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  1. Dear Fonts of all Knowledge Work is finished for the day and tomorrow morning I fly from Abu Dhabi to the Philippines (Home). I can't wait to see the wife and dogs. I will let you guess which one the most!! I wish it was a one way trip but maybe in 2 years or less it will be. I will keep you posted and add some pictures as we complete the House to Rent deal. Should anyone be in Santiago City over the next 2 weeks the beer is on me! Keep well. Paul
  2. sonjack2847 As we are in the Provinces I am not sure there are agents to manage rentals so my wife will manage. Rule number 1: we don't accommodate family! Rule number 2: We take 2 months rent as deposit and 1 month rent upfront. Rule number 3: Tenants must ask permission before doing any work to houses. Rule number 4: A check in inspection will be carried out, with photos on iPad and agreed by tenant. Rule number 5: A check out inspection will be conducted and compared to check in report and pictures and deductions made from deposit for any damage. Rule number 6: I will write the lease with attorney and include all of the previous plus the right to terminate lease and keep deposit if any illegal activities are undertaken in the house or if the house is vacant for more than 60 days. My job here in Abu Dhabi is to manage a Property Portfolio for an Airline Accommodating over 10,000 employees so I have a little bit of knowledge to hopefully protect the investment. Anyway the actual property investment is more to look after the wife when I am gone as I doubt I will see any of it, except the rent, in my lifetime. Will keep you all updated. Paul
  3. John I am travelling to Isabela on 25th May for 2 weeks if you are around. Paul
  4. Hello Fonts of All Knowledge. Long time no here! I hope everyone is well and sorry I have not posted in a while but been a little busy. This time next week I shall be back in the Philippines for a couple of weeks and can't wait. The wife and I have just bought 3 x 4 bed houses and intend to rent them out. We already have our home and these are 25 minutes away in our nearest city, Santiago. Also an SM Mall being built just around the corner from them so I hope value may increase over the years. Having dipped into a lot of businesses in the Philippines I feel the only area that can safeguard your investment and earn you a little bit of income is Property. My plan is to rent these out and maybe over the next 3 years add a couple more to the portfolio. I believe we can get Php 15,000 per month for each house. Being in the Province you can pick up these houses for the same price as a condo unit in Manila but also the rents are lower.See below pictures of the houses. If you know anyone who wants to rent let me know, I shall do basic furnishings also. I would love to hear Members opinions and those who may have done the same. If any members are near me between 25th May and 4th June please give me a shout and the beer is on me. Paul
  5. My Device has an OFF Button, how about yours???
  6. Watch your back. These people never forget!
  7. Dear All I succumbed and bought a Travis Touch Two Way Translation Device and it is awesome. I have no affiliation with the company but to be honest I spent the first 4 hours doing all rude words and swear words and now it is helping me learn Tagalog faster then the 20 books and 10 CD's I have. I can't wait to be back home to Isabela in May so I can use it daily. Living here in the UAE it has also helped me out to understand some Arabic too. Other devices are available also but I am very happy with this one. Just thought I would let you know. Paul
  8. Dear Members I am in a fortunate position to have a lump sum to invest in June 2019. I would like to invest it in a Sunlife, Prudential like fund that can pay a monthly income when/if required in 4 years time. I was just wondering if anyone on this forum had experience of investing in such policies in the Philippines and what returns can be expected. I have looked at buying a couple of houses to use as student accommodation but to be honest the returns are low (9 students per houses x 2 houses x Php 1,200/month each = Php 21,600 per month - bills Php 8,000 = Php 13,600 per month) so wanted to see if a fund could match that and if so how much I would need to invest. I would appreciate any advice. Paul
  9. Ozemike At 72 you should be looking to maintain muscle so I would prescribe an early morning, low weight, Full body, HIIT training program every other day. This could be all over in 20 minutes. Buy a set of 10 to 20 kg dumbbells and either an inflatable exercise ball or bench and do the following: - Dumbell Chest Press x 3 sets - 15 reps no rest, do one set then to next exercise below until both have 3 sets completed - Dumbell Squats x 3 sets - 15 reps. As you have done chest set before the blood will flow from chest to legs making the heart pump - Dumbell Curls x 3 sets - 15 reps, straight into -Dumbell alternate leg lunges x 3 sets - 15 reps (each leg). Again Curls is upper and lunge is lower so blood will move pumping heart -Tricep dip using bench x 3 sets - 15 reps - Shoulder press x 3 sets - 15 reps - Finish with Ab crunch and one minute Ab Plank This will work up a sweat, be over quickly, pump your heart and can be done alternate days. OR - chill out and have a drink. Just my advice and its free!!!! I am 54 and use the gym 5 days a week. Muscle burns fat all day and a High Intensity, Interval Training gets your system going better than a couple of hours walking. By the way, as I am still working, I used to make excuses that I had no time and I never went after work as too tired. My solution, get up an hour earlier and go to bed an hour earlier and now I am in the gym at 445am and out by 515am and it is OVER. I can't say I like the gym but I do LIKE the feeling that before most people have woken from their dreams of sleeping with the wife's cousin, I have finished my workout. Paul
  10. Dearest Fonts of ALL Knowledge I am a bit of a gadget man and have been researching 2 way translation devices. There seem to be many options, not so many with Tagalog but a few. I was wondering if anyone out there had ever purchased one of these devices and if so which one and how good was it? I have seen hat some of these devices require WiFi to operate or connect to your phone through an App. I look forward to hearing from anyone who may have dabbled in this area. I am tempted but would rather seek first hand feedback then flush my money down the 5 star CR! Paul
  11. John I will keep in touch and let you know when I will be there. Working in Abu Dhabi and not sure when I will get home. For sure it will be great to meet up one day. Keep in touch. Paul
  12. Masterbate on his towels and leave them outside his door, Happy Days! Also why not share his Air BNB site and we can all leave lousy reviews so his business goes down the pan along with your contribution to his towels!
  13. Have you found Ben Jordan???????? I hope that why you are asking!
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