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  1. If you left the PH and re-entered again as a Balikbayan then you would have to wait till you're here for six months before you apply for your NBI clearance. Did you file an extension on your first Balikbayan? The BI helpline is very helpful and always responds to your questions, usually the same day. https://www.facebook.com/immigration.helpline.ph/
  2. I applied for my NBI after I was here for 6 months on Balikbayan. It took about 2 weeks to get my NBI certificate.
  3. I had to call about my visa over and over. Legal told me they approved it and it was at the BOC. BOC tells me some info about the spouse wasn't listed in the details section on the computer, whatever that means. My estimated date for approval was 08-05-19, was officially approved on 09-12-19. Once approved then the ACR division is notified. After my visa approval I called the ACR division and they only would say it is being processed. I contacted the Immigration helpline on Facebook just to see what they would say about the processing time. They said it takes about 30 days. Now about seven years ago immigration commissioner at that time put a memorandum to his ACR staff saying the ACR cards must be completed in 3-5 days once received or face disciplinary charges. Now we all know they are falling those instructions. There is absolutely no reason why the ACR card should take 30 days to receive when all of your paperwork has been sitting in Manila for 2 months or more. Have you talked to the legal department or BOC in Manila? Good luck
  4. This happens a lot in the PH. They have no concept of performing vehicle maintenance at all. There have been numerous accidents this year alone in the PH where the brakes failed on the larger type trucks. These type of accidents should not happen because lack of maintenance. Here is some more inside information as a family friend is familiar with the family that was involved. Allegedly the driver doesn't have a DL, and he was trying to avoid a LTO checkpoint. The owner of the truck is the person who put on the reunion. RIP
  5. haha, I really had to force that response. I thought it was longer than 4 years.
  6. Really ticks me off how the citizens of the PH can treat their own land this way. What is wrong with them?????? I have no sympathy for them if the President decides to shut it down, maybe he still should.
  7. Hi, If you are in the PH longer than 6 months you said just go to your local Barangay Captain. How does this person run a background check on you and is this background check from the USA or just your last six months while you were in the PH? Just curious. I see a ton of questions across the Internet about the police clearance question. Thanks in advance.
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