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  1. Got tired of messing with home visit BS you describe. Been availing of Levy Hair Salon II, next to the Gyro shop on the corner, a block away from Lee Plaza (past BPI on the other side of the road/left corner before crossing the intersection on the way from Lee Plaza to Chin Loong). A more expensive and more 'spa like' (so I have been told) place is Paint & Polish Nail House, directly across the street from Levy.
  2. Sounds like that might be the best bang for the buck... errr peso
  3. hmmmm, 25k is a bit steep for the amount of convenience it would provide I think. We keep a Timba in the shower for those times the water is off. I wouldn't mind a Tabo shower as much if I could comfortably bend at the waist and raise it over my head, but I can't. I do have a removable shower head which helps when there is low pressure. Not looking for 'all the comforts of modern living' but would like to be a bit more comfortable. Not only for showers but for flushing toilets, and washing dishes... Been in this house 2 years and still have no plans for hot water, just get in, get clean, and get out - not that big a deal...
  4. I will have to go up there again and think about it. Radiant barrier is the 'correct' solution but I have installed temperature/humidity controlled fans before also.
  5. Can anyone give me basic info/suggestions for backup water. Our water is turned off at least a couple hours every night and half the time 'they' are too lazy to turn the valve all the way back on and our pressure is low for the day. How high does a water tank need to be mounted to provide decent shower pressure ect for a 1 story home? What is the tradeoff for tower/gravity fed vs surface mounted with pump? Please include approximate costs if you can as that is a major consideration since we are in a rental house.
  6. I know this has been talked about before but was wondering if anyone has priced this lately, parts and labor? I have plenty of shade everywhere but the roof and have zero insulation in the attic. Seems to me the Philippines is the perfect conditions for Radiant Barrier to excel but I don't know if it is worth the upgrade to a rental house so I am looking for ballpark of what cost might be for this 112 sqm house
  7. Why don't you use the car wash here in Valencia? Next to the gas station on your right as you get to Valencia proper. Open Mon-Sat.
  8. Yup, I think my charger puts in twice the amps yours does, plus you run aircon and use more amps from your batteries
  9. Yup I saw that, I now have 3 - 180Ah (540Ah total, 270Ah useable) batteries so I won't notice a 12 hour brownout - except for plugging in the extension cord to the ref and water cooler... Dear Brownout - HAHAHAHA Eddie, I thought I already had you following NORECO II page so you get the notices. Click here https://www.facebook.com/norecotwo/ and make sure you are 'Following" - 'See First' so they will be at the top of your FB newsfeed when they are released.
  10. Glad you took a pic too. My camera in my old phone doesn't always remember what the picture was. This time it screwed up both pics of the group. Yup, new one on order...
  11. Final few days in this month's countdown....
  12. I have seen this topic, not sure if on this forum or somewhere else, of if it was the same company or not, but the legality was called into question then also. Treading way to close to Fraud in my opinion. If it were 100% approved then many companies would be offering their version.
  13. Interesting, but as I suppose most overstaying here are doing so because of lack of funds switching status for p250,000 isn't gonna change much. Might be a blessing for those with limited mobility though.
  14. Well there was a time there I would have won that title easily, not so much anymore - in no small part by the group being willing to move to a different Thursday. Very much appreciated by me, I am honored. The whole changing location thing just popped in my head as an observation to start with. All 6 of us attending came down from Valencia. Next thought was you could avoid traffic coming the back way and Eddie wouldn't hardly see any traffic at all. Just an idea to kick around and not sure there is a venue to accomodate us to our liking is why I hadn't posted about it. Sounds like an official request to push back a week? I hadn't thought about it much but probably in my best interest also LOL How is everyone on dates? Push up to next week the 7th or back to the 23rd? I am good for either - still at Chin Loong as there was no official change on location.
  15. Ummmm, I was the one to suggest it - at the meetup - as I noticed that EVERYONE at the Dumaguete Meetup was from Valencia. Neither of you showed up - again, if you had been there I would not have noticed everyone was from Valencia, because we wouldn't have been. Chin Loong is great - as long as you guys are gonna show up, if you're not there why do you even care?
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