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  1. When I was in the Philippines, ten months ago, a trip to the Hypermarket was our once a week ritual to stock up on the groceries, I could never fathom why they never sold frozen chickens, even in the local markets it was the same, no frozen chickens. There was all this meat out in the open, in the markets with flies swarming all over it, I don't get it. And the pork, on a Saturday morning being awoken by the pig being bound in the neighbours front yard awaiting to be butchered, and the pig knowing its fate was not too pleased about it.
  2. That makes sense as well young man. Further to the subject I can’t see this dog having much of a life, that’s if he survives the infection. It makes me cringe just thinking about it.
  3. My assumption is that the dog was locked in with a dame and that was the way they solved the problem, because it was a clean cut/
  4. So what do you think might have happened, maybe the dog bit it off himself?
  5. I have always been amazed at the number of dogs roaming the streets in Daet City, so when we built the house I made sure we had suitable fencing and gates to keep our 3 Belgian Malinois in and not roaming around the area, even though we are out of town. Not so at my partners families house in town where there are strays all over the place, so I guess the family Askal was trying to put his dick where it wasn’t wanted, or he was trying to mount someone else’s prize askal, because last night the dog came home minus his dick, someone had cut it off. Personally I would have put the d
  6. Thanks for the thought but unfortunately I am in Melbourne, Australia without any idea when I can get back, or even will there be any visas handed out. I did talk to my partner yesterday when the power came back on, and of course the house got flooded internally from the leaking roof which I mentioned in another post. I have to hand it to the electricity people that had the power back on within a couple of days, no mean feat considering the destruction, so credit when it is due. Cheers
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions folks, my apologies for being so late in "My Thanks' to you all, only because I have had a medical thing happen so have been off the air, so to speak. Thanks again,
  8. We have been having a lot of leaks coming through the iron roof, of course I am too old to get up there and have a look at what the problem is. So yesterday I got a young bloke up there to take some photos, and surprise, surprise the roof wasn't installed properly with the overlappings not done correctly. The only way I can figure out how to remedy this, apart from a new roof, is to put some sort of adhesive in the gaps, and of course around the tek screws. Any recommendations what is an adhesive that works? I did think for a millisecond about taking the panels off and rein
  9. Thanks for the replies to my question, but there is one more question. Having read the expanded courtesy section of the website, it doesn't mention what the maintenance amount is for the ex military annually, or did I just miss it?
  10. I seem to recall that there was a post giving information on all types of visas for the Philippines, including information on a visa for people that served in foreign defence forces, including members who saw active service during their enlistment. Or was I dreaming? tia
  11. Having been here for 3 months till I don’t know when I am accumulating a lot of stuff, clothes cooking equipment etc. Does anyone know of a reliable, low cost method of sending stuff from Melbourne? TIA.
  12. Geoff, thanks for the info, I will give you a call tomorrow to decipher it. cheers
  13. I have cancelled my Express VPN for a simple reason, it could not guarantee me any security for some very important website access from the Phillipines, let me expand:- Whilst I was in Camarines Norte I wanted to purchase some Tatts tickets and online lottery tickets, but with the VPN activated I could not access the website, I had to disable the app and then I could access the site, so in effect having no security which is what they promised, they refunded my money no problems.
  14. I neglected to update this, by saying that the mechanic from the factory changed out both front shockies for 2500 php, whilst it took him 15 minutes for each.
  15. I have been using World Remit for a few years now and have never had any problems with them, on the rare occasion there has been a stuff up they are quick to respond to my queries.
  16. Yes please Dave, I will leave it up to you to move i..thanks Note: No need to move the thread but I did change the topic title so people understand why this thread is different.
  17. Hello everyone, now this is not going to be a short post but there is a reason, thanks for your patience. In a recent post, about a week ago I reckon I mentioned in a thread that I was going to Australia and was seeking advice about isolation etc. This is what happened:- Before I arrived in Australia I booked a cabin in a caravan park that I have frequented very often, so they knew me personally, they took the reservation after I informed them that for personal reasons I will be going into self isolation for a week so as not to cause any concerns with anyone, as I had only been
  18. Is Manila still in lockdown mode with no visitors allowed in?
  19. Thanks Geoff, so what is the difference between self isolation and self quarantine? My guess is that it will be up to the individual on how each person conducts himself/herself in this situation, acting responsibly.
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