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  1. I just flew out of NAIA to the states. I was told the departure cards are for Philippine Citizens Only. I'll see if I have to do the arrival card when I return.
  2. Rooster

    Living in Palawan

    I've been to Palawan several times Beautiful there. FYI, news reports as of Aug 14, 2018 are reporting Abu Sayyaf Kidnap group or groups have arrived there now, Got this in my email today and below is an article warning UK Citizens concerning travel to Palawan. United States Embassy Manila, Philippines Security Alert - U.S. Embassy Manila, Philippines, August 14, 2018 Location: Palawan Event: The Western Command Armed Forces of the Philippines posted the following information on their official Facebook page: “Western Command remains on heightened alert and continues to tighten its security posture in Palawan against all forms of threats, amidst circulating information on probable kidnapping in the Province.” Actions to Take: · Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. · Review your personal security plans. · Monitor local media for updates. http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/08/14/18/uk-warns-citizens-of-heightened-risk-from-kidnapping-in-palawan UK warns citizens of 'heightened risk from kidnapping' in Palawan ABS-CBN News Posted at Aug 14 2018 01:06 PM | Updated as of Aug 14 2018 01:18 PM MANILA - The United Kingdom on Monday warned its citizens of "heightened risk from kidnapping" in Palawan and told them to "remain vigilant at all times." Local authorities on the island province, a popular tourist destination, raised security to "heightened alert" in all towns and barangays as they warned that a kidnap-for-ransom group from Sulu might have already entered the area. Kidnap-for-ransom group maaaring nakapasok sa Palawan "If in the area, you should follow the advice of local security and remain vigilant at all times," the UK government said in its updated travel advise. City officials of capital Puerto Princesa have said in prior reports that citizens should not panic but rather be observant and attentive to suspicious individuals. The UK has a standing warning to its citizens against all travel to western and central Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago "because of terrorist activity and clashes between the military and insurgent groups." It has also told its citizens to only go on essential travel to the remainder of Mindanao (except Camiguin, Dinagat and Siargao Islands) and to the south of Cebu province due to the threat of terrorism. "There’s been an increase in kidnapping of foreign nationals, including attacks targeting foreigners and tourists since late 2015. Terrorist groups continue to plan kidnap operations against western nationals in the Philippines," its advisory read.
  3. Woman in Valenzuela arrested for love potion racket https://www.philstar.com/nation/2018/08/01/1838562/woman-valenzuela-arrested-love-potion-racket Marc Jayson Cayabyab (The Philippine Star) - August 1, 2018 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines — A woman in Valenzuela was arrested on Monday for allegedly using her supposed skills in concocting a love potion to extort money from a woman seeking to win back her boyfriend. The special operations unit of the National Capital Region Police Office launched an entrapment operation in Barangay Karuhatan, Valenzuela against Jhane Mendoza, who allegedly extorted P80,000 from a woman who supposedly sought her help for an “orasyon” or ritual to make a love potion. Bernadette San Juan sought police assistance Mendoza threatened to have her arrested if she could not pay the balance for her services. From April to May this year, San Juan paid in P66,675 installments to Mendoza but her ex-boyfriend still had not gotten back with her. The self-proclaimed witch on Saturday demanded another P80,000 for the ritual, and threatened to kill the boyfriend through magic if she failed to pay the remaining balance. The suspect also threatened to go to the victim’s residence in Pangasinan and file a complaint against her with the barangay. The suspect faces charges for robbery extortion with intimidation.
  4. Rooster

