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  1. If its anything like the imm8gration office in Manila parts of which are running windows XP
  2. For us where we live in Los Banos, we are only allowed to go to do shopping on odd numbered days ! Face masks and shields must be worn when entering stores and the malls. And we need our own barcode to enter the local malls and stores ! We even have to wear face masks inside the car within los Banos area. Rules however are different in area by area, for example i can go into the local Robinsons Handyman. But not the Robinsons Handyman in another area ! As i am over 65yrs of age !
  3. Not sure if it helps but i use Viber to contact my UK bank and the UK pension service very cheap !
  4. A nearby Barangay Kapitan and his secretary were said by Duterte to be corrupt etc and told they were Dismissed as seen on TV in a recent speech to the nation! The Barangay Kapitan is still at work using his Government Vehicle . his younger sister stiil works in the Barangay office as a co-ordninator , and his mother is still taken shopping in one of the Barangay vans ! Its as though he and his family run the Barangay and what the President says means nothing !
  5. Went to Santa Rosa immigration office this morning arrived around 08.20 handed in my Passort and ACR card and waited to be called ! An hour later out comes a guy who says the system is down ! And i had to fill out a form , my Passport was handed back and was tolď to pay the 310 pesos and come back on Tues after lunch for my ACR card and receipt ! Needless to say their were many people upset ! Those who were waiting to renew or extend their visas etc were told to register their passports online ! Funny thing the BI website has been down all week ! Will see what happens tomorrow !
  6. Our 2 story home cost us 1.4 million pesos that includes fully plummed, full electrics and all windows ! We were on site while it was being built and we ordered all the materials ! ( 2 bedrooms balcony,living room,cr , upstairs ) Kitchen,cr,dining room, downstairs. No of workers started at 6 eventually ended at 4 the builder wanted to lose 2 more so his days would be longer but the wife refused ! Since then we have added a front entrance, added a dirty kitchen and our first bayo kubo, then we bought another bayo kubo and then added a entrance to it , we also added a car port the leng
  7. Our Internet speed with PLDT averages around 35=50mbps the sister who is a college professor also is connected to our router and uses it for online schooling and group zoom chats during the day. I watch Netflix or youtube at night and often use speedtest to check the speed i reboot the router first thing every morning and around 6pm this keeps the speed up . The router is in use by our pc 2 tablets and the sisters laptop we dont have many problems with lagging if we do its with netflix not PLDT
  8. Reminds me of when i went register at immigration in Manila. I was told i needed an xray before leaving the UK which had to be put onto a disk. The Doctor apologised to me as they were still running wndows xp and their software couldnt read the disk !
  9. We have a coffee grinder/brewer cost 3000 pesos from HMR original price 6000 works a treat ! Must admit theres nothing like fresh brewed Coffee ! I used to work for a vending company in the UK and i never use starbucks ! Used it once here when a new store opened cost 185 ! Just down the road is a 7/11 same thing cost 75 pesos ! And when you work out the average cost of a coffee at starbucks and then know that it costs them around 5-10 pesos to make ! Regarding coffee beans luckily where we are there is a south supermarket which sells many kinds of beans ( inc starbucks ) but we buy
  10. Ours was done in March smoke test is a joke ! Van in front of our car was belching smoke like a Jeepney! And it passed our car passed also, and had to have third party insurance as well ! Even though its already fully comp ! But its the law here ! No other test was done , we are however still waiting for our sticker from the Licencing centre !
  11. We reg shop at S&R no Alcohol ban here nobody seems to be buying in bulk lots of buy 1 get 1 offers ( 2 botts of scotch whisky for 399 pesos ! ) couldnt resist !
  12. With me its breakfast whenever i wake up , breakfast could be instant noodles or cheese on toast or cereals, lunch around 11am, dinner around 5-6pm i eat,fish ( Blue Marlin or Flounder ) US Burgers or Hotdogs, drink wise we brew our own coffee and we also drink 3 in 1. I drink on average 2 litres of water a day, 3-4 cups of coffee,1 can pepsi and 1 bottle of beer with the odd whiskey. I also eat on aveage 2 cakes a day ( doughnuts or cheesecake, or others ) weight wisw whatever i eat i stay the same weight ! Average 145 llbs. Wife cooks me Beef and Broccoli, Shepards pies, Beef and Potatos, a
  13. I also phoned the int pension centre but this time i used viber instead of PLDT int calls its a lot cheaper cost me $4 made 1 call to the pension centre and another recently to my UK bank viber balance is now $2.43
  14. we went to S&R Nuvali on Saturday no checkpoints manned well they were on their mobiles !! got to S&R no forms,no queues, no Alcohol ban just temp checked. here locally i cant go to the market with my wife ! even with a Quarantine pass ! everything slowly closing down again ! if this has led to Jollibee closing stores then who next ? SM or MCDs,etc,etc opposite me it was the guys birthday lots of his mates drinking , its one rule for one one rule for others !
  15. hi we live in Los Banos happy to help been here since 2011 so know the place well and we often visit places such as Cavite,Santa Rosa,Calamba and Nuvali. tend to stay clear of manila only go there when I need to renew my ACR card only problem is Im English
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