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  1. Better still I just won't post again...Problem solved forum police.
  2. bloody long way to the good water, at least it worked. They are doing it differently here: They get 4ft diameter reinforced culvert pipe and dig the inside of it out, the weight of the pipe sinks it into the ground, and they then keep doing that so far a total of 6 sections, cementing each section as they go, today there is a total of 8ft of water in the well, remembering that this well is about 150 metres from the river, so I guess all they are doing is finding the extremities of the river bank, as it is sand all the way. Further info to follow.
  3. Just come back from a visit to the local hardware man where I learnt something. The reason people have water tanks up so high is that they rely on the hydrostatic head of the height of the water tank to deliver water without the need of pressure tank and pump, something I suspected but now I know, it seems that along the way people here have over engineered everything and wasted a lot of money to achieve the same result, i.e. just water to the house. But while I was there at the hardware store the bloke there showed my something he just installed himself for 5k A little 1/2 hp pump with its own miniature pressure tank, automatic shut off at 40 psi, stainless steel shaft and overheat protection, the great idea is the simplicity of this, no overhead tanks. The only drawback to it is that there has to be a supply of water to be effective. That excludes me, oh well I really like the idea. You see as mentioned by me before no one has been able to explain to me about the tank being so high, giving me the blank look when I mention atmospheric pressure and the water won't go up that high by itself, . I am not going to give up on this, as I mentioned in another thread about a plumber wanting to install two tanks, the top tank being supplied by water from a suction pump, and then the overflow of that going down to the second tank, where another pump supplies water to the pressure tank. He hasn't been back after I said "For PHUCK Sake you are actually serious"!
  4. Yes, I wouldn't be able to look him in the eye. Having spoken to a local hardware man up the road who has my trust I have another plan which I will post on another thread called "water tanks".
  5. This comment comes under the same umbrella, Having had no water for a month now, I decided to take the plunge and inquire about getting a well dug, of course I didn't make the inquiry personally, the GF did the groundwork, so she called the plumber, he came out and inspected the job without me being there and gave a quote of 25k with a lot of the job already completed by another person, which was the sinking of 4x4ft reinforced concrete culverts. So she called this person and told him to go ahead with the job, he replied that he would have to come out and measure the job again, just to be sure, to be sure. Unfortunately I came home while he was halfway doing the re measurement to be sure. The quote went from 25k to 41k in a New York minute. So I have to go to plan B, after he could not really justify the increase in price and I lost my cool, so I don't think he will come back again anyway.
  6. To add to my unsuredness (probable isn't such a word but it will do), I have just returned from my daily supply run of groceries and beer, where I nearly got wiped out by a maniac in a big 4 wheel drive, who things that people can be intimidated by the size of these man machines, anyway while I was in the SM store they had Christmas Carols blaring over the sound system, so WTF goes on here?
  7. and what? Banning car horns in Manila fair enough, because there use there is excessive, but out here in the province using a car horn and the louder the better seems to snap these drivers out of the daydream, or whatever other trance they are in as they ride along oblivious to what is going on around them, traffic wise.
  8. I just made it back safely from a trip to town, but while I was driving along I had to do a quick evasion of a tricycle that come out from the right, the driver didn't look just came straight out into traffic.. Now I realise that there is nothing unusual about that but a Nissan Patrol coming in the other direction had to evade me as well, but in doing so sounded the car horn at me, the thing is though the horn sounded similar to the ones on locomotives..... I WANT ONE.
  9. I must remember or write out 100 times, the ditty about remembering the days in the month i.e 30 days has August, June and September , the rest have 31 days except for February which has 29 days for the purpose of visas in the Philippines. That is by my reckoning. Dave, that should work?
  10. Not to be so hard on myself, my reasoning was that my 29 day extension should have started on the 1st day of September (my initial 29 days expiring at Midnight on the 30th of August), so my flight out on the 29th at 2000hrs should have been ok.
  11. Thanks everyone for your input, especially to the members who very politely, without saying as much could have said "Onemore you need to learn how to count" but didn't. Off to Bangkok I go and then come back in hungover to hell and stay within the rules. Cheers everybody, I might even invest in a calandar.
  12. Dave, thanks for the heads up, and these acronyms here really confuse me to say the least. Yes, I will give that a go otherwise a trip to Bangkok could be on the cards, at least I can have a shower there.
  13. As I mentioned in another post a just a while ago, the BIR started my 29 day extension from the day I fronted up to their office, not the expiry date on my arrival stamp noting my date of expiry. Just for clarification:- Date of arrival : July 31st 2019 Date of expiry: Aug 30 2019 So I went to the BIR on the 28th September and my new stamp says Valid until :28th Sep 2019 My departing flight is at 2000hours on the 29th Sep 2019. What are the consequences of me overstaying 1 day please folks, now and in the future? Cheers
  14. Good Morning Tommy, yes I was taken aback when I received my new date of expiry, so I just thought another rule change, or a different rule added to the other rule because the other rule made sense, so introduce a new rule and catch the foreigner out. I am stickler for the rules of another country and as has been mentioned in other posts there is no use arguing with them. So I will be starting a new post on my options.
  15. Just a clue for you about getting a tourist visa after the "29 days voa". When you go to the BIR and pay the money for the extension, the next 29 days starts from the day you get the extension and not the expiry date that has been stamped on your arrival.
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