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  1. It was political suicide once Manny opened his mouth and made that statement. I wonder if he did that on his own or an advisor told him to say that. Either way he screwed up big time.
  2. I wonder where that so called money goes once it hits the PH? Who's pockets are being filled up, lol.
  3. The missing staff or should I say not accounted for were probably somewhere drinking or at home. I rarely see patrol officers where we live which is Koronadal City, population is about 180K. They are definitely not out after dark. Even if I see them they don't enforce anything. You can witness about 90% of the motorcycle riders including passenger go by without a helmet in front of the police and nothing is done.
  4. #1,2,3, so what. He can still support the child but somehow needs to make sure the child is actually being taken care of my the lying wife. She lost all credibility as being a trustworthy wife! He can find a new love in a second in the PH and he will rapidly forget his current wife. If he stays with his wife the day will come when he will looks back and says, I should have left you long ago!
  5. Your friend needs to get rid of the wife. He can find a better match for him now that he is familiar with the family scam and how to avoid it. His wife knew exactly what she was doing!!! I just couldn't stay with someone that did that to me no matter how long we were together.
  6. As I stated from the beginning, i will never take the Sinovac vaccine, no way no how.
  7. It doesn't matter, we can't rely on factual reporting. Those days have been long gone. The government controls what people think and are told. We will never know the truth about most things coming from the media and or government. That's my cynical take, lol.
  8. Scheduled maintenance to me is equivalent to a brownout in my opinion, the only difference is they tell you in advance when scheduled maintenance is coming. Our area has never had a 12 hour maintenance scheduled so I'm grateful for that.
  9. And I thought our 8-9 hours scheduled brownouts were bad enough, glad we don't have 12 hour brownouts like you get.
  10. It is amazing that they don't have any waste management system in place throughout most of the provinces. The Manila bay is a garbage bin, and the government let this happen right under their noses. Just my opinion of course.
  11. Since most of us have an ACR card I see no benefit or reason to sign up. Just my opinion of course.
  12. We have a family member that works in the community health department and she said since i'm a resident that it would be free so sooner or later all of us should find out if true.
  13. They definitely should not allow anyone to leave the NCR area for anything! They need to step up big time and get everyone vaccinated in the NCR!!!!!!!!!!! And of course enforce the safety guidelines concerning the pandemic. Most things are a huge challenge for the PH, but they need to get over it and turn this pandemic issue around in a positive way.
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