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  1. canadamale

    Home schooling

    or a gang banger, sorts like my home country only lot more prevalant here
  2. canadamale

    affordable apartments in cities

    8 yrs ago when I first started coming to the PH. I stayed with my then gf and her mother just inside the gate to the Navotas Fish Port. It was 3 days before my gf's mother let me out of the "house". She was fraid I would not make it back in one piece. I spent 5 weeks there and before I left I felt comfortable walking around in the day and had met a few people. Those 5 weeks taught more about the Philippines than I would of ever learned where I now stay in Makati. Night was somewhat different but me and gf did go out a few times after dark. Most natives stay home after dark in this neighborhood. Rent is very cheap tho. The gf's mother was paying 2500 a month (piso) for a two story place. She ran a pool table t,v, and small gambling table, sold a few beer and cokes. I built 2 small rooms for her to rent out.. in Makati where I stay now the norm rent is 24000 piso and up for a firnished one bedroom in a nice neighborhood. They aresome available for around 11000 peso but much older buildings in out of the way places.
  3. canadamale

    Very sick wife

    if all you want is positivity and good words see a shrink. If yo do not want to be scammed be more aware of your surroundings. fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me comes to mind. Ok sir this will be my last post here although I will continue to enjoy reading other posters here
  4. canadamale

    Very sick wife

    I do not have a wife, although I have been in a long distance relationship with a filipina for going on four years now. I can only spend two weeks out of every six the Philippines due to work restaints. This is my second relationship in the PH, my first wanted to have more than one partner and when I found out I ended the relationship. bigmac is a grown man , was he getting scammed, maybe, probably on the info I have read on here. Could it all been prevented by a little due diligence on his part, I believe so. .
  5. canadamale

    Very sick wife

    If you want or need my judgements is immaterial. this is supposedly a open forum and I was stating my thoughts and opinion of your problem . if you want someone to totally agree with you and say your are right and your wife is totally wrong that person will not be me. There are two sides to this problem and I am only hearing yours. You were sending this women your legal wife money and support. If the amount of your support is true it does seem very excessive for the cost of living and the lifestyle of most pinoy. If you have any awareness of the Philippines and I must believe you do because you came here fell in love and got married. I am glad you did not come to the Philippines and end up homeless on the street. But I do not feel sorry for you to be sitting in the US sending money to your wife without not first taking the time to personally checking the situation.
  6. canadamale

    Very sick wife

    if she know she will be going through her own hell. Personally I think you are as at fault as her. Any man that would marry a young women and then leave her alone for years on end, without the touch and sharing of a bed with her man is guilty of cruel and unusual punishment. In my mind it is no wonder she started to scam you for everything she thought she could get. If you ever get fortunate again to have a young pinay in your life I hope you keep her close and make love to her often. Good luck in seeking your revenge. In my humble opinion I would advise not to come to the Philippines.
  7. canadamale

    Very sick wife

    Then the wife must be going through panic mode wondering what is happening. If you have not been communicating with her she will not know if you are alive or dead. When she finds her meal ticket has come to a end she may be inclined to take revenge. Especially if she thinks it will make her save face. If I were you I would be thinking twice of traveling to the Philippines any time soon. At least till found out what her feelings are on the matter. Not only her but also her pinoy boyfriend or husband if there is such a person.
  8. canadamale

    Very sick wife

    I have been reading this topic from Dec 12. Have you still been sending her money. If not surely she knows now something is amiss. She must be frantic by now wondering when her next pay is coming. are you still sending her money? if you are why??
  9. canadamale

    Very sick wife

    I only know what you have posted here sir. you thought your wife you never see was scamming you for money. You hired a private eye to check her out and you found that she was scammimg you. I believe it would of cheaper and less stressful to sell the bike a year ago and check the situation out in person and also get to see the wife.I feel your pain, it would of just been so much easier if you had did things differently.
  10. canadamale

    Very sick wife

    just curious in all the time you were married how much time did you spend together?
  11. canadamale

    Very sick wife

    yes but you believed she was sick, you should of been concerned enough for your wife to see to it personally she was receiving the best care possible. Two years is a long time not to go for at the least a visit to check up on her. would of saved you a pile of cash and maybe you could of saved your marriage.
  12. canadamale

    Very sick wife

    she is your wife man, and you believe she had terminal cancer. sell the Harley go see her, get her the best medical care you can. do not depend on anyone else to take care of her. she is/was your wife. Would of saved you lots of stress and headache.
  13. canadamale

    Very sick wife

    did you not go visit your wife in the two years she was dying from cancer? you could of flown her to the best hospital in Manila and got her checked for two weeks money.
  14. canadamale

    Very sick wife

    2000 US dollars a month?? Your wife must of been living like a queen.
  15. canadamale

    Very sick wife

    I did not mean to imply that she was in anyway acting proper.