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  1. Geoff, thanks for the info, I will give you a call tomorrow to decipher it. cheers
  2. I have cancelled my Express VPN for a simple reason, it could not guarantee me any security for some very important website access from the Phillipines, let me expand:- Whilst I was in Camarines Norte I wanted to purchase some Tatts tickets and online lottery tickets, but with the VPN activated I could not access the website, I had to disable the app and then I could access the site, so in effect having no security which is what they promised, they refunded my money no problems.
  3. I neglected to update this, by saying that the mechanic from the factory changed out both front shockies for 2500 php, whilst it took him 15 minutes for each.
  4. I have been using World Remit for a few years now and have never had any problems with them, on the rare occasion there has been a stuff up they are quick to respond to my queries.
  5. Yes please Dave, I will leave it up to you to move i..thanks Note: No need to move the thread but I did change the topic title so people understand why this thread is different.
  6. Hello everyone, now this is not going to be a short post but there is a reason, thanks for your patience. In a recent post, about a week ago I reckon I mentioned in a thread that I was going to Australia and was seeking advice about isolation etc. This is what happened:- Before I arrived in Australia I booked a cabin in a caravan park that I have frequented very often, so they knew me personally, they took the reservation after I informed them that for personal reasons I will be going into self isolation for a week so as not to cause any concerns with anyone, as I had only been out of the country for 3 days and in that 3 days had no contact with anyone, apart from the airport. No problems they said we will get you to do your own linen changes etc. No problems I agreed to that. On the day of arrival the government here imposed a 14 day isolation period on all arrivals into the country, so I received an email from the owners of the park saying that they were not willing to allow me to stay, so reservation cancelled. So I called a few hotels and they said the same thing, no bookings for arrivals seeking doing isolation. What to do, I am really in a bind here, looks as though park benches for me. Go back a couple of days when I was talking to a member of this forum, about what was happening in Australia and this member was keeping me informed of what was happening here with the lockdowns, lockouts, Quarintine periods the works. He even mentioned that should I get in a bind he can help me out. So I gave him a call and he said "No problems we will sort you out" He met me at the train station and took me to the place where I had stored my car, and then we went to the house he had for sale, where I could stay for 14 days to do my isolation that the government had imposed, now this house is fully furnished and is very comfortable in a quiet town, I can go to the shops and get my supplies and alcohol, nothing is a problem. Of course I am here by myself as the rules dictate, nothings a problem. So I am into day six of this and all is going well. So in ending this long story, I would like to express my gratitude to GeoffH for looking after me the way he has. Without his intervention I don't know what I would have done, it is something you read out of the bible, and I haven't even read it. The end. But once more thanks GeoffH
  7. Is Manila still in lockdown mode with no visitors allowed in?
  8. Thanks Geoff, so what is the difference between self isolation and self quarantine? My guess is that it will be up to the individual on how each person conducts himself/herself in this situation, acting responsibly.
  9. Is quarantine the same as house arrest, in Australia they are calling it self isolation, whatever that means, as they are saying it is ok to go the gym and the cinema. i don’t get it.
  10. No, I always go in on a tourist visa. I really do appreciate the heads up, as information of any kind is very scarce.
  11. Thanks Scott, are you currently in country?
  12. So what is the latest please folks? I read this morning that only citizens of the Philippines will be allowed into the country. i am due to leave on the 23rd March, and with no permanent digs in Australia I am going to have to start looking for somewhere to stay, this is going to hurt the wallet.
  13. Snowy, the 2 confirmed cases you mention means every country doesn’t it really.
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