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  1. Angeles City has 7-8 pizza places better than Greenwich, but I will eat it if you're buying.
  2. I don't know why, but I'm fascinated with this double sided fan from Asahi. If any of you have one, is it worth the price (3,550p) or just a waste of money. https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/asahi-tw6020-16-12-twingo-double-sided-standing-industrial-fan-i100018683-s100025100.html?
  3. STL franchises quadruple under Duterte to accommodate ex-generals, ex-DOJ Aguirre – Tulfo https://politics.com.ph/stl-franchises-quadruple-under-duterte-to-accommodate-ex-generals-ex-doj-aguirre-tulfo/?fbclid=IwAR13DaO44Ci7pNneUVy8MaO_YAse8Bhgwn2YQ6V6gBgJBSqeEpAPuFXJDUM
  4. Are we bad people because we’re bad drivers, or are we bad drivers because we’re bad people to begin with? https://visor.ph/wisdom/why-are-filipinos-such-bad-drivers/?
  5. Angeles City has a motorcycle club if you like to ride in a group. https://www.facebook.com/ThunderMCPhilippines/
  6. Illegals voting in American elections a far bigger problem than Russian Trolls flooding Twitter with Pro one candidate or another messages.
  7. US customs pulled my shipment for a detailed inspection which cost me an extra $1,100 US
  8. I shipped a 20ft container from Houston (USA) to Angeles City about two years ago. Even with an SRRV Classic Visa I had to pay around $1,000 US for misc gov fees that should have been free. I also had trouble with the Custom's Clearing Agent in the Philippines closing their door which cost me a lot in unnecessary demiurge which resulted in the move far exceeded the original quoted price. I'm glad I shipped the 20ft container as I didn't want to sell then repurchase my Tempur-pedic beds, Electrolux washer and dryer or give up all my oversized and expensive clothes.
  9. II say we party like it's 1999! The world has 53.3 years of oil left at the current rate of production, according to BP's annual statistical review of world energy. Just 53 years! From the report: Total world proved oil reserves reached 1687.9 billion barrels at the end of 2013, sufficient to meet 53.3 years of global production
  10. Can't speak of the condition of the runway, but I live close enough to Clark to tell you that there are no take off's and landings going on today.
  11. Now they are reporting that a 6.5 earthquake hit Eastern Samar (San Julian) Looks like my girlfriends family hit the jackpot as she lives with me here in Angeles City and her sister lives in San Julian https://news.abs-cbn.com/news/04/23/19/62-magnitude-quake-hits-eastern-samar
  12. Supermarket collapse in Porac worst damage reported so far.
  13. Next time get him working on video and you will have him by the balls for the rest of his career.
  14. What is the appropriate tip for a pole dancer in a funeral procession?
  15. I purchased three of these for my US made major appliances. Panther PVR 1000 for the Electrolux Washer and Dryer. The dryer was actually 110 for the digital controls and 220 for the dryer part. They had to split the original 4 prong plug and step down the 110 portion to get it to work. Two Panther PVR 500's for the Television and computer and stereo equipment. I have been using them for two years and they work well. https://www.panther.ph/products/automatic-voltage-regulator/avr-relay-type/
  16. I purchased a used 2008 Toyota Fortuner (2.7 gas) with 80,000 km when I first got here for 680,000p. I bought if from someone I trusted who had just bought a new 2017 fortuner. The original owner owns a couple of Caltex gas Stations and made sure that all the needed maintenance was done. I would have preferred to get the Diesel Fortuner because Diesel Fuel is cheaper in the Philippines but I'm real happy with my purchase and have put 20,000 km on the car with no maintenance issues. I think the original purchase price was around 1,300,000p, so the original owner drove it 10 years and got half his money back at the time of resale.
  17. Angeles City has everything a Single guy could want but beaches.
  18. Household shipment tax exempt with the SRRV Classic Visa
  19. Adding excessive shipping charges just makes Lazada the Vendor of last resort for many items. I used to buy diapers from Lazada and now I only buy them when they are on sale. I am not going to pay a delivery charge for items like diapers. More business for S&R and less for Lazada. Last month I had a problem with the delivery of a cell phone I ordered. Lazada kept claiming they were making attempts to deliver the phone but there is always someone at hope at my house and they were telling me no Lazada delivery attempts. I called Lazada and they suggested I just reorder and pay for the 1st phone that arrives
  20. I always order cash on delivery for that very reason. If they add an excessive delivery charge i just reject the item and let them take it back to the vendor. Thanks but no thanks!
  21. At home is sometimes gets so cold that the electricity freezes. We have to build a fire under the meter to get it flowing again. Fortunately it never gets that cold here but there is always that possibility.
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