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  1. where I live in you would have thought nothing has happened ! Motorcyclists with 2 passengers no Helmets and just wearing face masks! this is the norm here, rarely see helmets !
  2. bought our Mitsubishi split A/C 3 years ago has been serviced each year by the installer company inside unit filters cleaned weekly and self cleaning every 3 days by myself bedroom temp on remote set at 29c temp at bed level goes as low as 24c its very fast at cooling !
  3. our situation here in Los banos is like most expats, I havent been outside the compound since march 13th, the wife and her sister can only do shopping on certain days of the week with a 10am deadline as thats when the free electric Trikes stop! I can pay most bills online Internet,credit card bills etc, Our Electric bill this month is just over 3000 pesos double the usual, but then we are using more fans due to the heat ! and the wife is cooking by electric as gas is getting hard to get ! somedays can be a bit boring but I just listen to my scanner finding different frequencies to listen too im amazed that even in Los banos I can pickup signals from Slex, Manilas C3 and even Cavite ! on my handheld scanner overall compared to Jan and Feb we are saving approx we are saving approx 15000 pesos a month due to the fact we are not going out at weekends , so no petrol or driver costs and no japan surplus ! the wife and her sister with our driver went to S&R on Monday and was able to buy me some Fundador no restriction on Alcohol sales there ! and stocked up on cleaning products,coffee, burgers and my favourite flounder fish ! and cinnamon rolls and apple strudels, Bobs a happy bunny !!
  4. where we are the barangay is like a mini Dynasty ! no point in complaining about anything as nothing gets done
  5. We have 3 dogs the sister has the Oldest named Whitney, we have the daughter named Amaya and the daughters son originally named Gizmo due to the white fur on his head but he grew and grew and is now named Arnie !! he is now mummys Baby ! we feed them twice a day ,chicken liver and rice and varied with pork bits. we also buy them Biscuits for there afternoon treats and also pedigree chewsticks for their saturday treat and after they have been bathed. overall a months bill for the dogs inc food treats shampoos etc costs around 3000 pesos. we dont have children and the dogs protect us etc money well spent. I can understand others not being able to have dogs because of the cost etc, we love our dogs, they are not tied up or caged etc they have the run of the homes and the area.
  6. Just a thought this virus thing was kept quiet for a while, meanwhile china stiil kept producing goods and shipping then around the world in containers ! And are still doing so ! Think of all the containers still waiting to be unloaded !
  7. Gave up driving here no road rules, everybody does their own thing ! We employ a driver on a regular basis i can sit in the back of the car and enjoy the scenery , and arrive at our destinations and home again relaxed
  8. Ah the rich Foriegner thing ! Like Ausexpat when me and my filipino wife arrived here in 2011 to live permantly we bought an old Nissan Urvan ! Which filled our needs travel,shopping and taking my UK family around in April 2012. We got a few comments from relatives and neighbours as most new we had money ! But i had no intentions of buying a new car seeing how Filipinos drive ! In 2012 we began demolishing the wifes small home and building our 2 storey home ! First we had comments about building the home one woman actually told the wife we were showing off ! Funny thing the only part of the home that could be seen was the top floor and the roof as the lower part was built behind the family home. When the home was finished we concreted the front of the family home and built a carport with large folding doors and we added a CCTV camera later to let us see who was ringing the door bell as we were back in the compound, at first it was mostly kids ! Comments the wife got were, hope you have a building permit ,and is your husband registered , then once the house was built we got a new car ! Well the Nissan was becoming a bit of a pain, thats when the " friends and neighbours " began asking to borrow money ! But the wife always refused one did get nasty but the wife said did you help us when we had problems ? NO! So why should we help you ?. But overall since 2011 i regard Filipinos in some respect better than my own countrymen ! Here family comes first ! And when you consider the number of young Filipinos working abroad and supporting their familes against the UK benefits system Filipinos are far better. Yes some Filipinos see Foriegners as walking ATMs , its the same in other countries as well, how do Filipinas regard me ? Im the lucky Englishman who married the best Filipina woman in the world !
  9. According to our Barangays website they know the names and addresses etc of those who are eligible for the payouts , but apparently the money will first go to the civic centre and be distributed to the Barangays according to the Civic centres records ! Judging by what im told about past disasters it will be the usual recipients .
  10. Where i am on the edge of laguna de bay, there are usually 2 guys fishing every day but since sunday morning there are many,many more i can see around 50 ! The water level in the bay has dropped so much that guys are standing roughly 150 metres or more from our sea wall and the level is around their knees !
  11. The lockdown here has meant instead of the normal 2-3 guys fishing in the bay its now 20 or more ! Tricycle drivers are warned not to flout the rules if they do they will be fined and their tricycles taken from them ! And we are now not able to travel from Barangay to Barangay ! only for basic food and medicines 1 person per household . Yes i feel sorry for the poor the Barangay has plenty of sacks of rice and noodles,coffee etc i wonder if any will come our way i think not.
  12. Me and the wife each have our UK state pensions ( hers based on my contributions ) I have 2 private pensions one pays a fixed amount each month and the other pays out once a year infact it pays out every march 不 And the wife has her own gsis pension each month. Overrall we are financially ok our home we built and paid for our only large payment is our car which has one more year to go.. life is good
  13. This is the site for living in the Philippines, all your questions can be answered . I personally read books when i met my now Filipina wife online. I knew nothing at all about the philippines. Only after coming to the Philippines 3 times and meeting family etc , luckily the wifes family all had good jobs,homes etc. Its a lovely country with its lovely people, you just have to remember its their country and their rules. Im originally from the UK and have no intentions of going back there, the Philippines is my home now even have our burial plots bought and paid for ! Most you tube videos are there to make money the best one for me is A Foriegner in the Philippines run by a guy named Terence.
  14. Eden Cheese ?不不不不 sorry tried it but no ! I only buy Australian Chedder for my cheese on toast stil looking for Canadian chedder but no luck as of yet, weaned my wife off of eden well almost ! I think Filipinos are like us its what they are used to ! I miss several things from the UK ! especially Cider but san mig Apple is a good substitute.
  15. Im the same as you Steve well i was the same as you, when we first arrived here in 2011 and building our home i would think nothing of giving the workers overtime and a monthly bonus,but i was soon told not to as the wife says " we are paying them more than the normal daily rate and feeding them ! " im a soft guy who would give money to beggars until the wife showed me a home where one of the beggers lived ! As for our rubbish cardbord boxes,6 litre water containers, plastic bottles, glass bottles etc we sell the lot ! We employ guys to cut our trees, and odd jobs on a regular basis, and we employ a guy as our driver who we pay on average 500 pesos a day from 8am until 3-5pm and he eats with us.
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