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  1. I have been in Puerto princessa now for 6 years which is located on Palawan, not bad , pollution is really nothing but Tric traffic an issue but a great island
  2. So did you find him? I am here in Palawan and will keep my eyes and ears open !
  3. It's easier to ask forgiveness then permission. so just go and help wherever you see the need i have so don't worry about it
  4. I just finished a ferrocement house ..covered the outside with one inch styrufoam...works great sun and heat is reflected off and Stays cool inside.. Put 1/2 chicken wire over the foam and thin coat of cement plaster..use Sahara in the cement for water proofing ..
  5. I just got finished with a ferrocement dome house here in Palawan and looking to build a earthbag house next . Should be cheaper unless I need to buy much DIRT.. Anyone build one yet?
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