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  1. if the whole world had this attitude we would all be living in a garbage dump, I can visualize the solution, the Philippine peoples will have to bring about there solutions. For myself I will do my best not to litter and will try to show that way to my gf and her younger siblings/nieces/nephew. yes I wear my mask when I have too, no I do not like it, no I do not believe they significantly contribute to flattening the curve, I feel sorry for you who have to also wear a face shield. Hopefully the president can get a vaccine without bankrupting the country or selling it out. The sooner a solution the sooner we can continue to complete the plans me and the gf have started to put in place.
  2. I can see I am giving first world logic to a developing world problem. Although as I was growing up the ditches of our hiways and byways were littered with garbage. Laws were inacted and enforced, over time people just quit littering or a least to a greater extent. I remember when I was a child our garbage would be picked up once a week by an old man and a team of horses pulling a rubber tire wagon. If the people of the Philippines want to live in a litter free environment then they will enact laws and adapt customs to do so if not home will surely be a garbage dump. It can happen look at Boracay.
  3. off topic I was just watching the Canadian news, Canada sent a cell line created using medical technology licensed in Canada. Canada sent it to CanSino Biologics { in China } with an agreement a vaccine would be shared with Canada. China has patented the vaccine and is now giving it to the Chinese military and refusing to ship it to Canada hahaha https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/other/potential-covid-19-vaccine-still-not-in-canada-three-months-after-approval-for-trials/ar-BB18gHDV
  4. I know, I have seen it lots walking around Quezon city and Mandaluyong. It just bugs me when I know it is so easy for it to be different.
  5. I one hundred percent agree with you. The organizers should be responsible for providing facilities garbage/toilet for there event. If they are not there or are not usable it does not give the right to just ignore common sence to pack out your own crap and leave the place in the same way you found it.
  6. not really a good excuse, you pack it in you pack it out, the same as when you go camping (you do not throw it on the ground for someone else to deal with)
  7. can you purchase them at the airport?
  8. Maybe the 8 or so families that control the world economy decided to stir things up and see just how much control they have of our lives. Playing with our lives the same way they play with the markets. All a master plan to increase control of the masses and increase profits. Time will tell whom the big winners and losers are, somehow I do not see it being the middle class working man. hahahaha maybe
  9. come work for me underground in the dark and I will give you a hurt feelings report lol. there is a old saying two men went into the stope and one came out. That being said the younger generation of underground miners do not have the same outlook. Us old guys have a lot more fun at work, the young guys are too busy listening to music on there phones, or playing games. while us old guys sit around (when we can find down time) talking about women and what we will do when we finally call it quits. The comradery is disappearing from the job, it started with all the safety procedures being put in place, taking the responsibility from looking after your fellow worker from you and putting it into a procedure/sop. where I work it is standard operating procedure to be tied off with a 5 point harness when up off the ground more than 4 feet. aaaaaaaarg drives me crazy, what ever happened to survival of the fittest and thinning the herd? Just let me do my job and stay out of my way. Ok rant over, if the safety officer reads this I will probably need a hurt feelings report.
  10. Urinating, defecating, spitting in a public …www.mmda.gov.ph/index.php/20-faq/287-anti-littering-law-10-things-you-should-know, seems there is a law P500.00 8 hours (1 day)
  11. so true, I went for my morning walk and the guard at the condo entrance took my temp. before allowing me into the building. Very scary here in the PH. Hard to believe no confirmed cases with the amount of Chinese here. A few days ago it was in the hundreds now it is in the thousands of infected. Every time I turn on the computer the numbers are up.
  12. Great advise, I only hope no one from the forum is sitting beside me on my flight to Vancouver this afternoon. Well maybe Tommy T since it was his suggestion.
  13. my advise to the original poster is (for what it is worth) is forget the internet, enjoy the Philippines, for what it is and when your tired of it go back to the penthouse over looking the golf course till you get the urge to explore again.
  14. Maybe an employer who wants to reward his employee for years of loyal service and hard work. An employer who feels the profit his employees are making for him allows him to be more generous with his compensation.
  15. I had one of them secrete stashed, then the gf was putting socks in my socks drawer and says " babe I found five blue can we go MOA" no more secrete stash!!!!
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