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  1. Well I actually only started this last thread because some of your members actually asked me to start this one. But as you request, I will gladly comply, honor your wishes, and simply discontinue posting anything relating to nets or fish. No biggie dah, chief. I will stick to covid conspiracies and crap from here on out.
  2. So our list of delectable vittles continue... So I am trying to flip 'back-and-forth' between specie types as not to make the thread too boring, and I am primarily trying to focus on those that their way to our table. Yes we regularly buy can-goods, meats, veggies and fruits during the month; especially during this lock-down, when goods can get a bit scarce from week to week. But our farm being a long established piece of property full of fruit trees and vegetables, there always seems like something is in or ready to harvest. So it supplements our diet with fresh-harvest goods well eno
  3. Nah, come to find-out that was actually his younger step-brother (former stunt-double) Frank. The sorry in the tabloids claim that Nemo after his movie fame, got hooked on drugs, forced to sell his swank Beverly tank over back-taxes. He how resides with Dorsey in a tiny rented display tank, owned by a Greek 'Fish&Chip' in lower South Sidney. Just another typical Hollywood cautionary tale tail...
  4. So our list of delectable vittles continue... One unexpected friendship oddly developed between the large fishing boats and us, I expect more than a few photos and clips will be added to the thread as it progresses. The island has a natural topography which allows the large fishing boats and local passenger boats to drop their moor lines up close the the shoreline of island opposite to the outer (open sea side of the island) open coastline. And that deepwater mangrove greatly reduces heavy wave action, making a great sanctuary from the big storm. We have always had an open policy
  5. So our list of delectable vittles continue... This is common and highly desired shell critter called 'Sa-ang' and has a rather chewy texture but very tasty and highly prized by the locals, they are a staple which makes their way into our diet a few times a week. This is another cockle but found in the sands a few islands over from ours, called a 'blood clam' due to the reddish shell coloration, fat and tasty critters. Eel and assorted fish caught here regularly off our shore The local 'light boats' will pack together to literately rangle thes
  6. So our list of delectable vittles continue... These little jewels are 'cockles' and there two varieties of these clams with in a 30-minute boat ride from were we are now. This is the larger variety of the two and are often part of our diet, usually in soups, gravies, grilled or stir-fried. Very diverse as to dishes they can be prepared with or in, and quite favorable (though a bit chewy). 'Cockles' are excellent for 'Italian' and Cajun/Creole dishes, and we found through experimentation blend well with Tejas/Mexican dishes as well. We have (for a while) been seeding both 'cockle'
  7. I will show you folks a few of our more favorite wiggly squiggles and fish that we catch in our local 'corner market'. Over the years here I have collected a volume of images and vids, which I have scattered throughout fifteen external harddrves. But to be trustful presently I frankly have neither the time or desire to dig into all of them for a mere handful of gems to post. Example: I have an image of a marlin caught less than less than 900 yards in front of the island. The image of the silver tuna that jumped in to our floating platform one night, or images the two species of wild lobster 's
  8. I grew up in a household of excellent ‘from-scratch’ deep southern cooks. And Houston was and still is a wide ethnically diverse community city, as is Southern Texas as a whole, populated with long-established large ethnic communities scattered throughout. I am always amazed by Northern twits wishing to associate South-Texans as literate fat rednecks who only eat burnt meat. When Houston actually has more restraints, museums, theater and culture than New York City, and most of us actually know how to drive and be respectful to their neighbors. So we are not practically impressed with New Yorke
  9. When I was first invited by the island’s owner to this island is what initially laid the intention to layout the designs for the construction a of a mariculture hatchery. A couple of poorly timed earthquakes put those plans on hold four years ago. Which has led to us starting an on-island project (which will remain nameless). And the startup of another ongoing mariculture ‘grow-out’ project (subject of another ongoing thread). But of the projects, ever since first stepped onto this tiny island, which has attracted me most; is the 1-hector size saltwater pond behind our dirty-kitchen, and area
  10. So with the boring backstory of how I met my soul mate, why I tired and chose walking away from a rat-race enslavement existence, rarely see our farm, for a life of glorious solitude and seclusion. Such that a pandemic has had little effect, on our day-by-day existence. From a dedicated horticulturist to a fanatical eccentric aquaculturist was an easy transition for me. I have always been conservationist a heart, with a deep-seated love for nature. The owner of this island has always been plagued by those pilfering and exploiting an ever dwindling ecology the resources of this island. And he i
  11. Here everyday life seems like a new episode of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ where I seem determine to obliviously bungled into mastiff, while my ‘Prof. MaryAnn’ always seeming to save the day with intuitive- Intuition and ‘jungle-engineering’. Just minus the ‘laugh tract’ and coconut cream pies, I’m more of a ‘chocolate cake’ kind of guy myself. Where unexpected natives show up, never actually resolving issues, but always wanting you in their cooking pots. So I chose these photos as they are of my favorite haunts and running-grounds. When I mention my own areas of the Philippines (Surigao and
  12. For one to tell a rich well rounded tale about a companion or couple, most choose starting from the beginning. Mine began as a lowly Corporal, on a beautiful island in the Pacific, during a miserable steamy morning. Where everything was going wronging, until it didn’t…. I was Stationed with 3rd Marines Division, 7th Comm Bn. at the time, for 2-1/2 years on Okinawa Japan from 1984-1987. This being 1985 I would be hanging with a motley group of very gungy overly obsessed fellow Jarhead dive-junkies. All determined to hit all the prime sites around the island we could cram into our agenda. I pos
  13. This image was taken long before I first ever stepped onto the tiny island.There is a long odd backstory. Some believe it is inhabited by the enchanted, some believe it is cursed, while others haunted. It was a graveyard to the unwanted, diseased an unaccepted. An open barter's market long before Spanish coin and a Moro slaver's holding spot where those stolen where held waiting their Sultan's slave ships to carry them away to never return. Many a tear and blood, desperation and sorry most lost to time, but the seasons still come and go with a majestic timeless beaut and grace. I often wonder
  14. So now this odd tale forwards. It’s now a mere three months before another Karma intervention and cosmic Nelson “Ha Ha”. As unbeknownst to us, all our efforts to navigate through the road blocks, and finally reap the long-awaited simplicity of Dinagat Island agrarian contributors; unforeseen foreseen forces and events would place that bliss on hold (to date: 6 years and counting). That good friend, of my former landlord, by happenstance became a very close friend. We kindle much of the same interest. The wife and I were invited to a house christening and subsequent house-opening. While
  15. First though this odd tale requires a little back-story to fully appreciate and under the overall layering of unforeseeable consequences, circumstances and little nudges by Karma and an angle or two. My wife purchased the Dinagat Island farm back in 2002, using her company 401K. She was an assembly-line wiring-tech for Goodman a mayor AC/manufacturing company in the US. I was an over-qualified professional yard-niggar with the desire to retire early. So when 'Ike' rolled over the top of us, hammering everything our Nursery had already struggled salvaging from the twin-kick in the ball from 'K
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