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  1. The default setting automatically re-activates when re-entering the country to survive.
  2. She's most likely switched to her other pre-programmed OS that was installed by her culture since birth. Happens all the time. IMO
  3. Clue: 1980 DEVO hit Today while with 6 other expats, with my Aussie mate getting upset that his 'brewed coffee' was instant (turned out it was and the server didn't know the difference), and my 80 yr. old non-English speaking German friend being served the wrong beer after he had been ordering it religiously for 3 years every Sunday.... and the high winds getting the guys P.O.'d because the staff said they'd put down the bamboo wind blinds and then forgot about it until they saw the TWO eighty year olds get up and start fumbling with the ropes because they were out patience...... I thought of the groups other hit..... a stuttering, stilted version of "I can't get no..... satisfaction"
  4. I look to the older music for inspiration while living here all the time. The lyrics are sometimes most appropro. I was zipping through some Youtube music the other night, and thought..... Hey these should be up for nominations for the mantra songs of guys struggling with building here, or getting anything done, for that matter.... When a problem comes along/ you must............/ When somthings goin' wrong/ you must......../Now....... into shap. Shape it up. Get it straight. Go forward. Move ahead. Try to detect it. Its not too late to....... good. Now, 'Name that Tune ! ' Sorry. No prize if you can name the group or song.... unless you want my old, semi-worn out slippers before I turn them over to the dogs for Xmas toys.... but you'll have to fight them for it.
  5. FYI Just thought I'd mention that if you put in a false ceiling and any pests gain access to the cavity, you will be in for some future problems, so take care if you go that route. Speaking from personal experiences.
  6. I would think that with this limited list of stated needs, the coastal strips of most island provinces outside of the larger urban concentrations would do. Your social exchanges might be limited if there are no people around you with common interests to discuss things with. Some types of men can deal with that, but most have difficulties. If I was a sole individual, I would get a bicycle or motorbike touring outfit kitted out and explore the west coasts of Mindoro, Panay, Parts of Negros and perhaps the Romblon Group. I've been to all these places, passing through on local buses over the years with my wife here when younger and not planted down like I am now. Most expats need something more, but you might be exceptional in this regard. Good luck and keep us posted.
  7. What types of teas do like you prefer in your country ? Just curious. Back in the 70's and 80's before Americans discovered that tea other than orange-pekoe, green and black teas existed, I used to order out of Murchie's in Vancouver after I discovered a half pound package from there that had found its way to a seldom used cabin in Noatak Village that I spent the night in one winter. Life was very good when I'd get several half pounds of different teas and their hot cocoa shipped North to me and my family. It was 'exotic' stuff. What's your mug?
  8. If living real cheap in the Philippines w/o modern conveniences is your intent, might I recommend for your consideration .... a visit to <gapminder.org> . Click on 'Dollar Street" and select 'Philippines. For you edification and education, you can photographically peruse you income spending limits by seeing how the locals make do on various small budgets. Now it might cost you a bit more, seeing that locals are shrewd and really know how to stretch their pisos, but you'll get an idea of what's to be had here at given prices. IMO
  9. For God's sake..... DON'T tell them you like it so much that you want to put down and leave a hefty deposit, because some things get lost in translation,
  10. Yes, Kid, you are right in that you generally get what you pay for. But things always seem a bit strange here in many ways for westerners used to predictable standards. I'm usually easy and just take what I am given without much complaint. My wife demands, and gets things I would never ask for..... a pair of shower slippers to use, some extra mats, towels, stand fans for the A/C room, hot water to make things with in the room, etc. At the pension house we've been regulars at, the owner usually offers me a free coffee or beer, and the manager tells us to pay our account before checking out while she's on shift and gives me a 10% discount on the room. Perhaps it doesn't add up to much, but I appreciate the kind thoughts and consideration.
  11. Not in this case. Sometimes we'd get one with and other time w/o. Never an explanation, but same price. Typical business variation from my years of experience. I usually just go with it, since I like the owner and manager and they always give me a few freebies and a discount.
  12. Nothing beats a cold shower....... except a warm one. After many, many years of providing only cold showers, the lower priced MNL pension that we regularly used is finally undergoing renovations that I 'assume' (they might make an ass out of me on this) will include some on demand hot water showers. I know the guest reviews always nailed them hard on this. When I checked into my secondary pension choice, having not been there in 3 years, I noticed that they had new bathroom fixtures that included such. Progress seems to come very slowly here. It often inches forward where other places make strides.
  13. Yeah, Very strange. Seems like some laws. warnings and regs. here apparently encourage the very behaviors that they're meant to discourage. Life is always interesting here.... which is why some of us like it here. Seldom a dull, predictable day goes by like in iron law countries.
  14. My favorite was always the "Umihi bawal dito" signage that decorates most walls where ever I went.
  15. My wife price shops around quite a bit here, which isn't just a matter of picking up a phone and asking for a price quote. It usually means leg work and bargaining, which are time consuming but worth it for anything more than trifles. I could be wrong and way off base and perhaps this was always her habit, but I like to imagine that I might have contributed something years ago when we first were in MNL. I needed to change currency. Thinking I would illustrate price variation and the virtues of comparison shopping, I hauled her around with me for 20 min. as we walked the area, stopping at 5 or 6 nearby exchange shops. I'd jot the rate down, and after the 6th one, we had our range width, which was considerable when swapping out and multiplying by $100 US. I forget the amount, but between high and low it was enough to fund a decent meal for two. So it was quite evident to her that a little extra effort made a discernible difference, especially if you were to become a repeat customer. Like I said, maybe she always had this habit as do most thinking people. Nevertheless it was an opportunity to show her how I go about seeking value for my money even when it may not be financially necessary in the present moment. 'Present Bias' in economic behavioral science usually rules many purchasing decisions that are unwise in the long run, and I hoped that deferred spending decision practices would aide us in our life together.... which proved to be the case over the last 15 years. Not everyone learns this lesson or applies it habitually when making significant financial decisions it seems..... especially in a survival-for-the-day culture. Money management problems will always exist for most people despite their income level, but its always good to try to keep tabs on your habits and keep them sharp. All that being said..... The other day, the other day she was going shopping with her list and was short cash pisos. I gave her a US $20 that I still had in my pocket from my US return, telling her to stop at her favorite money changer to do the exchange so she'd have enough. Now I learned something that I wasn't aware of. There is in place at money changers, a posted chart of variable exchange rates for the same currency unit depending upon the bill denomination that you exchange. For the 100 and maybe the 50 you get a high rate, but for smaller bills, like 20, 10, 5, you get a lower rate. At first I mistakenly thought that she got snookered until she just now explained it to me that all the exchanges do this here. She still got P980 for her US20..... I thought it was 950.... so I'm glad I just conferred with her before writing this ending. So I guess I don't have a big expose like I mistakenly thought I did when I started writing this paragraph. Ha-ha, the jokes on me !
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