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  1. All the women want harry what?!?!?!?! Oh wait, you mean all the women want 'arry.... LOL
  2. Will we have the honor of your presence?
  3. Is this Thursday this Month's Meeting? I calculate it is but wanted to verify.
  4. Thanks Dave, I will bring an invoice for you next Dumaguete Monthly Meetup Event - as you are the one who originally invited me and it seems to have slipped your mind to pay.....
  5. Larry should have told Jenny to tell her family he is a Vegetarian. That is the actual issue and why he looked to be in a panic. He planned on trying it but seeing the pig freaked him out. Update, not that anyone probably wants one, since the video they applied for a K-1, got it after about a year, and got married either Nov or Dec 2018. Living in Florida now. I am not a fan of Rabbit, we caught rabbits when I was in the Marines. No fires were allow so we ate them fresh (still warm). Two of us got medevaced out and hospitalized for 3 days from food poisoning...
  6. hahaha, we still have limited HD 1080p channels over here. Most stations are still 480p
  7. No prescription needed in Duma
  8. Majority rule, we took a vote. You are hereby notified LOL
  9. As far as advanced payment is concerned, many of us availed of the the maximum 36 months advanced at the old rate 2 years ago July. I do not know if the advanced payment time has changed since then, nor do I know neither does the government for that matter, how the recent switch to national health care changes PhilHealth.
  10. Got tired of messing with home visit BS you describe. Been availing of Levy Hair Salon II, next to the Gyro shop on the corner, a block away from Lee Plaza (past BPI on the other side of the road/left corner before crossing the intersection on the way from Lee Plaza to Chin Loong). A more expensive and more 'spa like' (so I have been told) place is Paint & Polish Nail House, directly across the street from Levy.
  11. Sounds like that might be the best bang for the buck... errr peso
  12. hmmmm, 25k is a bit steep for the amount of convenience it would provide I think. We keep a Timba in the shower for those times the water is off. I wouldn't mind a Tabo shower as much if I could comfortably bend at the waist and raise it over my head, but I can't. I do have a removable shower head which helps when there is low pressure. Not looking for 'all the comforts of modern living' but would like to be a bit more comfortable. Not only for showers but for flushing toilets, and washing dishes... Been in this house 2 years and still have no plans for hot water, just get in, get clean, and get out - not that big a deal...
  13. I will have to go up there again and think about it. Radiant barrier is the 'correct' solution but I have installed temperature/humidity controlled fans before also.
  14. Can anyone give me basic info/suggestions for backup water. Our water is turned off at least a couple hours every night and half the time 'they' are too lazy to turn the valve all the way back on and our pressure is low for the day. How high does a water tank need to be mounted to provide decent shower pressure ect for a 1 story home? What is the tradeoff for tower/gravity fed vs surface mounted with pump? Please include approximate costs if you can as that is a major consideration since we are in a rental house.
  15. I know this has been talked about before but was wondering if anyone has priced this lately, parts and labor? I have plenty of shade everywhere but the roof and have zero insulation in the attic. Seems to me the Philippines is the perfect conditions for Radiant Barrier to excel but I don't know if it is worth the upgrade to a rental house so I am looking for ballpark of what cost might be for this 112 sqm house
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