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  1. I have to plead guilty as charged for not knowing about this certificate. The Christmas money collecting gods (not my words but from my better half), we’re kind to us yesterday as the Chief fire officer who inspected the property said the only thing missing was smoke detectors and we should install 3 in the living area, so the better half is going to get 4 to be on the safe side. Footnote: the officer was very impressed with the number of extinguishers we had around the house, 10 in all from where my GF had them from a closed business she had. I knew there was a reason why I didn’t chuck them. Cheers
  2. We just got word that the fire service is coming this afternoon to inspect the house to see whether it is fit for human habitation. Given that there is a squatters camp across the road and another camp adjacent to our vacant block next door this should be very interesting. I will follow up later on how much their visit costs us. Build in the Philippines ...forget it.
  3. The local Barangay installed solar lighting on a new stretch of highway along the foreshore, we took bets on how long they would last, i was surprised at 6 months before they were all gone, must have been the salt air.
  4. that is our average a month, there is no phase 3 for a welder, no swimming pool pump. To make a quote from the movie "The Castle" tell them they are dreaming, but they would lose face and then you would be in all kinds of shite.
  5. Brett, after we gave money to the owners of the land, and after engaging the services of a solicitor, and after paying him money to do the relevant searches, there appeared 2 aunties of the dead owner who wanted money because they did not get any proceeds of the sale. Then there appeared some daehkcuf from Manila who in his mind wanted to take us to court because we got the land too cheap in his mind, but he was willing to forget all about it if we gave him 3 million php. My advice and it is free, don't do it.
  6. As I have previously stated I am in Australia and cant get back to my home in Bicol but this happened to my partner last week. My GF was notified last week that the temporary power line to our home has now to be upgraded to a permanent installation and on inspection we need a seperate transformer to be installed at the entrance, why they couldn't explain it is just what the engineer has decreed. So off to the supplier she goes to dispute this news and asks that the power has been on for 3 years without this additional transformer, so why now? They replied that there is a lot of new development in the area and that we are using a lot of power, so to prove how much we could be using they gave her a form to fill out, listing all the lights, appliances including the one water pump, the 2 air con units and one washing machine and that if she has problems filling out the form they can provide an engineer to do it for her, at our cost of course. So my GF hit them back with this piece of brilliance "We have been paying our electricity bill for 3 years now, I keep all my bills, so I can work out for you the average monthy consumption as YOUR bills state we have used" That was met with the usual dumb look and I will check with my supervisor, which we are still waiting on. Into the fray enters the local municipality who wants to know how much the house is worth for local taxes, and another form is dished out on how to calculate the yhe worth of the house. First question IS NOT the area of the floor space, IS NOT what the trusses are made of, or the area of the roof BUT.....drum roll for effect.....HOW MANY BAGS OF CEMENT WERE USED IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE HOUSE? I promise this really did happen, oops i forgot to mention that the total number of bags of cement does not include the side fences. The cost of this all up for the house to be certified and approved was 25,000 php. So my GF who has the smarts fronts up to the local offices wanting to know answers, because after the house was completed some officials came out to inspect the house for tax purposes, and so we have been paying annual taxes accordingly, so the mongrels gave us a discount and reduced the price to 17,000 php. Of course a receipt with no monetary figure on it. Foreigners building in the Philippines..forget it!!!!
  7. Geoff, with the current financial state of Philippine airlines would you trust your hard earned with them? Not for me Gunga din.
  8. I will second that, brief and straight to the point no BS and explained it well..thanks appreciate it.
  9. Thanks everyone for your contributions, one thing that I have learned from your replies is that although I did 15 years in the Navy and have qualified for war service, I did not get a pension per say. Not that it matters a great deal as that annual payment got my attention. cheers
  10. I think I have asked this question before, if so here goes again sorry. Is the visa for ex military personnel good for all nations, or only for ex U.S. armed forces personnel?
  11. I was 19 years of age when I first visited Subic Bay, (Alongapo tourist facility) never in my wildest dreams was I ready for what I was about to experience, there was ships of the U.S. seventh fleet on rotation from what was happening in Vietnam, and of course Australian warships on rotation as well. We were having drinks in bars in the strip, then in the American clubs on the base. Then back out to sea for more exercises with the United States Navy, even with the big Mo, then into Hong Kong for Christmas, down in Wanchai, Kowloon where there was more tourist facilities. The destroyer I was on was in the area for six months before returning to Australia, where luckily my liver was still functioning, and back to a normality. Wow what a ride.
  12. Thanks to everyone for their input about BMexpress, appreciate it. The reason for my question was that I saw a van travelling around where I am south of Shitney and hadn’t heard of them before. I also have been using forex cargo for some years and haven’t had any problems up until now, where my latest dispatch has been sitting in the warehouse for the last 12 days, I suppose I missed the last ship leaving and will now have to wait for the next full container. Does not hurt to have a plan B. Cheers
  13. Thanks for your very informative reply to my what I thought was a fair question, rather than the BS and totally off topic replies that I have had. Seriously some members on this forum need to grow up.
  14. So I deduce from your reply, and yes it was very humorous, that you haven’t heard about this company that advertises as goods forwarding agent to the Philippines?
  15. Has anyone had any experience with BMexpress shipping, from Australia to the Philippines?
  16. And enjoy lots of real bacon for breakfast, steak and lamb roasts for dinner washed down with a good, or not so good, Shiraz, Merlot, or even a good Chardonnay with some real snapper,Barramundi or flathead. ‘Yes, I think I can weather the storm for a bit longer. Cheers
  17. That begging bowl must be near empty, and perish the thought of visas and all associated tourist cash cows increasing to fill it up again.
  18. Thanks, so everything is the same but different. I am particularly interested as I have to decide whether to take an extension on my lease in the rental unit I am in. So my thinking is that I am not going to get back in the Philippines until March/April next year. Geoff , I hope I am wrong but that is what my crystal ball is saying, Cheers everyone, please don’t hesitate to prove me wrong.
  19. Has anyone heard anything to date about the possibility of us coming back? Cheers
  20. The worker was not feeling well, so went and got tested but didn’t wait for the results before going back to work, which was where he was when he was pulled out of the station he was at. Yes all the families that were there are now in lockdown. What I fail to comprehend is why this person was only wearing a face mask with all the rules that are in place. The relative who owns the food manufacturing business was trying to get all of the employees vaccinated, the type of food being a staple in the diet there.
  21. Today the GF went to get the Phizer vaccination in the province, as she explained to me there was six stations to go through, what could go wrong one might think, duplication of the process, identity checks twice, blood pressure check, then the temperature check, then an interview with a doctor, then the doctor actually administering the shot, what could go wrong? The person at the second station, the second identity check got pulled out of the line up after getting confirmed that he was positive for COVID, even after feeling not well and still fronting up for work.
  22. Yes, the masses might be lapping up the latest BS from the NSW premier about international travel resuming by December for those vaccinated, personally I think it is just another carrot on a stick. I have given up watching any of the news channels, when all that is on is this COVID shite, I do wine tasting and listen to music instead..
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