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  1. 34 years ago, when my wife and i were dating she grabbed my hand looked me in the eye and walked toward the bedroom. I thought ,wow going to get lucky so i got up and went towered the room. as i got to the room she said" sit back down i want to cut you nails, you look like a carabao..........
  2. acutely the flights are full right now. the problem is getting the aircraft to manila. with only 600 slots in manila a day flights are being sent to cebu, 2 day covid check then they fly them up to Manila.
  3. i feel you there too. we cant get a flight from lax to San Diego. we would have to go to Seattle and back down. strange times we live in.
  4. In the last 11 months my wife and i have left and came back 3 times resitting the date on the BB each time. also i feel you pain with Philippine airlines. our flight has been changed 5 times..... more fun.......
  5. Lipa city in nice but getting crowded. We bought a place close to Fernando air base 18 years ago thinking of the weekend farmer thing when i retired. Love the weather and 20 min. to S and R is nice. If you are planing to move to San Pablo i would suggest you stat looking. with the toll road going in the price of land is going up.
  6. Yes, i have a booster but it is a over capacity issue mixed with a terrain issue. If i have big files to download i just take the old globe at home with me up the hill and wala, different cell tower and 6mbps speed.
  7. Out here in the boonies my globe at home goes from a high of "slow" to a low of Nothing.......
  8. Well the flying vampires got me, Dengue. Guess they didn't get the word about social distancing. I feel like crap but doing fine according to the blood work. Just wanted to remind everyone that one day when Covid19 is gone from the headlines there are still things In this world that can bight you.
  9. It's going to be up in the air for a while. I bought a ticket on Philippine airlines for the non stop cebu to lax on 2 June. So far it has been changed 4 times, now it has me leaving cebu on the 3rd to manila but not leaving manila until the 7th. Looks like I'm going to stay put for awhile.
  10. Don't want to hijack this posting but what advantage is there to having a ACR card? beside the obvious " pay LTO Fees online" lol.
  11. I tried to sign up but it is asking for my ACR card, dont have one im here on a balikbayan visa. So no soup for me.......
  12. 1700 for 6 months? Were do i sign up? LOL, that is half of what my wife of 30 years goes through on a good month. Just think how much i could have saved..........LOL.
  13. Sorry but this is a bit long but it kind of explains why some people dont get food when they need it.....I'm not sure who picks whom when it comes to the free food but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. My wife and I have staying at our place south of cebu city during the cv19 lock down, less people the better for me. A month ago I heard the doorbell so I figured it was one of the foreigners that live close to us becouse Filipinos seem to be afraid to "press the button" at the gate. So I swing open the gate and to my surprise there was two young ladies from the local dswd. The young lady with the iPad informed me that the mayor was checking up on the people who applied for the broungay pass but did not show up as living here. I informed her that I know for a fact the mayor knows my wife and I are here and this is not our full time house. After a few minutes of going back and forth my wife came out looking for me, she thought I tried to escape from rearranging the bedroom furnishings. She greats the two young ladies from the local dswd and invites them into the compound for a drink. After a few minutes of the three of them talking in bisaya my wife told me the same thing the lady from dswd had said. So i asked my wife, did you tell them this is not our full time house? That got me the wow what a dumb question look so I did not need a answer. So I fill out the forms becouse the two young ladies got this crazy ieda that i was the " head of the household" ya right. Well a month goes by and I'm on my way back home from a shopping trip in car car and low and behold who is standing at the gate but our two young ladies with a bag with them. Miss ipad says"Good afternoon sir, sorry it took us so long to get your food ration". I'm thinking I misunderstood her so I asked "food what?". Ration sir, your food rations. So I told her sorry there must be some mistake, I did not ask for anything and truly do not need the help but thanks anyway. At that moment my wife came outside to see if I needed help unloading the car and saw me trying to explain to the young ladies that we don't need the food. So once again drinks are served and my wife informs me that becouse I put down " retired" under occupation we are reciving 5 kilos of rice and 4 can goods. When I tried to explain, we really don't need the food, acutely we donated three 50 kilos bags of rice to the broungay last week. She said " sorry sir but you have to take it or the broungay might get fined if they check our"paperworks" and is shows you not receiving anything....so i took the food and told them "i truly want to thank the Filipino people for looking out for my wife and I but, please next time, I'm sure you can find a more needy family at these ruff times." She smiled and said goodbye and told my wife ,will see you next week..................
