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  1. we had this built to have a place to sit and drink outside. it was close to 800us.
  2. Well time for a update. We arrived back in the states and went through all of our mail. Well low and behold it looks like my wife's sister filled bankruptcy and wiped out the last 8000$ she owed us. Got to love relatives. I went on line, got a copy of the paperwork and it seems they forgot to mention to the trustee that the have a house and a business in cebu. The kick in the ass is no matter how much they shit on us I cant make the call to turn them in......
  3. This must be somewhere in Oregon I grew up north east of Seattle. 33 degrees and raining and you would never wear a scarf...lol
  4. The problem is the the one year balikbayan "Visa" is not a visa. It was just a good deal you can only get at the airport when you arrive with your spouse. hopefully this will go back to the old system one day.
  5. https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/nation/750475/foreign-spouses-minor-children-of-filipinos-need-entry-visa-to-philippines-bi/story/?utm_source=GMANews&utm_medium=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR316fHjyq8aGG-Li7MLdL_8aoS-IEgA4QtAb-T9jxBIkYiQmcqhIcSypaQ looks like i need to get my long term visa now.
  6. 34 years ago, when my wife and i were dating she grabbed my hand looked me in the eye and walked toward the bedroom. I thought ,wow going to get lucky so i got up and went towered the room. as i got to the room she said" sit back down i want to cut you nails, you look like a carabao..........
  7. acutely the flights are full right now. the problem is getting the aircraft to manila. with only 600 slots in manila a day flights are being sent to cebu, 2 day covid check then they fly them up to Manila.
  8. i feel you there too. we cant get a flight from lax to San Diego. we would have to go to Seattle and back down. strange times we live in.
  9. In the last 11 months my wife and i have left and came back 3 times resitting the date on the BB each time. also i feel you pain with Philippine airlines. our flight has been changed 5 times..... more fun.......
  10. Lipa city in nice but getting crowded. We bought a place close to Fernando air base 18 years ago thinking of the weekend farmer thing when i retired. Love the weather and 20 min. to S and R is nice. If you are planing to move to San Pablo i would suggest you stat looking. with the toll road going in the price of land is going up.
  11. Yes, i have a booster but it is a over capacity issue mixed with a terrain issue. If i have big files to download i just take the old globe at home with me up the hill and wala, different cell tower and 6mbps speed.
  12. Out here in the boonies my globe at home goes from a high of "slow" to a low of Nothing.......
  13. Well the flying vampires got me, Dengue. Guess they didn't get the word about social distancing. I feel like crap but doing fine according to the blood work. Just wanted to remind everyone that one day when Covid19 is gone from the headlines there are still things In this world that can bight you.
  14. It's going to be up in the air for a while. I bought a ticket on Philippine airlines for the non stop cebu to lax on 2 June. So far it has been changed 4 times, now it has me leaving cebu on the 3rd to manila but not leaving manila until the 7th. Looks like I'm going to stay put for awhile.
  15. Don't want to hijack this posting but what advantage is there to having a ACR card? beside the obvious " pay LTO Fees online" lol.
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