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  1. expatuk2014

    Being used

    Been married to my filipina wife for 17yrs, yes we sent money to the Philippines while we were in the UK But it was only for help with funerals and the mothers living expenses.My wife always said she would not send money for college fees and cars etc. And we never did, even now we will help with medical costs but up to a limit, but we spent quite a lot when her mother was taken ill but for me its part of being married and iregarded her as my mother as well. We pay for food water,internet and cable which the sister uses but she pays when we eat out. Im happy the way things are. Most of the family have good jobs so its rare we get asked for money.
  2. expatuk2014

    Decisions Decisions?

    As i told my son the Philippines is a single guys paradise ! Been happily married to my Filipino princess for 17yrs
  3. expatuk2014

    Online Sales to supplement income

    Many ways of selling online you can buy things in bulk from HMR and sell on facebook ! I know a friend of the family who literally went into a shoe shop and asked if she bought 10 pairs of shoes would she get a discount ! And she and her husband now sell preordered shoes and watches on facebook ! Another friend sells japanese surplus and she and her husband now have 4 outlets and they also supply other outlets. Im too old now to worry about running a business , but theres many ways here to make money ,
  4. expatuk2014

    Funeral procession.

    Been to two family funerals here no paid mourners and no bands and i walked behind the hearse on both funerals as the 1st was the wifes brother 2nd was the wifes mother. Dont knock it as it could be any of us in the hearse.
  5. expatuk2014


    Its Jan 7th 2019 and the Fibrehome guys have installed our fibre system after 5th months of waiting ! Im very impressed with the installation ! Now we have to wait 2-3 days for someone to check the installation and activate the system ! Oh well .
  6. expatuk2014

    Stressed Beyond Belief by Online Shopping

    My experience with online shopping is only to use Lazeda ! We have bought many things from Lazeda over the past 3 years only returned a CCTV camera which never worked. Recently i looked at shoppee when looking at the prices of a certain brand of tough watch all were fakes ! So wont bother with them. Using lazeda again the wife wanted 2 black hat stands to hang her bags and umbrellas on ( dont ask !) Then the sister wanted 2 white ones all four arrived 2 days after ordering ! Now heres the thing the cheapest ones which we ordered were priced at 280 pesos +50 pesos st delivery ! The same items from other sellers were from 400-1200 pesos ! Also i have noticed recently since Lazeda is now owned by Alibaba a lot of the sellers are advertising the same items on their pages, and the ones that are charging delivery of 100 -1200 pesos are obviously from China ! Overall my service from Lazeda has been 150% , but i never order anything before checking other pages etc lets hope as its now part of Alibaba things dont get worse !
  7. Well this is my version, the Sister-in-law is a Teacher at the local College this college teaches Fisheries,and also Criminology and other subjects she earns 40,000 +pesos a month, her hours are 7am to 5pm mon-fri many of her last years students are now Teachers and Police officers and some working in Aquaculture .Her small house is always piled with exam papers and other school related work. And she often spends weekends at no extra pay writing exams and preparing for the following weeks lessons.as for her dedication she takes her pupils into the field so to speak up to her knees in water ! Yes i know the Philippines is nothing like the US or UK education systems but the teachers do a good job with the little resources they have. My wifes family is a good example of the teachers dedication, 2 of her Brothers worked for the DENR another brother was a police officer, another brother works in saudi as an accountant for an oil company. And the wifes nephews are a Self enployed dentist,a mining engineer in Aus,another is a geologist,and another is a Doctor,another is a priest one of the wifes neices works as a Aquacuture scientist, and another is a nurse, and my wife was a manager the Dept of Agraian reform before we got married. I am proud to say i have many Filipino relatives working around the world .
  8. expatuk2014


    Got to be careful what i say now on this subject being a Foriegner and the Phils laws about saying bad things about phil companies etc. But regarding our application to be upgraded from PLDTs DSL to their 20mps service in early August , its now almost December and still no Fibre ! All i keep getting from PLDT cares ūü§£ is our application has been allocated a service no ....... and thats it ! Went shopping today and theres a PLDT home fibre stand near Jollibees no sales staff etc just the stand ! What a pity Jollibee or SM dont do telecoms !
  9. expatuk2014

    Brexit turmoil

    My personal opinion of the EU is it is now a very corrupt organisation ! When the UK joined what was then the EEC every thing was fine basically, but nobody back then except a few corrupt politicions knew the real plan behind the EEC! Slowly over the years the EU emerged as it is now, the EU is run or controlled by a group of members from the European Peoples Party, and this party has the most seats in the European Parliament , and its Members include Junker,Tusk,Merkel, Barnier,Weber,Selmayer.Varadkar,Rutte. There is only 1 EPP party member from the UK and he is Anti Brexit. The EU will do all it can to make things bad for the UK, but what they are ignoring is the fact that EU member countries could also suffer through loss of trade with the UK. I used to work at the Eurotunnel and the amount of HGV traffic from the EU is roughly 75% from the EU 25% from the UK ! But the EU Elite seems to be ignoring this fact with the threats of HGV delays , which will eventually meaning the UK will turn away from the EU for many things, and import more from the US,Australia,China and Asia. Oh The poor French farmers !
  10. Same happened to our car outside Mcds still it was my fault for wanting mcds coffee as the little woman explained to me !
  11. expatuk2014

    Sky Sports

    If where your moving to has cable or a good broadband speed then you can get sky .we pay 700pesos a month for our cable TV which includes Fox family,and Fox Movies,and Fox Action movies, also other movie channels and sports channels.in all a total of 90 channels. If you have Pldt Fibre then you can get cignal TV channels
  12. expatuk2014

    PLDT Fibr - New Modem

    Im begining to think we wont get Fibre ! I think that the PLDT Homefibr guys who have run the cable along the road and have installed a junction box on a pole opposite my home have done it just for show ! Last we heard from PLDT was the details of our upgrade plan that was the 28th August ! Ive contacted PLDT caresūü§£ and also sent a mesage through facebook they just say the same thing ! Still they have increased the dsl speed up to 3.5mbps for free
  13. Siliy question yes i know! But anyway when we lived in the UK my wife would wake up at 4am ! Prepare my breakfast and make my coffee and the wake me up at 5.30am, after breakfast and while i was taking a shower she would lay my work uniform on the bed for me all ironed ! When i was dressed and ready to leave for work she would make sure my hair was combed properly ! And if it was in the winter she would pour warm water on the frost or snow on my vans windscreen while i was sitting inside demisting the screen ! Then after i had left she would herself get ready for work as a Hospital Receptionist ! Even now when we go shopping or go out for a meal etc she lays my clothes on the bed while im taking a shower ! And yes to this day i know she loves me ! Because when she goes to the local market she buys me doughnuts !
  14. expatuk2014

    PLDT Fibr - New Modem

    Fibre ! I applied ages ago for a upgrade from dsl to fibre 20mbs after watching the guys running cable along my road, opposite my house is a power pole, with a PLDT fibre box, but all i get from PLDT is my order is subject to there being a box with available connections near my home ! Sent an email with a photo of their box with the Nos etc ,and i got back the same reply ! So it looks like we will have to forget fibre !
  15. expatuk2014

    Post Office Experience Today

    I never use Philpost,i have sent cards for Birthdays,Xmas etc none of them arrive in the UK ! And the Proof of life forms from the UK Int Pension service never arrive at my address ! I contacted Philpost by phone and email and they just say they have no record of my complaints. Always use LBC now it may be expensive but at least everything reaches the destinations