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  1. I tried to access my Australian lotto site via my VPN, it was ok yesterday but today access denied. They must be clamping down on overseas access.
  2. Snowy, I missed my third extension of two months by 18 days tomorrow.
  3. And if I want to extend for 2 months? I suppose I could always try my luck for a 6 month extension.
  4. Just wondering if there is tablets available for all the things that the vaccines cover? When our Belgian was a puppy the vets assistant cut his nails too short and drew blood. He is now petrified of going anywhere near the vet and starts to growl when anyone at the vet goes near him, so much so that he has to be muzzled and restrained. TIA
  5. The Borax was a instant success in getting rid of the black ants, so will keep that up. Not such a success was the ants in my bed, where I would wake up and see them on the sheets, until I remembered that last year an optometrist in Australia discovered that I had a floater in my right eye, as I went to him looking for an explanation why I was seeing ants all over my keyboard. Just an optical illusion.
  6. I am with BPI and they have one ATM in the whole city, and it is placed on a footpath where the homeless children hover when I am making a withdrawal. I should have gone with BDO. That is why it matters.
  7. Good move, BDO seems to have more atm’s than the competition.
  8. Snowy I feel your pain. As I have previously mentioned I have to get up at3 a.m. to get phone reception with Globe, to get their 2 factor authentication. So this morning some I sent not so kind messages to Remitly asking them to let me know if they want my business or not because I am sick to death of being Phucked around. Some customer support person called me back and apologised to me for the treatment I had been given and promised me that it won’t happen again. While all of this was going on I tried to join, world remit,Orbit remit and wise. They all wanted the same shite, send my mug shot on webcam, passport and other proof of identification. Wise was the worst, they wanted information from me of where my funds were derived from. I have given up for the day, I will have an early start again in the morning and see how I go. I have even said to a couple of them “hey I am 70 years old,and not a teenager who grew up with all this webcam, app’s and the like”. My rant finished.
  9. My problems are all to do with lousy Globe phone reception, the relative easy task of replying with a code is now a mammoth task. for some reason there is good reception at 3 a.m.
  10. As I delve into this further it is becoming very clear to me that this verification thing is here to stay. So for me to respond to the banks and money transfer companies, I am going to have another phone loaded with an international roaming sim to reply with the codes they send me, of course capable of sending text messages. I am hungover today and am not on top of my game, so if I am not thinking this out properly feel free to correct me, no problems.
  11. Yes, exactly what I was told at the Bicol office, no way am I walking down an altar again, I will do the 2 hour trip instead, there and back. Works out an expensive trip with the price of fuel, lunch etc, better than the alternative.
  12. I tried to up my transfer amount with Remitly, because they banned me for transferring any more money, having gone over my limit, (which I needed to do after No maintenance on her car while I was away for 2 years because of Covid). To go up to the next level I have to submit identification, passport and drivers licence and my bank statements, giving them my monthly income and where it is derived from. I am banned from transferring money with them until September, so,I went looking for a plan D. plans B and C failed because of different reasons. So I joined RIA, thinking I was on a winner. Nope they don’t have online services in the Philippines. Back to the planning stage,
  13. Tell me about it. My security token thingy I have with Westpac went belly up, so of course I had to call their overseas number to get a new one, a week to get a new one and then express international post to get it here. In the meantime I have called them countless times to try and get a way for my debit card to work with money transfer companies, no way Jose. As mentioned because of the scammers we now have 2 step verification process, so with no good reception from globe I have to find the sweet spot and take my laptop there set up on a table and hope the phuck there isn’t a power blackout. no wonder i I drink.
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