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  1. You can but you are using your potential income bandwidth.
  2. Jake It would be a pleasure to share what I know, I use a Parrot Bebop 2 Drone which has the option for first person view through a pair of goggles. I don’t use that feature at the moment as I like to see the Drone itself. The Bebop 2 is very durable with a good camera and stability and very easy to fly. You can use your mobile, iPad or tablet or the controller it comes with. I bought mine in Abu Dhabi and took in ,my suitcase to Philippines. I am still learning myself but really enjoy seeing a different perspective on locations and making the videos after. Great for exploring your area. One really cool feature is you can pre-program a flight using a GPS map so you just take off and the drone does the rest. You can also program it to follow you if you are cycling or running. I haven’t tried that yet. Keep you updated. Paul
  3. I have now managed to edit the videos using the software in the Drone package. I must say I am pleased with the outcome. IMG_1155.MP4 IMG_1157.MP4 IMG_1156.MP4
  4. On My Way The flower place is called Nagtipunan and the river is the same place in Quirino Province. Both lovely. I look forward to more exploring in May. Paul
  5. Dear Fonts of All Knowledge I was wondering if any members had looked at investing in Internet Towers. I have half a hectare of land in the Province behind our house and I have been requested to have an Internet tower on it. This tower would give 200mbs of internet stream and the company would sell packages of 3mbps, 5mbps and 10mbps from Php 899 per month to 1,500 a month. We would get 60% of the monthly subscribers (maximum 75). My rough calculation is around Php 29,000 per month. I am just waiting for the paperwork and then will give a further update. Anyone else been approached? Be interested to find out. Paul
  6. Dearest Members I thought I would share some of the Drone Videos I took when on my last trip to my home in Philippines. I had a day of driving around my area and found some stunning locations. I feel very lucky to have such beauty so close by. Hope they don't bore you. 29e3ce65-feb3-438a-b9ca-1c9519d9441a.MP4 3624d129-a8f3-43a8-8ce9-2a5563d1fb94.MP4 63a9f345-348e-4639-92e2-0059fe84245e.MP4 2c95f67e-9735-451b-bee5-79d9c4ff74e5.MP4 77d859b8-3ec7-4c8a-8811-f84f37d9a3cd.MP4 77a5f685-28b6-4ce6-9d90-dd6f48428b00.MP4 3ca3be64-b714-48d9-b698-4ecda81d14f2.MP4
  7. Intrepid 3 more years and i will be ready. Using the 3 years to invest in Property in UK and Philippines to top up income once I do jump. Also trying to sort something to keep me busy when I do stop. I have worked since I was 16 so need to keep the grey matter occupied. I am counting down, 35 months to go! Paul
  8. Dear Members Well I retuned to Abu Dhabi this morning after a wonderful 2 weeks at home in the Philippines. High points where: Delayed Christmas but had it on the 29th Dec New Year Parties Heard and saw Babies Heartbeat Visited local beauty spots Using my gym Going for a run every other day (8km) and not being kidnapped! Please see below some of the highlights. Cant wait until May when I return again! Paul
  9. PaulB


    In the Province it is always good to consider road clearance for minor floods etc. I opted for the Chevy Trailblazer as it can get through most things the Provinces throw at it. Paul
  10. All Just an update to my earlier post regarding iVF treatment. It was confirmed today that we have a little girl due in July/Aug 2020. Well worth the expense!! Paul
  11. Tommy My wife and I are in Abu Dhabi but she will return 2nd Dec and I will get her to let me know the make and update you. Paul
  12. I just had electric gates fitted in my house. Cost me Php 64,500. We have remotes to open them, sensors so they don't cut the dogs in half and can move 2.5 tonnes. My gate isn't that heavy. I also have the ability to open them via SMS so if a family member comes I can open from Abu Dhabi if I want. Not that I willl!!! LOL Took 2 days to install. Paul
  13. Dear Fonts of All Knowledge I wanted to share my recent experience with you in case there are any members out there in the same situation. My wife is 30 years old and myself 55 next month. She is a wonderful loving and caring woman and I am truly happy with her. I have 4 older children from my first marriage and 5 Grand children and I had a vasectomy over 20 years ago. I recently decided that the right thing to do with my wife is to start a family so we did our research and just completed Phase 1 of the IVF treatment here in Abu Dhabi. For me it was needle in the testis to find live sperm and bingo they are still swimming up river! My wife was then tested and all good. Last week they took her eggs and another needle of my sperm and fertilised 11 eggs. This was 5 days ago and today I got a call from the clinic stating that they have 4 embryos developing and they will now do genetic testing and gender testing. On Monday we will get to choose which one of these embryos will be implanted into my wife when she returns to Abu Dhabi (flew back to Philippines last night) in November. None of the above has been cheap but the best money I have ever spent. I know my wife will be a wonderful mother. Now we will see how the impact goes but we have 4 chances. if it takes first time then we will freeze the rest and go again after the first one. Two is the target. First a boy and second the girl, one year later. All together this process will have cost us just over PHP 1m, hence the million Peso baby. My wife will give birth in Abu Dhabi where we have good medical cover, except IVF (locals get it free but not expats) and then we will see. Has anyone else gone through the same thing? I did consider a reversal but the IVF was greater odds. I now only have to wait and see and once pregnancy is confirmed I have the task of telling my 33, 30, 28 and 26 year old children back in England that they will have a brother!! Keep you updated. One very excited, fingers crossed, Paul.
  14. I am sat here very proud of myself as I have got all my Christmas Boxes shipped and on their way to the Philippines. 3 Jumbo boxes of gifts and 1 jumbo box of food. Should arrive early December. Have you sent yours and if so what did you send? I shall travel from Abu Dhabi on the 27th Dec to Manila and onwards to our house in Isabella. Will manage to do my ACR reporting on the way back through Manila on my exit. I am really excited to get home and see all the family in one place. We are planning a good time. Don't miss your local deadlines to shop and ship. Good luck. Paul
  15. Mine drives and very well. Both in Philippines and Abu Dhabi. Works well for us as I drive to the places sober and she drives home. Cant understand why you wouldn't want that! Don't forget Steve you won't be around forever so whats best for her should count too. Just my view.
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