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  1. I am not in the market for anything, but am curious about what is see when I pull up my local city's buy and sell postings for real estate and rentals. The monthly rental asking prices are sometimes clearly stated in terms of amount and sometimes minimum duration. But when it comes to lots or houses for sale, there are pictures with often meaningless numbers ( e.g. " P123456789", "Free", "P5" , etc. ). I assume that, if interested, you are to contact them for some real numbers and details. This seems to apply to both very nice houses as well as truly shabby properties. I sometimes w
  2. https://www.immigration.gov.ph/images/Accreditation/2018_Accreditation/2018_Oct/2018Oct12_Travel.pdf Accredited travel agencies.
  3. I agree with Mike J re being of a flexible mind set and having respect for the local culture and custom. If you cannot or will not adapt to the new realities, you will never be content nor happy. You can't cherry pick. Living in another culture and nation state with a different language than what you speak provides the first hurtle. Then the political culture. The major hurtle is the social culture. If you spent your entire life mastering the intricacies of your own society, you quickly discover that the majority of your hard won knowledge and social skills are not only of limited
  4. FYI I don't know if this applies to your situation, re indigestion after eating; however I will mention it since it is a common ailment that crops up in the 60s or 70s for many. For many people, the muscular valve at the tip of your stomach where the food enters (esophageal sphincter) weakens in aging. It leads to a lot of acid reflux episodes if you lie flat and try to sleep with food still in your stomach chamber. It also allows a lot of gas to escape causing bothersome feelings in the lower chest where gas is trapped until you burp it free. The effect is that you can't lie prone
  5. Seems appropriate.... maybe they're taking their cue from the Titanic's band finale proponents.
  6. Think so. Just one more onerous burden for all of us merry men to bear. Sad. But take heart in the thought that by Christmas of 2021 they will return... as surely as the typhoons to Luzon. There. Feel better now?
  7. Most meal times are dictated by work schedules. If you are retired and free or clock restrictions, have your eating periods changed very much? If so, do you think the tropical climate, your activity level or age factor in to a greater or lesser degree? Have you found factors here in the PI that also may affect when you eat? Have you changed your normal dietary patterns due to health or availability of items to much of a degree. I have found that all of the above applies to my individual circumstances. Any thoughts or insights?
  8. Here's a 1920 film with Buster Keaton putting up his pre-cut home package. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ni2aAhjaMI&t=743s
  9. Kit houses, Pre-cut homes, etc. have been around and available for a very long time with lots of material and technology improvements since the early days. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kit_house In the north, most lumber mills have always offered cabin packages, whether milled log or stick built. You got a good price break on the materials for the basic structure and then could add on the various electrical and plumbing packages, etc. Still available today, along with a host of metal pre-fabs. A step up was to hire a specialty crew with a time-line and fixed cost if you and you
  10. So what is your recommendation ? I am trying to understand your viewpoint; not dispute your statement.
  11. Other than simple greetings to the afternoon bingo women who play at the sari-sari outside my home, I don't use the local language. They all seem to understand Pilipino/Tagalog well enough since they watch TV soaps and movies, so its easier for me to just stick to that. Good thing that most of our wives and GFs are multi-lingual and can function in this polyglot nation. Since I am seldom without my expert translator at my side, it makes little sense at this stage of my life and in my particular situation, to invest time in learning the local language/dialect beyond a few simple polite p
  12. The thing I use most of all with my wife, are the one word interrogatives, since they are brief and easier to say then the long normal English sentences I lay on her when I am trying to understand something.... and she picks up on what I want to know immediately. e.g. Bakit ? Why ? Sino ? Who ? Ano ? What ? Kailan ? When ? Nasaan/Saan ? Where ? Paano ? How ? Magkano ? How much ? Alin ? Which ? Ilan ? How many ? Kanino ? Whose ? When in the dark, I fire off one of those and then sit back for the information
  13. From time to time I pull up a language practice video lesson to break the boredom and make a feeble effort to improve myself. I usually work on bits of Tagalog while here only when we have a lengthy brown out because I am not as highly motivated or structured as I once was.... using my old text, 'Basic Tagalog for Foreigners and Non-Tagalogs', 1993, by Paraluman S. Aspillera . 235 pages, it cost me $6.50 in 2004. I do it because I like to surprise my wife and falsely impress the occasional locals from time to time with my meager vocabulary and phrase stock. Its not our local language
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