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  1. Senior management in my terms is "head of", reporting directly to the CEO. In comparison to the salary I'd make in the same position at home, it's about average. The benefits package is what sweetens the deal. On the other hand, at my age at home, it will take me a few more years to be considered for this level of position. My edge here over the "older" competition is being young and free of commitment, rather than having to find a candidate who is married with children and is willing to relocate. Any of you still think that I would be under paid? Now is the time...
  2. Yes, still didn't make the move. Next week I'll be meeting the HR manager to discuss after I made my homework. I'm leaning more and more towards accepting it. Regarding the salary, keep in mind the taxes etc. As this salary is Net. after all taxes paid for, including pensions, medical and so on. Even the housing situation and all expenses are paid for. Also, I think that we should consider that in different countries we have different economics, pay and exchange rates. What you make in Sweden wouldn't necessarily be what you'd make in the USA, let alone a local Philippine in Makati. Net. Wise I might not be getting the amount an american would expect, but all considered as a package? I'm quite happy with what I'm offered. I'm sorry for not letting you in on more information about my line of work or the company, but I promise if I take it I will buy anyone who's in the area a beer and give the full details [emoji3] No driver, but taxis to and from work are considered refundable expenses.
  3. In this case, I just find it surprising that the difference is SO significant. I thought the difference between Europe and the USA is the biggest I'll ever handle personally, but I'm up to the challenge. Of course I understand that it is me that needs to adapt, not the other way around. I'm definitely capable and have done that in the past, managing in different regions- The management approach for Swedes is different than the one used with a Frenchman and so on, as well as different employees have different personalities and baggage therefor requires different approach even if from same country. Employees are a matter to handle with care in any way or region you look at. 20,000p for electricity? Isn't that crazy expensive, even in our terms? In any way, I am not the one paying for it but it just makes me upset to hear. Are there any other significantly expenses that I should know of, and take into consideration?
  4. Thank you all for the quick replies. I'm replying via mobile phone so I'll keep it short for now. First things first, there is a working visa taken care of by the company, I just neglected to mention that as it seemed so trivial (sorry...) Not only this is a respectable company in my home country, I already have a few friends working there (different regions though) and some former clients of mine (former because they were tempted to work for this company, not because they moved to another service provider [emoji12] ). Other than that, I've been flirting with this company for a year or so, I believe some of you know how head hunters are... Having said that, I would feel very uncomfortable to just leave notice and go back home, let alone the impact it will have on my reputation and resume. That's why I want to do my best in understanding life over there and will give this position my very best effort if I take it. OK, now for the fun stuff... I might have came off like someone that is asking about meeting a girl, but not only. I was going more for the social status, are there a lot of expats? Educated people (expats or local)? Travelling Europe I always had my colleagues at least, and other international friends I made over my stays to travel, talk and maybe grab a drink together. Is this the case in Philippines as well? Of course, if an opportunity to meet a nice girl would occur I wouldn't disqualify it as an option. I would be opening a savings account for sure, and that is one main reason why I came to you, in order to understand exactly how much will I be able to save without having to downgrade on lifestyle. I do not have management experience in Asia, although I have worked in parallel to managers in the Asia region. I actually found it kind of amusing, I was "lent" a Philippine employee once and every time I asked for something it was "yes sir undecided, I understand sir undecided. Thank you sir undecided" Well, wow.... that's some military grade compliance. Not sure if I'd like that on daily basis, I'm more of a... cant find the word, but I have a different managerial approach. Have any if you got management experience in the Philippines? I'd be happy to hear. By the way, someone mentioned not to be blingy and stay out of weird situation. I do know how to use my common sense, but is it that bad? I mean, will I be able to take public transportation to work wearing business clothes and "the meetings watch" ? (that's the watch that was too damn expensive even in EU terms...) Relating to that, what are my chances that meeting the girl mentioned above would be just some con artist or just a regular girl looking for a sugar daddy? P.s. Wow, and I tried to keep it short since I'm on my phone. You guys are lucky, because I have plenty more where that came from ;)
  5. Hi all, I've spent a long time reading around this board, seems that you guys know your Philippines, So I decided to give it a go: Recently I've been offered a job by global company that is a brand name in my home-country, relocating to the Philippines for a higher management position. Professionally, this is the next step and the position for me, So I'll leave that aside. However, I would like to have your opinion, coming from your experience and consideration to my situation. I'm in my late 20's (approaching 30), Single, surrounded by friends and family but have traveled a lot on business, for months to years at a time and quite like it. Mostly in Europe, but never in Asia (have visited though..) The job is located in Makati and as I mentioned, is for a brand name company, higher management and comes with the following benefits: Taxes in home country- Paid for. Full health insurance - Paid for. Living costs (Rent and household expenses in a nice condo complex, 2br) - Paid for. One week vacation per quarter wherever I choose in the area (Philippines or close countries) - Paid for. Net salary is around 4,500USD. Overall, sounds like a dream job for me to have at this point of life. But, as I know little to nothing about living in the Philippines I come to you seeking advice. A little more about myself: I'm pretty down to earth, not a picky eater or easy to disgust, can make do with almost everything, however I do like to know that my luxuries are in hand - Food, Social, etc. How accessible are the luxuries that we are so used to? A good steak, nice wine (at home or restaurant), maybe a drink down the bar...? Generally speaking how would a single man approaching his 30's, live in the Philippines on mentioned terms? I'd appreciate anything that comes up to mind, Thanks
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