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  1. hey, i'm not trying to take anything over, . . . i'd just like to be myself have fun, and see what happens.
  2. i don't know. maybe in someone elses wallett. ha ha just kiddin'
  3. don't worry too much fellas. i got this.
  4. well of course, but we've got to be guide by our own identity.
  5. Hahahahahahaha You are a cruel man Old55! Just for your own safety Lildog I'd recommend you read the following: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Way_killings On my recent trip I was emphatically warned by Frosty and his lovely lady not to sing that! As to your original question? If you're a deliberately pretentious weirdo wanker that does it just for the attention, filipinos, like most people, will see through that pretty quickly. If you're just odd, individual, and your own person you'll probably be embraced. My experience is that Filipinos in general, are a very tolerant people. yeah this is crazy, i like it already. but i apologize i'd just like to be myself and see what there is out there, i will by no means pretend to be anything i'm not , but i do have an urge to do things i find funny in potentially unappropriate places, i guess i need to work on that , ha
  6. i'd say ya just need to look at it.
  7. this ha s truely been a wonderful experience so far, i think we've all learded alot. i know i have. but back to business. no i just think we should reinvent the music scene, just for ourselvelves let's kick some names and take some ass. it'll be fun. what have we got to lose.
  8. thanks for the feedback, but i need all you cats in on this let's show we're not afraid to be loonatics. put the hoffman lenses on and go nuts right!
  9. considering a move to cebu, sounds great. now i'm an artist and musician.my friends here think i'm weird over here in the states. i wonder how i'll be perceived in cebu? i can't wait to see what happens. i think we could all be having more fun . . .if that's possible.
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