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  1. When I applied for my ACR Card (residence) I had to come back to work in Abu Dhabi before the crd was issued and when I went through immigration at NAIA they would not let me leave. Stated I needed to have an exemption letter from the head of immigration. This was a Friday evening so it meant a weekend in Manila followed by early morning trip to immigration on the Monday and a whole lot of waiting to get the letter and I travelled Monday night. My mistake for not checking but it was a great weekend! Paul
  2. He won't see any of his money and surely he should have made some checks before sending anything. Boots on the ground! In Sussex UK, an Ex-Police colleague of mine informed me that in that small county alone Singles looking for love had been conned out of UK Pounds 30m last year. 30 million!! So how big is the problem globally? Big enough to buy a plane ticket and a cheap hotel room and get your ass on the ground and find out face to face, get the gut feeling, grow the relationship and if they ask for money tell them to do one as they where surviving before you came along. Only part with the cash once you are either ready and have the trust required or you can afford to lose it without bitching. Many a UK pensioner is left with nothing whilst his online date (Most probably a Male from Ghana or Nairobi) is driving in a Range Rover funded by the pensioner. Just saying. If it sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true. By the way my ex-wife in the Uk (13 years married) was a great housekeeper. She kept the house! Paul
  3. Dear All I hope you are keeping well. I was wondering if anyone on the Forum had storm proofed their home in the Philippines. My Wife and I have a house in Aglipay, Quirino Province, North Luzon and last year there were a couple of Typhoons that passed over. We are quite lucky as protected from the worst of it by mountains either side but it made me think about how I would protect the house. We have walls on both sides of the house and these are tall enough to defect wind up and over the roof but I have thought about actually running straps or a net over the roof and anchoring to concrete foundations sunk into the ground by means of steel wire. I was wondering if anyone had done anything like this? I did some online research and see a few sites in the US that sell the same type of concept. I am not sure I could get a net big enough to go over the whole roof so I am considering buying some truck cargo ratchet straps, linking them together and then having 2 run across from back to front and the other two running side to side and connect these to steel cable which is attached to the concrete foundation blocks. Anyone got any thoughts or have done anything to keep their roof on. Look forward to hearing from you. Paul
  4. Tommy We are still on the grid but have the option to switch to the solar when we are using low amounts such as during the day if we are both out. Paul
  5. Dear Members (My childish streak loves using that term) I thought I would share with you my Solar Power System installation. The system is "Off Grid" so we can use it whenever we want during the day to save on Electricity costs and also it charges the batteries so we can switch it on whenever there is a Brown Out. I opted for this instead of a generator. The system can run the following for 4 hours if batteries fully charged: 1x 1.5hp AC 1 X fridge Freezer TV Internet system and CCTV 1 x Fan 5 internal lights 3 outside lights If we don't use all of the above the power will last longer. My wife is currently using this during the day to run a fan, CCTV and 1 x AC to keep the dogs cool and not paying for electric. It cost me PHP 200k and has the capacity to be added to in the future. 2 days installation time. I also got the designs for my car shade (turned garage into a bar) got to get your priorities right, a shed on the side of the house, for me to tinker and save the world, and the swimming pool. Be interested in anyones feedback on these areas. Paul
  6. Dear Members I am amazed how I have adapted to the hazards of the Philippines. I am not talking about Driving or Riding in Tandem executions but rather just walking around! You could hardly say the pavements (if you have any) are safe. When I first used to visit you could guarantee I would stub or break a toe on an uneven piece of concrete, rebar or something else sticking up out of the pavement (For Americans I am referring to the Sidewalk). I seem to have captured some of Charles Darwin's evolution by being able to now sense such hazards , day or night, even when drunk!! I have had two broken toes, Bruised ankle, Frozen elbow and damaged hand(from opening bottles with a spoon) but last time I was home (North Luzon) I survived with only a few Mosquito bites and ant bites on the ankles. Seems I am morphing, gradually, into a Filipino. Are you morphing too or have morphed? By the way I would value any tips on how to protect against the ants and mosquitos. I do use lotions but the ants especially seem to be able to hold their breath and bite my ankles and feet. What can I put on my feet or ankles, or on the ground, to keep this buggers (For Americans that means M@@@@@F@@@@@s) away. I won't wear socks or long trousers. I do that every day at work so won't do that when not at work! Look forward to your tips. Paul
  7. Dear Brothers and Sisters Has anyone else experienced that the number of dogs you own increases when in the Philippines? At great expense Php 450k I sent my 2 dogs from Abu Dhabi and the wife seems to have adopted at least 2 more. I have counted 5!! Anyone else experienced this? Paul
  8. Sonjack Thank you. Really appreciate your advice. I will make sure we are fully compliant. Paul
  9. Sonjack A very good point. We asked for all to be included. The emergency lights were already there but not the fire extinguishers or smoke alarms.
  10. All Another excuse to fly my drone. This time over our house. I will let the video do the talking FA2CAD5F-F2F3-4E89-8ED9-8EA10FEFA671.MOV
  11. Dear All We completed the paperwork on our Student Accommodation houses. 3 Houses (12 bedrooms) and it gave me an excuse to fly my drone. Hope you won’t mind me sharing the video with you. 6A6DC5B9-A064-4D66-9F90-BA63E9C4A1FA.MOV
  12. PaulB

    Gun Club

    Hello All Having a great time on my trip home and managed to tick off one of my to do list items. Joined a gun club and had a great time shooting. I would recommend keeping your eye in just in case. Worrying thing was my wife was a great shot and we have decided to get her a license and the Glock 17 package for Php 45000.
  13. Dear Fonts of all Knowledge Work is finished for the day and tomorrow morning I fly from Abu Dhabi to the Philippines (Home). I can't wait to see the wife and dogs. I will let you guess which one the most!! I wish it was a one way trip but maybe in 2 years or less it will be. I will keep you posted and add some pictures as we complete the House to Rent deal. Should anyone be in Santiago City over the next 2 weeks the beer is on me! Keep well. Paul
  14. sonjack2847 As we are in the Provinces I am not sure there are agents to manage rentals so my wife will manage. Rule number 1: we don't accommodate family! Rule number 2: We take 2 months rent as deposit and 1 month rent upfront. Rule number 3: Tenants must ask permission before doing any work to houses. Rule number 4: A check in inspection will be carried out, with photos on iPad and agreed by tenant. Rule number 5: A check out inspection will be conducted and compared to check in report and pictures and deductions made from deposit for any damage. Rule number 6: I will write the lease with attorney and include all of the previous plus the right to terminate lease and keep deposit if any illegal activities are undertaken in the house or if the house is vacant for more than 60 days. My job here in Abu Dhabi is to manage a Property Portfolio for an Airline Accommodating over 10,000 employees so I have a little bit of knowledge to hopefully protect the investment. Anyway the actual property investment is more to look after the wife when I am gone as I doubt I will see any of it, except the rent, in my lifetime. Will keep you all updated. Paul
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