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  1. The run off from the road is split in two. If you look at the road on the left side you can see the first place were it gets directed off the road, there is a large flat spot you cant see in the photo. The rest even during the hard rain we had last week drains off over the hill. Our lot runs all the way to the bottom of the 2nd hill. We calculated the runoff coefficient for the drainage area we needed and we are good to go at 3x the max rainfall rate in Sibonga. The records only go back 47 years but it included the two bad floods that happened in that time frame. Of course everyone watching the rain come down before the Arc started to float thought it would be fine......lol.
  2. Well the road is done and all of the columns are poured. trying to get the 2nd floor poured before we take a short trip back to the US in three weeks. It will be close.
  3. What year were you in VRC-50? I was there from 86 to 90.
  4. like the old joke"what's long and hard and full of seamen?" That's why i spent my navy time working on S-3's, the the silent navy is just strange..............
  5. alas, in car car the one in each direction is down to one lane shared.......
  6. That and im sure he had no idea how expensive the parts are. The drivers side mirror was 39k. the bumper was 85k. and good luck getting the money back from the person who hit the truck. he had no license no insurance.
  7. In December of last our caretaker was driving my wife's 2020 Nivara when a person on a motorcycle crossed over and hit the truck on the drivers side. To our good luck there was a traffic cop at the intersection and he did the report. Three weeks later when we arrived back we started the paperwork to get it fixed. Everything went Farley smooth except we just picked up the truck yesterday. It took 4 months to get the parts to fix. Its funny the officer who filled out the report estimated 30k to 35k in damage. it was 205k but only 6k out of pocket. not bad.
  8. https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1934285/cebu/local-news/san-remigio-residents-appeal-for-american-nationals-swift-deportation https://www.philstar.com/the-freeman/cebu-news/2022/07/07/2193692/san-remigio-locals-want-undesirable-alien-out This has his side of the story. CEBU, Philippines — Some residents of Barangay Punta, San Remigio town in Cebu have questioned why an “undesirable alien” who was earlier arrested is back to their community. One of the complainants, Monalisa Jarque, told the Bureau of Immigration that just when they thought the bureau has enforced its duty for the protection of fellow Filipinos by apprehending Sunny Miller, an American tourist, was earlier arrested for summary deportation on May 26, 2022. He was charged with three grave acts which provide no bail and was released less than a month. Now, he is back at the same barangay. Jarque, in her letter, prayed that Miller’s bail be revoked, that a mission order be immediately granted to apprehend him once again and send him back to BI office in Bicutan, and that his deportation be processed immediately, so that peace and order will be restored in the community. A Bureau of Immigration-Cebu officer, who requested not to be named but privy to the case, said that Miller was ordered released by BI Commissioner Jaime Morente after the latter posted a P50,000 bail. “Due to health reasons,” said the officer when asked why he was allowed to post bail. The officer, however, added that Miller was ordered to report to their office in BI in Bicutan every first Monday and Wednesday of the month. “As far as I know, ni file og motion ang iyang lawyer nga anhi lang siya pa reporton sa BI-Cebu. As of now, we received no order from the commissioner nga ari siya sa Cebu mo report,” the officer said. Another complainant, Michelle del Gallego-Ngo, wrote a letter to BI stating that Miller's apprehension was much celebrated by the residents who long suffered under his fear-mongering. She questioned why the bail was granted and Miller ordered released on the premise that the charges are serious since they involve acts against the community, especially the fisherfolks. “What happened to the protection of the public at the very least, discounting the plight of the Filipinos who have suffered at the hands of this foreigner? He has no reason to be released roaming around our country given his undesirability, his overstaying and his blatant disregard of the limits of his tourist visa where he decided to work and/or operate his so-called corporation,” said Ngo. Ngo added that there is a need to immediately resolve the deportation proceedings against Miller. Complainants Alfredo Arcipe and Francisco Arcipe have also filed a petition for deportation against Miller on August 17, 2021 saying that “his continued presence here in the Philippines could affect not only the residents of Punta, San Remigio, Cebu but also wherever in the country he may stay. Thus, the present petition to remove him from the Philippines in order to prevent any more damage to Filipinos”. In a previous press statement, Commissioner Morente ordered the BI-Cebu agents the arrest of Miller, an overstaying American who was the subject of numerous complaints from residents in his neighborhood for allegedly being an undesirable alien. Morente said he issued a mission order for Miller’s arrest after the BI received a complaint from barangay officials who accused him of causing trouble, and committing acts that disturbed the peace and threaten the lives of residents in the community. “The complainants also alleged that he has been engaging in gainful business activities without the appropriate permit and visa in blatant violation of our immigration laws,” Morente added. The BI Chief said Miller will be slapped with a deportation case by immigration prosecutors prior to the issuance of an order for his deportation by the BI board of commissioners. According to BI Intelligence Chief Fortunato Manahan Jr., Miller’s stay in the country already lapsed, making him an overstaying alien who may be subjected to summary deportation. Manahan said the complainants accused Miller of resorting to harassment and intimidation, and that he allegedly occupied a land in the coastal area of the barrio which deprived fisherfolk from using the property to engage in fishing and other livelihood activities
  9. We started building our new house two months ago. The price of supplies keeps climbing. The dollar goes up then cement, o well its keeping 10 people working. The 10000 gallon septic tank and road we had to cut are almost done. Next the house.
