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  1. A couple of weeks ago one of the emplyees approached us saying he wanted to be a delivery driver for the product, he had been with us for a while so we thought we would give him a go. So we went through the process of getting him his licence to drive the small van, even payed some money to the local authorities to fast track his application, so after getting his licence and doing well for a week he approached the boss and asked for an advance of pay, 2500php to be exact, which was given to him. Last night was pay day so we were expecting some repayment from him as to date we have falked out 8000php to him for getting his licence and the advance in pay. When he didn't show up for the first delivery this morning we went to the barracks to see what was going on, his fellow workers told us that after he got paid last night he packed up all his belongings and left. Also this morning three other workers left no warning, nothing just left, after breakfast of course. The word on the street is that they have gone to work for the competition, because the competition pays more, which I suppose is a dangled carrot not to be missed, but they didn't work out the maths of the situation, that here they get free board and free meals, with the competition there isn't any of that.
  2. We already are putting 2 employees through university, one to become a nurse and the other to become a teacher, we offered to put another one through senior education but she declined saying she just wants to be a homemake. The young lady that we are providing an education to become a teacher is the most outstanding person I have ever met with her dedication to us, we don't consider her as an employee but one of the family because of her morals, I say this because last year some of our former employees grouped together to copy our product, which is a compliment some people may say, but they copied our label as well as the product, the only thing they didn't have was the recipe that has been around for forty years, so they tried to coax our employee to their side to give them the recipe, which she declined to do, such is the high regard she has for us for what we have done for her. It cost us a fortune in legal fees to stop these people from imitating our product and to even have the police to go around and take their product of the shelves of our customers. The manager of our company always ensures that if anybody is having a birthday they get a cake and a present on the day and every 3 months the employees are taken on a picnic, where everything is provided for them and on Christmas Day presents are given not just to the children but to the adults as well, with our attitude of if you do the right thing by us we will return the favour. Because we are in the process of expanding the business, we have built 2 new factories to have better working conditions for the employees, as the original factory was built 30 years ago and wasn't up to what we considered modern occupational health and safety laws, in building these 2 factories we ran out of room and although we have another block of land adjacent our neighbours would not give us access to it, so I donated some of my land to build new accommodation for the employees, which includes a canteen and a recreational area so they can watch television in their time off. And so ends this thread.
  3. Well good luck to them and I really mean that, but if I had listened to a good friend of mine a few years back who told me "Don't do it" I would not have the same angst as I have after four of them who all they wanted to do was a have a free ride at our expense for no effort from then, zilch, nought, nothing just wanted to do nothing and get paid for it.
  4. So now I have a new strategy, whilst driving into or back from town, I turn on my best music very loud and drive slower than the tricyles and the jeepneys on the very narrow road that we are on, if you cannot beat them than play their same game, driving at 20kph and sometimes less because they want to conserve fuel, I am in no hurry.
  5. If we didn't have the three strike rule then we are no better than them, because don't forget there are rules here and you just cannot sack someone because they are dumb as dog sh.t, it just does not work with the government agencies.
  6. Which is why the three strike rule comes into play.
  7. So you say that you are willing to pay someone to do work, even though they cannot do the work allocated to them, so you do the work for them instead? Sir you are a better person than me, because in the end it is like getting a dog that barks at you, no different.
  8. Yes, because in the end I am paying for someone that I am doing their work, because they are so dumb.
  9. But having said that, let me add that I was in a management role in my working life and it payed to be cautious of everyone then, that most of the time people would take advantage of me given the chance, they never got that chance.
  10. Now having been bitten I don't trust any of them, employees that is.
  11. Yes, I was naive about it as well, the keyword being WAS.
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