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  1. Onemore52

    Manila Airport

    Jake, Sydney city is beautiful but get out of the city and it is a dump.
  2. Qantas now departs from terminal 3, where I checked in a few days ago for a flight to Shitney, nothing unusual about that except for the fact that it has a senior lane for immigration and the again for the scanner, bloody brilliant, I was through in 3 minutes while all the other queues were very long.
  3. It is just the fools that make it so hard, unfortunately there are a lot of them, and I think they were having a gathering at the Manila airport this afternoon. I don’t understand what is so hard about getting everything ready before they get to the scannerhappens in every airport in the world.
  4. Oops, I found the visa fees at the start, my stuff up sorry. So I am guessing that a 6 month extension would not be multi entry, no money in that. Thanks to this forum I no longer need to go to the embassy in Sydney for something that is of no benefit to me. Cheers.
  5. How much for the 6 month extension and is it multi entry please folks
  6. How about when you have been standing in a queue for 5 minutes and it is nearly your turn to get served, and then the person getting served decides they have forgotten something and goes to get a few more things leaving the people in the queue waiting. But they just don’t care.
  7. The other night we were invited out to dinner, my gf knows I hate driving at night because of all the idiots on the road here, either drunk, or on drugs but anyway I thought I would keep the peace and go. So we are driving along this road to the beach, the gf is driving which was my first mistake, anyway one has to learn to be patient with them. As we were going along I could see some shadows approaching us, so I asked the gf to slow right down, which she did, Coming towards us in the dark was a group of bike riders taking up the whole lane, maybe four or five wide, not one phucken light between any of them. So much for going out at night, I will stick to late lunches, home by dusk. The reason I said I have have patience with her driving:- After the incident with the bikes, the road does a sweep to the right on the bend and we have to veer off to the left to get to the restaurant, so off she goes to the left, no indicator no slowing down, just drives off to the left. When I asked her about this manouver she just did, she said that the road just continues on. What about the double lines in the middle of the road? ”They don’t count here” I have mentioned before on this forum that the government could save a lot of money by not having traffic lights, road signs, road markings, anything.
  8. Because the tricycles are king of the road here and drive along at 25kph to save fuel, I drive along at 20kph to conserve fuel and wait till I have a procession of the behind me, then I go home. Who in the hell told these people that driving along at night without lights on conserves fuel? Or is there some other reason?
  9. I am heading out today for a 3 week break and reset my patience back to zero. I find if I stay off the roads I can manage alright but once I had out and have to deal with them I stray off course. Yesterday I was driving along at the same speed as everyone else 30kph, when a van came out at me from the left hand side, with me heading into the gutter to avoid contact, they just don’t care. Last week at the store I was waiting at the counter, the only one there, when finally someone came to serve me this woman butted in and started to give her order as though I was invisible so I said in a loud voice ‘’wait your turn’’. i just do not understand how rude these people can be, I could go on and on and on but I won’t just get out of here for a while.
  10. Thanks Gary, what a shame, I thought I was on to something good for a while, oh well put the thinking cap on again. With one 29 day extension costing A$85 and then the next extension costing A$380 I am wondering how much a 6 month extension would cost, and no doubt not multiple entry, hope I am wrong I wonder what the best option is. And marriage is not an option. Any input appreciated, as the foreigners staying in Thailand are copping it very hard with the new rules there. Cheers
  11. GeoofH, Thanks for the reply, you just saved me some time, as I will be in Sydney for a few days this week before heading off to Melbourne. I also have been paying for extensions over the years, so I will let you know how I go in Sydney.
  12. On the website of the Philippines embassy in Australia it is published that one can get a 12 month multiple entry visa for A$168, I am wondering if there is some provisions attached to this that are not advertised. Has anyone had one?
  13. Onemore52

    Are You Rich?

    Same subject different story. Last weekend I employed a couple of locals to mix some cement and build some steps on the property. They did a very good job and I was pleased on their work ethic, as they got stuck into the job. So at the end of the day I bought some beers for them, half a dozen can each, just as a sweetner to get them back again, but when they left they must have had a taste of it and went somewhere else to carry on, probably spent their wages. I head the next day that both wives were angry at the foreigner for getting their husbands so drunk that they didn't return home that night.
  14. Onemore52

    Are You Rich?

    Funny that, it was my birthday last Saturday and I told my GF no parties, no nothing that I am 67 years old and birthdays mean nothing to me, enough said, of course she didn't listen to a word I said. So at about 7:30 p.m some of her relatives start arriving at the house, together with some of their friends who I had never seen before, with nothing. Soon after the food started arriving from some take away place, pizza hut etc. During the night one of the relatives came up to me and told me that the beer had run out, no worries I said there is plenty of wine there (the cheap variety), so they got stuck into that. Then when that run out they left, taking with them the food that was left over. These people never cease to amaze me.
  15. Onemore52


    Jack, saw it mate, where is Beer Na Beer made?