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  1. At work, in the kitchen eggs come in a 20 liter pail. Shelled and cooked, they are dished out in the salad bar to help yourself too. Not fresh and not very tasty but you can have as many as you want.
  2. Nope airport to my condo in Makati yellow flat rate usually 400 or 500 piso, white taxi meter 160 to 190 piso and then add 45 piso Skyway fare to both
  3. My brother inlaw (no i am not married I still call the so's brother my brother inlaw) always uses Grab. Seems to me be a very good system. I always tell myself I will get the app Have not yet, i do enjoy the white taxi tho, although I must admit I have gotten frustrated at times with certain drivers, more good experiences then bad tho. Like another poster said waiting in the taxi line at the mall can be very frustrating, try megamall Quezon City at 8pm aaaaarg. For 20 peso I can take the MRT to Quadelupe station and the one jeepney ride to the condo yet the so will insist standing inline for upto a hour for a taxi. Sometimes if you want to pay extra there will be guys,I have used them a time or two, when tired of waiting in line. Usaually twice the regular taxi offering rides for a flat rate.
  4. I usually find the white taxi cheaper, i tell them use the meter, sometimes the driver will evan pay the skyway fare. I always look for the white taxi first and then if none avaiable i will use a yellow. Usaually the driver will ask how much I was quoted and then try to boost it up once underway in the yellow. white taxi for me
  5. i believe the Great Eastern Hotel was bought by the Chinese. There is a Chinese restaurant on the main flour, the night club on the upper flour is closed and the hotel rooms flours seem to be offices. Still hundreds of other hotels in the area. I was having coffee this morn at the Coffee Bean, Jazz Mall, Makati. While I was sitting there 6 vans were loaded up with young Chinese males. I would say 20's something. They seemed happy so seem be making good money. No cameras or bags so I presume not tourists. I usually stay at the Avenue Hotel and Suites, getting older now, but still ok. Quiet area but not to far from the clubs if you want. Easy to catch a cab. Prices from 2600 piso to about 4600 piso pool, weight room, restaurant, market close, Central Mall close And every type of club you can imagine..
  6. congratulation sir, in my home town Edmonton, Alberta Canada. they recently opened there first Jollibee, two weeks later there is still a two hour wait to get seated [no kidding] I had no belief the filipino community was so large in the Edmonton area. Hopefully when I get back the lines will have slowed down. I am dying to try there 2 piece spicy with rice.
  7. yes Tommy lots of men can be perverted. The girl can click off and that is that on to the next profile. no one loses. When the girl convinces the man he is saving the life of a family member and he sends money then that is scamming and wrong, again only my opinion. To lots of men sending a few hundred dollars is not a hardship and they gladly do it. they get the satisfaction of feeling they are helping someone who has a harder life then them. and they get a online girl to chat with. Few have any intention of moving to the PH. these relationships can be mutually benifitial to both without causing stress and hardship.
  8. I do not believe this is anything new, it has been going on for years. If the girl is truthful and says she needs the money for everyday living and the guy sends her money fair game. When they fake illness and death in the family and blatantly lie to get larger amounts off a worried trusting guy then that is not right. Of course any man who would send large amounts without verification is fool soon parted of his money. Only my humble position. No i would not let my girl partake of this.
  9. JTF2 lang, joke only, never was in the service, civilian mech for the DND for awhile, great job should of stayed there would be retired with a good pension by now. Best of luck finding like minded vets.
  10. no, but i remember putting plastic bags over my sock because the rubber boots had holes in them.Watched the moon landing at my uncle Ronald's. 12 in black and white, watched it standing on the back porch, best reception we could get with the rabbit ears
  11. According to the 2013 International Ice Hockey Federation survey, there are 1.64 million registered hockey players in the world. The three countries with the most hockey players (in order) are Canada, the United States and the Czech Republic. The country with the fewest players is Andorra, a small country in Europe, where only 52 people are registered to play. Hockey is now played on every continent in the world, with 144 countries registered. Hockey is a very old game, and variations of it have been played around the world for thousands of years. In 2013, South Korea saw a 28-percent growth in registered hockey players. next to those games where they mindlessly chase a ball around, yes a suppose a minority sport to some hahaha just saying
  12. https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/wayne-gretzky-of-the-edmonton-oilers-recieves-the-stanley-news-photo/52034884 the great one
  13. Everyone knows ( or should know) there are only two sports that count. Both invented by a Canadian. Number one will always be hockey, number two will always be basketball. Football,soccor, cricket rugby, golf, aussie rules, are all ok but to canuck it is the good old hockey game
  14. I tended to treat it all as yellow snow, hahaha
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