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  1. FYI I don't know if this applies to your situation, re indigestion after eating; however I will mention it since it is a common ailment that crops up in the 60s or 70s for many. For many people, the muscular valve at the tip of your stomach where the food enters (esophageal sphincter) weakens in aging. It leads to a lot of acid reflux episodes if you lie flat and try to sleep with food still in your stomach chamber. It also allows a lot of gas to escape causing bothersome feelings in the lower chest where gas is trapped until you burp it free. The effect is that you can't lie prone in comfort until your stomach empties. This started occurring in my later 60s and kept me up for the next several hours if I tried to sleep after eating a late supper. A few years back, I met an ex-pat while staying in a MNL pension house who had been plagued with health problems in this area. He said that despite surgery, and the use of several pharmaceuticals, the only thing that worked for him in the end was drinking GINGER tea. Back in the states, I started mincing up an inch of the fresh ginger root and adding hot water. After cooling, I would take it with my evening meals, drinking the liquid and leaving the bits for another charge of hot water for the next evening. It is effective and calmed the problem for me. Here in the PI, my wife keeps my lidded cup charged up, renewing the ginger every 3 days. I drink it nightly with my meal (fried chicken, fish, rice, veggies, etc ) and no longer am bothered by neither acid reflux or gas indigestion episodes any longer. There is literature on it if you do a info search. Maybe it will alleviate this problem for others as well.
  2. Seems appropriate.... maybe they're taking their cue from the Titanic's band finale proponents.
  3. Think so. Just one more onerous burden for all of us merry men to bear. Sad. But take heart in the thought that by Christmas of 2021 they will return... as surely as the typhoons to Luzon. There. Feel better now?
  4. Most meal times are dictated by work schedules. If you are retired and free or clock restrictions, have your eating periods changed very much? If so, do you think the tropical climate, your activity level or age factor in to a greater or lesser degree? Have you found factors here in the PI that also may affect when you eat? Have you changed your normal dietary patterns due to health or availability of items to much of a degree. I have found that all of the above applies to my individual circumstances. Any thoughts or insights?
  5. Here's a 1920 film with Buster Keaton putting up his pre-cut home package. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ni2aAhjaMI&t=743s
  6. Kit houses, Pre-cut homes, etc. have been around and available for a very long time with lots of material and technology improvements since the early days. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kit_house In the north, most lumber mills have always offered cabin packages, whether milled log or stick built. You got a good price break on the materials for the basic structure and then could add on the various electrical and plumbing packages, etc. Still available today, along with a host of metal pre-fabs. A step up was to hire a specialty crew with a time-line and fixed cost if you and your friends didn't have the time or skill sets. Ultra fast and efficient men. I've had a lot of acquaintances who went both routes, as well as some who just pieced together houses in increments over the years. Our house here in the PI evolved that way over the last 9 years and the wife is still doing add-ons.
  7. So what is your recommendation ? I am trying to understand your viewpoint; not dispute your statement.
  8. Other than simple greetings to the afternoon bingo women who play at the sari-sari outside my home, I don't use the local language. They all seem to understand Pilipino/Tagalog well enough since they watch TV soaps and movies, so its easier for me to just stick to that. Good thing that most of our wives and GFs are multi-lingual and can function in this polyglot nation. Since I am seldom without my expert translator at my side, it makes little sense at this stage of my life and in my particular situation, to invest time in learning the local language/dialect beyond a few simple polite phrases. National Pilipino and Basic (simplified) English seem to get the job done fairly well unless you are in really remote rural areas where neither are regularly used or understood. With TV, radio and universal education occurring, I would think it rare for an ex-pat to be in places where you would have a total inability to communicate for basic needs. That said, I do think it worth the time and effort to learn some very basic Pilipino words, phrases and know a little bit of how the grammar works. The grammatical word order is different from Englsh, so you can't always just substitute Tagalog words into your English sentence structure... but doing that is better than nothing, since many can decipher what you are trying to say.
  9. The thing I use most of all with my wife, are the one word interrogatives, since they are brief and easier to say then the long normal English sentences I lay on her when I am trying to understand something.... and she picks up on what I want to know immediately. e.g. Bakit ? Why ? Sino ? Who ? Ano ? What ? Kailan ? When ? Nasaan/Saan ? Where ? Paano ? How ? Magkano ? How much ? Alin ? Which ? Ilan ? How many ? Kanino ? Whose ? When in the dark, I fire off one of those and then sit back for the information flow, ready to interject another when needed for clarity. Works OK for me.
  10. From time to time I pull up a language practice video lesson to break the boredom and make a feeble effort to improve myself. I usually work on bits of Tagalog while here only when we have a lengthy brown out because I am not as highly motivated or structured as I once was.... using my old text, 'Basic Tagalog for Foreigners and Non-Tagalogs', 1993, by Paraluman S. Aspillera . 235 pages, it cost me $6.50 in 2004. I do it because I like to surprise my wife and falsely impress the occasional locals from time to time with my meager vocabulary and phrase stock. Its not our local language here on Panay, but its easier for me to stick to just one of the majority languages that is still generally understood here and where ever I travel in-country. 18 years ago when I met my wife, we spent our time on Luzon and Mindoro where Tagalog was used and her maternal relatives spoke it, so I started with that. Most printed language learning focused on that. So I went that route. Now a days, there are language learning materials and on-line videos for most of the other PI languages and dialects available for anyone interested. I limit my local Ilongo/Hiligaynon to a few dozen words and phrases, since its confusing for me to keep them separated. When I am feeling inclined, I pull up any of the multitude of YTube vids to review things for as long as I can maintain interest..... which isn't very long anymore. Most are lengthy and highly detailed; however yesterday I stumbled across a very brief lesson period set of a Tagalog intro series which I found enjoyable. Only 20 subscribers after 3 months. Brief, simple, well captioned and like able. If you view it, let us know if you like it; Or any other vid channels you like to use if working on any of the local languages. I'm always looking to learn a bit of anything new while passing away the long hours of these lock- down days. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH3N7OXvQxPRoOC4MPDWQ8g/videos Entitled: "Magtagalog tayo".
  11. Guess we're left hanging and out to dry on this one. Now... what to file it under...... Inquiring Minds Want to Know Unsolved Mysteries Truth or Consequences Ann Landers The Dating Game Naked and Afraid The list of possibilities is endless; I'm stymied here.
  12. As the Senior Men of our societies, it is our solemn duty to explore this pictured 'Final Frontier' ; Therefore, lets us go..... where no man has gone before. With your brave posting to guide me, I shall now open my Galactic Web Portal and punch in the Hyper Drive to escape the quarantine gravity well we are currently confined to. Hoping to find the other 8 of 7's Borg cluster 9, and see if any come close to her in looks. So far, no luck; But I did find a lot of pictures of 7 before she was freed, and they weren't exactly Playboy bunny material.
  13. Dare I say..... esteemed colleagues........ Tontines seem a particularly attractive investment vehicle at the moment. Alas..... but where to find in this modern day, by Jove ?
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