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  1. Thanks for the replies. Have these visas been put on hold, like everything else?
  2. Coming in on this, do they recognise military service from other countries, say Australia where I have been recognised as a veteran due to my serving in a war zone?
  3. Mike, I had a thread going about rats nesting in our cars, what we learned from our endeavours was that the rats ate the poison and went elsewhere to meet their demise. Of course you can’t beat the cat route. Best of luck with whatever you do, as I also have been down that path, apart from listening to the pluckers running around we had to deal with no wifi as they ate the wiring.. cheers
  4. HK, good idea, however I already have trained the 3 Belgian Malinois’ to control and eradicate all the feral cats that were around that were eating all the bird life. To date very successful.
  5. An update on the rats. There must be a lot of rats around the property because my GF went to the agricultural supply store and they supplied 2 different products to control the rats, Storm and Ratokill. Storm being a block and Ratokill is pellets. On the first and second nights the blocks were placed on ledges giving access to the outside kitchen, she placed them there at sunset and checked again a couple of hours later and they had been consumed, so layed some more and they were gone in the morning, so then started putting down the pellets, same thing gone the next morning. So
  6. Dave, I reckon you are onto something there, easier to remove a bag of mothballs than to sweep up bait pellets. Maybe we could get the hired help to do it but the last maid only lasted a week, they must have a lot of money or a rich boyfriend, either way it is like a revolving door here with the maids.
  7. Mike J, thanks for the very informative reply, so looks as though back to plan A, being rat bait on top of the battery box of a night. The only reason I went away from plan A in the first place was that the bait would have to be rid of every morning least in spill on the driveway, where the dogs could eat it. Thanks for setting me straight, which is what this forum is about I suppose, people sharing their knowledge. Cheers,
  8. Thanks to everyone for the replies to my rat problem with the cars,. Both cars were taken to a reliable mechanic, where wiring was replaced and the engine bays cleaned where the rats were making home. I did a bit of research and discovered that rats don’t like the smell of mothballs, napthalene,so the GF is going to get some small netting bags fill them with mothballs, get some Zip ties and hang them in the engine bays, maybe off the firewall somewhere.
  9. Tommy, I was told yesterday that one of the bitches has been catching the rats, so at least one of them is earning their keep. When all 3 of them were puppies I encouraged them to exterminate the feral cats , which worked a treat until one day the same bitch that caught the rat saw a kitten which was being held by a little girl (her pet pussy) and started running towards the girl, about 100 meters away, the girl saw the dog racing towards her dropped the kitten and started running away. These Belgians are known for their strong jaws, so it was one snap and goodnight kitten. So we bought t
  10. There is lots of snakes in the reeds down by the river, even the occasional Cobra comes into our yard, I was told one of the dogs went too close to a cobra that was in the yard, as soon as the snake flared the dog shat itself and quickly retreated. I guess the snakes are too well fed.
  11. I hope this isn't a stupid question. That rats being nocturnal would have excellent eyesight and would see the shape of the snakes in the dark?
  12. I was quite shocked when in Daet, Camerines Norte, last year they stopped the truck doing the rubbish collection because the rubbish dump was full and they didn’t want to open another one. So picture the scene, that at night you are following a tricycle on the main road and it veers off to the side of the road and a plastic bag full of rubbish gets hurled onto the side of the road, joining all the other rubbish. Without any rubbish collection there isn’t any hope at all. Every time there is a heavy downpour of rain, the river out the back becomes a floating rubbish tip.
  13. Good morning all, Remembering that I am still stuck in Australia and that I will need to pass any info on to the GF by messenger, so here goes. The GF took the car to the shop yesterday because the air con wasn't working and of course the mechanic found that the rats had been in the car having a feed on the wiring, nothing new there, as the house is on a river. When I was there so long ago, I used to put a saucer with rat bait on the battery cover which seemed to work, I never saw any dead rats but the bait was being devoured. I am thinking that I need a new strategy, and m
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