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  1. Happyhorn52

    Memory and its Fallibility

    Obama has admitted to taking illegal drugs during his younger and wilder days, and drinking to excess is a subjective term, so I don't know how this is relevant to the confirmation process.
  2. Happyhorn52

    Memory and its Fallibility

    Just how does one investigate a 36 year old high school party?
  3. Happyhorn52

    Memory and its Fallibility

    It's waiting 36 years, then coming forward without any specifics that's bothering me. Someone needs to investigate the money flow into her bank account over the last 90 days as I suspect she has been paid handsomely for coming forward and wrecking the precedings. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/christine-blasey-ford-gofundme-brett-kavanaugh-allegations-senate-testimony/
  4. Happyhorn52

    Expat fraudsters

    I for one would have a hard time believing someone living the life in Thailand or the Philippines trying to sell me on an investment.
  5. Happyhorn52

    Car Service rip off - be warned

    Isn't that the reason the dealer recommends regularly scheduled maintenance in the first place. To get you in his shop so he can up sell unnecessary but highly profitable tasks.
  6. Happyhorn52

    Elevator Manners

    Try hitting to door open button a few times just to piss them off. Maybe next time they will take a different car.
  7. Happyhorn52

    John McCain dead at 81

    This about sums it up on McCain. http://www.mcall.com/news/breaking/mc-nws-john-mccain-nine-moments-20180826-story.html
  8. Happyhorn52

    Pimp that Car

    Are you going full lowrider?
  9. Happyhorn52

    John McCain dead at 81

    Is McCain putting Country above Party or is he representing the wrong Party?
  10. Around $3 - $4 thousand US
  11. I shipped my King size bedroom suit including Temperpedic Mattresses, my Electrolux clothes washer and dryer, two queen size beds for the guest room, 55 inch big screen TV etc. and about 45 boxes of miscellaneous including my extra large clothes. I gave away lawnmowers etc and my two autos. Only regret was bringing more toiletries and other things that are extremely expensive in the Philippines.
  12. I shipped most of my stuff in a 20ft container from Houston to Angeles City. I used what they call a "Hot Load" to keep the costs down. You pack and load the trailer (Shipper sends a truck with container to your house and you and your friends load it. You have 2 hours before they start charging you demerge.)then you unloaded it at your final destination. Get door to door service and have them handle the details. Load the container up with things that are cheap at home but expensive in the Philippines including 3-4 years worth of toiletries etc that don't spoil. I have the SRRV Classic Visa so theoretically the load is tax exempt but the gov with still find $1,000 worth of misc charges for you to pay.
  13. I bought a large meat cleaver from a vendor at the beach in Subic.
  14. When I applied for my SRRV Classic Visa all they required was a background check from my local sheriff's office (Houston) and a notarized letter stating that they had checked the data in the computer and no criminal offenses were found.
  15. I have a friend who knows a LTO fixer in Olongapo. He was able to get a Class 5 Crane Operator License without really knowing how to operate a 30T Crane.