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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice, which I appreciate this forum for, no bullshit. TommyT, yes a new workshop has opened in town and from my first impressions he has all the good gear, off to him I go, after I sought out the latest water problem. Cheers.
  2. Ken, one can only try, but I still can't figure out why people elevate the tanks, then install a booster pump to get the water up there, and then another pump to pressurise the tank on the downside.
  3. I have used Shopee and Lazada, the delivery time isn't the best but at least you can get things that are not available here in the provinces.
  4. Ken, It is difficult to work out what the problem is here for me, as I realise that this city is expanding rapidly and my thought is that the company has not expanded with this, just taking the money from everyone and the way around the problem is to limit, or ration what water is available. So to overcome this, I have started to install a deepwell, which we will use for washing and showering because the quality of the water from a neighbouring well isn't too bad. I was thinking of putting a suction pump on the line but I don't reckon that will achieve anything because during the day there is only a dribble of water coming through and not much better at night. Oh well, like anything here, everything is not simple.
  5. The aircon in the Nissan snufffed it the other day, for whatever reason. Is there more to just getting it regassed like one mechanic has offered to do? TIA
  6. I have posted on here recently about the water problems here in Camarines Norte. For some reason and I am phucked if I know the answer, there is water on from midnight to six, so I have been up since 2 a.m. to do the washing as I have run out of clothes. I had a shower last night for the first time in 4 days, yes an actual shower instead of the pale in the bucket routine, that we had to do when I was in the Navy all those years ago, 10 litres of water per man per night to wash with.
  7. Following this discussion I realise that I am not alone in my frustration with these people that just have to be in front of everyone, all the time, and after driving for almost fifty years I have never come so close, so many times in my life as driving here. Because everyone here is in a hurry, well in a hurry to go nowhere because that is how they drive I have taken option #2, which is do exactly the opposite to them, which is download some of my favourite music onto a USB drive, plug it in and drive at 30mph, and look in the rear vision at the line of traffic behind me, because here in Daet the tricycle drivers go at 25mph looking for a fare then up it to 28 when they get a fare, let them sit behind me for a change. I reckon, right or wrong I maybe that the faster you go the more chance that you are going to hit one of them, or they hit you, we can get away with sitting on speeds of 100kph when we are in our respective countries but there you have people with half a brain, unless it is Australia where there are masses of those oriental people now driving who are clueless.
  8. Funny you should say that because at the end of a journey I say out loud "well I survived another trip without getting hit". Last week I tempted fate and ventured out four times in a week, on the fourth day I nearly got hit 3 times by 3 different motor bikes, they just don't care.
  9. Here in Camarines Norte, they don't have to have a license, just go and buy a scooter and off you go. A friend of mine has a UV express franchise and we were talking about this over a few beers the other day, he mentioned that there is a law in the Philippines that if you hit a motorbike/scooter or any other two wheeled vehicle that you are automatically in the wrong. True or false please people?
  10. Well I stand corrected, either brownout or blackout is still sucks.
  11. Yes Snowy, I have been there a few times and thought it was great, especially where there were bars where the ferry arrived, sitting there looking over the bay with a few coldies, until I returned and there was a big mound of dirt and gravel blocking the view, then on the next visit they had moved the watering holes back up the street. Someone in Puerto Galera really knows how to stuff up a good thing. With popularity comes contempt, as the boats squeeze the tourists in to make money, with the seating in the boats meant for schoolchildren not adults.
  12. Snowy79, where are you situated. Just on a side note, today we had here no water and then a brown out combined (a brown out is another name for a blackout but evidently calling it as it is would be losing face).
  13. moving soil by wheelbarrow 10 metres gruelling, come off the grass, excuse the pun. The whole labour thing here was explained to me by a very well educated relative of my gf and it goes like this. Why would any male come to work for you for p400 a day, when they can go and earn p250 a day driving a trycycle around all day, no work involved just drive the motor scooter, then at the end of the day pay for the hire of the unit and then some petrol and with the rest go to the cock fights and win some real money, then when they have no money left, they go home and tell the wife that it was a bad day. On the flip side of this so I don't get labelled, where we are doing extensions to the factory, an office block, entrance and a carpark there is a team of about 20 men, 10 live on site in the accommodation that we built for them where they stay rent free, they have toilets showers and a recreation area for when they finish work, we used to provide meals for them but they let it be known to us that they would like more money in their pocket and provide for themselves, done no problem. Now these men work 8a.m. till 5 p.m. 6 days a week, on their day off they can come and work for me doing some odd jobs around the place, currently building a 3m x 3m tool shed, they charge me p370 a day for that, so I give them p400, meals included, beer and pizza at the end of the day, which is where I posted some time ago that I gave them too many beers, they got the taste for it and didn't go home so to keep the wives happy I limit them to 4 cans of Red horse. So I reckon that there are some descendants of the Australian aboriginal in this area.
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