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  1. That's about as boring as I can imagine. There's nothing in Baguio except heavy traffic. Two nice golf courses and the annual flower festival, which I would skip. The cool weather is frigid about 5-6 AM, and I would never go back there after 2 earlier visits.
  2. I get my personal freedom with Gina. Daytime, I'm out on the bike, or can be out for any reason. After 6 years, she trusts me pretty much, but no such outings at night. Even then I have come back late a few times and minimal fuss. We don't have many visitors here, but if I'm with trusted friends, generally ok. My 2 Aussie mates from Manila use the visits as an escape. She doesn't know what goes on, and have been out as late as 2 AM, but still ok. This would never fly under normal circumstances however and it's twice a year maximum. Issues have been raised over finances. I hold the money, she gets more interested as to how it's spent. If she holds the money (as we have tried both ways), the money tends to be spent more easily. She's not so good handling large amounts. Currently the money get locked in a drawer. Within envelopes marked with the amount. There is no way either party can take any out, without consulting the other. Of course of the comptroller, CEO, but as I explain to her, she's the manager. The system is not perfect, but at least each party has input. Having said all that, we are going into January with a deficit and will pull some money from February to cover that. If we knuckle down, we can catch up by the end of Feb.....Feb being a short month will help. It will definitely be a challenge and a good test for both of us. So in reality, I am on a leash but it's voluntary. I get quite a bit for my biking, a bit more than she realizes. But she can spend her excess money in the market. As women do, usually on cheap stuff for herself. If a woman puts me on a leash or tries, and it has happened before. I will end up hating her. And I suppose vice versa. So try to stay away from the idea that is all my money. She has her child support from SS, but per agreement, she puts all that in the drawer or it stays in the bank.
  3. Tagaytay on a 1-2 night stay. Cooler, with magnificent views over Lake Taal and the volcanoes. About 2 hours driving out of Manila if timed properly. Monday would be a good choice of a day to travel back, not Sunday.
  4. Well you are pictured with a Filipina. And I would say almost all of us has been married to a non Filipina, so there's anecdotal evidence. Of course there are problems, but then what would be your recommendation? Per the topic as posted.
  5. My mate in a small 2 bedroom condo pays 12,000, but they must run AC continuously. AC is the key, fridges and freezers consume high. To the OP, 5000-6000 if running AC. And much lower if limiting it.
  6. If I'm recommending to a friend, I would have to go with a Filipina. A guy that hasn't traveled widely, has a better chance to communicate at a decent level of English, with a Filipina. That's not to say the guy is not going to fall into the same piffalls as most of us have. But Filipina first. I have been around Asia. Married a Sri Lankan, had girlfriends in Thailand. Got used to different foods, and in that area the Thai food comes out on top. But for a serious relationship I would still go for a Filipina. I have other experiences, will not belabour that here. Now having said all that, any of us could go to another country, with a pension, some cash in hand, and be in a relationship within a few days if not sooner. Same here, I could arrive here in the morning and be in a relationship the same evening, but I'm digressing. I go 100% Filipina and that's what I would tell anyone.
  7. Hey guys, you haven't seen much of me. Early November my 2 working laptops went down. The older one was unsalvagable, and the other one had problems with the off/on switch. So after repair it still wasn't functional. Had to wait to get a new one, and it has taken a short time to get used to. Then the holiday period, and the network has been frequently overloaded daytime. I'm still here. I turned 67. We had an event at Sta Lucia, 62 km, all terrain MTB. I went ok but failed to finish the event due to a puncture. I had some fitness left over, so 24 December, I ventured up to Batac. Hometown of Marcos, and a nice area. Generally older buildings, but well maintained. No squatters or shanty towns. I got awarded oldest rider. And I finished 7th in my category.....Over 46 with 12 entrants. I raced mostly old guys and juniors, but the next oldest was 53. Here's the report and hope the picture will show. http://forums.transitions.org.au/index.php?showtopic=71505
  8. Yeah, that's the out of season price. But that's where they get you isn't it? No ripe mangoes readily available here, the green ones are just coming in. I have seen 40-50/kg or normally about 80/kg, I wouldn't pay 150. We got California seedless grapes, succulent big red, at 150/kg in Quiapo 2 weeks ago. They go 240/kg, Gina says 300 tomorrow. But it takes a brave man to buck tradition here. We had a short meeting tonight. Gina gets 4000 pesos until Monday on condition she doesn't niggle me until Monday morning. All inclusive, inc petrol for the motor bike and drinks, probably soft drinks here at home. I ordered a bottle of Empi, so that's for me. We should be ok until Monday, of course she doesn't know I pulled the 4k from January's budget, but we will talk about that later. February is a short month, so that's factored in.
