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  1. Started the ACR-I card thing in 2009. I was wondering how long its been since my collection back home in the States started. its a stack of another set of useless things that just gathers dust. Just another set of shiny objects destined for the bin, that I personally have never had to use..... I take that back..... I always carry an outdated one while here since my current one stays in MNL with my visa ext. service..... and I've used it when going to my local airport to show the guard that I was the one who's name was on the air ticket. I'm sure that some expat's actually have cau
  2. I just had my 8th visa extension (usually every two months). For the next 2 months, plus my new ACR-i card, my agent in MNL charged me P 9,870. Their fee is buried in there. What it is, I know not, as long as its within reason, since I do not have to leave my home. Friends here with similar visa ext. needs, make the trips every 2 months to the BI offices in Kalibo or Iloilo City since they drive motorbikes, but I don't. Its easier for me to stay local with reliance upon a family motortrike arrangement to avoid the hassles of driving, accident risk legal responsibilities, poor weath
  3. I am not in that position fortunately (arrived Nov 2019 this time), but if I were...... the 'sensible' thing to do, would be to stay put and stay safe. You'd have to deal when you leave, with the overstay fines and fees..... but that may be ameliorated in the future. I do hope that it is given some regulatory thought and consideration by the government eventually.
  4. I always heard them called 'pedicabs', also. Wife and I used one on a very hot day in Mabini, MNL to round trip it to my visa renewal agency from my hotel, since it was several blocks. Usually we prefer walking. Took one, one time from near the sea cat dock in Bacolod, since the jeepney and taxi touts were hounding us and I just wanted to escape. So we walk out of the transport area.... and there was this young boy with one. He took us up to 12th ave pension house..... all up grade. Told my wife he was a HS student and he did it to make money for the family after school, so we tipped
  5. While watching a YTvid someone did two and a half years ago (569 views) re "trisikad driver": and then reviewing the search results from a 2015 topical posting (interesting comments)... I did have a question for my wife that she remarkably did not have an answer for. This is not about people's walking practices. We all know how and why people choose to walk, or not, in their personal situations or circumstances here in the sunny tropics..... e.g., to avoid getting sweaty, lack of safe walking along roads, packages, sun exposure, etc. We pass by a small trisikad station a few kms. fro
  6. I did consider that, but it was easier to just pay the extra ATM fee and use my still active Debit card. You are right in that its good to have some computerized expat friends or neighbors who you can turn to in times of a hardship or problem.
  7. To reclarify..... I can and do access all of my banking transactions with my home computer here in the PI, except when my (at present) only computer goes down..... which it did. Lost its use for 2 weeks while in the repair shop. I guess I could have used an possibly insecure cybercafe, but my wife tells me that many of them cater to gamers now. Maybe solely in some local shops. So when I lost my reliable and safe VPN tool enhanced home computer for a short time (we sometimes have barangay brownouts as well), if I want money, I have to resort to using a debit or credit card at an ATM as a
  8. Yes. I understand, JGF. (ako intindihan) Due to a variety of personal practical reasons due to my splitting my year living here on Panay and 65* N., I have been, up till now, been able to live without one by using alternatives. It is becoming increasingly more inconvenient as the technology and world moves forward. I had planned to go Smart when I returned to the USA, or should do so here. I use the simplest, cheapest phones and load systems for talk & text, which is a pittance compared to many of the data plans.... doing my more lengthy and involved communications via laptop
  9. Thanks for the kind thoughts and tip. I'm not a military retiree and not eligible.... however I was in the Alaska National Guard for awhile in 1969-70..... but while I was in basic at Ft. Bragg, they said my nearsightedness exceeded standards and gave me the option of an out...... being of sound mind, with a pregnant wife back home, I asked the Lt. Col. opthamalogist for the out, when he offered me the choice. I lost the opportunity to be the Company's Armorer and go on to the AIT school, but things turned out OK. I doubt its of any useable value, but they did give me an ornate, honorab
  10. I received an email notice today that my USA bank will be mailing me my new bank debit card soon, since the old one expires the upcoming April. It will arrive at my US address, where one of my daughters picks up my mail. The question is..... ( I have tried several SEARCH entries with no luck so far here on our forum / as well as checking on a few Youtube expat vlogs)..... 1. How can I have it safely sent here to me from the USA ? 2. Since I seldom use it at an ATM except when my computer is down ( I usually do inexpensive on-line, bank to bank transfers from my US acct. to my
  11. I am not in the market for anything, but am curious about what is see when I pull up my local city's buy and sell postings for real estate and rentals. The monthly rental asking prices are sometimes clearly stated in terms of amount and sometimes minimum duration. But when it comes to lots or houses for sale, there are pictures with often meaningless numbers ( e.g. " P123456789", "Free", "P5" , etc. ). I assume that, if interested, you are to contact them for some real numbers and details. This seems to apply to both very nice houses as well as truly shabby properties. I sometimes w
  12. https://www.immigration.gov.ph/images/Accreditation/2018_Accreditation/2018_Oct/2018Oct12_Travel.pdf Accredited travel agencies.
  13. I agree with Mike J re being of a flexible mind set and having respect for the local culture and custom. If you cannot or will not adapt to the new realities, you will never be content nor happy. You can't cherry pick. Living in another culture and nation state with a different language than what you speak provides the first hurtle. Then the political culture. The major hurtle is the social culture. If you spent your entire life mastering the intricacies of your own society, you quickly discover that the majority of your hard won knowledge and social skills are not only of limited
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