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  1. Just thought i would put my two penneth in! From where i am sitting i can see a nephew working as a mining Engineer in Australia, his Brother a Geologist in Canada, another Brother a Doctor in Saudia Arabia, and their Sister an Accountant all from one family, from another family a Nephew is a priest in Legazpi, his sister is an online nursing adviser for a group of 5 US Hospitals, and their sister is a Marine Biologist in Masbate ! All taught in local colleges, and another Nephew has his own Dental practice here in Los Banos !
  2. I agree if your wife is with you its a quick and easy process the Ambassador is very nice ! Very helpful taked two visits the second is for the visa !
  3. With ref to this topic I am now getting 184 pounds a week and my wife gets 104 pounds a week ! Life is good
  4. Been here in paradise since 2011 never put on or lose weight ! I rarely eat rice , stay away from big cakes , a lot of things here are produced for the Filipinos ! Which amazes me for example 3 in 1 coffee , most are high in sugar ! Nestle a while back introduced a Blend and Brew coffee which was great but then they changed the recipe,( more sugar less coffee ) i only buy san migs Barako coffee 3 in 1 now and and Nestle Gold which i make to my liking, my main diet consists of US burgers,chicken nuggets, Flounder,Blue Marlin, US cheese and fruit juices, Drinks from Australia, and Angus hot do
  5. Myself and my wife had our Covid Vaccines today( pre registered last week ) . Many blood pressure tests before and after the Vaccination ! Lots of questions about my health such as am i on medications,and have I had any operations etc. In all 10 different stations to go to but all over in just 90 mins ! Total cost zero !
  6. Ants ! The little blighters amaze me, they get everywhere ! Its got to the point now that things like jars of coffee,sugar,biscuits etc once opened need a food bag over the top before the lids are replaced ! Things like when the doorbell stops working, its because the ants have made a nest in the push button ! For me i was surprised when i went to use a tape measure ! I began to pull out the tape and the little pests crawled out all over my hand !so i pulled the tape out all way locked it and spayed the holder with WD40 ! No ants since !
  7. To all UK expats whose wife is getting a UK pension, my Filipina wife worked in the UK for nine years, but did not get her own pension but one based on my National ins contributions. After reading about UK wives not getting the right amount and some woman getting thousands back in back payments I emailed the INT pension office and the reply was it will take 10 days for them to respond so we phoned the INT pension service in the UK using Viber ( very cheap ) than using PLDT ! Initial phone call the wife was told it did not apply to her ! However they replied by email saying their response
  8. Its no surprise to me that this covid thing is still with us ! Yes the local city government are doing all they are able to with the amount of resources they have. But and this is a big but ! Where i live its a short tricycle ride to a large grocery store, and from my house to the store i counted 32 people standing and sitting outside their homes chatting with others or drinking coffee etc , non wearing face masks ! And with small children playing in the road non with masks !
  9. My take on the Royal Family may upset some . Yes the Queen through tourists brings millions into the UK. But really thats all she does ! Yes she may be head of state but she has no real power ! All she does is sign the Governments documents to make them legal. But my biggest gripe with the Royal Family is the sheer number of them and the hangers on ! And the cost ! " AIR MILES ANDY " is a good example with his Helicopter trips for a few miles! As for " The Peoples Princess " Diana her days were numbered when William was born! With Camilla lurking in the backround waiting to take her place
  10. I use Lazeda for buying things from China recent purchase was replacement foil and cutter for my panasonic shaver Cost was just over 2000pesos inc 50pesos for delivery! No extra customs costs, same when we bought a answerphone, no customs duties, i am about to order a radio scanner from the US cost of 10600.oo pesos no extra custom duties
  11. If its anything like the imm8gration office in Manila parts of which are running windows XP
  12. For us where we live in Los Banos, we are only allowed to go to do shopping on odd numbered days ! Face masks and shields must be worn when entering stores and the malls. And we need our own barcode to enter the local malls and stores ! We even have to wear face masks inside the car within los Banos area. Rules however are different in area by area, for example i can go into the local Robinsons Handyman. But not the Robinsons Handyman in another area ! As i am over 65yrs of age !
  13. Not sure if it helps but i use Viber to contact my UK bank and the UK pension service very cheap !
  14. A nearby Barangay Kapitan and his secretary were said by Duterte to be corrupt etc and told they were Dismissed as seen on TV in a recent speech to the nation! The Barangay Kapitan is still at work using his Government Vehicle . his younger sister stiil works in the Barangay office as a co-ordninator , and his mother is still taken shopping in one of the Barangay vans ! Its as though he and his family run the Barangay and what the President says means nothing !
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