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  1. Is fiber available in any areas of these cities? It's a major consideration for me.
  2. Are there any condos in Dumaguete that can be purchased by foreigners?
  3. Still haven't found any good lawyers. Can somebody recommend one please?
  4. Thanks for the advice. We would not be trying to circumvent the anti dummy laws as the land would be bought as a workplace for the corporation's employees. Mogo, could you give some details of your Thailand experiences?
  5. I understand that a property can be owned by a company if the majority shareholders are Filipino citizens. Does anyone know if a FOREIGN company with majority Filipino shareholders can own a property? Can anyone recommend a property lawyer in Manila?
  6. Hi, would it be possible for your daughter to be the sole owner? How did you make it so that your signature is required in order for the owner to sell?
  7. I doubt you own the Property to do that as I guess you are not a Filipino Citizen but in a short answer No. not until your daughter is 18, your wife would be the Executor untill then, so what would be the gain when it will eventually become hers anyway?wink.png JP pompus.png I do not own the property. I would buy it from the developer and put my child as the sole owner on the title. The question is whether a minor can be the sole holder of a property title. I am not really worried about her mother too much.
  8. My child is 8 years old and a dual citizen of the Phillipines and Switzerland.
  9. I mean real condos where I as a foreigner can own the title. Can't seem to find any despite of there being a lot of foreigners there. Isn't that odd? If not, what are my options? Thank you.
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