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  1. Great song one of many from the Bee Gees
  2. I had to have a criminal check and a medical check before i married my wife here.
  3. Your first place to visit is the city hall and see to who the land is registered to. We have a friend in Batangas who was going to buy land to build on from a reative Turned out the land was owned by a company in Manila and was bought for warehousing !
  4. We have been with PLDT for 10 years after a short joke service from Globe . We pay 1299 a month for landline and fibre. And the speed varies from 0.5 to 50 ! Every day we get on average 1 - 3 txt messages offering us upgraded services ! And trying to get through to the number no chance ! Still theres alway the cable tv suppliers broadband ! I wont go there !
  5. My Filipino wife when she reached the age of 65yrs was entitled to a UK pension based on my NI contributions, as are all Filipino woman legally married to an Englishman when the woman reaches retirement age. Though the rules have now changed they will get their own pensions . As my posting states it was intended for those woman ALREADY GETTING a pension based on their husbands NI NOT ALL FILIPINO WIVES
  6. Just thought i would remind all UK expats whose wife is getting a UK Pension based on your NI contributions , you need to make sure that she is getting 60% of your own pension. Many woman have not been getting the right amount ! As was the case with my wife . What you need to do if your not sure if your wife is not getting the right amount. First email the Int Pension Service in the UK. Wait a couple of days and then phone them ! Like my wife she was told that she was not entitled to any rebate ! Then ask to speak to a supervisor ! You may be told the same ! But thats the reason you must email them first ! As your wife is now in the system so to speak ! And now 3 people have been informed ! Within 4 days my wife got her upaid pension going back 5yrs ! And it was a large amount , And her pension was increased .
  7. My appt was 09.30 at Santa Rosa arrived at 09.00 all finished at 09,20 ! Legal size appt printed no past receipts asked for
  8. Here in Los Banos you cant enter places like Robinsons mall or Waltermart Without a QR code and for myself and the wife being seniors we had to show we have been vaccinated, in Robinsons for example we had to show our QR code at the main entrance and again at the Handyman store and even at their supermarket , curfew again from 10pm. The thing is though from our home to Robinsons there are many people in the roads talking without face masks !
  9. I found on checking things on shopee most of the sellers are based in China ! But then again its the same with Lazeda ! But the Difference with Lazeda is most of the delivery guys and gals are self employed and local Lazeda deliver locally to the couriers similar to shopee, but Lazeda also keep certain things in stock which are top sellers. Ive bought many things via Lazeda and only ever returned two items which i dropped into LBC and was refunded the next day. My recent orders via Lazeda and from China were two radios both were delivered in 5 days ! And with a delivery cost of 89 pesos !
  10. My laptop is a Panasonic toughbook always wanted one but was told they were not very good for home use as were too slow and most were setup for special users no good for games etc, i bought mine from a guy on facebook market place, sold as refurbished and running windows 10 It was as advertised looking like a new PC, i cloned the hard drive onto a new SSD which improved its performance by almost 100% Considering what i paid for it and the price for a new laptop my toughbook was a bargain regardless of it regarded by many as rubbish
  11. Luckily my Wife is a EX Agrarian reform Manager so she knows all the inside and out of Philippines law espec land laws , she has dealt with all the legal side of things here since we married in 2002 ! Every thing is in her name which is ok with me her money is my money and my money is her money ! Its been like that from day one. And she does not take rubbish from anybody. I also keep a low profile i never go out alone anywhere here we are well known as a couple locally and she will not give money to anyone, we do however employ regular builders etc and we pay no more than 600 pesos a day for electricans etc and we give them merienda . Our recent expense was a water tank and pump due to very low water pressure and at weekends no water at all. Maybe next is a solar power system !
