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  1. Members I hope all members in Davao area are safe and well as I am reading about two large earthquakes offshore. Have you noticed anything or seen any local agencies clearing beaches or properties near the waters edge as a Tsunami warning was issued? Keep safe all and make sure the beer in your fridges is lashed down! Praying no damage or further quakes are forthcoming. Paul
  2. PaulB

    Making the Big Move!

    Dear Members As some of you may know I have been working to a plan to move full time to the Philippines from Sept 2019. I currently work in Abu Dhabi and have done for the last 10 years. We have the house built, car in the drive, some farm land and a couple of businesses. In March this year I sent the wife and dogs back full time and I downsized myself into serviced accommodation so I could also send appliances and other stuff leaving me with an easy exit when I decide to go. The only thing left to do is sell the car here and send the money to Philippines to buy a second smaller car there. Now to my point and request for advice. I have a good job here earning tax free money and my question is do any of you have any regrets that you may have stopped work too early? I know that, when the time comes, I will be financially okay in the Philippines but I do sometimes think is it wise to walk away from the money. I look forward to hearing from anyone else who may have had the same thoughts but took the jump or anyone who stayed a bit longer and regretted it. I know I will be happy and we have paid for the big ticket items but money in the bank is security too. Thanks for any input on this. Paul
  3. Make sure you have travel insurance just in case you get sick on the trip. You don't want to spend your hard earned money on medical bills. You can get it cheap and it is worth the piece of mind. Paul
  4. PaulB

    Luzon - Super Typhoon Yutu

    All This was my House on Monday. No damage but a bit scary for family. 0f17529f-4d2c-4473-a8a3-53723ce48ca0.MP4
  5. PaulB

    Solano, nueva vizcaya, cagayan

    Carl I live in Aglipay and have family in Solano. I currently work in Abu Dhabi but will be back over to Philippines in Jan 2019 so would be great to meet for a beer. I recommend Santiago City to meet as quite central for all. Paul
  6. PaulB

    Dogs Have Adapted Well

    JJ We had a vet do everything door to door. No quarantine in Philippines if you have all the required jabs before they fly. Actually the arrival process was very professional in Manila. My wife was met from the plan and taken through immigration and baggage collection and then driven over to the vet location where she did the paperwork and the dogs were reunited with her and even had the change to get showered and cleaned up before the road journey to the house. We hired a mini-van and driver who took all seats out except one row so the dogs had room and we had room for their crates. We were well impressed. Not cheap though! Paul
  7. I would not give him the benefit of the doubt or anything else. The problem is that idiots like him give all expats in the Philippines a bad name and also cause grief for those who do have family and go to a Mall or Resto as everyone will imagine the same thing. I applaud the authorities for taking action and I hope others will learn from this and eventually we may be looked upon as proper expats, wanting to live in a beautiful country, with our friends and families and not as sex tourists. Just my opinion. Paul
  8. Steffa I was at airport on Friday night to fly, got denied and had to wait all weekend to go to BI in Intramorus to get letter on the Monday and fly that night. 2 more nights in Manila. Bummer! Paul
  9. Steffa I was refused exit when I tried. I had to go to BI to get a letter of waiver so I could depart. I was applying for permanent residency ACR so not sure if there is a difference. Caused me a lot of stress so I would check first with the Officials. Better Safe than Sorry! Paul
  10. PaulB

    Dogs Have Adapted Well

    Dear Members, I sent my 2 dogs to the Philippines in March 2018 and wanted to give an update in case others may follow. They LOVE the Philippines and have adapted so very well. I have a Golden Retriever and a Sulooki and the Retriever is now a Celebrity and the Sulooki is the king of the neighbourhood, even the Askuls are frightened of him. We sent our dogs from Abu Dhabi where I work and now looking back at it, Abu Dhabi was so boring for them, One walk a day then inside all day. Now they have a hectare of our land, our farm and they have met all different types of animals. so much more exciting! See below some bcd84edd-ff73-4b49-96d9-fd312d5dcfef.MP4
  11. Hi All It is coming around to that time for the ACR Annual reporting in BOI. I have a couple of questions this year. I have done the reporting 3 times and each time I have to fly in from Abu Dhabi where I work, to do 20 minutes of Admin within the first 60 days of the year. This year I have heard reporting will START on the 2nd March 2019 instead of January. Is there anyone who can confirm that date? Secondly I was wondering if I had a Special Power of Attorney could my wife report on my behalf so I don't have to fly in for 20 minutes of Admin? My wife asked a friend of a friend in the BOI and they said it was possible but I thought it was only possible if you were not healthy enough to attend in person. I would appreciate any insight you fonts of all knowledge have on these two points. Paul
  12. PaulB

    Expat fraudsters

    Very good.
  13. PaulB

    Foreigner living on the streets

    We should all imagine being in his shoes. I would like to think another expat might bother to just ask if I am okay if I where in that predicament. As stated earlier it only costs a moment but a moment that could be very valuable to him. I would speak to him. Paul
  14. Dear Fonts of ALL Knowledge, As some of you may know I have my ACR Residents Card but I still work overseas in Abu Dhabi. Every time I leave The Philippines I have to make 2 payments, Number 1 is to the team in the Airport Check in Desk area and normally is Php 1,600 I think, the 2nd payment is at the Immigration window on the left side of the Immigration desks which this time was Php 2,870. My query is these amounts seem to change every time I leave and this time the Immigration guy asked me if it was my first departure of the year, to which I said no, and behold the price went up. I did try and keep the receipt for that payment but they took it when I went through immigration. I would like to ask if anyone else has noticed the same and also if you could point me to where I could find the current list of charges. Seems to be getting more and more expensive to leave the Philippines. Before my ACR card I only paid airport tax! I look forward to hearing from you all. Paul