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  1. brmpipes

    Boy with cancer

    I'm in also. Breaks my heart to see this little guy not get the life he deserves. Please do the ground work and we will go from there.
  2. How convenient .Now they can postpone the opening and not admit failure. It is a big undertaking in the time line they had to work with especially in the Philippines.
  3. brmpipes

    Foreigner living on the streets

    Or very unlucky. One is generally enough ha.
  4. brmpipes

    Dogs and Motorcycles !

    My passenger was terrified of my bike because it sits quite high compared to a scooter. I'm also a huge 5.5 feet .
  5. brmpipes

    Dogs and Motorcycles !

    I ran a very healthy looking dog over on my xr200 once while I was there. I had just finished my renewal at the lto in calinog. My passenger was very impressed with my ability to stay upright, as was I lol.
  6. brmpipes

    How many times do you have to say NO

    If you took soup for lunch wife wouldn't have to make something special for you to take tomorrow. I hope she made you a wish sandwich lol.
  7. brmpipes

    Got burgled last night

    Enjoy you new laundry lady lol.
  8. brmpipes

    Got burgled last night

    Ya we better not punish the locales like they would be treated in our home country. I get it but wrong is wrong.
  9. brmpipes

    Avoiding fake land titles

    I still own my 3000m property with my wife. I haven't built on it yet so fingers crossed. She has some real winners for family members.I hope the title is good.
  10. Ya but we better protect Borocay lol. You would think any green space left in Manila would be a priority with the gov and country. I guess not.
  11. The first article states some have taken the bottom portion of the encroachment out but left the other floors intact. Sounds like a fight is in the works. The plans for the road widening include a bike lane on both sides and sidewalks .The actual width for vehicle traffic looks to be unchanged. Also D_mall just up from or building might get demo because of building on wet lands.
  12. brmpipes

    Philippine Ambulances

    Unfortunately, when backing into a stall and parking the risk is higher on vehicle damage expense if someone hits you after you have parked.
  13. That may be true with most cases but if the government claims to own all the land on the island, they can build a road right through your property regardless of setback ect.I think I see what you meant after typing so will leave post as is.
  14. I have done well with the business and have not lost any money in the transaction. It just seems strange that things are so messed up here.We are one of a few that followed the rules and permitted everything so we wouldn't have problems later on. So much for being above board.