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  1. Same here in los banos the sister is a college teacher she was told at 2.15pm ! No previous info given !
  2. I only eat the Garlic prawn pizza at S&R lots of prawns and 2 large root beer drinks ! Went to shakeys once overpriced is my opinion
  3. I make my own ice cubes from empty and washed plastic egg trays 3 times makes 72 round ice circles perfect for my glass of southern comfort or Jack Daniels ! And i use distilled water only. I only drink bottled water or coke etc when we travel
  4. Overall yes i am serious ! Compared to the UK where for example the Eqiv of Abenson everything on didplay are for show only ! If you want a washing machine or cooker or fridge etc they are supplied direct from the maker ! Here in Phil we have bought a washing machine,and a new tv,the Tv we took with us the washing machine delivered in the afternoon.
  5. Normally I find customer service here to be very good. But this week 2 days not so good ! On Monday We went to a well known courier whos name begins with " L " we wanted to send 3 items to a friend in the UK which were a ladies purse, a keyring shoe and a pencil drawing of the friends in the UK. But the guy at the counter said the purse needed a certificate of authenticity , and the keyring shoe could not be sent as it was a locally made product, and he would have to phone head office about the pencil drawing ! And he advised us to go to another courier whose name begins with " D " ! Which we did and no problems the girl inspected each item placed in a plastic pouch and gave us the tracking no ! And it was delivered 10am thursday ! Then there was the surplus store whose name begins with " H " on weds we went to the branch in Sucat as were in the area we wanted to buy 2 blood pressure monitors, and our driver wanted to buy two radios ! All items were tested and working fine got to the tills and our driver could not buy the radios ( no barcodes ), we were then told the prices on the 2 blood pressure monitors were wrong ( priced at 399 pesos ) but the screen price showed 780 pesos ! All we could actually buy were some xmas items ! This happens often in this companys stores ! We have bought many things from them inc a coffee grind and blend brewer,tools etc, which were bargains ! I emailed both the courier and the surplus companies who were very apolgetic ! And both said they would look into my concerns.we shall see
  6. Married to a Filipina woman says it all really, they may be small and Petite and beautiful, but just tell them you want to retire to anywhere but the Philippines and see what happens !­čĹ╣ Seriously though for me it was because of love.
  7. Like most on the History channel all fake,Storage wars, Pawn stars etc all pre scripted .
  8. My opinion on climate change is its mother natures way of forever changing things. Thousands of years ago the grand canyon was underwater! There were no smoke belching cars around then ! The earth is always changing because of earthquakes and volcanoes, but the snowflakes at universities do not like history !
  9. Yes Apple have made it hard to use other software but their own but mediamonkey solves the problem But you still need the itunes software to connect to first and then change the settings so your iphone etc can be seen in mediamonkey
  10. If its anywhere like where we live from 6am Saturday until 6pm sunday we have no water pressure ! This has been going on for months ! Which is why a lot of families here have water tanks which they fill duribg the week for use at weekends. All the water company say is its an ongoing problem !
  11. Download mediamonkey it lets me transfer photos and music to the wifes iphone But you will also need itunes !
  12. For us Electric is on average 2500 pesos a month which includes split inv A/C on 8hrs a day, 2 fridges kettle,a 220v fan run on 110v in the front room for les noise CCTV 24/7/365 . Water bill average 550 pesos when watering plants.Internet up to 50 mps plus landline is 2100 pesos bottled gas is 700 pesos, cable TV 700 pesos Netflix 460 pesos . Wifes diabetic medicines and insulin inc doctors fees 5000 pesos. Car servicing for Suzuki Ertiga between 2000-8000 pesos depending on the service done every 6 months . We buy drinking water 6 ltr bottles 9 per month , and water for cooking and coffee in blue containers 30p delivered each we use 9 a month for the 3 of us. This is for Los Banos .
  13. Been raining all day here in Los Banos the water level in Laguna DE bay is rising , few days ago vhildren were playing in the water approx 200 metres out , now the water has reached the sea wall behind our property, going by the water marks on the building to the left of us theres still around 6ft to go before it reaches the high level , according to the 6pm BBc weather thers a lot more rain to come ! But then again its the rainy season here.
  14. Be brave take the fence down with out damaging it if possible, the longer you leave it standing on your land the harder it can get legally ! If you ignore the fence the neighbour can claim that as its been allowed to stay then you must have agreed to it ! Thats the philippines way !
  15. Theres a lot of adverts around espec on Facebook advertising high internet speeds from wifi boosters ! I bought 2 of these gadgets inc one for the sister in law at a cost of 360 pesos each from Lazeda, they work fine as a repeater but they do not increase internet speed ! And the price today is over 2000 pesos and thats with 50% discount ! The advertiser seems to be using the same advert with different company names but with the same contact numbers ! And with different prices , Seems to be based in the cayman islands !
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