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  1. Grace, we too are researching Christian churches. There are two 'Cebu Christian Gospel Church' (CCGC) locations near the Ayalya Mall. Lots of members, air con, friendly, English speaking. Here's one of them: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cebu-Christian-Gospel-Church-CCGC/224509890942682 The other is just around the corner closer to the Mall. Use Google maps to look just North of the mall and on Archbishop Reyes Blvd Northwest of the mall.
  2. I got a Philippine drivers license and it gets me a 10% discount in some restaurants and clubs but not all.
  3. Mogo, sounds like Carp which are raised and eaten extensively all over Asia. Although Tilapia doesn't have the great flavor of some fish, they are a mid-quality white fish with good flavor if cooked certain ways. Carp are popular because you can raise them in a mud puddle or rice paddy.
  4. Interesting mystery. Were they disappearing while they were small too or was it just when at an edible and more visible size? Also there might be 'fishing Bats' here. If so, they might be the culprits.
  5. Thanks Dave, yes, predators and neighbors can be a problem. I would only do this if and when I have a big enough space (fenced back yard, carport, porch) to do it up right. Covering if in sunlight would be advisable anyway just to keep the algae growth at a minimum and the fish calm for optimal growth. Did you use a contained system you bought? Were you trying to do it just for personal use or...?
  6. Thank you very much for all the responses. (The double sink can be Stainless steel too) I figured that finding one not being used might not happen but the salvage yard idea might be a place to start, and a large enough stainless cut in half, another option. The reason I want those specific items is because I raise Tilapia, at least I went to college to learn how and have some experience in it. I'm building a recycled, all-ceramic, recirculating Tilapia grow tank. I love the idea of raising my own fish so I can trust what went in to growing them out. I am not a fan of the typical ponds with questionable runoff and feed and recirculating systems that extensively use plastic for air and water lines. My system would have a small fraction of 1% of what a typical plastic intensive systems have so I don't have all the out-gassing of petroleum and other chemicals going into the water my fish breathe. All water lines will be copper. The design would only need one pump and no air stones until the fish are at least half grown, and maybe none at all. The product will likely be organically raised after I work out the feed system I have in mind. The ceramics or SS will be environmentally friendly to even the biggest critic of how food is grown, and the used condition and feed system will keep the costs way down. (If only I had a US dump at my disposal) An option, since I will eventually need a dozen or so tubs if I decide to go commercial, would be to ship them from the US to Cebu but I am a complete noob on that subject. If I can do this cheap enough to make it attractive to me either just personally or commercially, I would explore growing other living edibles. Thanks again.
  7. Looking for a claw foot tub or other type as long as it's deep and ceramic. Also is there a dump near Cebu City where something like that might be found cheap. It will be used outdoors so doesn't need to be in bathroom shape. Also need similar toilet and two basin sink. White is best for all. (not for human use)
  8. We will be on our way in 2 weeks. As my wife is a dual citizen, is there any advatage her using her Philippine passport over the US one in making it easier for me (US) to stay longer? Also our son (US) It sounds like Balikbayan for us is the way to go???
  9. I've heard some stories about high duty costs and wondering if I should bring my laptops (used)? Also a DC-AC inverter (new), shortwave radio (used).
  10. Has anyone done banking out of Singapore while living in the Philippines? How does that work for you?
  11. tohopko


    I just said to y wife today as were eating fish and chilp at Red Robin, 'I wish they had Cod in the PI. I'll have to look that one up.
  12. Here's a quote from Livestrong.com: "White rice is the same plant as brown rice, but white rice is actually only the inner part of the rice grain. A milling process removes the indigestible outer hull and the bran, leaving only the starchy white endosperm. Because the milling process removes vitamins from the rice, in the U.S. most white rice has B vitamins added back into it. The glycemic index of white is 44 for converted rice, 56 for long-grain white rice and 72 for short-grain white rice." So Long Grain White has a better GI than Short Grain. The Brown is better because it has the fiber intact. If you can get her eating more fiber in her diet along with the better white rice, you will have a healthier, and happier wife becauase you won't be complaining about her diet.
  13. Are Shotguns also a no-no for non citizens? And how about BB & Pellet guns? I sure apprecialt learning so much before I get there. Thanks.
  14. Jollygoodfellow, I won't bring anything in except the paintball guns and they will go US to PI shipper like Atlas or whoever the wife contracted with.
  15. Thanks much for all your input.
  16. I used them for this upcoming flight. They are aparently out of India so be prepared to have a difficult time understanding them if you need to check on a problem, like I did. They neglected to send my info on to one of the carriers so I had no ticket SFO - CEB. The flight PHX -SFO they coded in the wrong airline. Also neglected to differentiate between a Sr and a Jr so it showed two tickets for one person and no ticket for the other. They can keep the savings.
  17. Need to buy two air-cons and possibly an on-demand water heater when I arrive. What is the best buy, at duty free or local city stores?
  18. I certified NAUI many centuries ago. Are there any NAUI dice shops on CEBU?
  19. Oh yeah, Can my Philipina wife who is a dual citizen purchase a handgun?
  20. How about paint-ball guns? The good ones can be adjusted to high pressure and they hurt like hell even before an adjustment. Besides I want to bring a couple just for fun. Also what size knives are legal? Cross bows? Machette? slingshot? Spears? I thought Stun guns were illegal.
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