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  1. I placed this under 'Safety and Security' since your first line of defense is the people around you who do not wish any harm to befall you for a variety of reasons. 'Neighborhood Watch' is quite effective where I live, so its wise to have people of good will around you and to assist them. if able, when they are in dire need. From my second story porch I now see 3 new garden plots that didn't exist a few days ago. They are on privately owned, but vacant, rainy-season swampy lots... but dry now and used to graze 3 goats or grow wild kankun. A few days ago some old roofing sheets and worn out bamboo fencing were erected, and the soil turned. Sorry goats, but some of your graze land is needed for now, apparently. The goats owner will have to make do with the decrease since he was squat grazing and the gardeners probably got permission. Hard Times have arrived for many. Little work, little money, little food. Fellow forum members, Mike J 's and Tommy T's wives have put together some food assistance packets to help the neighborhood needy, and now so will my wife. I told her a few hours ago that I put funds into her account for an assistance venture and asked her what the plan was. Apparently our minds work very differently. She has had time to think about this, so when I asked her if she would use the 50 kg. sack of rice to make 50-1 kg. or 25-2 kg. bags she looked puzzled. Same for how many dried noodle packets per handout packet. Sardine tins, coffee satchets etc. Instead, she had been checking with her rice suki for cost, w/ate's sister who buys cases for her sari-sari, having a few trusted older woman making a list, and checking it twice..... gonna make sure who's naughty (will want it, but don't really need it) and nice (truly in need), and how to make sure they get around whatever buyer limitations on amounts are in existence. 3 head of household barangay pass holders with separate carts/trolleys should do it she figures. She hadn't given thought to how many/much of each item per packet.... which is the first thing I think of. I think of the items per packet and compute numbers with multiplication. She thinks.... spend all the money, then count and divide. Actually her method is probably better for the endeavour. Have to see what happens tomorrow. Her confederates are excited, since they will become givers.... like Santa... or maybe quite unlike the usual stingy and favoritism corrupted dispensers of public assistance they often despise in their chismis. Other than bankrolling, I don't want to see how this sausage is made.... an will put my faith in them. I hope there isn't any blow back since little that you do in this world, doesn't displease someone for petty reasons. Ha-Ha If any of your friends or wives made, or will make, charitable food relief packets, please share their contents and amounts, costs etc., results, problems encountered and solved. I think if I get that $1200 from my government, or convince my adult daughters to send me some dough and help a wee bit, I will do this again.
  2. Me cap is doffed to your missus. I am considering opening a thread re 'Charitable Private Assistance Efforts' / 'Aiding the Pandemic's Hardest Hit' / Relieving Some of Your Neighbors In Need, etc. Before opening this thread, after seeing how appreciative our Cuya and his 2 carpenter nephews were for having a bit of work wages with which to feed their families (one has 5 kids), I told the Mrs. "Now that the National government intends to distribute some sorely needed assistance, I might not have to buy that sack of rice, dried noodle packets, canned sardines, coffee, creamer, sugar that we talked about to help some of the nearby neediest." Her reply was cold, hard and brief. "If you want to help.... help. If not....don't." We're 2 weeks into the initial lock down here, with at least 2 more to go from the initial plan. No work, no money, no food for the many who live on daily earnings. The promised assistance to our barangay trike drivers never materialized, except for some small satchels (1 or 2 kilos) of rice last week that many angrily refused, because it was not only the poorest quality, but had a lot of dirt in it. My wife and the older women here are of the opinion that if the LGU gets the promised national relief, they will give them maybe P1K and divert or pocket the rest... based on past experiences. I hope not. So today I told her, that despite our current low household budget until either my next pension disbursement or my US govenment's promised P60K arrives, we will go ahead with our plan tomorrow, if we can work with a budget of P 5-6K. Now I am in her good graces again..... and she and ate have a worthwhile and emotionally fulfilling project to occupy some of their time with. I will be interested in how they manage this.
  3. The thought did cross my mind the other day, that the impending day of traditional shenanigans isn't going to get off the ground this year. Maybe because we've all suffered the results of dealing with an overabundance of Fools recently and don't see the point in encouraging or celebrating any additional inanities or nonsense. It was fun when I was 10 years old, but not right now.
