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  1. Here in Los Banos the local gov are telling residents to dig up any plants that are in the road area, and in some places the local gov have workers going around digging up the plants ! And they are also enforcing local by laws regarding trees growing over the power lines ! There is also a rumour that the dog catchers will be on patrol ! The last time this happened there were no dogs roaming around the road for the dog catchers to see funny that !
  2. Try south supermarkets if there is any near you or any of the restaurants around most sell Barako coffee ! We buy ours from south and Robinsons ( it sells quickly !! ) we have a Blend and Brew coffee maker grinds the beans great buy from HMR ! As for Nestle yes i agree i never buy their 3 in 1 anymore too expensive compared to local brands Most Nestle coffee 3 in 1 s taste more milk than coffee
  3. Beggers tend to come down from the mountains as my wife says and yes its that time of year ! I dont give money to them , i only give money to the genuine ones like the guy with no legs below his knees and the little granny in her usual spot every day ! We save up our new 10 and 5 peso coins for the children at xmas !
  4. From my point of view and coming from the very civilised UK ūü§£ if i compare my travel from my place to Manila to my trip from southampton to london . My trip to Manila via Calamba and slex is usually fine fine until entering manila ! The bus will stop anywhere a passenger wants to get off or get on except slex ! My trip from southampton to waterloo ? The bus will only stop at waterloo ! Except every other bus will stop at winchester ! In the UK buses will only stop at bus stops ! Ive seen school children here get on a jeepney and ride 500 yards and get off ! Hardly anyone walks here ! The manila transport bods need to do something dramatic such as making all buses that say cubao only stop in Cubao ! Once they exit slex ! passengers for other places should find ways to get to their destinations from cubao all the new roads they build wont solve anything ! It the people that use them need to change things
  5. We replaced our PLDT landline with a panasonic answering phone with a with 2 wireless handsets which we bought direct from China ! Works fine , the UK phone we bought gave up after 2 days back in 2011.
  6. Pldt keep sending us codes but all are invalid last 2 at 5.10 pm tried to enter the codes but invalid
  7. Its nice being a senior the wife just goes to the senior counter at Jollibee etc, Even the banks have senior places, at our local robinsons theres always a long line to pay bills etc,but the wife just goes to the window says senior and in minutes our bills are paid, lots of long faces in the line but as the wife says they will all be senior one day !
  8. Yes we have 5 numbers registered cost 99 pesos a month 3 sun numbers and 2 smart numbers Will not work with Globe or other non pldt owned companies
  9. Have decided to tell PLDT no thanks with their speed increase! Another 2 new received codes at 10.56 but both codes invalid at 11.05 too much hassle !
  10. PLDT txt us saying as we are a good customer they are increasing our speed ! And we have to go to a bit.ly site ! Mmmmm did that , page comes up asking to put our landline no to confirm and they will send a code to the wifes mobile mmmmm, no code sent,asked to resend the code still no code sent ! Went to twitter and sent a message to PLDT caresūü§£ they replied saying they would refresh the page an hour later 7 codes arrived ! But all had expired !so silly me tried again at around 11pm , at 4.37 14 codes arrived again all expired ! Mmmmm so just sent another message on twitter ! As they say watch this space !
  11. The extra 100pesos is for the modem over 24months or it might be for their family plan
  12. Im not sure if this applies to all Pldt Fibre routers, we are on the 30mps plan , and our router also has 5g which often reaches 50 -70mps usually the 5g works best in the daytime. And like most our router often slows down to a crawl ! If the router and the line is ok its normally pldts servers that is the problem. A pldt engineer told us we have 2 ways of getting the speed back. 1. Reset your router by using the method 2. Ping the Pldt router ex makati ( you will need to pm me for details ) as pldt might not like this being known, both these methods clear the servers hence you get your speed back
  13. My wife gets on average around 10 -15 junk emails a day !The larest bank scams are from Zenith bank saying her account has been closed because some " Tokens " have expired ! And another from the same bank telling her thst her account is below the minimum amount allowed and she needs to deposit funds asap or contact the bank ! Funny that has my wife only has one bank acct and its not Zenith !
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