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  1. Gas Oven is a must with all the brown outs gas is the way to go I bought a Markes nothing but trouble paid over 30 thousand pesos for it and not much support from there company the first time the family has cooked on a stove and not out side on wood so maybe that could have been the problem also first one I had worked great I moved and sold it wish now I would have kept it
  2. Cool Ice I have bought 3 the best company would be Phil Truck the most important thing is to find a mancanic that you can trust I would do a tune up on the motor check the brakes and make sure your fluids are checked oil, antfreeze brake fluids etc parts are easy to get and the cost is cheap,
  3. I just renewed my visa in CDO they have got there new stickers , they are getting very strict they are checking everything so cross your T's and dot all your eyes before you go just saying
  4. My 2 nieces both 7th graders have there Christmas party on the 14th the teacher has asked for 50 peso for each student for the gift exchange and denote food for the party which will be a pot luck the girls will take mac fruit salad and a small cake which they will make the night before which seems fair and not over priced
  5. I have a question for the members I just renewed my passport here in the US Manila Embassy just waiting for it to be returned to me , I was told by my imergration office here told me after I get my new passport I have to go to the Philippine Embassy take my new and old passport so they can stamp my new passport with a stamp showing when I last entered the Philippines they told me no appointment just walk in and get my new passport stamped should not take long just have to show the stamp from the old passport when I reentered the Philippines has anyone done this and do you remember the cost I would be very great full for any information
  6. The only dealings I had with PAL was a flight from Manila to Kalibo the time to depart was set back 4 times on the hour so I was 4 hours late to arrive in Kalibo that was the first and last time I flew on Pal I use Cebu Pacific they have been great so far I have had delays but that is normal here in the Philippines
  7. What I do is make my own what I do is make jello out of the cranberry juice subtract 1/2 cup of the lquid to make it a litter thicker
  8. Hi there just my added 2 cents worth of advise i use direct deposit into my checking account for my SS check and my bank does not charge me which is great and now here is something interesting my bank told me to use my ATM card to get my money out there reason was I was the one taking the money out of my account , I was told when you start having your money moved around from one place to another you are asking for trouble just a matter of time before something goes wrong, and you are at there mercy before it is cleared for you to use , I had my whole SS check taken out of my account by a 3 rd bank in the mix to the bank transfer to me in Thailand I was very lucky as my bank caught it and stopped the withdraw , from that time I use my ATM that way I control my money and not some other bank like I said just my 2 cents
  9. Yes i was alone I had a very dear friend that had moved to the Philippines a year before we were in the same boat had trouble with the families we got messed up with in Thailand , and my friend talked me into coming to the Philippines best move I ever made I settled in where he was living and have been here almost five years now so far no problems knock on wood
  10. there is an old saying you get what you pay for Filipino people are not well to do and Jollibees is a great place for the kids to go and for a big family it will cost the family some major money McDonalds is out of the question I will say this Jollibee has a quarter pounder that puts McDonalds to shame not only in the price 165 pesos for the burger, fries,and a drink but the burger it self great burger, this is just my opinion every one has one I do not want to start any holly wars here
  12. All kids are the same not just in the Philippines
  13. I use Globes Wifi works great no problems so far I have had it for 3 years just up graded so it is faster I live in Kalibo Aklan my cost is 1000 peso a month
  14. I do not mind helping the family but to support them I will not do it I look at it this way they where doing ok and getting by before I showed up I worked for my money my whole life and now I am going to hand it over it to them no way I went thru this in Thailand was an ATM machine for the family , the wife needs to be told that the brother has got to pay rent and food if he is going to stay in the house he has gone to school know he needs to work her choice what see does now is up to her as there are a lot of great ladies here in the Philippines that would love to be with him that"s how I feel
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