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  1. canadamale

    Health Costs - the big ones...

    You do not think the tee shirt rolled up over the belly, the Ph tan and the slippers would give you away?? "*Joke*"
  2. canadamale

    Possible Super Typhoon Mangkhut On The Way!

    Be safe guys, I will be thinking of you way up here in northern Canada, by the way we had our first snow today, seriously be safe guys, the gf says heavy rain in Antipolo.
  3. canadamale

    Foreigner living on the streets

    yes Dave, but there is a difference from a lowlife bum in Canada that can go to a shelter get fed, get cloths a warm bed to sleep in. and a fellow expat homeless on a bench in the Philippines
  4. canadamale

    Foreigner living on the streets

    and just a good of chance he will be happy to have another expat say hi. so what if he has a hard luck story and asks for help, there is no one saying you must help anyone. If he is drunk, acting like he is on drugs or giving you bad vibes by all means approach at your own peril. But to refuse to talk to someone because they appear poor and homeless???. You may find a very interesting story and give someone a chance to speak to someone who can more understand his outlook on the world. If he is not trying to talk to you when he sees another expat that tells me he is not looking for a handout.
  5. canadamale

    Foreigner living on the streets

    Yes but this is not our country/ his country. I say go for it, talk with him, if it gets strange then just walk away. You never know he may not be as destitute as you think
  6. I checked the bag in Prince George which is a smaller airport, which may explain. The bag was checked through to Manila.
  7. flew in terminal one, onward ticket says leaving terminal one
  8. I brought a three inch folding Buck knife in my checked baggage, no problem.
  9. canadamale

    John McCain dead at 81

    I cannot conceive of being a POW being told I am free to leave and having the guts to say no, I will only leave if we all leave. That is the man you want to have your back. Another American hero gone to the other side. Men of such high honor do not come along everyday.
  10. canadamale


    the thing I most dislike about divorce is you have to be married first, that being said I believe everyone should get married at least once, not necessarily divorced. .
  11. canadamale

    How did you get here ?

    your mom and dad brought you to the Philippines 65 yrs ago???, I came on a Philippine Airlines plane on Friday, mostly empty, I had all 3 seats to myself also the guy in front of me and behind me. Still waited over twenty minutes to get my luggage.
  12. The article states only filipino citizens will be allowed for the soft opening. Wonder if that incudes permanent residence also?www.msn.com/en-ph/news/national/25-boracay-hotels-resorts-get-dot-nod/ar-BBMKowm?ocid=spartanntp
  13. canadamale

    Pampanga as the next best thing to Manila?

    Where her young neighbors able to dodge the falling lava?
  14. canadamale

    How many times do you have to say NO

    How many times do you have to say no. till you learn to say yes I suppose. I always always try to remember happy s/o happy life. Such as yesterday, the gf and i were supposed to meet. It has been 6 weeks and was so looking forward. I get this text, babe Heron wants to come with me (little brother) we will come tomorrow. Now my first response was to text back "i have been waiting six weeks to see you do like we planned'. But instead I texted "ok babe love you". Happy gf happy life. One more day. I believe i will survive. And the future brother inlaw and gf are happy.
  15. canadamale

    Now for something Different

    In Canada they seem to go ovetboard, singles, 4 pac, 6 pac, 8 pac, 12 pac,15 pac, 18 pac and a flat anothher name for a two-four. Now if they will only start to sell in the grocery and corner 7-11 like in the Ph. Sorta off Jacks topic here.