  10. Been a long time but i remember pulling a dictionary off the shelf to look up what " Spindle" meant. I was working for a hard ass gunnery sergeant and I learned fast not to F-up the paperwork.......
  11. 193P for a Big Mac, medium size fries and coke in car car Cebu today. That's only 3.57 US. Just like a sore d$ck, you can't beet it.
  12. I met my wife 36 years ago as she was coming out of a restaurant. She always rolls her eyes when I tell people it was love at first sight. Don't get me wrong, she can be bat shit crazy like any woman but 99% of the time when she smiles at me it makes me feel like the first time we met.
  13. My wife bought a lot across from the Simala Shrine in Cebu. The view is amazing so we put up a bahay kubo to spend weekends. It was nice but was hard to keep the beer cold but we were 270 meters from the mains. I did not want to spend the cash to run the power but cold beer is a must. So up went the lines.........
  14. When the A-6 took off from the flight deck you had to open your mouth so your teeth would not chatter. After 20 years of that the look on my wife's face when my doctor told her I really cant hear her sometimes and I might not be ignoring her was priceless.
  15. a few years ago I started calling it ear wax... My wife would protest and tell me "Bitter melon" not ear wax and how do you know what ear wax tastes like?
  16. It funny, one of the local workers that does most of the work on our house is the 180 out from most of the local workers.. He over builds everything.
  17. https://lawyerphilippines.org/2019/02/08/compulsory-heirs-under-philippine-law/ This is the best listing of "what if's" when it comes to wills and who gets what. Sometimes its better not to have a will in the philippines.
  18. Hi,my wife and i live in Sibonga, 20 miles north of Dalaguete. From what I have seen the 5 Degrees cooler only comes into play if you head up into the mountain's. Nice view but can be a pain during rainy season.
  19. No rain so far here in Sibonga but the windchimes are getting a workout.
  20. Tnx for the info. We are in Makati right now and will use them if we have to. We were told by the PNP at the airport office to get our ticket to cebu and they will give us police clearance to fly. But that was yesterday.......so we will see.
  21. File this under more COVID fun. We bought tickets from Los Angeles to Cebu via Manila. I asked 4 times what do we do in Manila? Each time i was told. Get a room take the COVID test and fly to cebu when you get the results. Well it sounds easy right? Well we take the test, check into the hotel and wait. 12 hours later we get the results and i call my airline to rebook the flight to cebu. The young lady was very nice on the phone but said there would be a 950 usd rebooking fee. Wth. I had to take a trip out to the airport to fix that problem. Ok thats fixed. Then the nice young man who fixed the ticket issue informed me that we need permission to fly to cebu. I asked "why, you made us stop in manila to get the COVID test"? Our house is 10 minutes from the airport in cebu. Sorry sir but to travel from Manila to Cebu you have to get permission. Well we are working on that now. Will let you all know how it works out. Just a warning if you are trying to get to Cebu do not fly through Manila.
  22. Location,location,location......I will always take a shack in a good neighborhood over the"palace" someone built in the wrong place. Sadly you see them all over the province.
  23. we had this built to have a place to sit and drink outside. it was close to 800us.
  24. Well time for a update. We arrived back in the states and went through all of our mail. Well low and behold it looks like my wife's sister filled bankruptcy and wiped out the last 8000$ she owed us. Got to love relatives. I went on line, got a copy of the paperwork and it seems they forgot to mention to the trustee that the have a house and a business in cebu. The kick in the ass is no matter how much they shit on us I cant make the call to turn them in......
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