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  1. Maybe soon to be the Federation of the Philippines
  2. canadamale

    Why are so many men alone?

    I walked over to Century City Mall in Makati yestetday for a upscale coffee at Starbucks. Plenty of cacasian men wondering around. Some alone, never tried to make eye contact so do not know how friendly they were. Most seemed intent on doing what they were doing. At the condo/hotel i stay at, plenty of foreigners, mostly asian and darker skinned fellows. Chinese seem to stick to themselves, but most others say hi and we will acknowledge each other. No deep conversation tho. I should add I have been told i can give off a anti social vibe, so it may be me. I am the nicest, kindest.sweetest guy you would want to know, not sure where they get the dam fricken anti social sh*t from.
  3. canadamale

    New Foreign Ownership Law!!!

    ah yes I remember reading it.
  4. canadamale

    New Foreign Ownership Law!!!

    All I want is a 6/7 bay car wash, maybe a couple of used motors out front for sale. To be able to legally own the land it all sits on. Because I am dreaming, also lady bedspacer units, rented by beautiful single filipina. Somehow I believe this new law will not assist me at all. But maybe it is the crack in the dyke that will bring further law change. Was not that one of the campaign promises to bring in another cell/internet provider? in a few years Manila will have a whole new look. China has lots of money, lots of people willing to come here to work. Who else can this law be for? Who else has the money/people to take advantage of this? I like to see changes in the foreign ownership laws I only wish it was aimed at the small business owner. Most other Asian countries have been smart enough to do the best to keep the Chinese fingers out of there economy. Hopefully the President knows what he is doing and has a good plan.
  5. canadamale

    Why are so many men alone?

    If and when you see me out and about by myself, it is because I like to be out and about by myself. The SO also likes it. it prevents me from pestering her about the meaning / pronounciation of tagalog words / phrases. Saying foolish things like "where did all the beer go". If you see me in the mall alone, trust me the gf is in a shop nearby looking at cloths.
  6. canadamale

    Halloween period, Something I just can't get used to

    at my place the gf put up a plate of food, lit a candle and we stayed home. the inlaws went to the cemetery and did there thing. No Halloween celebrations. here.
  7. Maybe the internet gods were smiling and your transactions are forever destined to bounce around the net, never to be seen or heard of in the physical world. On a more somber note, I went to use my ATM card to withdraw cash today in Makati. To my disconcertment my withdrawl was declined. It seems my ATM card expiry date is 10/18. Good thing I have a credit card and am flying back to Canada on Monday. On query my bank informed me it would take 2 weeks to get a new card sent to me here.
  8. I try to avoid the metered cabs { TO EXPENSIVE} I walk to the regular cab kiosk. Usually less then a 5 min wait from terminal one. like a previous poster says, you will get a slip of paper for any recourse if needed. Remember to make sure the meter is started and if they may request you to pay flat fee. if you say no. Only the meter rate. They may grumble but they know it is the law and will accept. If you do take a yellow {metered cab} the same applies. They will also request a flat rate to Makati usually 1000 to 1500 piso.The flat rate for a regular cab to Makiti is usually 500 piso. Tell the driver, meter only. From terminal one to my condo on Makati ave usual fee is 120 to 190 piso depending on driver and traffic
  9. canadamale

    Health Costs - the big ones...

    You do not think the tee shirt rolled up over the belly, the Ph tan and the slippers would give you away?? "*Joke*"
  10. canadamale

    Possible Super Typhoon Mangkhut On The Way!

    Be safe guys, I will be thinking of you way up here in northern Canada, by the way we had our first snow today, seriously be safe guys, the gf says heavy rain in Antipolo.
  11. canadamale

    Foreigner living on the streets

    yes Dave, but there is a difference from a lowlife bum in Canada that can go to a shelter get fed, get cloths a warm bed to sleep in. and a fellow expat homeless on a bench in the Philippines
  12. canadamale

    Foreigner living on the streets

    and just a good of chance he will be happy to have another expat say hi. so what if he has a hard luck story and asks for help, there is no one saying you must help anyone. If he is drunk, acting like he is on drugs or giving you bad vibes by all means approach at your own peril. But to refuse to talk to someone because they appear poor and homeless???. You may find a very interesting story and give someone a chance to speak to someone who can more understand his outlook on the world. If he is not trying to talk to you when he sees another expat that tells me he is not looking for a handout.
  13. canadamale

    Foreigner living on the streets

    Yes but this is not our country/ his country. I say go for it, talk with him, if it gets strange then just walk away. You never know he may not be as destitute as you think
  14. I checked the bag in Prince George which is a smaller airport, which may explain. The bag was checked through to Manila.
  15. flew in terminal one, onward ticket says leaving terminal one