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  1. Regular police patrols and Barangay patrols in my area
  2. My Father was in Burma and he would never ever talk about it ! We lost many men in the war and when you look around in the UK and Europe i ask and for what ! And yes just 3 words really say it LEST WE FORGET !
  3. I can agree with you regarding the idiots in the UK ! Mainly the Pension service ! And one of my private pension companies. Seems they couldnt care less about us not recieving our pensions, and trying to explain to some of them that we dont get the proof of life forms they send us ! And they dont understand how the Philippines postal service works ! On first arriving here in in Phil in 2011 i was warned about the different ways of working here in phil.as my filipina wife was a ex gov employee but things have worked out ok. Life here is good and nothing will make me go back to the UK ! We have already bought our burial plots here !
  4. My wife tells me stories of how her family of 9 lived in a small Bamboo house ( she still has the photo ) and how her mother would make coffee using the same grounds until there was no more colour ! There was no power,no tap water and her siblings had to work after school on the Aunties farm ! It was only when the eldest brother started work and he helped the family, and his brothers that things began to improve for them! But my wife and her sister still do things the old way like sitting on small plastic stools washing clothes by hand while the washing machine stands there smiling ! 8.00 pesos for 24 botts of san miguel
  5. Both my wife and I have BDO accts with ATM cards and a passbook. And my wife has a seperate savings acct with BPI. Which is where we make our car finance payments. And i can send money to other banks online. With BDO you just enter the branch stand in line. With BPI you enter the branch and you then have to use a special machine to enter your transaction details and you get a printed no ! Which confuses many people ! Worst day to use the banks in our area is mondays ! Luckily both myself and my wife are senior Citizens ! So no long lines !
  6. Our water bill hovers around 360-550 pesos no sewage service etc.and the service is not very good at weekends the pressure drops so theres no water upstairs ! This has been going on for months now, many people complained so the water company built a large holding tank ! Nothing changed the indicator level on the side of the tank is always at the bottom. One thing that annoys me here with the water shortage there are several springs in the area one of which the powers that be runs the flow into a roadside drain ! Seems a shame watching this nice fresh clean water running along a drain outside of peoples homes !
  7. Hi there Mikej, in the old days of pldt DSL internet a couple of tricks i learnt was to reboot the router a couple of times a day, and also if you can find out your providers ip address then you can ping it ! These 2 ways seem to wake up the providers servers, told to me by an ex pldt engineer !
  8. Be vary careful when buying a signal booster ! I bought a wifi extender for the sister for 350 pesos on lazeda which is now being advertised as though its a signal booster which it is not ! Netflix for the price of 460 pesos which is what i pay a month is a bargain !
  9. Yep Bundaberg ! Its cheaper on shopee half the price but likely imported from China.S&R has plenty in stock i normally buy 4 packs of 4 bottles of Apple cider and 4 packs of ginger beer 1 bottle a night i drink
  10. I love the Aussie made Ginger Beer and the Apple cider both non alchoholic but still have a kick ! We use S&R mainly for doggie treats and the Kirkland coffee we used to buy 3 x 6 litres of water but its cheaper elsewhere, and of course Southern comfort and cherry cola. The wife buys soap powder in bulk and they also sell pitted dates ! And there garlic pizza mmmmmmm
  11. What we do is buy the materials ourselves from our regular builders merchant who will normally know what you need for various jobs and pay the contractors by the day from 300-600 pesos a day and meriendas. We learnt the hard way never let the contractor buy the materials or borrow our tools !
  12. Our Niece and her husband took us out for a meal inc myself and the wifes brother ( the 2 fathers ) normally we would have gone to Nuvali to King Bee or Rose and Grace. This time however we went to the Forest City Restuarant in San Pablo. Now me being a UK expat and with a delicate stomach Im very wary of new places , I had pesto tuna and i loved it ! Starters were various fried mushrooms which looked like bits of crispy bacon but delicous ! Others had carbonara and a veggie burger. All the Vegetables are grown on the owners farm, the wife and her sister had veg which was also very good on the TV screen it showed how they prepared some of the food. There were 8 of us in all and all were pleased with the meal. A word of warning ! In the left corner of the dining area there is a large tree and hidden between the branches is a large Tiger ! A very unique place which we will definatly visit again.
  13. Umbrellas ! My wife has 21 of them and her sister has 12 ! They are like handbags here a fashion icon.
  14. We live in the Los Banos area, its a nice university town, hate Manila only go there every 5yrs to renew ACR card ! For Mall shopping we use Calamba and Santa Rosa and Nuvali ! Nuvali is a nice quiet place many places to shop and eat its expanding though .
  15. You can only blame the power company.2 weeks back we had a very bad electrical storm never seen so much lightning ! Lightning actually struck a transformer nearby at around 1am sounded as though a bomb had gone off ! But the power company were out in force and renewed transformers and cables power back on at 8am !
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