  4. https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2020/03/31/2004508/duterte-unveils-p200-billion-aid-low-income-families-affected-quarantine When I read this just now, I happily told my wife.... and told her to expect it on the radio and TV. I was surprised by her skeptical and pessimistic response.... as she cited what happened after Yolanda and Ursula. I really hope the people who need it, get it.
  5. In my case, for safety, security, ease of use and convenience.... I keep my money in the US and electronically transfer, as needed, to my wife's BDO account. We have also done this with her Metro account for many years. Years ago, it was cheaper to use Xoom. The remittance game is constantly changing. If I was starting out from scratch, I would set up a Schwab account, but its not worth the hassle for me to switch over. I use my own banks remote bill pay, Zelle, credit lines if needed, and now low cost transfers to another country. They only made that available at low cost 2 or 3 years ago, when they dropped the fee to $4 and gave a decent exchange rate. FYI
  6. Click on the red dot nearest your location to see cases. Left bar shows hospital locations where confirmed cases patient are.
  7. Since this is a nation of now quarantined and highly controlled island populations, I checked on https://www.doh.gov.ph/2019-nCoV for current data.sets and geographic distributions. The PI map can be magnified and moved to show areas of high infection. More males than females appear infected. I just started looking at this site, so if you have time to examine it, you might find interesting data items to possibly note, if interested. I am hoping our quarantine/lockdown efforts prove effective and some restrictions on some areas are eased within the next 2 months, provided that large scale testing, tracking and contact tracing can be accomplished so we more accurately know where the virus and its carriers are located.
  8. We put off some of the non-critical, late Dec. typhoon Ursula damage repairs at our house until repair material prices normalized in March. Had new bamboo fencing and access bridge repairs done 2 or 3 weeks ago but had to wait for the household budget to provide funding for the painting and now is the time. Not spending much money right now, and the locals are mostly out of work, so we decided to go ahead with some of the long postponed improvements as well. Since Ate's carpenter nephews need survival money and my government is giving us an emergency relief disbursement to keep the economy moving, we will be good global citizens...... and like the uber-wealthy, let it trickle down to the needy in times of economic hardship... ( I am being sarcastic, so don't pillory me ). But rather than upgrade my yacht or estate mansion like they do, I will fix the terrace roof leaks, paint things that need it, replace some weathered house cladding, etc. Our repairmen and materials depots are within the barangay and are permitted travel and survival functioning at this time, so it is still legal as far as I am aware. They work alone, separated. Just 2 adult nephews with families to support along with Cuya, their uncle, who with his trike and household pass, is allowed family trike use. I wanted to help anyway with some rice assistance, so I will make it a point to give them a substantial bonus. They painted yesterday and today, and the new fence (8' bamboo splits atop 3' cinder wall) is eye-blinding white now. The lads wanted to work, so we had them paint the other 2 lot sides that had 10' unpainted concrete walls for the last 4 years, with the appropriate white paint type, and now its like living in a poor man's Taj Mahal in terms of blinding white spiritual up-liftment. I should have done this years ago. I wish I had more work for them, since I have a little 'extra money'..... or will have if my government delivers that $1200 peasant bribe they promised to keep us from getting our the torches and pitchforks and marching on the castle of those who created and released Frankenstein. Ha-Ha. The Panay News, on March 28th, listed Region 6 (Western Visayas) as having 13 cases of Covid 19, but its 16 today. Region 6 has an approximate pop. of 8 million souls. It includes all of Panay, Guimaras, and Negros Occidental with Iloilo City and Bacolod as its dominant centers. Right now they are taking Covid patients all to Iloilo medical centers..... the newspaper said that not everyone is happy with this. NIMBY exists globally.
  9. My wife wants to send money to friends/kin in the next province for food. She says that the Smart Money kiosks and pawn shops are all closed here at present, from what she could see yesterday, here in Capiz Prov. on Panay. Does any one know if its only a local problem here or if its nationwide ?
