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  1. Not to pry to much but was wondering approx cost for pool.
  2. Buying gold would be the easiest way to convert Philippine money to something that is useable anywhere in the world. Without the hassle of banking records and transaction details being recorded for future use against you.
  3. I purchased a 3000sqm lot 30km from Iloilo in Pototan about 10 years ago. High ground for 600psm.At the time the seller had children ready for collage courses so quick sale price. At the time , similar lots were at 1200psm so a fairly good price. Plus cash sale so seller and I were happy. Titled property also.
  4. Big tobacco is starting to follow the vaping crowd as their profits start to decline. This is somewhat a second life for some tobacco companies.
  5. I'm in also. Breaks my heart to see this little guy not get the life he deserves. Please do the ground work and we will go from there.
  6. How convenient .Now they can postpone the opening and not admit failure. It is a big undertaking in the time line they had to work with especially in the Philippines.
  7. Or very unlucky. One is generally enough ha.
  8. My passenger was terrified of my bike because it sits quite high compared to a scooter. I'm also a huge 5.5 feet .
  9. I ran a very healthy looking dog over on my xr200 once while I was there. I had just finished my renewal at the lto in calinog. My passenger was very impressed with my ability to stay upright, as was I lol.
  10. If you took soup for lunch wife wouldn't have to make something special for you to take tomorrow. I hope she made you a wish sandwich lol.
  11. Ya we better not punish the locales like they would be treated in our home country. I get it but wrong is wrong.
  12. I still own my 3000m property with my wife. I haven't built on it yet so fingers crossed. She has some real winners for family members.I hope the title is good.
  13. Ya but we better protect Borocay lol. You would think any green space left in Manila would be a priority with the gov and country. I guess not.
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