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  1. Where i am on the edge of laguna de bay, there are usually 2 guys fishing every day but since sunday morning there are many,many more i can see around 50 ! The water level in the bay has dropped so much that guys are standing roughly 150 metres or more from our sea wall and the level is around their knees !
  2. The lockdown here has meant instead of the normal 2-3 guys fishing in the bay its now 20 or more ! Tricycle drivers are warned not to flout the rules if they do they will be fined and their tricycles taken from them ! And we are now not able to travel from Barangay to Barangay ! only for basic food and medicines 1 person per household . Yes i feel sorry for the poor the Barangay has plenty of sacks of rice and noodles,coffee etc i wonder if any will come our way i think not.
  3. Me and the wife each have our UK state pensions ( hers based on my contributions ) I have 2 private pensions one pays a fixed amount each month and the other pays out once a year infact it pays out every march 不 And the wife has her own gsis pension each month. Overrall we are financially ok our home we built and paid for our only large payment is our car which has one more year to go.. life is good
  4. This is the site for living in the Philippines, all your questions can be answered . I personally read books when i met my now Filipina wife online. I knew nothing at all about the philippines. Only after coming to the Philippines 3 times and meeting family etc , luckily the wifes family all had good jobs,homes etc. Its a lovely country with its lovely people, you just have to remember its their country and their rules. Im originally from the UK and have no intentions of going back there, the Philippines is my home now even have our burial plots bought and paid for ! Most you tube videos are there to make money the best one for me is A Foriegner in the Philippines run by a guy named Terence.
  5. Eden Cheese ?不不不不 sorry tried it but no ! I only buy Australian Chedder for my cheese on toast stil looking for Canadian chedder but no luck as of yet, weaned my wife off of eden well almost ! I think Filipinos are like us its what they are used to ! I miss several things from the UK ! especially Cider but san mig Apple is a good substitute.
  6. Im the same as you Steve well i was the same as you, when we first arrived here in 2011 and building our home i would think nothing of giving the workers overtime and a monthly bonus,but i was soon told not to as the wife says " we are paying them more than the normal daily rate and feeding them ! " im a soft guy who would give money to beggars until the wife showed me a home where one of the beggers lived ! As for our rubbish cardbord boxes,6 litre water containers, plastic bottles, glass bottles etc we sell the lot ! We employ guys to cut our trees, and odd jobs on a regular basis, and we employ a guy as our driver who we pay on average 500 pesos a day from 8am until 3-5pm and he eats with us.
  7. As the saying goes " Its more fun in the Philippines " weekends without water, PLDT problems, Meralco wanting to charge us for paying bills online, overgrowing neighbours trees, maurading Ants , Rats, and dogs tearing apart rubbish bags, but then you have to stop and think then just look at your wife and her smile , for me shes the reason i can put up with the non customer service and the way of life in this lovely country .
  8. Front and rear dashcams are a must here ! I dont drive now we hire a regular driver at weekends who we pay on average 500 -700pesos a day depending on how long we are out plus he eats with us also. We see many crazy things on camera! And regarding parking in the malls , well if its around 11am-1pm thats eating time ! If you want a parking place then you have to be there before 10am ! If we need to go to the mall we only go mon-fri !
  9. We were married by the local Mayor, wife did all the paperwork prior to my arrival in the Philippines the Mayor arrived 15 minutes before the ceremony . After which he sat with the rest of us at the reception. No problems at all.
  10. We went to Nuval on Saturday work crews still scraping hardened ash off the roads. Lots of ash up to lumil did not go any further ! People still hosing fronts of homes down.
  11. I was warned prior to my first arrival here in the philippines not to be alone with any minors male or female as it is against the law for foriegners ! This was told to me by my future brother who was an ex police officer ! As even back in 2002 there were problems with older men and young children. You have to remember this is the Philippines their rules their country live by their rules as you would in other countries.
  12. I must have blue eyes ! We reported our problem to PLDT on the Friday,engineers turned up on the Sun ! But they couldnt fix the problem on Tuesday 6 guys ( 3 vans ) turned up . Internet ok and increased speed ! Fastest response is via Pldt cares on Twitter between 9-5. If you are lucky enough to find one of the PLDT engineers or contractors tell them your problem. Emailing PLDT is a waste of time ! And if you go to a PLDT office you will get the standard response of 5-7 working days.
  13. I dont know if its only our area, but our water supply is terrible ! Every Saturday and Sunday for months our water pressure drops to a slow trickle to no water at all this usually starts at around 8am until 6pm both days, had the water company guys out water pressure fine ( funny that ) and today we have had hardly any water at all until 6pm ! The companys facebook page always says certain areas Will have interuptions to the supply due to maintenace work ! On their facebook page and website they are full of self praise about having built 2 new water bulk tanks in our area but the tank near us is alway empty , And the water when it is running is of poor quality ! Our hose pipes block with green algae ! And they say on their website we should drink their water as it is full of minerals unlike bottled water! We only use tap water for washing and watering the plants and washing the car ! Anyone else havng water problems?
  14. In my experience buying a Washing Machine here is just a waste of money ! When we had finished building our home here in 2012 we bought all new kitchen appliances, Kettles,Blender,Toaster etc. And a new Washing Machine ( we sent our Tumble Dryer from the UK in a Balikbayan box ! ) the Washing Machine we had plumbed in with its own drain pipe run into the garden drain that takes the rainwater away. Our Current washing machine consists of a small plastic stool which the wife sits on as she scrubs away snd bangs the clothes with a piece of wood ! She does this almost every morning ! and on Sundays the wife and her sister are both there washing and chatting to each other while the Washing Machine stands there smiling ! ME ? Im upstairs on the balcony listening to my Radio Scanners !
  15. A few days after xmas we lost our Internet and Landline ! Had no monthly bills from PLDT for Nov and December either by email or post ! Contacted PLDT both by phone and Twitter result being the bills had not been generated ! And the PLDT website was forever having problems ! So the wife takes an old PLDT bill and pays 2000 pesos on the 9th Jan in Robinsons. And on Friday 10th we goes to the PLDT office to ask why they had cut us off ! And according to the woman we had not been cut off ! She made a report and said an engineer will be out within 5 - 7 working days ! And on Sunday morning 12th the home fibre guys arrive ! It turned out that someone had pulled out our connection and replaced it with another ? ( one of the neighbours had fibre installed by homefibre earlier ! ) They said it would need a new cable run from a box up the road ! But they couldnt do it as they were not installers ? They left and told the wife they would be back ! They came back on Tuesday 14th Jan at 12pm 6 guys and 3 vans ! 2 hours later we were back online. The Barangay had 2 guys directing the traffic around the vans !
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