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  1. I thought about this - a file has to be acted upon and I dont know if it has. I dont know how to contact the NBI they dont answer phones and neither does Cebu Police station number 4 and they have no email and there are people asking me for thousands and thousands of pesos - I think is it a scam. Either I am blacklisted and there is a file or there is not. How do I find out? If there is no file - case - then if I go there and she files it I could be in jail for 6 years. She was pregnant when she sent the email. I love this woman (Girl) but she is acting really crazy. Maybe I am a fool and have been scammed - I would not be the first. I feel so despondant and actually have never been like this before. I am not a drinker or I would be drunk now. I am constantly praying and making Novenas and I dont know what to do. Am I a fool and an idiot? I have never had a wife and a child and I am 58. What do I do?
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. Here is what happened. My wife, who is also a Cebuana got out of hand and I asked her to go home. I paid for the ticket and she left. While she was there and I was in China, she opened my email and sent herself a message saying I was going to kill or hurt her. I dont know becasue she also deleteted the sent box version and emptied my trash. She went and filed a RA-9232 or whatever it is - violences against women etc... and now she says if I want to come there only she can remove my name from the blacklist. She has aksed for money and I sent it but then she asks for more. I have seen a photo of her at the police station and I hae seen a report but I dont know if it was ever filed or not - filed by the police or judge to the NBI and if a blacklist has my name. I have called and emailed the embassy and they told me they may have an incomplete list of names on the blacklist. I honestly want to go there becasue she has had our baby and we are married and she says - send me more money and she will life my name off. I jsut dont trust her - that she can really lift my name off it is is on the list and if it is not on the list then how do I know. I have sent lawyers questions and thye want from 20,000 to 80,000 to find out - this is silly. There must be some way of knowing without paying this much. I honestyly want to go there and I have my church and my hospital (I am 58) and have a heart conditon and artificaial hips and need to go THERE to get my doctor who knows me. So, my storey and you can blieve it or not- it is true. I love my wife and I want to make this work but I dont know how if I cant get there. I am a devout Cathilic and this is one reason I love the ROP.. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  3. How do I know if I have been blacklisted? I called the embassy in Bangkok for the ROP and they said they cannot tell me bcs the IMMIGRATION had thier own blacklist. what to do> Please help I cannot afford a 100,000 peso lawyer. Thanks so much!
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