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  1. The whole thing is bizarre. My workers are afraid to go out cause of CV. Guess the scaremongering has worked beautifully.
  2. Transferring 50k rather than 10k will allow you to buy a condo. Simply sell it if you decide to leave.
  3. There's nothing good about this. I was supporting Clinton because I believe slowing (actually reversing) the economy is by far the best option for the US and the world. Also, a nuclear war with Russia would have paradoxically been a good thing.
  4. If you do end up overstaying, can a travel agency work out all these fines when they extend your visa or do you have to visit the immigration office in person?
  5. In the 80s the US was helping Colombian paramilitaries wipe out narco-traffickers and a generation later its heaping moral condemnation on another regime for doing the same thing. Must be bewildering.
  6. The explanation you posted is very poor. The idea behind unschooling is to let the kids do whatever they wants rather than forcing them to sit in class 8 hours a day for 12 years cramming their head with useless knowledge. Practitioners pretend to homeschool their kids because of state demands but in reality unschoolers do virtually nothing. There is quite a lot of data showing that the effect of education on grade-age children is almost nil. But if you were to homeschool rather than unschool, the idea that you need elaborate learning tools, etc. is ridiculous. That's another topic. However, I'm not suggesting you do do either(unschooling or homeschooling). I'm only saying that spending money on expensive schools is a waste. And if you spend money on an English school it will prevent your child from learning language, which is the one skill best learned in childhood. Your child would be far better off if you take that extra 5k/year and put it in the stock market and turn it over to her when she reached 18 or whatever. Don't waste your money on schools that teach nothing. Do put your child in an environment where she can effortlessly pick up an extra language.
  7. Reading and writing are a foregone conclusion that anybody with a bit of curiosity and exposure to modern materials will learn on their own easily and quickly. Schools have a negative effect, if any, on critical thinking. I suggest you research the "Unschooling" movement.
  8. Fantastic map. Would love to get one of those. It's amazing how a map can change your perception of history and politics.
  9. I was in Moalboal a couple weeks ago. The place was packed with tourists of the backpacker variety. The locals told me that tourism was booming this year. We'll see how long that lasts.
  10. Virtually everything taught in schools is worthless. Schooling has virtually zero effect on your child's future so you should not worry about it too much. Also, about the only thing worth teaching children is language which they almost entirely learn from peers so you are doing your child a big disservice by enrolling her in an English school. Go for the local school, save your money, and she'll be fluent in a new language after a year. A skill she'll carry with her for life. The rest is garbage.
  11. Per Withdrawal HSBC: 40k BPI: 20k Rest of banks (as far as I know): 10k All charge PHP 200 per withdrawal. * I suspect Citibank has a limit similar to HSBC because in other countries it does, but I have not tried it yet.
  12. The payment system is incredibly stupid. They haven't figure out a way to take credit card payments even though the IRS can be paid via credit card. Apparently they're afraid of all those fraudsters using stolen credit cards to pay for passport renewals. Furthermore, for some bizarre reason, if you make your payment at the Cebu consulate it takes "much longer." God knows why.
  13. FBI channeler told me I could print out the fingerprints card and get it done at a local police station.
  14. Ironically, that's the effective way to control drugs. You have to go after the small time users and pushers not the kingpins. I've been saying this for years.
  15. And there's the bone that the Philippines was hoping for. Also helps to save a bit of face. China's ownership of the area becomes more solidified, they get a backer in Asia, who might support them in further claims against Vietnam (maybe the Philippines can wrangle another small concession?), and makes it significantly tougher for the US to challenge them militarily. The Philippines gets a small stake in the area and escapes getting used as cannon fodder by the US to confront China, and gains maybe the biggest, most important nation in the world (definitely in Asia) as its ally.. They lose the small chance there was of getting ownership. The US gets egg in its face and loses its prospective base for challenging China. I actually think that the US was never going to back up their claim anyway. In which case it just saved the US from wasting more money on military bases and joint training. A win/win/lose or maybe even a win/win/win. I have an alternative theory that the US knew Duterte was leaning this way all along and that's why they were so vociferous in the election campaign and afterwards. They already were working on keeping him from becoming president or getting rid of him. Do we really think the US cares about "human rights" when it comes to their allied nations? But it's doubtful because some of the Filipino elite who backed DU30, like Fidel Ramos, have apparently been taken by surprise. Unlikely that the US would know more about the future pivot than Filipino insiders. It would be staggeringly stupid if the US has lost an ally at least in part because they tried to interfere in its domestic policies which have no impact on the US whatsoever. Especially when the policy is overwhelming supported by Filipinos and when the US's qualifications for taking the moral high ground are highly dubious to say the least. But some say the leaders in the West have become so fanatically devoted to their new "religion" that there's a chance this is what actually happened.
  16. Sure, if China was actually planning to invade the Philippines as the US did Iraq. Is that the threat that's now being pushed as the reason for remaining a close US military ally? I think it's totally ridiculous. China will not invade and colonize the Philippines unless the US sets up base in PI and challenges China over the disputed territories. This is very different from WW2 (and even then it's likely that Japan would have bypassed the Philippines if it had not been for US bases on the islands, at least for the short-run). But if there is an all out war, the Philippines gets nuked or closed to nuked anyway. If it comes to the point where the Philippines has to rely on guerilla fighting a Chinese occupation, they've already lost. As pathetic as it sounds, giving up the islands is probably the best option.
  17. Even if Filipinos were unable to produce their own rifles, what good would 25M rifles do? An assault rifle for every 4th Filipino...is that the plan to defeat China in the Scarborough Shoal? They can get to the scene of the conflict on the donated refurbished C-130. Sounds like a racket.
  18. Looks like a budget prison to me. The new rehab centers will be expensive but obviously the current number of drug users and prisoners is a result of drug policy during the past 20 years, not the last 3 months. As far as I know Malaysia and Indonesia have a significantly smaller drug problem than the Philippines and Thailand. Singapore is not comparable. I think you either legalize drugs or destroy it ruthlessly. A moderate policy only leads to massive costs in drug enforcement agencies and prisons, runaway crime, and prevents addicts from being treating (though I'm skeptical about how effective treatment really is).
  19. DMAX LS, 4x4, AT: 2016: 1.480M 2017: 1.570M The 2015 is listed at 1.537. How could it be more than the 2016? I'm guessing that listing is a mistake. So like you said the difference in price between the "new" old one and the new one is not that big. Maybe the 2016 will drop another 100k in January or February. I see your point but don't you think the dealer keeps the 2015 indoors or in a covered area and does regular maintenance? Anyway, I think you might be right about the 2016 rather than 2015. Probably hard to find a 2015 "new" one anyway.
  20. Did you look at the numbers I posted? A 20% per year decrease in value for the first 3 years seems accurate and identical to what you see in the US. Also, if as you say it's riskier to buy used in the Philippines than we'd expect the decrease in resale value to be even greater . So neither data nor theory support that the value of cars are retained better here than in the US. I don't know about other countries. Why do you say the opposite?
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