  9. Dave. Will not requote your entire post. Around here 7k, 7000 pesos a week is subject to mismanagement....Gina can't handle the bigger amount. 5000/week but I keep the extra 2k in my pocket. By Friday, she runs out of money, so I manage the weekend from my pocket. And keep my meager pocket money intact, until things like petrol for the motorbike, day care fees and etc come up. By Monday she can get another 5k. No point in advancing her money because the week which is already down to 5 days will reduce further. One all time favorite is around Friday she will ask if I want to go to Mang Innasal. Which is her way of saying she has already run out of money.
  10. Public use of profanity? In front of children, no it should not happen. However we could be looking at a generational thing. My 3 well educated and successful older kids, all with a Christian upbringing, will all use profanity in normal converstation. Such words which were very strictly taboo 50 years ago, have now crept into the daily language. My wife has a few mild outburts, and even if she disagrees, I must remind her, it is not acceptable in front of our children. I never use profanity, but when in conversation with someone with someone who uses it freely, I might put in the occasional explative. When I told my daughter, age 30, lives in NYC, works as a Magazine Editor, not to use it. She said it's normal language and it's not even considered profanity these days. But cussing or abusing someone directly, especially a child, is poor form.
  11. Yes it's really me. I had almost 2 months break due to computer and connectivity issues. Solved as of now.
  12. My first wife (of 4), an American woman of my age. We divorced in 1974. She's on my Facebook and recently she spent a few days in ICU. I did extend my greetings, but no contact with my current wife. Second wife...20 years of marriage with 2 children. Nah, she's a devout Christian, she won't talk to me now. She is capable of some abusive behaviour at times, so I stay clear of her. Third...an Arabic woman of mixed nationality. She went to the USA and by coincidence my 2nd wife was there visiting...they had a meeting. Fourth. Gina...no contact with the above but she might see them browsing FB. Second wife is a problem. The rest are cordial even if no direct contact.
  13. Such an excellent topic with all great replies. Quality of life is important in all countries in all situations. But there is a life expectancy equation which accompanies all diseases of the elderly. The old man with cataracts might be able to cope for the rest of his natural life without surgery. I'm not saying it's a great option but if resources were available they might be better used elsewhere. Similar to the elderly who might need hip and knee replacements. These are big operations with a long recovery supported by physical therapy. And some patients might need more than one joint replacement. An old lady here broke her hip and she was 75 or more. Hip replacement was suggested and the family could have afforded it. But they decided not to do it (500k-1M) and the old lady was reduced to shuffling around with a walking frame but she does manage. Still thinking on this one and might come back with more.
  14. Love that kind off stuff and will usually join in. More 50's and 60's though. Good having a deaf ear and can sleep on the good one. What's life without a little fiesta now and then?
  15. I said the SS number is not urgent. Taxes are filed next year. My 2 kids had their SS card mailed to them 1-2 months after the passport was received. I did not apply for anything. What else? IT Greek is waiting on his wife's visa appointment. And it had been refused once. So I assume that is his priority right now. Along with having the child's passport in hand. However. Sorry I forgot that I approached the SS window at the embassy and the lady took a photocopy of the birth records. She asked me to notify her when the passport was issued so I did that. So perhaps that was a factor and maybe it's not "automatic".
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