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  1. To come in on this and not to use the "Don't get caught a second time", the trick is not to get caught at all. On Saturday evening a family member suggested we all to out on Sunday for Fathers Day, so knowing what I know now I simply said "No, everywhere will be crowded and it is going to be another hot day, just come around here and we will have a late lunch, just bring some drinks". Now I have been bleating on this forum for some time about people not bringing anything, so I stressed the part "Just bring some drinks". Early Sunday morning I went to the marked and bought 3 kilos of chicken breasts and some onions, capsicum and bell peppers, took it home and concocted a sate chicken recipe, the gf threaded the sticks and got the rice going, bang a meal. The family arrived at 2 in the afternoon armed with wine, beer and soft drink. There is enough booze left over to last me for the rest of the week. So I reckon if you spell it out to people then they should know the drill, if not pull the welcome mat in on them.
  2. I wonder if the owners of all these new cars were given a discount when they bought their cars, knowing that the vehicles don't have indicators installed.
  3. I was out on the verandah at beer O'clock once again minding my own business not harming anyone when I noticed the gf and the maid organizing my tools again, now I am normally a placid person but when I saw this happening I lost it, "LEAVE MY F..K.N TOOLS ALONE". Two days on and she still isn't talking to me, oh well.
  4. I couldn't find a very expensive, good set of secaters, that was this morning, then when I just came in for lunch there they were on the top of my toolbox, miracles do happen.
  5. As I have mentioned in other threads there is a river at the back of our property, about a hundred meters wide. On most evenings I take the 3 dogs down to the river, I throw the ball with one of those launcher things the dogs go in and retrieve the ball while I sit on the bank with my beers, the dogs get exercised and I get to drink my beer in peace, a win win situation. Last night as normal down to the river we went, the dogs know when it is time as soon as they see me filling my small cooler that takes 6 beers. Things were a bit different last night because both females are coming on heat, yes at the same time, so "old mate" is going to be busy here in a few weeks. While everything was going smoothly, I was throwing the ball and drinking beer at the same time, I am very talented, anyway the two bitches nearly being on heat started to quarrel and a dominance thing started, "old mate" sitting next to me looked up at me as if to say, what the phuck is going on here and started looking at the cows ignoring the quarrel the bitches were having. So when the beers were consumed and the dogs were tired out I headed back to house to sit on the verandah and enjoy sunset, and not with a cup of tea either. While I am sitting there contemplating whether I should switch to wine, or a gin and tonic my serenity was interrupted by the partner having an argument with someone on the phone over some stupid thing. Not much different to what just happened down at the river. Makes you wonder sometimes
  6. Yesterday while I was out my gf and the maid decided that they would organise my tools for me, no I didn't ask them to do it. This morning I went looking for some wedges that I bought back from Australia, these wedges hammer into an axe or some other timber applications for taking the slop out of the tool, they have never heard of them here, so I bought some back. An hour later they are still trying to find them.
  7. Maybe with a new coach things will get better for you mate, can't have you weeping into your weetbix for the rest of the season.
  8. commiserations, I seem to recall that Carlton have some very young players this year, if so there is hope for the future.
  9. Last week it was a blackout all day on Saturday so I missed my AFL game, which was a wasted subscription, so I won't be renewing for the Geelong game today. Then during the week I was whining about the noise from the terrible singers coming from the squatters camp. Last night the water tank run dry, getting a lot of flak from the boss because she couldn't have a shower, I made it worse by telling her to go down to the river. So this morning I was up with the birds, checking all the connections, then checking them again, primed the pump still no good, then pulled all the inlet lines to the pump no flow there either, so then got in the car and went out to the main street where all the water meters are in a cluster about 500 meters away, at least the dog like the early morning drive, there I noticed that none of the 10 water meters were turning, so then went to the local shopkeepers and asked them if they had any water, "Sorry Mr. Michael there is no water supply in the city". none, zero, zilch. Whingeing bloody Australians!
  10. Geoff, you were spot on, exactly 24 hours after it started it stopped, they must have had to take it back where they rented it from.
  11. Arizona, you wouldn't know it but they are in attack mode, ready to strike!
  12. It was only after we moved in that the squatters started setting up camp a couple of house blocks away, then out the front the government set up a "Urban poor area" so now we are surrounded except for the virgin rain forest across the river, the 3 Belgians in the picture keep the feral cats and the rats away. Could be worse I suppose.
  13. Makes sense to me as well, but not here in Daet City, Camarines Norte.
  14. So they are really wanting to get their monies worth, makes sense in a sort of a way. What I didn't mention is that this noise, at 9:30a.m. it is still going, is at least 750meters away in the squatters camp. While I was visiting some friends in Puerto Gallera last week they informed me that there is a local law there that all noise is to stop at 10 p.m. and bang dead on 10 p.m. it did. But here that wouldn't work because the police probably would not enforce it because they have to live amongst the locals and are afraid of the repercussions, which is also why they don't enforce traffic regulation, now I am guessing that there is regulations, as it is quiet funny when the cops set up a road block to check licences, registration and helmet laws, the amount of road users doing U Turns and racing away is very funny.
  15. Yes, me the same, but if I was to learn the language would I also have to adjust to their customs, for example last evening whilst enjoying sunset outside on the verandah the karaoke started at 6 p.m. so inside I went my serenity ruined, up this morning outside on the verandah watching the birds as I normally do with a cup of coffee, then bang the karaoke started again at 6:30 a.m. give me a break. Learning the language and adjusting to their customs, that must include getting half the brain removed and having no idea of consideration for anybody.
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