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  1. Thankyou for quoting a US source. Here is the Australian equivalent http://philippines.embassy.gov.au/mnla/CNI.html
  2. I don't need a bank account in the Philippines to live in the Philippines. And you will struggle to find a negative comment from me any where on any forum. Trip advisor, Loney planet or anywhere else. So your comment is way out of order!
  3. I worked in a bank for 24 years. I have certain expectations on how banks should operate. Philippines banks don't meet my expectations. That is as far as I am prepared to bad mouth the Philippines
  4. I agree with others, no need for a throw away ticket. Just be aware there might be an issue and be firm about your plans and remind them you are allowed to stay in the Philippines 3 years continuously as a tourist, you can't get a visa in advance that covers the length of your stay and you will be just extending in the Philippines. You might also remind them that it is possible to extend on arrival at some airports.
  5. You make it sound like it is in every day use! Let me assure you that no one I know uses PO on leyte although my girlfriend who lived in manila for many years will use it in conversation with people in manila. I have had conversations with Filipinos about Bisaya speakers using tagalog. They described them as pretentious. Which I translated into Australian as wankers.
  6. There is no correct answer whether to have an account in the Philippines or not. I choose not. Do not let me stop you from having an account in a Philippines bank.
  7. So long as you have a valid passport, a valid ticket to depart the Philippines and are not blacklisted, you will be granted a 30 day visa waiver on arrival. Immigration in the Philippines don't care what date is on your ticket, just so long as it is a valid ticket to depart the Philippines. However, some people have reported issues with their airline. If your ticket return date is beyond 30 days and you don't have a visa, some check in staff will not want to board you. If this happens, ask to see a supervisor. By the way, if you want to thank me, you can use Salamat without the PO,
  8. I left a week or so before Yolanda so didn't have to worry about accessing money myself but I had left my ex fiance with a bunch of pisos so as it turned out, she didn't have to worry about cash either. The boats were still running and there was no food anyway so those with money were doing food runs to Cebu City. In Cebu City you could get cashed up. My ex Fiance did food runs and so did my ex wife's family. I mprobably should say, this was from Palompon Leyte. When i say there was no food, there was food but every one would have starved waiting for the first lot of food to arrive. NGO's
  9. Certificate of legal capacity is for Americans from the US embassy. For you it is called a Certificate of no impediment. I realise it has been posted that you get it in the UK and get it verified in the Philippines but I am 99 percent sure it can just be issued straight from the Embassy in manila and maybe the consulate in Cebu The Cenomar and birth certificate for your fiance can be arranged online right now. https://www.psaserbilis.com.ph/Default.aspx There are different requirements from every town hall so you will not be sure you have every document required until yo
  10. Traveller's cheques have not been a real solution in the Philippines since last century. Even in 1995 when they were a lot more common than now, it was difficult changing traveller's cheques. It is now nearly impossible. The last good place to change them that I knew of, the Amex travel centre in Ayala mall in Cebu City, closed at least 10 years ago.
  11. I have been withdrawing money with multiple different cards in the Philippines since last century. I have been withdrawing P40,000 at a time from HSBC since at least 2005. My experience has been that my daily withdrawal limit applies worldwide. My main card now is a CBA Keycard. Standard daily withdrawal limit is aud $800. Online you can change to aud $2000 by yourself. In round figures P80,000 a day. That is more than enough for me!
  12. My thoughts exactly! I am surprised you can rent as cheap as that. So, I am now wondering how big it is. I am paying P6500 per month in Palompon Leyte for 2 storey, 2 bedroom, unfurnished, about 87 square metres (936 square foot). Palompon traditionally was very cheap but rents have gone up a lot lately. My last 2 bedroom apartment was only P2500 per month which was vacated in 2014 when my ex fiance and I separated.
  13. Seems like it is better to have than not have an ECC when you are standing in front of the immigration officer at the airport. Or are you saying that J Center Mall will not issue an ECC regardless?
  14. I will not trust a Philippines bank to handle my money and am happy to leave my money in Australia and pay fees. I use online banking to keep up to date with my money from where ever I am in the world. So my info is all about Australian ATM cards. Being card dependent explains to me why I got P20,000 in a single withdrawal last time I withdrew from BPI while others say they can only get P10,000 at a time. Has anyone ever got P50,000 in a single withdrawal from HSBC? I thought a withdrawal was limited to the amount of notes the machine could deliver. Which has traditionally been 40 n
  15. When you reach one year in the Philippines as a balikbayan, it is the same as reaching 59 days as a tourist. Except, you are not supposed to be able to arrange a 6 month extension if it will take you beyond 16 months in the Philippines. Although multiple people have now reported going past 16 months with a 6 month extension. If you can do a 6 month visa extension straight up, it will be your best option and will cost close to P13,000. The 6 month extension includes the ACR-I card. Otherwise, you will be extending 2 months at a time for 6 months. You can then keep extending until you have
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