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  1. The Bastrop County Election Office emailed me the ballot. I have to have it printed, filled out and then, sent in. forget the mail service here
  2. I recently went to the US Embassy to take care of paperwork for getting married to my Sweet Rea and noticed a ballot box there to drop off ballets to vote in the upcoming election. It is near the front door and you can check in, drop off the ballet and go right back out. I am not sure how long it will be available for early voting, or how long it will take to an absentee ballot to reach the US. Anyone with further information, please pass it on. I will check into this deeper.
  3. I was emailed the ballot from the election office in Bastrop, Texas. I just need to mail it and don't want to pay $30.00 for to to get there in time (maybe) Is there any way to send it from the US Embassy ??
  4. Where do I find an American Post Office in the Manila area ?? I need to mail my ballot for the upcoming election and need to make sure it get's there. The Election Office in my home town recommended an APO.(American Post Office) Locating one would be helpful for future needs.
  5. I'm Old School, used them in high school and college. using the computer is fine but finding a program and graphics is more of a pain than sitting in the quiet with a drafting board and pencil. like the saying goes,'Keep It Simple'
  6. I am interesting in finding a drafting/drawing board to do architectural drawing. I am in Marikina in metro Manila and am tire of hearing that ,"It is not available" Anyone know of an office supply store with those near here ?
  7. No, cornmeal is corn that has been ground to a powder. grits are corn that has been soaked in lye, dried and then ground to a powder. I love grits and would love to get some here.
  8. There is NO equivalent to Dr Pepper LOLOLOL
  9. While there are many things that are not available here, I am surprised to find some things that are. One example is cornmeal. There is a lady in Marikina that imports cornmeal. We have also found Honey Cornmeal Mix at South Mart here in Marikina. Not sure if there are any other South Marts in the Philippines. We also found imported meats from the US, as well as other counties. Believe it or not, they even have Crocodile meat. Speaking of Crocodile, Wilcon Depot has a small cafe that serve Crocodile Meat. Yummmmmm Also, as a Godsend, we found Dr Pepper at Cubao Mall in Manila. For those not familiar with it, Dr Pepper is the Texas National Soft Drink. LOLOLOL
  10. Do you know of any mail forwarding services that will forward by email ? I can file my Income Tax on-line, so that eliminates mail from them. I will need to call the firefighters pension system, if I can find a phone, and have them send everything via email. Still, I get Birthday and Christmas cards through the mail.
  11. We befriended the ladies at the Post Office and even sent them post cards from Texas as a 'test' mail. We sent the post card to the post office itself, so they got it. The problem here is lack of motivation.
  12. I have no idea, neither do they we went to pay for the Box fee, when we were told the boxes are closed . It is a problem for me because I need the important mail from Texas ; IRS, Firefighters Retirement, Texas Drivers License, Accident Attorney, etc to be sent here for my attention and mailed back. I was in Norway from 72-74 and got letters and cards from the US with no problem. I still send stuff to Norway and other countries in Europe, with no problem. Filipinos apparently don't understand the importance of getting and sending mail.
  13. I have a P.O. Box here in Marikina, NCR. ( I think ) They are supposed to moving the boxes to a new location and said that the boxes are closed. Does that mean that the boxes will be available later or that they have stopped using P.O. Boxes ? If someone were to send me important mail from Texas, can I get it?? After an hour of discussion with the postal employee, I still didn't have a straight answer. So, I have written off the Philippine Mail Service.
  14. You can Mesquite Wood Chips and Hickory Chunks at Wilcon Depot, along with the chimney to heat your charcoal. I had found Mesquite Charcoal, by Kingsford, at S&R Also, I found a water smoker at Ace Hardware in SM Marilao in Bulacan but it had a dent in it. They said that they may get another one, never did. There was one in Wilcon Depot that I saw as I ran in with a friend, who was in a hurry to get something. I promised my self that I would go back and buy it when I had more time. Went back and it wasn't available. If anyone sees one in the Manila area, let me know. I NEED BRISKET !!
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