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  1. When I applied for my 13A last year I paid just under 12K at the Davao office You will need to make about three folders for the visa paperwork, one for the ACR card. I always make extra as you never know when they ask for something that is not normal. The cost should be the same no matter which office you apply at but this is the PH after all, lol. I just amended my 13A in June and was approved on Sept. 4th. It takes almost three months for approval.
  2. The big mistake was making a peace deal with the largest Muslim rebel group. They should have been eliminated. Just my opinion of course.­čśő
  3. Nothing like taking advantage of the situation by charging a high dollar amount for the vaccine. Next up, anyone that is paying for insurance will surely get an premium increase.
  4. Have her make an itemized list of expenses for your review. That should make her real happy, lol.
  5. I'm only concerned because our neighbors tree hangs over our fence just enough where the coconuts land on our property so when the family kids are over playing this was a huge concern until we talked to the neighbor and we hired a guy to cut it down so problem was solved. The other concern was if that tree ever blew over it would wipe out our block wall and hit our roof.
  6. If true I hope the national and international press get a hold of this. Hopefully his home country does something about this. This sheds a very bad light right on the Philippines. Two hospitals refused treatment. What ever happened to that oath doctors take?????? Disgraceful to say the least.
  7. That information is well explained. So is there any reason to use the rapid test at all?
  8. Sure about the 15 minutes? A simple google search will show various information. The US started using the rapid test kits awhile back as people drove through checkpoints.
  9. Why not use the rapid test kit? Get results in about 15 minutes. That way nobody has to go stay at a hotel and quarantine facility.
  10. Entertainment at its finest, lol. Thank you Hannity.
  11. Same here in South Cotabato. The governor puts out his guidelines, then Koronadal City mayor puts out his, then General Santos mayor puts his out, all three not the same. As the saying goes, welcome to the Philippines, lol.
  12. Since barangay passes are not be used anyone still go out. They don't pay attention unless you might try to enter a mall. I've been out and about many places but have not tried to enter the mall. My wife does the shopping so no problem for me.
  13. Sorry for your loss, my condolences.
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