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  1. Hi, Joey. Did you and your wife draw up a contract stating that she is the sole owner of the house and lot and it is just being held in trust for her. The reason I ask is my wife trusted her two sisters with the title of her land and it was sold to developers. Sometimes family can be the hardest ones to trust.
  2. My wife has a green thumb and loves to plant everything. She walks around the subdivision picking things to grow. Unfortunately for her the soil here is mostly rock. So I told her let's get some potting soil. After 4 attempts to get a "bag of dirt" a quick thinking salesman said, why don't you get a shovel, the Philippines is made of dirt. That made me laugh so hard my side hurt. Got to love the philippines.
  3. My wife and I have been together for 34 years. I used to tell myself " life is hard in the Philippines". It made me feel better when I was ripped off by her siblings. However her family continued to steal from her even when they got to the USA. Her two sisters transferred land out of her name and sold it for 6.6m. Now we have to drag them into court to get her land back. It took me a long time to understand that Being poor is no excuse for being a thief.
  4. After 34 years I have never got the silent treatment............WHAT Am I DOING WRONG????? Lol
  5. Looks like she was hanging out with some real winners. To bad, I hope her folks were notified before they see her passport photo all over the web. https://krebsonsecurity.com/2018/12/serial-swatter-and-stalker-mir-islam-arrested-for-allegedly-dumping-body-in-river/
  6. I sent 500 to my self using my Bank of America account direct to BOD on the 27th of last month and the money never arived. I had to open a clam to find out were in the world my money is. Using western union the money shows up in one hour. But they skim 1.2 pesos per dollar during the exchange. However it is fast.
  7. I'm all for capitalism. The bus company got there 280p for the ticket. The person who was selling the tickets worked for ceres. He was taking bribes to "get a ticket".
  8. My wife and I decided to get out of town for the weekend, so we hopped the bus from cebu to siquijor for the weekend. Had a great time. On the way back we were at the bus station with all the people heading back home. I forgot it was a 4 day weekend, will not make that mistake again. As you can imagine it was very crowded and hot as hell. There was a line for the bus going to cebu and we missed the 1130 am and had to wait for the one at 2pm. No problem, 20 years in the navy made me a professional at standing in lines.. After waiting 3 hours in the line that was getting longer by the minute a gentleman set up a table and started to sell tickets for 2pm bus. I thought great my wife and I are number 8 in line so no problem..... well I was wrong, you see the reason he set up the table and started to sell tickets was to get bribes. The porters were bringing people to the front of the line to get tickets. You could tell everyone who got on the bus were well off, Including a few expac's who were way behind me in line. It was like watching the titanic go down. We got out on the next bus because my wife and a few other woman in the front of the line put the fear of God into the ticket salesperson. For me not getting on the bus was no big deal. I'm retired, have the money to stay in a hotel, but jumping in line in front of women traveling with kids and people who work is just wrong. Well I'll get off my soap box now. It's time for a beer....
  9. After 20 years in the navy it was hard to stop using 31oct18. Old habites die hard.
  10. Stopped off at the LTO to get a license for the wife and I and had to take the drug test and physical. I talked to a young lady thorough a little window and she hands me a form to fill out. So I fill it out and sit back down. Then she says to go in to the back through this small door. When I get inside it was her sitting at her desk. Why the window in the front I have no idea. She gives me the paper work to fill out and hands me this LITTLE bottle to pee in. After 20 years in the miltary and 15 years driving a commercial truck i have done more drug testes then i can count. But this bottle was small. So i looked at the young lady and asked if she had a bigger bottle. She gave me that deer in the headlights look that only a sweet filipina can give. Thats when the older lady sitting next to her said"Dai, it going to get stuck" and started to laugh. It took the young lady a few seconds to get what the other lady had meant. Wow this was the frist time in 33 years i have ever seen a filipina turn red from embersoment. She could Only set there with the papers covering her face making the lady setting next to her laugh even harder. This made my day. By the end of the day I got my license but my filipina/American wife did not, but that is another story.
  11. No, I was born in the states. Lived in PI for 4 years back in the 80'S, But definitely not Filipino. He'll I'm so white I have to put sun screen on to grab a beer out of the fridge. That 15 watt bulb can burn......lol
  12. Well after 29 years of living and working in the states we made the move back to the Philippines. We will be staying in cebu for a few months then up to Lipa city. Funny thing is my wife is the one who is having a hard time adjusting. Well wish me luck. We have been waiting for this for a long time.
  13. Back in 1985, when i was living in the Philippines for the first time, i had no frige for 5 months. Nothing went bad, we just went to the market twice a week.32 years later i have a very nice refrigerator that keeps things fresh for weeks, but now i miss the excitement of the markets.........
  14. love to people watch, but after 31 years i don't think the wife will ever understand. she cant stop moving long enough to sit back and watch the "show".
  15. i tried to carry a "Man Bag" but the wife filled it up with more things we never use...........
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