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  1. I love chicago Pd and i download it from emule or torrdroid on my tablet which is a lot faster! Im subscribed to Netflix also which at 460 pesos a month is a bargain !
  2. I agree with graham59 no go areas with sharia patrols , more mosques than churches in certain areas. Muslim schools, the UK within 5-10 years will have a muslim majority population. Personally i will never go back to the UK !
  3. I get 3 pensions 2 private at fixed amounts one paid monthly and one paid annually both being paid since i was aged 55yrs and i have recieved well over what i paid in ! The UK Government pension increase should be paid this month on or around the 24th providing its not been stopped as i may need to return the proof of life forms which i have not recieved ! Bearing in mind any post from the UK can take 2 months or more to be delivered !
  4. My wife got me taking centrum a while back never felt any difference so stopped taking them. All i take now is vitamin c, drink a lot of water and fruit juice for vitamins etc never was one for health supplements .
  5. They rate the UK also at level 2 ! What with the no go areas in certain cities with sharia law patrols the Philippines is much safer ! Just like every country follow the rules etc
  6. YES its election time here in the Philippines, Posters everywhere trucks and cars etc blasting out music from 6am every day ! Now then where we live we rarely see the mayor, and if you do manage to get an appointment hes not happy ! Funny thing is this year there is a new police station being built, a new disaster evacuation centre, Barangay halls being revamped and rebuilt etc nothing new for the past 3 years ! But as its election year again , wheres all the money coming from ?
  7. We have a nephew who is a dentist and so is his wife, but their dental practice is in Los Banos the nephew is also the resident Dentist in Calamba cityhall
  8. My advice is to ask the sister to send your wife the mortgage details and the amount owed . Regarding 100.000 pesos for an extention for a water supply business the water business alone can cost more than that, so once the extention is built will the sister want another loan to pay for the water business ? Another thing to think about taking the area we live in there are 5 water businesses in our road alone , the ones that sell the most are the ones that deliver ! So the cost of a motorcycle and sidecar has to be included ! Our bank here in the philippines is BDO and they have many foreclosed homes for sale ! We can only advise you in the end its up to you what you do !
  9. I think the reason is CDR KING stores are mostly empty is they seem these days to be more interested in selling ECO Bikes and non electrical related products ! And their sales staff are not very enthusiastic ! There used to be 2 stores in Los Banos but now there is only one small one
  10. I use off ,i never thought of making a do it yourself! Very good idea ! As like most expats i am a walking mosquito magnet ! When i water the garden its pyjama bottoms and off on arms and neck etc ! We use insect killers with the bluelights 1 in the living room ,1 downstairs, and 1 in our outside kitchen. All very effective ! Best thing i use for bites is sudcrem its very fast working !
  11. Hi all please let me apologise ! Somehow i got a virus my sister told me in the UK that she opened some photos i recently took and her virus software warned her of malicous content ! I asked a friend locally and he said the same so i quickly deleted all the photos and txt for that day on everything my wife and i use,this site,facebook etc. All seems ok now i checked everything we did that day and it turns out it was a page from lazeda ! Which was an advert for SD cards. Sorry guys
  12. I miss M&S Steak and Kidney puds and pork pies, and their Haddock and Cod Fillets. Bulmers Strongbow Cider, Colemans Mustard , But hey this is the Philippines ! So its Chicken Cordon Bleu, San Mig Apple flavoured Beer,And Alaskan Pollock instead.
  13. The Philippines is like all countries really, airport scams,Taxi scams,Bar Scams etc. Paris and Rome are the Same , i never go shopping alone , and things i have to do such as Annual reporting my wife always comes with me. Havent been scammed at all so far my wife knows all the tricks. If i want a drink then its not a bar,i always have various drinks in the fridge inc my own made ice cold coffees, but then again us expats all being handsome and richwe are ideal targets.
  14. Aah the mystery of the Laundry room ! When we first arrived in 2011 we lived in the wifes very small 1 bedroom house which we demolished and built our 2 story home, and with the lots of left over wood the builders were paid extra to construct a Laundry room ! Funny i thought we had just bought a new single tub automatic washing machine ! Which was something i insisted on buying for my wife rather than seeing her sitting down on one of those mini stools scrubbing away all morning ! Silly me the washing machine uses too much water or its too noisy ! So i later suggested we got a helper to do the house cleaning and washing ! i should have known better ! So the wifes daily routine regarding washing clothes is she normally wakes up at at around 2-3-4 am mon-fri to do the washing and cook breakfast before her sister leaves to teach at the school at 7am. And on sat and sun mornings if we dont go out then its both the wife and her sister chattering and scrubbing away doing the washing !
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