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  1. Hello Everyone. Whilst I have been stuck in Abu Dhabi with the wife, due to COVID, we have been constructive in getting our pool built. I am so looking forward to getting HOME to have a few cold San Migs whilst floating in the pool. I hope you are all keeping safe and well and getting yourselves vaccinated. Stay Safe and Well. Paul
  2. They will make you quarantine until they have the vaccine I am sure. Will take time for people to get a vaccine passport. I hope soon as need to travel to Philippines in Jan or Feb to report to immigration.
  3. I have had the Sinopharm (Chinese) vaccine here in Abu Dhabi as a front line worker. No side effects and those who have had it don't need to quarantine when traveling. I hope everyone will get a vaccine of sorts soon so life can go back to something like normal. Stay Safe. Paul
  4. Welcome onboard! Boots on the ground is the best and safest way to find the "Right" Filipina lady. Online is brought with danger. Face to face you can get a sense for their true motives. Best of luck. I am the happiest I have ever been and ever since I met and married my wife I have had a life plan to work towards with her. Before her I just drifted into the future with no plan. Paul
  5. Dear members Some of you may remember I posted about my wife being in hospital with our baby at 18 weeks. Unfortunately yesterday she was born prematurely at 25 weeks but too early for her to survive. I am stuck in Abu Dhabi and wife back in the Philippines. My heart is broken. I did get a chance to see our Millie Anne, through Skype, before she was taken away and she would have been a beautiful little girl. I can't fault the care given to my wife throughout this time from the healthcare providers in our Province and City. They have become friends and showed so much care and compassi
  6. Dear Fellow Members I hope people will not see this post negatively. I have worked hard to achieve this and being separated from my wife is a sacrifice I make to achieve it. My advice to all members who are working still is to use every day to add to your goals for when you retire so you are ready, they are ready and you have provided the comforts and developed your income to be able to concentrate on adapting to the pace of life and not spend your time trying to make the Philippines like your home country because if thats what you want then don't stay. Just a few updates on New Proj
  7. Brown and Mild down south was called a Boiler Maker
  8. Dear Fonts of All Knowledge My ACR (Permanent Resident) will need renewing next year (2021) and my passport (UK) renewing in 2022. I just wondered if you renew your ACR Card and then renew your passport do you need to inform immigration and again get a new ACR card or are they not linked? I don't believe it is possible to renew both at the same time. Any advice or guidance appreciated. I did have a look in the threads on the site but couldn't find anything exactly relating. Sorry. Paul
  9. I bought a pair of Dr Martin shoes when in Manila, Robinson's Place, Malate, last month. Cheaper then UK and Abu Dhabi and pucker! I am reliving my teen years! I am sure they will be the last pair of work shoes I will have to buy. My only issue is I can't think when I will be able to wear them when I retire to the Philippines! Paul
  10. Jake It would be a pleasure to share what I know, I use a Parrot Bebop 2 Drone which has the option for first person view through a pair of goggles. I don’t use that feature at the moment as I like to see the Drone itself. The Bebop 2 is very durable with a good camera and stability and very easy to fly. You can use your mobile, iPad or tablet or the controller it comes with. I bought mine in Abu Dhabi and took in ,my suitcase to Philippines. I am still learning myself but really enjoy seeing a different perspective on locations and making the videos after. Great for exploring y
  11. I have now managed to edit the videos using the software in the Drone package. I must say I am pleased with the outcome. IMG_1155.MP4 IMG_1157.MP4 IMG_1156.MP4
  12. On My Way The flower place is called Nagtipunan and the river is the same place in Quirino Province. Both lovely. I look forward to more exploring in May. Paul
  13. Dearest Members I thought I would share some of the Drone Videos I took when on my last trip to my home in Philippines. I had a day of driving around my area and found some stunning locations. I feel very lucky to have such beauty so close by. Hope they don't bore you. 29e3ce65-feb3-438a-b9ca-1c9519d9441a.MP4 3624d129-a8f3-43a8-8ce9-2a5563d1fb94.MP4 63a9f345-348e-4639-92e2-0059fe84245e.MP4 2c95f67e-9735-451b-bee5-79d9c4ff74e5.MP4 77d859b8-3ec7-4c8a-8811-f84f37d9a3cd.MP4 77a5f685-28b6-4ce6-9d90-dd6f48428b00.MP4 3ca3be64-b714-48d9-b698-4e
  14. Intrepid 3 more years and i will be ready. Using the 3 years to invest in Property in UK and Philippines to top up income once I do jump. Also trying to sort something to keep me busy when I do stop. I have worked since I was 16 so need to keep the grey matter occupied. I am counting down, 35 months to go! Paul
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