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  1. You will end up paying duties on it if they catch you bringing it in and duties can be 100% of what they say the value is. There is a risk, I agree but I am not sure how high it is. I brought my son's Playstation 3 and Wi in packed bags. The hard shell suitcase had a chalkmarked X on it as it came out of the carosel meaning it was marked for search. They must use scanning to check for electrical equipment. I simply told them it was for my personal use and I was so into games that I could not leave home with them. I've brought computers, etc. and I don't get checked most
  2. Electronics are higher in the Philippines. I did buy a 42 Samsung LED when there at 1 1/2 to 2 times the cost found in the US. I bought from an Electronics store there and it came with delivey, set up, and installation. You could also look into buying used by checking the local Craig's list -- or find an ex-pat returning. I was able to fit a 21 inch LED in a Balikbyan box and sent one there. I bought the cheap Insigna brand sold in Best Buy -- I think made in China, it is dual voltage, cheap, and worked well there. You can't find these brands in stores there. Sometimes I u
  3. That depends on the airline you are using. If it is PAL, then you may clear customs in Cebu instead of Manila. If not PAL, you will get your bags in Manila clear customs there and recheck your bags to your connecting flight with the Philippines carrier (Cebu Pacific, PAL, etc.). When traveling to Cebu from the US on PAL, they handle the transfer from the International to Domestic, and final Customs and Immigration in Cebu. With any other carrier you are on your own. Customs in Cebu is a lot easier -- significantly less volume. If PAL, you can call them to confirm the proces
  4. Well that philosphy is definitely better but does not always work either. Banks fail, home values collapse, stocks fall, homes with money under the mattress and individuals with it in their pocket get robbed, Corporations providing pension plans find themselves failing or underfunded. There is no way to provide total security. Best choice is to have all or as many sources as possible -- diversify. Fear is what prevents many from retiring. There are many ways to salvage social security each with its on pain to groups. ---- . ... save some of the cake too ... you might need i
  5. Your best bet is do find a tele-worker job. I lived there for a year continuing to work my project manager and consultant job. There are some significant downsides to this. It did require that a travel back to the states regularly for meetings which was a burden. It also required that I work nights to participate in meetings. My employer did not know that I was in the Philippines -- therefore travel was at my expense.. The consideration for this work-life choice is a huge impact on quality of life -- working nights, travel, cost, etc. These can be managed for what will be a mu
  6. I guess some are in this position through their own fault -- not saving enough, investing unwisely or relying on the promise of social security. It is even worse as a result of the economy, those on social security have not seen cost of living adjustments for a couple of years now too. You can't blame people who have this misfortune as it is due to circumstances beyond their control. They trusted their 401K investments which crahsed or they had rely on to survive. They trusted the govenment commitments for social security they paid into over their lives. They trusted stable home p
  7. Good topic, Lee. I'll stick to a few troubling bits of information on the economy... that have everything to do with the conflicting interest of the "upper class" and "middle class"... and nothing to do with politics or political parties... other than that some people use politics as a weapon to further the interest of their preferred "class." Simply stated, the "middle class America" you and I have known our whole lives, with each generation improving in its basic standard of living, is simply disappearing before our eyes. In terms of wealth, the top 20% of the population holds about 93%
  8. My son 27 enjoys and loves his brother 7. I could never have imagined having sons this far apart. He ,as I would hope most children, would just want their parents to be happy and I think he is genuinely happy for me. The older son balances his relationship with me an his mom/ my ex gracefully and understands that the new wife had nothing to do with the divorce and that there was no ability to salvage that relationship. My wife is still 10+ years older than him. I'm not sure how I would feel if she was the same age or younger than him.
  9. We may have two interests in common if I read what your name implies. It remains my goal to pursue a hobby of photography. I admire your work as evidenced by this shot and appreciate the tips. What camera do you use? How much touching if any was done with photoshop?Thanks
  10. Hi, Welcome back! I've also been away for a short while. I can share my experience with Philippines education as I had this deep concern. I wanted my son to have the same flexibility to go to schools in the US or Philippines and did not want him to fall behind. You must understand that in many categories of education, the US has fallen as low as number 25 in the world. I clearly would not trust the Philippines public school system which has children going to school without resources for 2 less years.We enrolled our son in the Cebu International School (CIS) and I can just say that
  11. Get a co-sponsorI have a friend who did this to bring over his fiancee. Believe it or not, a kind stranger did this for him. He and his wife wife have now lived in the US for over 10 years. She is working a full time job while he is freelancing Video, Audio and Radio broadcast technician. Two years ago they brought over her parents. While I'm sure they have their share of problems. I think overall they have a good life. Things are different now with job availability and the recession but it still can be done.You just need to find a sponsor if you don't have the income.Good l
  12. I heard some where on this forum that Filipinos are allowed to have dual citizenship's. But don,t quote me on thatWas your wife a British citizen when they were born? In the case of my son, my wife was not yet a US citizen. She was a permanent resident for many years going through the process. Since my son was born while she was still a Filipino citizen, He was entitled to full citizenship of both countries and carries passports of both countries. My wife is now a dual citizen. We did file is birth with the Filipino embassy shortly after he was born. I think at the age of 18,
  13. I loved my Kindle ... It was my life connection while living there. I utilized the global access to get daily subscriptions of the NY Times and to access the internet for quick look-ups and information. Both my wife and I had our own.I would also send / download basic information that would always be with me and never left home without mine.I'll email you personally to see if I can help further.Gold Heart.
  14. I've been inactive on the forum for almost two months now. Thanks to those of you who were concerned or worried about my disappearance. I assure you that it is temporary.My return to the US for the school year vacation turned into a return to the US. While I hope to return to the Philippines some day in the future or perhaps visit for long frequent periods, my year trial of living there resulted in a sudden decision to return.While my son and I were very happy living there and I looked forward to the return. My wife was not happy, and thus the decision to return. It was not as though
  15. I asked our friend Dr. Maureen and she says they just test for alcohol, Marijuana, and Shabu and are able to do that quickly and in volume.
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