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  1. Yes, as a diver myself I understand the docile nature of sea snakes. And your point about not messing with them is exactly my point. If you step on one you are messing with them in a bad way!!! :-D
  2. Seven Commandos Beach near El Nido...
  3. Took the extended family to see El Mayon Volcano and the surrouning area.
  4. A short video about a near fatal footstep while wading in the water off one of the Palawan islands.
  5. Whereas I would say that being a gossip isn't in itself a showstopper trait in a female partner, being used and taken advantage of in the pre-marital phase should send the guy running. DNA tests are becoming quite inexpensive now, so finding out if he's the father of the child should be pretty easy. And if he's not the father, and she's been leading him on all along, he should head for the hills and leave this woman to her own demise. You're not going to sway him if he's blindly in love. That's why they coined the phrase, "blindly in love." Don't try to convince him she's bad for him, as he'll only resent you for it. Unfortunately, the sad truth will probably dawn on him in two or three years.
  6. Just had a 12 hour layover in Incheon airport. No one offered me lodging or tours, but the benches were OK for napping. Incheon airport is kind of out in nowhere land. It's over an hour to get into Seoul if there's zero traffic, let alone during daytime traffic.
  7. So, Northern Lights, did you get married? I've seen a lot of suggestions here, but if you're already married then further comment is moot. If you haven't yet married and you have time to play with, consider a K-1 visa, i.e., a fiance visa. It's true, getting a tourist visa for a Filipina is challenging, but a K-1 visa is not that difficult. You just need to show evidence of a continuing relationship, such as described by others on this thread (time-stamped photos, stamps in your passport, email, etc). Also, with the K-1, your fiance does not need a change of name in the passport (yet), nor does she need any certificate from the Philippines. The catch with the K-1 visa is that you must marry within 90 days of her arrival in the US, but that doesn't sound like an issue for you. The CR-1 (spouse) visa and the K-1 (fiance) visa take about the same amount of time to process with the US Government, but if there's a long processing time for the Philippines certificates, the K-1 may be a faster option. If you are still grappling with this, send me a PM and I'll point you to some resources.
  8. We are starting paperwork for my wife's US citizenship naturalization process. She raised a point the other day which I had not thought of. If she gets her US citizenship, we will both be US citizens retired in the Philippines, meaning we would not have the benefits of either having Philippines citizenship, as in for buying real estate. But we want the benefits of US citizenship, such as the freedom an American passport brings you. Is dual citizenship practiced? I know the US frowns on it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
  9. You write checks? What are checks?!? Too funny, I think I have some adjustment to do. I haven't even owned a checkbook in maybe six or seven years. I do have a Chase account, but I see Citi has banks in the US and PI, so maybe I'll open an account there.
  10. OMG, internet dating was highly successful for me. But then due to my job I was very experienced with meeting new people and being able to quickly settle into a comfortable conversation without it being awkward. I had a few almost-marriages with Americans and Europeans (and one Australian) from online dating, and eventually met my Filipina wife on the Internet. But it was not a long distance relationship; we lived within commuting distance of each other in the Middle East. I'm not sure I could pull off a long distance relationship between the US and the Philippines.
  11. Please follow up with success or not. I'm looking at the same arrangement, but from the US. I'm just about to change my primary US bank and figured I should move to a bank with branches here and in PI. I still have about a year and a half before I move, but if I'm changing banks now I might as well go with one that has branches in both countries.
  12. My wife and I bought a small duplex for her kids in Cavite, near Manila. It's new construction, so there's still things to be finished, even after moving in. They need a metal railing fence around the front yard and roof/overhang for the dirty kitchen in back. We were quoted 230,000 pesos ($5,000US) for both projects. After choking, I explained that was probably more than what the cost would be here in the US. She's adamant that construction costs like that are expensive in the Philippines. I suspect that's not the case, but maybe I'm wrong. Does that sound like the going rate for this kind of project in the Philippines? We're handling this remotely from here in the States, so I'm suspicious that this is simply taking advantage of our supposed deep pockets.
  13. A bunch of years ago I lived in Maryland, USA. The State regulations required that any land developer who erected four or more houses in a development must create a common usage area, a recreation area so to speak. In order to create a common usage area, they were required to create a home owner's association to manage the common area. Fair enough, because someone has to tend to the common area. And of course to maintain property values, the HOAs also ended up managing the external appearance of everyone's properties. I think that's standard across the States. Pretty much all home development in the US now is in large tracts, dozens or even hundreds of homes built by one developer, so there is almost zero non-HOA homes out there except for those 50 or more years old. My last two houses were HOA-free, but I was out of luck when searching for my current house.
  14. My wife, not being native to the US, is having a hard time grasping the concept of our Home Owners Association (HOA) micromanaging the exterior of our home/yard here in Virginia. She keeps building yard stuff and altering the landscape without notice or approval, which has me on edge fearing reprisals from the HOA. We got a notice of violation from them yesterday telling us we had to clear out some of her stuff or install lattice screening to block the view under our deck. So, to install $30 worth of lattice requires submitting for a permit to the County with blueprints and diagrams, along with a $100 permit fee. HOAs are the bane of American living, but it's extremely difficult finding housing in urban or suburban areas that are not in Home Owner Associations. By her actions, I gather there's nothing similar to HOAs in the Philippines. Two years to retirement. But then I guess the Islands probably have their own form of bureaucracy!
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