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  1. I have a friend just asked me if there are any problems with bringing a 6 inch blade buck knife in a sheath in his checked baggage. He is not wanting to carry it or anything, moving here permanently and doesn't want to leave it behind.
  2. AlwaysRt

    health insurance in USA

    Me too, the problem is what to do about insurance for my wife in the States? ChampVA paying 75% here is pretty good but the 25% copay in the States could wallet breaking.
  3. AlwaysRt

    So She Said Yes!!

  4. I personally have gotten my ECCs at NAIA. I asked the BI officers at Mactan in February from Singapore and I know 2 people who have done their ECC at Mactan. So, I have not personally done it at Mactan but trust 2 people that have this year plus confirmed it at the airport this year myself. If I was leaving the country via Mactan I would expect to get an ECC at the airport and would not go to Cebu early to get one from the BI office.
  5. My experience is the immigration offices have different stories about where you can get an ECC when in the 6 -12 month window. However, the airports always have the same answer - no problem, pay the cashier. I have never stayed over 12 months and I have never gone to a BI office to get my ECC. I have always obtained my ECC from the immigration cahier (end of the row of immigration officers, pay the cashier and they send you to the front of the line) at the airport.
  6. AlwaysRt

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    You want one of the SuperSurf promos, if you get a multiple day version the 1st 1GB of data is full speed and then it is throttled until midnight when it will automatically reset to full speed for that day. Data tip for watching youtube videos, I have my quality set at 360p which is still fine for youtube even on my 65" TV. Saves a lot of data vs watching in HD. Here is the link to find out more about SuperSurf and the options available: https://www.globe.com.ph/help/data/prepaid-promos/supersurf?jsid=572B76993476E6AD8466553B3FFB38AA.41533880164023
  7. AlwaysRt

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    Just making sure we are still the 9th and not moved back a week again?
  8. Has anyone in Dumaguete done this yet? I need to renew my registration next week and wonder if this will be tied to it?
  9. AlwaysRt

    marriage to a filipina

    The requirements and fees are different to each local municipality. You need to check with the municipality you plan to get married in, only they can give you the correct checklist and fees.
  10. AlwaysRt

    How to drive a Filipina crazy

    They are texts not emails, Filipino sounding names, just says so-in-so sent you xxxx pesos, this is the control number, come to Palawan to pickup. Very strange but she gets them often.
  11. AlwaysRt

    How to drive a Filipina crazy

    I don't think mine would do anything but delete it. She gets notifications her money is available for pickup several times a week. Anywhere from p800 all the way up to p60,000+ once. No idea how the scam (it has to be) works to make the sender money.
  12. The 1st time I exited after getting my renewed passport through the embassy in Manila, I just gave immigration at the airport both passports. There was no issue with that at all.
  13. AlwaysRt

    Hong Kong Visit - Advice Needed

    When going back to visit Hong Kong I prefer to AirBnB a place in Discovery Bay. From the airport, get on one of the Discovery Bay busses and you will end up easy walking distance to your condo. Want to go to Disney or the MRT? Get on the bus right outside and go to the MRT or Disney Train. Like the idea of a ferry? Go to the DB dock, the ferry takes you to Central. Easy access anywhere, decent prices last time I checked.
  14. One of the things you lose the longer you are away from the west is being current in pop culture, specifically what TV shows are being released, much less which are worth watching (worth a damn). Can those members currently or recently "back home" update us on which shows we 'have to' watch? I have a list to start with, some are new (to me) and I haven't watched them yet so this isn't a 100% gotta see all of these list, but these are the shows, season, and episode that should be available next. For those not familiar with the terminology, S01E01 translates to Season 1, Episode 1. 90 Day Fiance S07E01 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After S03E07 American Gods S02E01 Bar Rescue S06E19 Below Deck Mediterranean S03E10 Below Deck S06E01 Billions S04E01 Condor S01E07 Counterpart S02E01 Deadliest Catch S14E15 Elementary S06E12 Game of Thrones S08E01 Goliath S03E01 Hells Kitchen S18E01 House Of Cards S06E01 Knightfall S02E01 Krypton S02E01 Legends of Tomorrow S04E01 Marvels Iron Fist - S02E01 Marvels Jessica Jones S03E01 Marvels Legion - S03E01 Marvels Luke Cage S03E01 Marvels The Gifted - S02E01 Marvels The Punisher S02E01 Mindhunter S02E01 Mr Robot S04E01 Narcos S04E01 Reverie S01E08 Salvation S02E01 Seal Team S02E01 Shooter S03E06 Star Trek Discovery S02E01 Suits S08E01 Taboo S02E01 The Big Bang Theory S12E01 The Blacklist S06E01 The Brave S02E01 The Expanse S04E01 The Walking Dead S09E01 Vikings S06E01 Westworld S03E01
  15. AlwaysRt

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    I am gonna go out on a limb here and guess that is primarily directed at me!!!! LMAO