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  1. thanks most likely i will get stuck paying for it. Just didn't want to come out of my pocket all at one time
  2. in the usa i can put part of the money down on an acre and get a loan for the rest from a bank. Can the same be the said for property in leyte? Yes I know it would be in fiance name. Just asking
  3. As someone that has been around many idiots that didn't mind shooting each other in public. I have to agree with the person that wrote this thread. You would assume that the mall would be safe. Before I got sick; I worked in the inner city of cinti. I got caught in the riots. The one place I always felt safe was in a mall. Hopefully next month when I visit friends in cebu and ormoc next month this won't be a problem. P.s. I have seen 5 people killed by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Was a great job with great pay but was caught in a cross fire 3 times.
  4. well being to son of an e-7 and grandson of e8 and a nogo of e4;sir usually leaves a negative connotation. Sorry
  5. I would take the word joe as a compliment. If you let the little things bother you what is going to happen when something major comes up.
  6. I would ask him first. If you are from the states and receiving social security I believe you can get money for him until he is 18. But you would have to adopt him first before you try to claim the money. It should be half whatever you are receiving provided your not already receiving that benefit.
  7. Did they have to bring them to the states to get?
  8. pretty sure that only applies to if you are dead or retired.. I had a stroke 2 years ago and was told if i have a child they would get 913 but if I have more than one than they would split the 913. Not sure but that is what my case worker told me. Also if I was in the p.i.. I would have to bring my child to the states before they would even qualify my child for the benefit. I guess it would be the only way they could get social security number is my guess.
  9. Not sure about your country but in the usa; they give half of your s.s payment to your children. Say if you get 1800 ss than you would get another 900. This would be all you get whether you have 1 or 101 children
  10. can't you call him and tell him that you are going to call his company about the shoddy work. If he did to his employer what you think than he will bust a gut trying to get the work done.
  11. thank you so much . the brit is arguing about it. says he is going to carry.
  12. seen a video where guy says he is going to have his wife buy and license a gun. then he plans on carrying it . he is not a citizen. thanks in advance.
  13. your right about the cost of food in houston texas. my 71 yr old mother and I spend over 300 a month on food bill. prices have skyrocketed here. I just moved from cincinnati,ohio and the cost is so much higher here
  14. if she has a different last name and the r.p. don't use socials then you should be fine. in usa they charge off and sell it for pennies on the dollar. then other creditor tries to collect. after 7 yrs they try to sell to another company and if u ever admit then it starts over. My brother co sign for his ex and she had card repoed. 10 years after her death they garnished his check. Texas and certain states won't allow it but alas ohio did.
  15. i had more than a few chats on line with peter. he was born supposedly at clark. he would like to leave but is fighting the philippines about taxes. Also his family owns a couple properties with one being in makati.(dad was an officer) Not sure how they own property if he isn't a citizen. also a high ranked official tried to get him deported for his abuse about philippines but they said he had a right under the phil. constitution to gripe.
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