  12. Yes the paper size is " legal " 8x13 we bought a pack of 25 sheets used 3 inc passports pics and used 2 to do a test printout and you have to have the correct folder also. Out of the 4 windows i had to go to only the photo taking one was happy and smiling faces
  13. Burning rubbish is illegal here in our city and Barangay, we have a regular barangay truck 2-3 days a week which picks up sacks, all our empty bottles,tins and cardboard we sell for a few pesos our Barangay is very strict on this and espec strict also on illegal parking
  14. I was looking for a replacement laptop thesister in law bought a new HP one for 45,000 pesos its so thin it seems very fragile.Anyway i have always liked the Panasonic toughbooks and was lucky enough to find one on Facebook Market place reconditioned For 18,500 pesos met the guy in Manila he showed me it working it looked brand new not a mark on it and all the protective covers were on it! All i have done to it is changed the hard drive to a SSD my test program is Trainz 2019 which it runs perectly so im a happy bunny !
  15. Seems like his girls brother or lover is a cop
  16. We Never use LBC for sending anything anywhere! In the past we tried sending various things to the UK via LBC inc Passport renewals which they would not accept ! And birthday gifts to the wifes friend again they would not accept ! But DHL no problem !
  17. Our burial plots already bought ! I have told my wife if i get ill enough to be taken to hospital then i wiil stay at home and in bed ! And die at home, i also told her do not get expensive medicines ! Her mother before she passed on was on a special milk at 7000 pesos a bag ! Less senior discount ! Hospitals here are all about making money ! I went to our local hospital a few years ago when i cut one of my fingers only wanted a tetunus injection, but they wanted to do blood test xray and keep me in over night ! I told the wife we are leaving ! Went to mercury drug got some cream all sorted ! Thing here also if you die now its automatically covid so its cremation
  18. My sister-in-law is a college teacher and she is upset at some of the comments here ! She works every day from 7am umtil 5pm teaching her students online ! inc sundays !
  19. Just thought i would put my two penneth in! From where i am sitting i can see a nephew working as a mining Engineer in Australia, his Brother a Geologist in Canada, another Brother a Doctor in Saudia Arabia, and their Sister an Accountant all from one family, from another family a Nephew is a priest in Legazpi, his sister is an online nursing adviser for a group of 5 US Hospitals, and their sister is a Marine Biologist in Masbate ! All taught in local colleges, and another Nephew has his own Dental practice here in Los Banos !
  20. I agree if your wife is with you its a quick and easy process the Ambassador is very nice ! Very helpful taked two visits the second is for the visa !
  21. With ref to this topic I am now getting 184 pounds a week and my wife gets 104 pounds a week ! Life is good
  22. Been here in paradise since 2011 never put on or lose weight ! I rarely eat rice , stay away from big cakes , a lot of things here are produced for the Filipinos ! Which amazes me for example 3 in 1 coffee , most are high in sugar ! Nestle a while back introduced a Blend and Brew coffee which was great but then they changed the recipe,( more sugar less coffee ) i only buy san migs Barako coffee 3 in 1 now and and Nestle Gold which i make to my liking, my main diet consists of US burgers,chicken nuggets, Flounder,Blue Marlin, US cheese and fruit juices, Drinks from Australia, and Angus hot dogs, and the wife cooks me Cinnamon rolls and Chicken Kievs And i love Jollibees champ burger !
  23. Myself and my wife had our Covid Vaccines today( pre registered last week ) . Many blood pressure tests before and after the Vaccination ! Lots of questions about my health such as am i on medications,and have I had any operations etc. In all 10 different stations to go to but all over in just 90 mins ! Total cost zero !
  24. Ants ! The little blighters amaze me, they get everywhere ! Its got to the point now that things like jars of coffee,sugar,biscuits etc once opened need a food bag over the top before the lids are replaced ! Things like when the doorbell stops working, its because the ants have made a nest in the push button ! For me i was surprised when i went to use a tape measure ! I began to pull out the tape and the little pests crawled out all over my hand !so i pulled the tape out all way locked it and spayed the holder with WD40 ! No ants since !
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