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  1. There are Harley, Truimph, Indian, Ducati dealerships in the Manila area. More expensive than the US. Close to the same prices as in Canada tho. I have never shipped a motorcycle to the Ph. Read about how dificult and expensive if can be. I would be checking Ph government website and transport companies for there input.
  2. With all this talk of call blocking, i took a look at my phone,an asus i got in Singapore. Sure enough, the first thing under settings is call blocking, now i just need a stalker to block. Not to make fun if a very serious situation. If this woman/girl/nutcase is serious just blocking her number would only force her to use one of her many friends phones to call.
  3. Yes but how much easier is it for a filipina, to work, get permanent residence status and citizenship. In the original posters country than Ph. Has anyone ever saw or heard of a foreigner ever getting a citizenship and holding any political office in the Philippines?
  4. more likely in 50 yrs you will find this.... 首页 关于雪花 品牌活动 雪花产品 社会公益 人才招聘 华润网群 雪花产品 Products 脸谱 匠心营造 勇闯天涯 勇闯天涯superX 精制 黑啤 晶尊 爱尔 脸谱 雪花产品 > 脸谱 去 或 购买雪花啤酒 脸谱 联系我们  |  雪花纯生古建筑摄影大赛  |  雪花勇闯天涯  |  廉洁之窗 Copyright © 华润雪花啤酒有限公司 京ICP备09059850号-2 技术支持:华润集团信息管理部
  5. I for one have already been inconvenienced by having to pay double my usual fare for the same ride. Would it not be better to let the regular cabs remain and discipline the culprits when caught breaking the law. Next time I will have to walk to the street , hail a cab, not a great option after a 13hr plane ride at 4 am. Or After haggling the price, bite the bullet and pay. A they say it is more fun in the Philippines.
  6. I just landed at terminal one, proceeded to the white taxi que. Alas no regular taxi stand. There is yellow cab and another cab stand saying coupon taxi. Coupon taxi was closer so I approached then 1100 piso sir to my address in Makati. I say regular cab is 190 piso. No more regular cab was the reply. We agreed on 440 piso and I preceded on my way. Aaaarg the last thing I need or want after a long tiring plane ride is a argument over my taxi fare. I for one miss the regular cab.
  7. In Canada I always see lots of RVs parked for the night in Walmart parking lots. Actually some seem to stay for quite awhile before moving on.
  8. This is the Philippines, do not count on that
  9. when you assemble and have parts left over it only means you are smarter than and can build with less parts then the engineer who designed
  10. As long as Dick is happy all is good
  11. I remember in the middle 70's riding a big grey dog going down the Little Smokey between Valleyview and Donalley Corner. Blizzard, blowing snow, zero visablity, cold, pulling a trailer. We passed everything on the road, driver had nerves of steel. I got off in Nampa and could of kisses the ground I was so impressed with the driving that day. Highway was closed for weather just after we left Valleyview.
  12. 61 probably look early 50ties. Have noticed myself slowing down this winter, body just does not seem to recover after strenuous exercise/work. I am starting to fear if I do not retire to PH soon my body will be too worn out to enjoy the activities I dream about.
  13. I was under the impression filipino was the majority nationality in the Philippines
  14. I remember watching a 8 wheel Bison back over a Iltis A very high ranking gentleman had exited the Iltis about 5 min previous. My sides still hurt from laughing. Sure wish we had vidio recording phones then.
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