    Got burgled last night

    How well do you know your staff? The area where I live requires all businesses who apply/reapply for a business permit to have a CCTV system installed including small Sari-Sari stores.
  5. There is a large area near town where I live where a 4 lane road is to be constructed. A meeting was held 2 months ago for the effected residents. All structures to be demolished. Only Titled land owners will be reimbursed for their lot, relocation. No relief for salvage zone/tax declaration, only a relocation area. Old Article regarding Supreme Court ruling on Tax Declaration http://news.abs-cbn.com/nation/10/09/08/undefined Boracay ruling lesson: Tax declaration not sufficient proof of land ownership There is a big lesson to be learned from the Supreme Court (SC) decision confirming that Boracay Island is owned by the State: beware of buying properties where the seller can only show tax declarations as these documents do not guarantee ownership of the land. When the High Court decision becomes final, residential owners in Boracay will have to explore other options--homestead patents, sales patents--if they want to preserve or protect their properties on the island. They may also ask Congress to pass a law that would allow them to acquire titles to their occupied lots. The SC decision was released on October 8. The claimants have 15 days to file a for motion for reconsideration. Most of those who possess lands in Boracay do not have original, registered land titles but only hold tax declarations passed from one buyer to another. Only ten percent of the world-famous tourist destination is titled. The rest of the land claimants availed themselves of the legal remedy under the Commonwealth Act (CA) No. 141, which allows lots be registered in the name of the claimant through “judicial confirmation of imperfect titles.” But the SC ruled that that land claimants in Boracay did not meet any of the two requirements under this Act. “Private claimants are not entitled to apply for judicial confirmation of imperfect title under CA No. 141. Neither do they have vested rights over the occupied lands under the said law. These are two requisites for judicial confirmation of imperfect title under CA No. 141,” said the decision penned by Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruben Reyes. It was a unanimous ruling by 12 SC Justices. Associate justices Antonio Carpio, Eduardo Nachura, and Renato Corona took no part in the decision. Carpio said he has “relatives who are not parties are similarly situated as the petitioners.” Nachura did not take since he was involved in the case when he was solicitor general, his post prior to his appointment to the SC. Corona is on official leave. Ownership Since Time Immemorial In case of the absence of titles, land buyers should make sure that the following requirements are met. The first requirement is open, continuous, exclusive, and notorious possession and occupation of the subject land by himself or through his predecessors-in-interest under a bona fide claim of ownership since time immemorial or from June 12, 1945 . The land claimants showed the court tax declarations dating back to 1993. The SC said this is “insufficient.” “The tax declarations in the name of the private claimants are insufficient to prove the first element of possession. We note that the earliest tax declarations in the name of private claimants were issued in 1993. Being of recent dates, the tax declarations are not sufficient to convince this court that the period of possession and occupation commenced on June 12, 1945 ,” said Reyes. According to Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Undersecretary Manuel Gerochi, many land buyers have fallen victims to these dubious real estate transactions because of unfamiliarity with our land laws. “Tax declaration is not a proof of ownership. It’s only a proof of possession,” Gerochi said. Many land buyers have been misled to believe that tax declarations assure the buyer ownership of the land. “It’s being done all over the country,” he added. Gerochi said this is what happened to the land claimants in Boracay. “That’s why they are saying they own the land.” Alienable and Disposable The second requirement land buyers must check is the classification of the land as alienable and disposable land of the public domain. The SC upheld the Regalian Doctrine which provides that all lands that were not acquired from the government—either by purchase or by grant—belong to the public domain. This doctrine has been in effect since the Spanish Occupation. The government has since enforced three land classifications—agricultural land, mineral land, and forest or timber. Out of these three classifications, only agricultural lands are “alienable and disposable.” The claimants argued that that the island is “deemed agricultural”—and therefore alienable and disposable—because Philippine land laws never classified Boracay Island as mineral land or timber land. But the SC did not agree. “A positive act of declaring land as alienable and disposable is required,” the court said. “Matters of land classification or reclassification cannot be assumed. They call for proof." Ownership of properties in Boracay has been a long battle between the land claimants and the government. But Gerochi said the SC decision is not a landmark decision. "We have expected that for a long while. It's just a confirmation of our current policies." Other options In its ruling, the SC said that even if the Boracay landowners are not eligible to have land titles, it doesn't mean that they will be kicked out of their properties. The SC said that "lack of title does not necessarily mean lack of right to possess." "For one thing, those with lawful possession may claim good faith as builders of improvements. They can take steps to preserve or protect their possession. For another, they may look into other modes of applying for original registration of title, such as homestead or sales patent, subject to the conditions imposed by law," the SC said. "More realistically, Congress may enact a law to entitle private cliamants to acquire title to their occupied lots or to exempt them from certain requirements under the present land laws," the SC said. The decision noted that one such bill is already pending in the House of Representatives. Boracay island in Malay, Aklan is famous for its white sand beaches. It is the country's premier beach destination. It is home to over 12,000 inhabitants in three barangays, the SC said. The late former President Marcos had earlier declared Boracay island as tourist zones and marine reserves, which prevented the landowners from getting land titles to their properties. But the landowners said they have been in occupying their properties in Boracay "since time immemorial" and that they had paid realty taxes on them.
  6. Has the interior/exterior concrete walls been treated with concrete neutralizer? Waited 24 hours then washed & sanded? Afterwards have the interior/exterior concrete walls been treated with Bronco concrete sealer? Finally, has the exterior concrete walls been treated with Plexibond? Otherwise, even the best quality paint will eventually peel, crack.
  7. Rooster

    Delta Airlines

    It is insane.Many don't realize that. They think they can come here, live on less than 1k$ a month, do annual flights back east but don't know R/T flights "originating" from the PI cost twice as much as the same flight originating from the east coast. I recently paid almost $2k for a Delta Manila, East Coast, Manila flight. Years ago it was like $750. Agree with the other comments about "OLD" Delta's Flight Attendants. I also felt like I was on a Senior Citizen field trip with elderly flight attendants as the guides.
  8. Rooster

    Ukay Ukay!

