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  1. Hello, does anyone know what happened after the Puerto Princesa mercury contamination - "widespread mercury poisoning" last year? Any updates of restoration? Would it be possible to eat fish in PP? Going to visit Puerto Princesa in six months, trying to find out if this is the place where to permanently settle down. But the mercury poisoning is a problem at the moment to us. Any information would be very much appreciated. Assuming that you live permanently in the PP area, I would be very greatful for your comments. What do you think about the fish being polluted? Do you yourself shop at the fish market in PP? And what about the contaminated area around the mercury pool? Would you go there, would you breethe the air? Would you take a swim in Honda bay? Am I exaggerating? On what level is this mercury poisoning affecting daily life for ordinary people (not tourists) in PP? Thanks/Axelnoah
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