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  1. I just finished reading two great books on retirement "How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free" and "The Joy of Not Working" both books are written by Ernie Zelinsky. I bought both books as kindle books from Amazon and had them sent to my Ipad. Terrific books with tons of excellent ideas of how to navigate through retirement.
  2. Last week i bought a used Nintendo Wii that was for sale on OLX with 4 video games. I have since every day played both golf and bowling for at least one hour each. Yesterday my asawa's family came over to celebrate a nieces birthday and everyone enjoyed playing the games for the first time in their life. Total cost of the console, remote units and games was 5,000 pesos.
  3. Sorry to hear about your experience. Your story is why I read this site every day. It is good that we are able to share thoughts that may not only help each other but may even save ones life. Looking forward to part two I hope it is a happy ending.
  4. Last week I ordered a inflatable pillow for my Manila to LA flight at Christmas time from Lazada. Three days later my pillow arrived at my house in San Pablo City, Laguna. I had received a text that morning from Lazada telling me the pillow would arrive on that day and reminding me to have someone at home to receive the pillow and pay the COD charges. I was very satisfied with the speed the order was processed and shipped, happy with the customer service of reminding me on the day of delivery. In order to get to my house one needs to turn on an alley off one of the main streets of San Pablo City and my house is hidden behind an auto mechanic and a Chooks To Go. If you do not know how to get here chances are you will not find it without asking the neighbors where the american lives. We phoned the number on the delivery text and gave specific directions and no problem delivery was successful.
  5. Your story sounds a bit like mine. Three years ago I started chatting with a lady on Filipino Cupid. After talking to many many women I narrowed it down to one and we chatted twice a day on FC for over 4 months. I then flew to the PH for 10 days spent the time with her and had a great trip. Three months later I came to the PH again and spent a week with her. I moved to the PH two years ago and love it. Her family basically takes care of themselfs. I am putting three kids through school but that is strictly my choice not their asking for it. We have a 21 year old, her son who is in his last year for a BA in Hardware Engineering, a 18 year old who just started her second year for a BA in Software and an 8 year old who is in the 3rd grade. After reading what many members of this forum have said I came to the decision that the only money I have for family is either to participate in a major illness that other family members are also contributing too or else education for kids. Just take it easy we knew each other for over one year and I had two trips to the PH before I took the plunge and sent 8 balikbyan boxes and made the move.
  6. Manila's Chinatown is called Binondo and is known as the world's oldest Chinatown established in 1594. My SO and I spent 3 nights and 4 days there and had a great time. A 20 minute walk or a 8 min ride takes you to Intramuros and Fort Santiago. This is one of the best trips I have had in the Philippines and it is only 1 1/2 hours from my home in San Pablo City.
  7. Excellent posting. I have been here full time for two years and the one thing I dislike the most is negative expats who complain about the culture, the people, the food etc. Why on earth do they stay here? They should just go somewhere else to become amazed that all their problems just go with them where ever the person decides to live because most of the problems live in their head. When we go on an airplane to fly 7,000 miles away it is amazing that most of our problems go on the trip with us.
  8. Just passed my two year mark this month and I love it. Only thing I can pass on is that after being here about six months, was the result of my first Philippine hospital physical. I live in San Pablo City, Laguna population 248,890. We have five hospitals here and I chose to go to a private hospital for my physical. They have a dedicated Heart Center and I was sent there for a stress test. Three days later my doctor told me there is a 50% blockage and I need angioplasty. She asked me if I still had insurance in the US and I replied yup I have medicare. So two days later I'm on an airplane to Los Angeles with an appointment set at UCLA Medical Center one of the best in the United States. They gave me a "Nuclear Stress Test" and said "You are as healthy as a horse, go back to the Philippines". Wow I said wrong diagnosis guess the medical people in the Philippines are not that great. My doctor in the US said "Jack a treadmill stress test will usually give a wrong diagnosis about 30% of the time. I was told for major diagnosis or major events drive the one hour to Manila where there are at least five world class hospitals to choose from that have all the latest and greatest equipment to insure the best diagnosis and treatment. The moral of the story is pick out which health providers you may need in the future for whatever and make sure that your SO knows where to go and who to see for any situations that come up. I love my life here and try to get back to the US for vacation at least once a year.
  9. I have taught my kids that boring people get bored. Manny will go down in history as one of the best fighters of all time. I remember watching Willie Pep and Sandy Saddler fight on Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Wednesday Night fights when I was ten years old 63 years ago. By the age of 20 it became Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns. Anyone who thinks Pacquio's fight on Sat was boring must have watched a different fight than I did. Try standing in front of a mirror for 3 minutes throwing punches and see how many rounds you will be able to go.
  10. I take a nap every day. If I can afford the time I will sleep for 90 minutes which allows our body to go thorough all the phases of a complete sleep cycle, that includes RIM sleep. If can cannot spend 90 minutes I will sleep for 40 to 60 minutes as a nap.
  11. The last one out of bed in our house usually makes the bed and that is usually me. My Mahal does all the other chores in and out of the house so I think it is only fair if I am the last up to make the bed. I do nap almost every day and if so make the bed once then lay on the top and just straighten out the top sheet. My Mahal is a tiny bit OCDC which means she keeps our house and grounds spotless. GPJ
  12. I retired in San Pablo Laguna a city of 235,000 people in June of 2014. I joined a Lions Club little over a year ago and fell into a group of about 35 people made up of doctors, attorneys, businessmen, and professional people. This club has been together for 30 years and most of the members have been in the club for 6 years or longer. I am the token foreigner and feel comfortable that all of the members are very familiar with each other and all in all they are a good group of people. We meet 2 times a month and usually do at least one community project each month. So the Lions keep me pretty busy. Other than than we see some of my mahals relatives maybe once every two months or so.
  13. Met my wife online when she was 48 and a widow, I was 70. I wanted to come to the Philippines to retire and she wanted to stay in the Philippines because her extended family lived in Laguna and Manila. We have been together over 2 1/2 years and it has been the best two and one half years of my life.
  14. I look forward to reading this Forum almost on a daily basis. Today I am surprised to see comments regarding the thinking that Foreigners are not receiving better treatment in the Philippines than Foreigners are given in the UK or the US by the natural citizens of those countries. It makes me think of the story of the man who went into a very tall 30 story building for a job interview. When the elevator doors opened the man saw his old high school buddy who said "hey Tom where are you going". Tom said "I'm here for a jjjjjjjoooobbb iinntttteervvviiiew". The friend said good luck on your interview. Twenty minutes later Tom came back to the elevator and said tttthhhooooseee aannntiii sseemmmettttic B*&ssstt***RRddds. The friend said Tom I'm so sorry to hear that what kind of job was it. Tom said a rrrraaaddddiiioooo annnounnnncerrr. I am Jewish so I can tell stories like this. Guys that is the story I think of when I read these silly complaints on the Forum today. I have been here for 1 1/2 years and I am treated much better than people moving to the US to retire. Maybe I am just meeting very different people than those who are complaining but just maybe I am meeting the same people as the complainers but I am looking at them with different glasses than the others. Hope this post gets past the censors.
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