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  1. But I have been passing my time driving by not being in a hurry to get anywhere, which landed me in the spot of bother I got myself in yesterday, I will have to try harder.
  2. In another thread I posted about the problem I am having with my water line. I was thinking about running some of that white thick walled line, I think it might be a hardened polly pipe, anyway the plumber just quoted 20k to do the 50 meter run, not cheap. So I was thinking of looking for some thick walled black poly pipe and where it is above the ground run it through some 1 inch galvanised pipe that maybe just maybe stop the brush cutter slicing through it. Any suggestions please?
  3. Yes, maybe you are correct in what you are saying about authority, I was pondering that on my 4 hour drive to and from the city yesterday about how they have probably respect for authority, but the way they drive they have no respect for life. Maybe on birth they should all get a patience pill that lasts for life, on my way to the plumber just then I was following some motorcycles and saw in the rear view mirror a car that wanted to overtake me, to which he did although there was a truck coming in the opposite direction but he still did overtake me and then pulled in front of me nearly colliding with me, all for the sake of one car length.
  4. Man of the cold land, boy that's a mouthful. We asked our plumber to do some initial investigations and sure enough , where the Barangay had their labourer trim the grass out on the road he sliced the line partially, so next step is to hard line the pipe, but with what material? Anything except that black polypipe, that white pipe seems to have a thick wall, so I probably go with that and just ensure that it as least 12" down. I wonder if that white pipe is valuable to someone? will it last before disapearing? I really like your idea of having the pipe above ground to heat the water, brilliant. Now that I have vented I must remember the good old saying in the Philippines "If it wasn't this problem it would have been something else", so this week I have had problems with the air conditioning people, PLDT and today the water. I had a win yesterday in getting a new solenoid on the starter motor for the Nissan, and the mechanic will fit that tomorrow for a reasonable charge and lunch on us, so that will be a win for the week. But there is always next week.
  5. Yes, the same as our motor mechanic here at the factory, there is nothing that he cannot fix, so when he does come over to the house to work on our cars he is treated accordingly, with great respect and his appetite is catered for as well
  6. Last week we received our water bill, where 41 cu.m of water was metered into the property, which equal 7 barrels (200 litre capacity) was used per day, for 2 people. Of course the smart thing to do is turn the supply off at the inlet to the house, and then I could ascertain if there is a leak in the 250 meters of 3/8" pipe that comes from the street,. With that in mind my gf paid the bill and complained about the excessive use of water, and of course they said they would send someone out to check, I would do all of the fault finding if I knew which meter was ours in cluster of 7 meters in the line from the street. Now after my dealings with PLDT from another post, I realise that the average person in the Philippines trusts, yes trusts these agencies to do what they promised to do. But I know different, that seeing it has been a week and nothing from them, you have to keep at them, not calling them but actually go to their office and front them. Trust any of them, no NEKCUF way. Three months ago we had the airconditioning in the car serviced by a "Specialist", they came out to the house to do the job. So when the car started blowing hot air I gave them a call, they came out looked under the hood , scratched their heads and made lots of phone calls and after a while said they would be back. When they didn't come back I gave them a call and was told that all of the technicians are sick and would not be able to come out for a while. Kiss some more money goodbye.... At least if you ssip your money up against the wall you would have a hangover to prove you got something for your money
  7. Thanks Geoff but we already have Converge up and running and is working a treat, my idea was to have both running until my contract wIth PLDT expired, but after yesterdays experience I am not paying another cent to PLDT and for a change they can chase me and I will ignore them. While I was at the PLDT office waiting for 2 hours, the thought struck me that in this country no one seems to mind getting DEKCUF over until I saw a man about my age lose it with the staff about no service there, someone has some balls after all.
  8. We went to the PLDT office yesterday sort this mess out, what mess you might ask? That after the typhoon in December last year the equipment outside suffered some damage, so we called the 171 number and could not speak to anyone because of some irregularity with our details, so if your details are not 100 percent correct the "Computer says NO" So I started contacting them on messenger, evidently the wrong contact number, because I sent them 500 messages in a two month period and the majority of times they responded with the reply " someone will contact you", or "we have escalated this to our support team" and a few other standard computer generated replies. but no one ever called us . Yesterday we took the 2 hour trip to the nearest city to get some car parts and as advised here we went to the PLDT office and waited 2 hours to talk to someone about the problem. Because no one ever called us after my 500 messages, according to them "There isn't a problem". There is only a problem if we call you and raise a docket, and so the conversation started going around and around, the person I was talking to was not interested in seeing the 500 messages and very quickly palmed us off to a internal phone where she palmed us off to another person where exactly the same thing happened. When I asked for a email address that I could send a transcript of my messages to "We don't have a email address that you can do that". So there you have it folks, how to waste 3 hours of your life. Oh I forgot to mention, that they will only raise a docket if your account is in credit, now seeing that our account was due a week ago, I didn't pay it because of the continuing saga with these bastards, so they want me to pay up front again for a service that is not working properly with no guarantee that anything will be done, this I know.
