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  1. Thanks everybody for your replys. My wife and I are both born and bred Aussies. We have been living in China, Ireland, and are now living in Cambodia so know a bit about Aisa. And yes we are looking at retirement can not do it back in OZ as its too bloody expensive so here we are in Aisa. We are both fit and active but still would like to be safe than sorry about medical needs. So we are open to suggestions as you guys have proberly already done the hard work. We intend to look around to get the feel of the places first ,but you guys are on the ground and know more than the Internet . Once again thanks Gary
  2. G'day people Just a quick question where in your opinion is the best place in the Philippines to retire in. And why. Have read a lot about Cebu but they say it's too expensive find that hard to believe . Would Davo be a better option ? Don't want to live in Manilla. All opinions are welcome as this is all new to me but hey gotta start somewhere . I would love a place beside the coast but the wife is sh&t scared of tusanmi ( is that spelt right) So she want somewhere high up a bit. Thanks in advance I'm guessing you people have done all this so appreciate any input. Gary
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