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  1. If you have a 2 year old and are planning on a 15 hour flight, do yourself a favor and don't do it. :) I'm not looking forward to flying back next month..
  2. I don't usually care much about celebraties but I've been watching him for many, many years. I shed some tears over Anthony. My wife was upset too. What a loss.
  3. Nice to see you guys too! The biggest adventure just may be flying with our 2 year old. I'm not usually afraid of flying but this time I am! :)
  4. My wife and I and our 2 year old son are coming back to the Philippines next week! We will be staying for a month! I can't wait! I've really missed the Philippines! We will be in Manila, Tunauan, and around Taal Volcano. We may also visit Enchanted Kingdom! I hope I run into some of you guys around the area!
  5. Yep, that sounds like the Philippines! My wife and her sister have a different spelling for thier last name. Now I finally know why! Thank you Jack!
  6. Really good on you Jack! I've got the same rule but I did let it slide a couple times. It feels good to help sometimes. There was a little boy in Manila begging. I didn't give him money but I gave him some food and he was so happy to eat. He dug in right away. I don't mind bending the rule for kids sometimes..
  7. I try to feed them and show compassion as well. This makes me think of something sad. When I was living in the Philippines for the first couple months we lived in a small bamboo house and there were many dogs. This one Suedo I really took a liking too. He was such a sweet dog.. Then after a few days I noticed he wasn't around and I found out they ate him.. I am not joking either. I was really pissed. I mean an animal that will trust a human being only to be killed and eaten.. If not for my wife I would have left the Philippines right then.
  8. Ok, well back on topic.. Do you think the Aussie in the article getting raided for no obvious reason is related to the war on drugs? I think it could be but then again nobody here most likely knows what he was up to either.
  9. Actually I said I would not feel safe with the anti American sentiment being pushed by some of your leaders. I will ask you the question again. Are you for our against the government of the Philippines killing suspected drug dealers and addicts without any way of defending themselves legally?
  10. Well my wife is here in the USA on a spousal visa. I was not aware that she could not go back. But this has nothing to do with it. My point still stands that I would not feel safe right now going. I really do not know what you are talking about. Yes I am sure many Americans there not do not feel safe but the discussion was on innocent people being effected. Right? It had nothing at all to do with expats. Whether I can go or not I am not so sure I would with the anti American bs that your politicians are spouting and the savage executions of people without even a trial.
  11. It is not my job to do your research. If you care about it enough do it yourself. I read these through my BBC news app and I do not have time to go back and try to find them. And who ever said all expats were innocent? And whether some were innocent or not is not the question. Did you read the article about this guy and the video and how all charges were dropped? I think if you really read the article you would perhaps see the point some of us are trying to make. I am a citizen and my son was born here. My wife is from the Philippines and immigrated here. We planned on going back so her family could meet their new relative. I am sure his grandparents and aunts and uncles would love to meet him. A question for you is are you all for killing drug addicts and dealers without giving them time to state their case in court? Should the police decide who deserves to be killed? Should a teenager smoking a joint or selling one to his friends be killed? If your answer is no then perhaps it would be best to arrest rather than killing..
  12. First off I incorrectly said our baby was born in March.. I meant June. I am not saying that things like this would not have happened before Duterte but offering rewards and encouraging outright killing is bound to impact innocent people. I have actually read a few stories about innocent people being impacted by his war on drug addicts. If you do not believe me just do a little research. And yeah, that comment on criminal activities is really bogus and pretty deplorable. I also have no idea what age has to do with this discussion?
  13. Apparently you did not read the article and you are fooling yourself if you don't think innocent people are effected. As for my situation, we have been in the US since April and our baby was born in March.
  14. I don't think I'll be going back there until there are some serious changes in leadership.
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