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  1. Same happened to our car outside Mcds still it was my fault for wanting mcds coffee as the little woman explained to me !
  2. expatuk2014

    Sky Sports

    If where your moving to has cable or a good broadband speed then you can get sky .we pay 700pesos a month for our cable TV which includes Fox family,and Fox Movies,and Fox Action movies, also other movie channels and sports channels.in all a total of 90 channels. If you have Pldt Fibre then you can get cignal TV channels
  3. expatuk2014

    PLDT Fibr - New Modem

    Im begining to think we wont get Fibre ! I think that the PLDT Homefibr guys who have run the cable along the road and have installed a junction box on a pole opposite my home have done it just for show ! Last we heard from PLDT was the details of our upgrade plan that was the 28th August ! Ive contacted PLDT cares🤣 and also sent a mesage through facebook they just say the same thing ! Still they have increased the dsl speed up to 3.5mbps for free
  4. Siliy question yes i know! But anyway when we lived in the UK my wife would wake up at 4am ! Prepare my breakfast and make my coffee and the wake me up at 5.30am, after breakfast and while i was taking a shower she would lay my work uniform on the bed for me all ironed ! When i was dressed and ready to leave for work she would make sure my hair was combed properly ! And if it was in the winter she would pour warm water on the frost or snow on my vans windscreen while i was sitting inside demisting the screen ! Then after i had left she would herself get ready for work as a Hospital Receptionist ! Even now when we go shopping or go out for a meal etc she lays my clothes on the bed while im taking a shower ! And yes to this day i know she loves me ! Because when she goes to the local market she buys me doughnuts !
  5. expatuk2014

    PLDT Fibr - New Modem

    Fibre ! I applied ages ago for a upgrade from dsl to fibre 20mbs after watching the guys running cable along my road, opposite my house is a power pole, with a PLDT fibre box, but all i get from PLDT is my order is subject to there being a box with available connections near my home ! Sent an email with a photo of their box with the Nos etc ,and i got back the same reply ! So it looks like we will have to forget fibre !
  6. expatuk2014

    Post Office Experience Today

    I never use Philpost,i have sent cards for Birthdays,Xmas etc none of them arrive in the UK ! And the Proof of life forms from the UK Int Pension service never arrive at my address ! I contacted Philpost by phone and email and they just say they have no record of my complaints. Always use LBC now it may be expensive but at least everything reaches the destinations
  7. expatuk2014

    Google Chrome Crashing

    I had the same problem , even worse if using windows 10 ! Open office crashed also Chrome but Microsoft office and Internet explorer both worked fine ! So went back to windows 7, with updates off! And instead of Chrome i use Opera , e erything fine,and i dont keep getting tbe annoying message telling me i am using un registered sotware which i am not. A teccy friend of mine warned me that with updates turned on i was getting a update that was not listed which was why i was getting the unregistered software warning !
  8. expatuk2014

    Proof of life form time again !

    Yet again my UK pension has been stopped ! Apparently i never sent my Proof of life forms back !Would be nice to have received them first so i could send them back ! phoned the Int pension centre and they told me that they had sent out 3 sets of forms to me ! In Jan,March and July ! Funny thing is in March they stopped my pension ! I sent the witnessed forms back i had stored on my pc i tracked the forms and they were received and signed for ! When i phoned this afternoon the nice lady asked me some security questions and eventually found i had sent the forms back and they were witnessed by my Doctor ! So all sorted and pension will begin again !. JUST A WARNING ANYONE WHO DECIDES TO SEND FORMS TO THE PENSION SERVICE AS I WAS GOING TO IN JAN 2019 WITHOUT RECEIVING ANY FORMS DO NOT DO SO ! AS THEY WILL BE IGNORED THEY ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN REPLIES TO FORMS WHICH THEY SEND OUT RANDOMLY ! However i was advised to phone them evey 4-5 months just to check !
  9. expatuk2014

    Kanu tax

    Ah yes the whitey extra ! Luckily my wife deals with everything we buy and pay for , Land taxes etc etc. The only thing i pay for is my annual reporting ! When we buy things like Aircon, New TV etc my wife always Haggles even in SM ! And she always asks to the see things like TVs, light bulbs, and everything electrical working before we buy it ! Especially at HMR ! i once watched her haggle buying floor tiles the first price was 9000 pesos, second was 8300 we actually paid 7800 needless to say we have bought all our tiles from the same place ! Inc free delivery
  10. Im so excited i have already ordered 1 of each new Apple product ! And i have also pre ordered 1 of each new Apple product for the next 5 years ! Oh the excitement of a new Apple moble every year ! And yes I am joking 😎
  11. expatuk2014

    OLX Experience - Vacuum Cleaner

    Home and co is a HMR brand,we went to HMR santa Rosa on Saturday with the intention of buying a cd Radio player, and a rechargeable vacumn, and a DAB Radio, we found 1 of each the wife askeda member of staff to test them working , and not one worked! So 3 sales lost to them ! We are going to HMR Sucat this saturday might have more luck there! If not it will back to our fav japan surplus stores !
  12. expatuk2014

    No water again !

    Being used to having water on tap it gets annoying when every weekend for weeks now every saturday the water is turned off, and this weekend its both saturday and sunday ! On the water company website their excuse HIGH WATER TURBILITY FROM OUR SOURCE ! And it brags about having built 2 new resevoirs in the area to boost reliablility ! Looks like we are going to buy a water tank and electric pump !
  13. expatuk2014

    Windows 10 Rant

    Ah the all new all singing and all dancing windows10 ! My pc new motherboard, 4gig ram new video card. Downloaded windows 10 after multi emails from MS made 2 bootable disks . Was running windows 7 no problems . Silly me installed windows 10 ! Which was like watching paint dry ! Then wunderbar ! There it was installed on my pc! So booted it up from scratch, which funny enough it kept telling me this may take some time ! When it did finally run, it wouldnt find my printer,nor my backup hard drive , and it said i had no internet even though it downloaded files while installing !😭 i closed it down rebooted the PC and it wouldnt boot up MISSING FILES ! Rebooted and it worked perfectly ! Reloaded printer driver did a test print and it worked ! Even had internet ! But it still wouldnt find my backup drive where all my files etc were stored! Rebooted again ! And MISSING FILES ! Went back to windows 7 again no problems ! However i now use a samsung tablet for everything and my pc is now a glorified storage drive and only used for downloading ! I may again have another go with windows 10 after a bottle of jack daniels !
  14. expatuk2014

    Dogs and Motorcycles !

    Where we live tberes a constant problem with dogs roaming the streets ! These are not wild dogs but the dogs of neighbours and others living in the road. On Thursday night a motorbike hit a dog and the driver lost control him and his passenger ended up being thrown from the bike and both were sent flying along the road,the passenger bearing the worst as he rolled over and over ! The driver just picked up his bike and drove off back in the direction he came from leaving his passenger in the road ! However the passenger was soon picked up the local Ambulance ! My CCTV caught it all ! And then on Friday night it happened again this time a Motorbike just kept going it looked like the rider kicked the dog out of the way ! The dog however went flying ! And managed to very slowly crawl away ! As im writing this there are 3 dogs roaming the road ! The dog catcher here is a joke as word soon spreads he is on the way, i wont say how they know as for a foriegner to speak up it can cause problems !