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  1. So affidavit is not required but I still need to show income. Does this mean potential income that leads to $23k annually ? I have only my freelance work online no assets. I can show the potential of earning more than $23k and we will be staying with relatives. Since no affidavits are needed then maybe showing current work earnings may be sufficient ? Showing previous work history in the states as a network admin for $60k+? I can show that once I work I can meet the $23k criteria, but currently in the PHL the freelancing barely does it. It is complicated. But I understand it's for extreme
  2. This is good news then. No minor. Yes my fiancee knows about it. Makes more sense now. Thanks you really know the details of the K1 visa. Have you brought someone to the US already? What was the total spent and how long did it take ? Any further advice or info is much appreciated. Really helpful thank you!
  3. I think as long as I am not under the poverty line. Which in California and Hawaii is anyone who has less than $25k. The most other states is less at $18k. I do plan to work in Silicon Valley once I arrive. I'm also a network engineer. I did not end up going to the embassy to ask for financial assistance as the comments and suggestions here discouraged me to do so. I plan on only working on the fiancee visa, my son is already an American with a passport. I need someone to be his mother in the states so i can go and work etc. Also would not want him growing up without his mother either. We don'
  4. thanks for that. I will go through the honest approach as it's not worth being blackballed. Still I wonder why would they have the right to know even if a judge says the case is cleared and records wiped clean (see insert). If judge says no records and clean report why would an applicant still need to bring it up ? Isn't the judge's decision higher than USCIS inquiry ? I also wonder how they will find records if records are cleaned, unless you disclose them yourself in which this questionnaire was designed for.
  5. hello everyone, so its been half a year. Update, I am still stuck in the Philippines. But not homeless. Doing ok. Apartment, food etc. So what happened is I had a friend that offered me a place to stay. Luckily the place had wifi and pc and I jumped on it looking for internet jobs. I signed up at Upwork and Freelancer and started landing art jobs, lucky for my graphic illustration skills. So that is how I am surviving and paying for food and rent now. I am not clear out of the woods but at least I have income. Now I have a new problem. I am still trying to get back home California,
  6. Thank you for this. it seems this will be extremely difficult. Yes I'm sure I can get a hold of a HS long lost friend and or sucking up and contact a college enemy and beg for money. But that's not gonna happen. I don't think my pride to call and contact and beg long lost acquaintances because I am starving in another country will be enough. really that's the bottom of the barrel. Pan handling is probably a better option than "trying harder" to get a last contact such as mentioned for assistance. I cant imagine contacting an ex girlfriend from decades ago to ask for money. That's just too
  7. I'm 43 yrs old. No disability. I tried to look into that too. Nothing turns up
  8. This is a valuable link. Thanks so much will try them. Their in makati too so that's convenient.
  9. As serious as my situation is your suggestion actually made me laugh. I know it's a serious suggestion it's just that is insanely clever and risky at the same time. I just want to be prepared for any questions that they will ask when I inquire so that I have a best chance of qualifying.. Why would they state financial assistance and eligibility requirements if it doesn't really exist? Thank you for that suggestion
  10. I've run into a dead end trying to survive in the Philippines. I need to get back home but broke. No family or friends to turn to. I checked the embassy site and it States I need to be eligible to receive financial assistance. Does anyone know what the requirements are?
  11. Seems most members are in the Cebu area. One thing is for certain. I'm glad to have this forum amidst this urban jungle :)
  12. Yeah they still do. This one is different. It's a competition of countries. Still free :) so it's packed. Very beautiful to watch.
  13. Unfortunately I am along edsa. Crap. So many people and a lonely world. Hanging out with the girls is okay but sometimes I need to be around fluent English speakers too. The locals just don't get the jokes and topics I'm into. Drives me nuts.
  14. So it seems there really isn't any meet groups to play billiards and bs with around manila. I also just posted the same question at another topic here haha I think manila is just not friendly. The local people and the expats seems to be standoffish maybe it's because it's a large city or too much hussle and bustle. When you do try to be friendly and have a conversation they get suspicious. Locals and expats alike. More so local. What happened to the "Filipinos are the friendliest people" slogan. I can walk the streets or malls the whole day and not one person will say hello. So much for "frien
  15. Good grief is that why it's been trying to upload a small video for like 2 hours ??? haha geez I was too persistent. Thanks for the info JGF :)
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