  9. I have to be honest here, I am not that keen on how my gf treated that young lady yesterday, it was 8 p.m. when I put my foot down and said "That's enough", let her go back to her quarters and after she had left I told the gf that she had better be giving the worker some extra money for her work. Maybe, just maybe that is why the maids don't stay, but the gf reckons I am too soft, maybe I am but one has to be fair to people and treat them fairly.
  10. It was a slow day in one of the factories yesterday, so one of the girls came over to help in the house. This young lady came through like a whirlwind, didn't have to be told what to do just got into it and got the job done. This was all happening while I was tending to the yard outside so when I cam in for lunch this lady was still at it, she took 15 minutes off for lunch and then back into it again. So I asked my partner what do we have to do, or pay to keep the lady here instead of the factory, but it turns out if she is going to be a maid somewhere she wants to go overseas, it must be very good pay and conditions for overseas workers? Now this lady has a young son of school age who lives with a cousin in another province, so I suggested to offer to the lady that she can bring her son and live in here, no dice. I even got out the cream biscuits for her at the afternoon break, that didn't work either. Oh well, at least I tried and now I have seen what a good maid is like, not like that other oxygen thief.
  11. That is a very good idea, I will pass this onto my gf and see what is in town, but I have to tell you that we tried that before with one of our gardeners, we offered to put his daughter through university because he was always saying how poor they were, well the daughter wasn't interested in that she said she wanted to be a stay at home Mum (which is short for lazy hctib), then we found out that the reason he was always crying poor bugger me was that he had a drinking problem, as well as his two sons who we employed as labourers over at the factory, they were always absent from work, saying they were sick, I suppose being hungover is sick isn't it. You just can't help some people.
  12. OnMyWay, as it was when I was growing up with my four sister and one brother, we hardly ever saw mum and dad because they were out making a wage, but come the weekend when we were all together it was noisy as hell with all of us joking and mucking around at the dinner table, my sister kicking me under the table, you know how it goes. First it was Friday night Fish and Chips from the take away where we all gathered around the small black and white television, then on Sunday it was a more formal thing with the Sunday roast where we waited on Dad to carve the lamb, once again sitting down as a family with Mum and Dad joining in on our conversations, then the same Sunday night having leftovers from lunch, if there was any, if nothing left from lunch open up a can of soup and add a gallon of water to it. So it was when I had my own children, we sat down to dinner every night at home, the Sunday roast changed to a roast chicken from a take away joint because lamb became so bloody expensive, but we always had Sunday lunch and tea together. Yes, enjoy them while they are with you making the ruckus and having a good time with you as a family, rather than out at some joint where everyone has their nose in a tablet or on a mobile phone talking shite. Come Sunday I will find a place that opens earlier. Cheers,
  13. Coming in on the management skills, my thoughts are along the same lines but recreational time. That my partner has this thing about what the ex maid and all the other employees do on the their time off, that the factories (2 of them) and our house is protected by guards at the main gate and the river at the back of the house, so anyone going out goes through the main gate, the main gate gets locked up at 10 p.m. so anyone not back in stays out, simple enough. My partner was raising hell about the maid going out at 6 p.m. and not getting back until the morning, my response was that if they are finished for the day, let them go out that it isn't a prison as long as they are on the job at 6 a.m.no problem. Now remembering that the ex maid was 26 years old and is very good eye candy, so of course she is going to hook up with one of the males from the factory, yes lesson learnt there , short, fat and ugly but can cook should be on the list of attributes. My point being if you restrain them, especially girls they will revolt, and me having had 4 sisters I know through experience about that, so does my father. But here's the tickler, when the accommodation for the workers was being built, I saw the plans and observed how the boys and the girls digs were under the same roof and the only thing seperating them was a wall, so when I remarked that the plan was not a good idea and was asking for trouble no one took any notice of me. I don't call it the noodle factory anymore, I call it the "Love Factory", and when one of the young men is caught red handed in the chicken coup, I just roll my eyes and think "I told you so". have a good one today folks, and watch out for them on the roads.
  14. So I had a thought, next time we go out for breakfast I will take my Ipad and when the brats, or anyone else for that matter starts up their ipad I will crank up mine with some classical music, or even worse something like Iron Buterflies "In a Gada da Vida".
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