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  1. I've decided that my own wheels would be better so its time to purchase a car. My question to the forum is since I will be searching for a used one can any members advise me of the best way to go about this. Anyone have recommendations of a used car dealer?I'm in Mandaue Cebu.Don
  2. GreetingsI have been considering a small business to boost my income and relive some boredom. Internet cafes seem to be a popular choice for expats or so I have read else where but are they profitable. Do any members have experience in Internet cafes either in the Philippines or else where? Looking for your trusted advice here.
  3. Thank you all for some answers.Seems I have been some what broad in my questions so I will try to narrow them down some.MandaueRent budget around 15000, is this the right area to find this ?Close to supermarket or mall,no need for girl bars but good food restaurants is a plus.I think ancientrocka answered that.Would like some contact with other Expats but no need to live next door,some where with not too much traffic close by as the noise would drive me mad.Transport by way of easy taxi access.This might be impossible but would be good to be able to go for a walk without falling down an open hole or broken side walk.Perhaps my question should be,where in Cebu city is the safest,convenient area for a middle class Expat to live with some comforts of home without breaking the bank?Don
  4. Howdy Do any members live in Mandaue Cebu?I would like information such as, is it a good area? close to the needs of an expat,rental prices etc.Thanks for any information at all and much appreciated.Don
  5. Great suggestion tropical. Perhaps other members can add what they do for pleasure or hobbies,sports,socializing,etc and then we all can get a better idea of what is out there.Don
  6. Hi Don,Do you mean the peaceful "Gentlemans Club" type -- Meet - greet - chat - relax - dine Etc??. Stating what YOU would like may bring more info. and if no such Club , as you seek, in Cebu you may catch a few like minded souls interest in your search and start a Club.?In Tacloban we have the US-Legion which meets once a week and is friendly and very supportive and fits the CLUB need foe us.Far to lax rules, though, means there are -- DooM... members Just my musings on this topic.UK Tom :551: :7522: :cheersty:Thanks UK TomCan I tell you that I really don't know what type of club I wish to involve myself in. What I was thinking is if there was some sort of list then something might grab my attention.I never have really been into clubs before so this makes me a newbie.Not the sort to start my own club but suggestion is noted :tiphat:Don
  7. Just been reading the topics about clubs here but there is not much listed. i now have spare time and would like to join some sort of club.Are there other clubs in Cebu for retired men to join. In my case not to physical but something that has a friendly membership and not dominated by ones status.Suggestions please.Don
  8. This might be a good thing for the Philippines,in my opinion the more flights and destinations can only help the economy.DonSingapore, Philippines sign new air deal THE GOVERNMENT HAS SIGNED a new deal that will increase the number of flights between the Philippines and Singapore, providing a boost to trade and tourism in both countries. In an interview, Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) Executive Director Carmelo Arcilla said members of the Philippine air panel, along with their Singaporean counterparts, signed the deal that would increase the number of flights between the two countries by over 60 percent. Negotiations were concluded earlier this week. The new deal adds 2,647 seats a week between Manila and Singapore, on top of the previous 11,200 seats per week allowed. Allocations to Clark, meanwhile, were doubled to 20,000 seats a week from 10,000 before. Arcilla said the preference of adding more seats to Clark than any other point in the country is still part of the government’s plan to replace Manila’s aging airport system with that of the former military air base in Pampanga, turning it into the country’s premiere international gateway. For points outside of Manila and Clark, allocations were also doubled to 10,000 seats a week. Today, only the Cebu and Davao airports have flights to Singapore. “There’s steady growth on routes from the Philippines to Singapore,” according to Arcilla, who heads the Philippine air panel. “It’s between seven and 10 percent every year.” There have been a growing number of airlines serving the route from other points in the Philippines, Arcilla noted. For instance, Gokongwei-owned budget airline Cebu Pacific flies to Singapore from Cebu City and Clark Freeport. Singapore-based airline Tiger Airways also flies to Clark. Another Singaporean airline , Silk Air, also flies to Davao City. The new agreement with Singapore, along with deals made with other countries, is part of the administration’s strategy to increase tourist arrivals to the country to boost economic activity. Since the start of the year, the Philippine air panel—made up of representatives from the departments of transportation and communications, trade and industry and tourism—has signed similar air deals with Qator and South Korea.
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