on crime. Maybe this area was considered a high crime area.
  8. This policy has been in place for years, signed by different Presidents and LTO chiefs. They will end up enforcing it for a week and then forget about it. They don't even enforce the laws on the books now.
  9. Meddling in elections have been going on for quite along time and it's not only the Russians! https://www.globalresearch.ca/us-interfered-in-elections-of-at-least-85-countries-worldwide-since-1945/5601481
  10. You would think of all people a health worker would have taken action after the dog bit her, especially since it was a stray. Sorry for the family's lost but common sense goes along way.
  11. The United States State Department has released the 2019 Philippines Crime and Safety Report. Interesting reading. https://www.osac.gov/Pages/ContentReportDetails.aspx?cid=25636
  12. Your passport is stamped upon arrival so 30 days from that.
  13. I wonder who got their pockets lined with the Canadian Dollars to allow for this in the first place. They are not sending it here for free. Follow the money and find out who is really responsible for the Canadian trash coming here.
  14. The Chinese have been stealing information on both the F-35 and other US Military aircraft for years! https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/08/chinese-theft-of-sensitive-us-military-technology-still-huge-problem.html
  15. Best to ask the BI Lawyer when you go in for your 13A Permanent interview. Expat sites are not the best source of information when it comes to the real story.
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