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  1. PaulB

    So She Said Yes!!

    Congratulations to you both. Best thing I ever did and I wish the same for you. Paul & Princes
  2. Dear members What a great trip. Had an awesome time. Please see below some pictures and video. 38108250_224624031529728_5675491233724628992_n.mp4 video-1533116711.mp4
  3. Rooster I like it. Seems on the up so when I move there full time I will bring it back down!! I actually live in Aglipay which is 25 minutes away. All checked in now and first cold beer in the Lounge. If you guys can hold off the next typhoon for a few hours it would be greatly appreciated. Paul
  4. Dearest Members I have just finished work for the day here in Abu Dhabi and am now chilling before going to the airport to fly in 6 hours to Manila. Lucky for me I am flying on a Staff Ticket from my Employer, Etihad Airways so Business Class here I come. I can't wait to get to our house and have 2 weeks relaxing. Wife and Mum and Dad are on their way to Manila from Isabela to collect me at 1200 lunchtime Manila time tomorrow. Have hired the van and driver so we can relax (and drink) on the way home. I look forward to sharing some pictures with you all and have bought a new drone so will try and get some arial pictures of the house if I can stay sober enough to use it!! Anyone near Santiago City, give me a shout, the beers are on me and flights too. Paul
  5. PaulB

    Pool Table Room

    Got mine free so actually only cost me shipping.Php 10,000. See below picture as it is a full size. Perhaps you ought to keep your armbands on if you ever visit my big boy swimming pool. Lol
  6. PaulB

    Pool Table Room

    Sides will be roll down canvas. It’s 50 feet from bar sober or 300 drunk.
  7. Dear Members I am always amazed how quickly an idea can become reality in the Philippines. I shipped over a pool table but no room inside the house so we had a Room built. Seems my dog thinks it's his house now! Be home in 12 days and can't wait.
  8. PaulB

    Good name for a motel

    Call it Hotel Panda because the guests will eat, shoots and leaves!
  9. PaulB

    Water bill problem: Association dues?

    Kurt If it was Php 5,000 id say contest it but for 500 i would pay. Just my opinion. The hassle it may cause could be more than Php 500's worth! Paul
  10. PaulB

    Getting settled

    JGF No. I am working in Abu Dhabi so 13 more months here then off to Philippines 100% for good. Paul
  11. PaulB

    Getting settled

    Dear members As you can see below my wife and dogs have settled into living in the Philippines. In 3 weeks I will visit them and then 13 months get a one way ticket. I can't wait. Paul
  12. PaulB

    Come One ENGLAND!

    Dearest Members Tonight is football, soccer or whatever you call it. We are 5 hours from kick off but I am ready. Shame I am watching alone! Can someone tell me the score tomorrow as not sure I will remember after all the refreshments! 3 Lions on a Shirt!!! Come ON!! Paul
  13. PaulB

    Last WIll and Testament in Tagalog or Ilocano.

    Theres a Chance My wife and i wrote our wills in Santiago City in December. It must be Handwritten and a Notary must stamp it. Ours was in Tagalog and I got an English translation notarised also. I will be in Santiago from 19th July if you are around. Best of luck and best wishes. Paul
  14. PaulB


    Would you sell and ship?