  14. Tnx for the response, once again im not trying to argue but the 43,711 is total deaths from 21 jan 2019 the date of the first reported case. Not since April 1st. So 13 weeks is the time frame for the deaths not three weeks. The chart in statement 4 shows 51907 people died from pneumonia of that 9467 were cv-19 positive. so that leaves 42440 who died from pneumonia that were cv-19 negative. almost 2X the rate of death of 21050 from cv-19 at the time. looking at the full chart you can see that the rate of death is 2 to 3 times higher then cv-19 for the last 4 weeks of the table. When this is all over, if your ever in Cebu we need to get tougher for a beer and hoping all the best for you and your family both here and back in the states. greg.
  15. Mike, not trying to get under your skin but I need to answer some of your assumptions you must have made. 1. The OP tried to trivialize the corona virus flu by saying it was not even as bad a regular flu in terms of deaths. About the only truth in his comparison is that they are both called "flu". Regular flu did kill 80,000 in 2018 people in the USA, an exceptionaly high count by the way. Why lockdown corona? I did not try to trivialize anything let alone someone's death. I was asking a group of friends that my wife worked with at the hospital in San Diego for the last 27 years " what is the difference this time?" "Should San Diego have been shut down in 2017 and 2018 and it was not?" The numbers were relating to San Diego, not nation wide. However sence you stated I was putting the public in danger with my statement were did you get the 80,000 deaths in 2018. According to the CDC it was only 61000 https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/2017-2018.htm. Inflating numbers might not be a good thing to do, it puts people in danger when they make decisions using incorrect information. 2.No protection - There is no vaccine and no herd immunity because this virus in new. The first statement I agree with you 100%, however unfortunately until we have mass testing we don't know how many people have been exposed so we don't know if we " don't have herd immunity". 3.Almost 50,000 people in the US have died of this virus in just a few weeks and that is with a lockdown. I'm not disputing the amount of people who have died. However the first case was 21 Jan 2019 according to CBS news. https://abcnews.go.com/Health/timeline-coronavirus-started/story?id=69435165 So we're talking 13 weeks not " just a few" let's stick to the numbers please. 4.Try to imagine what the results would have been with no social distancing, no quarantines, etc. Most health experts have already expressed regret that the USA was too little and too late in responding to the outbreak. Please see the chart below it is from the cdc. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htm As of 22 Apr 2019 there were "21050" deaths from cv19 and "51907" from pneumonia and if you look at the link the rate of death from pneumonia jumps faster then cv19 during social distancing. So that means social distancing is driving up the rate of death from pneumonia? No,correlation does not imply causation and unfortunately until we have all the numbers we will not "know" how bad this is. Data as of April 22, 2020 Week ending date in which the death occurred COVID-19 Deaths (U07.1)1 Deaths from All Causes Percent of Expected Deaths2 Pneumonia Deaths (J12.0–J18.9)3 Deaths with Pneumonia and COVID-19 (J12.0–J18.9 and U07.1)3 Influenza Deaths (J09–J11)4 Population5 Total Deaths 21,050 632,092 92 51,907 9,467 5,474 327,167,434 5.People who post BS on Facebook that puts the public in danger should be booted for being irresponsible. I do not have one iota of sympathy for the OP getting booted. So with the numbers from the CDC and CBS news I should be waiting for you to get booted? As you can see from my links your numbers were a " little off" and that puts the public in DANGER........lol just pulling your chain. I love a good discussion.
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