    Agree. Test question: What is more detrimental to public health and welfare? A. Purchasing unrefrigerated meat for consumption which has been hanging from hooks for days, exposed to flies laying their eggs on the meat to facilitate larvae? B. Purchasing a used piece of clothing? C. Both A & B? D. None of the above?
  9. Rooster

    Delta Airlines

    $900 is a good price for Buffalo, Manila Buffalo. Try Manila, Buffalo, Manila for the same dates and see the price difference. Amazing
  10. Rooster

    Ukay Ukay!

    I visit relatives in the states during U.S summer months. A few years back I had to return during the winter because of a sickness in the family . While there I stopped in several U.S. versions of Ukay Ukay stores called thrift stores, Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc. All second hand clothes donated by others. Because it was winter, others were buying winter clothes. I scored big time on good quality summer clothing, shorts & shirts, most had to be from dead folks because the living would not have donated the quality of used clothes that I was able to buy.
  11. Rooster

    Ukay Ukay!

    American, selling Ukay Ukay Deported http://immigration.gov.ph/images/News/2018_Jul/2018Jul24_Press.pdf July 24, 2018 BI Agents Nab 2 Illegal Aliens Intramuros, MANILA—The Bureau of Immigration (BI) is deporting two overstaying foreigners arrested recently by the Agency’s Intelligence Operatives in Cebu and Pampanga. BI Commissioner Jaime H. Morente identified the aliens as American national Roy Frederick Barker, 74, and South Korean national Cho Jinrae, 41. Morente said elements from the BI Intelligence Division arrested Barker in Cebu City last July 17 while Cho was collared in Angeles City, Pampanga last July 21. “Both of them are overstaying and undesirable aliens. They should be deported for blatantly violating our Immigration Laws,” said Morente on why he issued the mission orders for the arrest of the foreigners. According to Immigration Intelligence Chief Fortunato Manahan Jr., Barker was already issued a Summary Deportation Order by the BI Board of Commissioners for overstaying in the country and engaging in gainful activity without the proper visa. The American has been allegedly engaged in the “ukay ukay” retail trade business which foreigners are forbidden to do under the law. Cho, on the other hand, is a Korean is a fugitive wanted in his homeland for cases of fraud. According to Manahan, Cho is subject of a red notice from the Interpol. He has also been overstaying in the country and is the subject of a deportation complaint filed with the BI. Morente reiterated BI’s warning to all foreigners against violating the country’s Immigration Laws to avoid arrest and deportation. He likewise appealed to the public to report to his office any suspicious or illegal activities by foreigners in their locality.
  12. Rooster

    Second visit

    I lived in a Beach Front Condo Beach Front House many years ago. It was awesome however my electronic devices eventually got destroyed, old VHS tapes, clothes in the closet moldy.
  13. Rooster

    Good church in Cebu -- lots of foreigners

    Hash Harriers (Foreigners) gather in public here in the PI. They run amok wearing skimpy, filthy attire throughout Barangays, pour beer over each others head like morons no one bothers them. The locals enjoy seeing them making fools of themselves. The new no drinking in public law could be their demise? Other Foreigner groups gather. Veterans, Alcohol Anonymous, etc. Perhaps they have Mayor permits? The Public Assembly Act of 1985 http://www.chanrobles.com/bataspambansabilang880.htm#.W1e66_ZOLmQ I've had Foreigners ( 1 Brit, 1 Italian) come to my house and try and hook me into joining their religious group and their way of thinking via (religious dissension) so because they were Foreigners, would this law apply? http://www.chanrobles.com/bataspambansabilang39.htm#.W1e2WfZOLmQ
  14. Rooster

    high blood pressure

    There are programs to receive the meds for "free". Has he visited the Barangay Health Center, City Health Office. My wife's mother gets free Insulin (very expensive). The wife has a friend who is a barangay health worker and she tells us stories how some who come in for their free check up boast how their daughters foreigner husband sends them money for medicine and don't know they get it for free. https://www.untvweb.com/news/free-medicine-for-hypertensive-and-diabetic-patients/ https://healthrns.com/free-medicines-hypertensive-diabetic-filipinos/ http://www.manilatimes.net/manila-senior-citizens-get-free-maintenance-meds/311501/
  15. Rooster

    Hard Hit By The Rain!

    Amazing Resilience. Still smiling in the face of disaster. O