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  1. Yes, I read the same, it took him something like 3 months. I have been put off by the 1760u.s. Dollar application fee. Another member on this site did the maths and it doesn’t really compute in my eyes.
  2. Am I correct in saying that I have to be actually in the Philippines to start the process with the PRA?
  3. Yes, Brett did a great job in laying out the procedures to be followed. BZ to Brett.
  4. Thanks Brett, before the Covid thing started I was in Ermita with a mate who I used to step with, rockers then the Texas Tavern, then finish the morning at the Penis room. Luckily I am too old now, so off to bed I went, with a full wallet.
  5. After spending a couple of hours researching the SRRV visa, emails to the embassy here in Australia, I have to declare that I am non the wiser, I have a headache and I am going to break my standard rule of no alcohol before 4:30 p.m. The score today is Philippines 1 , ME ZERO. I give up. The next search is going to be for beer or wine.
  6. Thanks Brett, your report very much appreciated by the convicts waiting to escape gulag Australia.
  7. Ok, there is nothing wrong with asking a question. What do the marketers do please folks.
  8. Judging from what BrettGC has been through, and reading other forums on other peoples experiences with travel and airports, I dare say that my days of going to the airport early, going to the Qantas lounge and getting a skin full before the flight are well and truly over. Seems you have to be alert and have your wits about you for the changes that occur.
  9. I stand corrected, but in my defence I have to say that while in Gulag Australia for the last 2 years that the cost might as well be $100 because the change is gone.
  10. I could be wrong but $90 rings a bell for the test, when I saw it advertised.
  11. These posts are a great idea, giving us orphans a good idea of what to expect and of course prices. Keep them coming please members. Personally I have kept in touch with an Aussie bloke who runs a hotel in Ermita, who was on the list of approved hotels but he pulled out of the plan because in his words “the rules kept changing everyday, and the paperwork kept increasing “ No surprises there.
  12. An anti climax here. So the security guards didn’t find the towel and the Chinese tourists went to the bus and I went to my room, leaving the hookers in the bar that were hoping for one last client for the morning. The End
  13. A bit off topic. I stayed in a 2 star hotel in Manila, where of course when you go to check out they send staff to inspect the room for anything missing. While having breakfast I noticed a group of Chinese checking out, and the inspection revealed a towel missing, so the got the hotel security team in and inspected everyone’s luggage, virtually pulling out the contents and then repacking looking for a towel. oh the joys of travel
  14. Well said, my experience is that there is not much difference between a 2 star hotel and Airbnb, why bother.
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