  10. Thanks for the Thanks for the clarifying link, Peter. I'm relieved that they're not just 'waving' them at you through a plexi-glass barrier and informing you, "Sorry. Not allowed to issue it to you.... we are only allowed to wave you." Ha-ha. Homonyms and homophones usually get lost in translation here.... that's the joke. Don't forget the 'i' next time, or the spelling Gestapo will be 'wrapping' at 'yore' 'doer'.
  11. Speaking of the current regional variances in age-limited activity...... My wife left to pay bills and shop today. The normal 3 hr. trip took 5 hours. First stop was at the nearby barangay hall to pick up a single trip use travel pass. Only adults, no children. She, along with our trike driver and his wife (regular helper and shopping trip helper) went in. Very long, social distance lines with spaced waiting chairs outside and limited number of entrants at one times. At our Robinson's only the side entrance of the grocery store, with its in-store pharmacy was open. 10 customers were allowed in at a time as a group unit, and everyone else waited outside the store entrance until all 10 came out. Then another 10 were allowed to enter. NOT 1 out, 1 in. Since the ate helper and her husband (our family service trike driver) are both over 59, they are NOT allowed entry. They will have to have ate's 53 year old sister do their shopping they were told. At the Gaisano mall both the Jolli Bee and Mag Inasol were closed today, but not three days ago. The G mall was open and my wife picked up some take-out. Dine-in not allowed. Unlimited entry into that mall but most everything was closed. Pharmacies and grocery open. Water stations are open. Some restos are still open along the the beach front, but limited to 10am -3pm. I don't know the details re dine in or only take-out and regulations. Ate usually gets my beer, 2 Kings at a time at the closest sari-sari for the new price of P95@, but today she found another barangay store that sold her a case of 6 for P75@, so at least something got a tiny bit better. I am obviously staying home and on my computer most of the day, but now since our co-madre's 4 year old can't go home in the adjoining province, I have to share my computer time with her and allow her some pre-K you tube vids..... she uses the mouse to delete pop-up banners, ads, expand the screen to max, and scroll wheels the side bar vids..... and I never showed her.... she must have picked it up from watching the other adult females using their phones and tablets. I am amazed at her speed and deftness.... she is a very tiny creature. Things could be a lot worse, and we are all still healthy, so I am not complaining one whit.
  12. Maybe they will have special hours for seniors. If they're not asking for I.D. proof of age...... just do the 'considered normal' thing.... lie. You don't want to lose face, do you ? If they are asking for proof of age, find an ID that has only your birth date on it, not you age in years when issued. Chances are they can't do the mental math to quickly compute your age without a cheat sheet. You can subtract 10 years off your actual age, and argue that they are computing the ten's place digit wrong. If all else fails, you'll just have to marry or hook-up with a Pinay to do your errands for you, like the rest of us poor souls. Ha-ha. Wishing you luck, of course.
  13. Out of 552 confirmed positive cases, they reported 33 have died, and 19 have recovered. That is what was reported. If 33 are dead, 519 are still under care. 19 of them recovered. I would think that means they are in releasable and non-contagious health. I would think that all numbers are tentative and not fully indicative of the true scope since the number of infected carriers is unknown and in constant flux. I just read the news feeds and check on-line newspapers for the places that I live or have friends and relatives. Hope Canada and B.C is doing a good job to protect you.
  14. Things are ch-ch-ch - changing very fast here. Our new Covid patient came here via MNL on 4 March from Saudi and was not quarantined. He has been to other places between Capiz and Iloilo, eating at restos. Just now my wife wanted to use my computer. Seems as of today we are/ or soon to be, all under household quarantine and only one person out at a time to get food/meds/necessities...... but you have to get a barangay hall pass first to get past the checkpoints. I guess she had to contact her friend who is a records keeper at the hall to get details so she can go out shopping tomorrow.
  15. The Mrs. heard on the radio this morn that we have a case of Covid 19 here now in the city hospital. She wants to load up on groceries now. The Panay News (25 March) website article reports 552 cases tested positive in the PI currently, death toll at 33, recovered at 19.
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