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  1. I miss M&S Steak and Kidney puds and pork pies, and their Haddock and Cod Fillets. Bulmers Strongbow Cider, Colemans Mustard , But hey this is the Philippines ! So its Chicken Cordon Bleu, San Mig Apple flavoured Beer,And Alaskan Pollock instead.
  2. The Philippines is like all countries really, airport scams,Taxi scams,Bar Scams etc. Paris and Rome are the Same , i never go shopping alone , and things i have to do such as Annual reporting my wife always comes with me. Havent been scammed at all so far my wife knows all the tricks. If i want a drink then its not a bar,i always have various drinks in the fridge inc my own made ice cold coffees, but then again us expats all being handsome and richwe are ideal targets.
  3. Aah the mystery of the Laundry room ! When we first arrived in 2011 we lived in the wifes very small 1 bedroom house which we demolished and built our 2 story home, and with the lots of left over wood the builders were paid extra to construct a Laundry room ! Funny i thought we had just bought a new single tub automatic washing machine ! Which was something i insisted on buying for my wife rather than seeing her sitting down on one of those mini stools scrubbing away all morning ! Silly me the washing machine uses too much water or its too noisy ! So i later suggested we got a helper to do the house cleaning and washing ! i should have known better ! So the wifes daily routine regarding washing clothes is she normally wakes up at at around 2-3-4 am mon-fri to do the washing and cook breakfast before her sister leaves to teach at the school at 7am. And on sat and sun mornings if we dont go out then its both the wife and her sister chattering and scrubbing away doing the washing !
  4. We never eat at Mang Inasal did once chicken 50% cooked and they overcharged us ! For Burgers for me it has to be Jollibees its fast food yes and it sells fast ! Hence the burgers are freshly cooked and their champ is my favourite ! Had Tempura a few times which i loved but then had a bad batch , never again. KFC is a big no no for the whole family. We have a GF grill which i use to cook chefs choice burgers from waltermart.
  5. there is an ex PLDT living near us 7yrs of service 24 hours notice of dissmisal ! And it turns out the new fibrehome company is owned by the chinese company that makes the equipment ! As for PLDT customer service , if you go to their local PLDT offices to try and sort things out such as Fibre plans and unlimited family calls etc they have to google the PLDT website to see what you are talking about ! And as for their 171 no the last time the wife used this she spoke to 8 different people ! And still one of our problems is still not resolved ! But we now have Fibre working albeit very erratic , have to reboot the router 2-3 times a day to keep the speed up ! Butwe can live with that.
  6. Been here since 2011 no real health problems , i am careful what i eat,dont eat the street food and only eat chicken from the big boys if eating out, jollibee, etc. Mainly eat chicken strips from Robinsons. Only had one bad time with tempura but stopped eating that. Wife cooka my food seperatly from hers and her sister. I dont eat a lot of rice either ! Aircon is set at 25c on low and i always clean the filters every sunday., i am not a heavy drinker , 1 san mig apple beer or a mule, a day is my limit.this week its very cool here in los banos and the last 2 nights no aircon ! Have the sniffles a bit,but fishermans friend and vitaim C works for me ! And a small southern comfort also helps. Im 72yrs now so one of the oldies , never been for checkups ! Hate hospitals even when in the UK !
  7. My personal view on this is that its a load of US worry over nothing ! I mean lets face it how many people have Apple Iphones ? All made in china and with most of the parts built by Huawei ! If your using internet then its likely your router is also made by Huawei ! And my mobile is a Huawei ! Cost me 10,000 pesos brand new ! And im not tied to apples itunes etc oh and yes it makes phone calls. Its not only Chinas Huawei ,take a look at a youtube video called factory to the world ! This place makes electrial appliances for almost every brand name in the world ! Its like a mini city ! If china can do it why cant other countries ?
  8. I wouldnt have minded but it was just for and extra 99 pesos ! We have always paid our bills never been late seems with PLDT loyalty means nothing, i felt sorry for their counter staff though having to google their PLDT website to find out about the plans on offer !
  9. We had the same prob a while back had a helper the wife had known for years but things began to go missing not expensive stuff but things like soap old shoes the wife wore in the garden , and the wife noticed footprints on the stairs leading to our bedroom, all our valubles are kept in a safe so they were not available , thats when we added CCTV ! One is in our living area pointing at the bedroom door one downs stairs looking into the front entrance Another facing the back and the bay and another at the front of the house showing the road and our carport so we can see who has rung the doorbell ( bloody kids !) Nothing missing after that all set for record 24/7 and motion detection.at different levels
  10. Hi guys and gals, we have finally got our fibre installed after applying 6 months ago ! Speednow upto 50mbps , speed varies and we have to reboot the router 2-3 times a day ! Dare we complain to PLDT ? I think not ! The thing is we have hadt heir DSL and landline since we arrived here in 2011, we upgraded to fibre and our phone would not let us dial mobiles ! Apparently we have not registered for NDD ! So we dial 171 was told to go to our local PLDT office Which is now only open Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday ! We goes to the office and we also asked the woman behind the desk to activate NDD and to add us to the fam unlimited plan ( 5 nos unlimited calling etc for 99 pesos )she had no idea what we were on about and had to google it ! Simples ? Oh no ! They needed a letter from the bank and statements and a government id ! Bearing in mind they added fibre at no outlay and it was dearer than DSL! Goes back this morning again another woman had to google it ! And after all was done its going to take a week before we can use the phone subject to the wifes financial status !
  11. Been married to my filipina wife for 17yrs, yes we sent money to the Philippines while we were in the UK But it was only for help with funerals and the mothers living expenses.My wife always said she would not send money for college fees and cars etc. And we never did, even now we will help with medical costs but up to a limit, but we spent quite a lot when her mother was taken ill but for me its part of being married and iregarded her as my mother as well. We pay for food water,internet and cable which the sister uses but she pays when we eat out. Im happy the way things are. Most of the family have good jobs so its rare we get asked for money.
  12. As i told my son the Philippines is a single guys paradise ! Been happily married to my Filipino princess for 17yrs
  13. Many ways of selling online you can buy things in bulk from HMR and sell on facebook ! I know a friend of the family who literally went into a shoe shop and asked if she bought 10 pairs of shoes would she get a discount ! And she and her husband now sell preordered shoes and watches on facebook ! Another friend sells japanese surplus and she and her husband now have 4 outlets and they also supply other outlets. Im too old now to worry about running a business , but theres many ways here to make money ,
  14. Been to two family funerals here no paid mourners and no bands and i walked behind the hearse on both funerals as the 1st was the wifes brother 2nd was the wifes mother. Dont knock it as it could be any of us in the hearse.
  15. Its Jan 7th 2019 and the Fibrehome guys have installed our fibre system after 5th months of waiting ! Im very impressed with the installation ! Now we have to wait 2-3 days for someone to check the installation and activate the system ! Oh well .
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