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  1. They definitely should not allow anyone to leave the NCR area for anything! They need to step up big time and get everyone vaccinated in the NCR!!!!!!!!!!! And of course enforce the safety guidelines concerning the pandemic. Most things are a huge challenge for the PH, but they need to get over it and turn this pandemic issue around in a positive way.
  2. For me, i blame the biased mob media, democRATs, and the far left. The President and his family has gone through four years of being harrassed by these groups. I'll leave it at that.
  3. Too many wars? I guess if we didn't save the Philippines they all would have been killed and the country wouldn't have existed as it does today. Millions of Filipinos that are alive today would not be if it wasn't for the WAR that the USA fought to defeat Japan. Just my opinion of course.
  4. Besides slow speeds the service is terrible. If a fly lands on the cable outside it seems that the internet goes down every time, lol. Spaghetti is stronger than the cable they use here to supply internet.
  5. You are right, he should not have paid all of the money before the project was completed, a lesson learned hopefully. I wonder why they could not have sent a real contract via email.
  6. Never had this problem and I've been here for two years. You must be in a bad area if you are experiencing trouble with street kids. I find that the local street kids are polite. Even the kids that beg outside the mall for money are polite, sometimes a bit pushy but that is their mother telling them what to do as they are usually standing nearby, but I have also noticed that the mall has cracked down on the street kids from bothering customers as they enter the mall.
  7. If you asked the embassy about the 7162 form this is what you would have gotten back in their response (see below). I check the covid 19 updates page regularly and there hasn't been any updates for the 7162 form. Thank you for contacting the Social Security Administration's Federal Benefits Unit at the U.S. Embassy in Manila. *********** Due to the ongoing pandemic, the annual mailing of reporting forms SSA-7162 and SSA-7161 has been delayed. The forms will be mailed out later this year so, at this time, no further action is needed. To stay updated about what SSA is doing during
  8. Connery was one of my favorite actors, he will be missed.
  9. When I applied for my 13A last year I paid just under 12K at the Davao office You will need to make about three folders for the visa paperwork, one for the ACR card. I always make extra as you never know when they ask for something that is not normal. The cost should be the same no matter which office you apply at but this is the PH after all, lol. I just amended my 13A in June and was approved on Sept. 4th. It takes almost three months for approval.
  10. The big mistake was making a peace deal with the largest Muslim rebel group. They should have been eliminated. Just my opinion of course.😋
  11. Nothing like taking advantage of the situation by charging a high dollar amount for the vaccine. Next up, anyone that is paying for insurance will surely get an premium increase.
  12. Have her make an itemized list of expenses for your review. That should make her real happy, lol.
  13. I'm only concerned because our neighbors tree hangs over our fence just enough where the coconuts land on our property so when the family kids are over playing this was a huge concern until we talked to the neighbor and we hired a guy to cut it down so problem was solved. The other concern was if that tree ever blew over it would wipe out our block wall and hit our roof.
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