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  1. Hello there.. I am a Canadian 71 years old and I was wondering if one day i will have to << sign out >> do i have to have a Valid Canadian Will in order my legitimate wife to have access to my Canadian Bank account ? I do not entertain the idea that some money I have inside my Royal Bank will go to the government coffers As Estate !!! is it possible this whole thing ? do i need to have one done in Canada and Notarized here ? or Notarized in Canada and emailed here ? what would be the steps to do it correctly ?
  2. Hello RBM.. Yes yes Jack Peterson is right it's all based on supply and demand and of course in this kind of business there will be peak times and down times like in many businesses.. Also Jollygoodfellow is right on about a feature Airb&b has called < smart pricing > . I knew about it reading the forum before I list it my property and did not touch ..I don't know how they get to a price ( always ) LOWER than your price !! Obviously airb&b wants to RENT because they get a cut etc. Absolutely ..do not touch this box with smart pricing..They even send me an invitation proposing this '' shti..'' and they gave me an example of a property located nearby with a lower price of mine..This property was all Nippa, Cogon and Bamboo crap with very tiny room , dirty kitchen outside etc etc. hmmmm I am not boosting here but I have a very nice property as comparison.. So Rbm when it's time to list take your time, read carefully and again go to that Community Guide BEFORE I told you about ..They have hundreds and hundreds of topics with questions, answers, solutions, examples etc etc How many units do you intend to build if you don't mind asking ? Separate units like detached units ? 2 or 3 rooms per unit? I don't know about your location but RBM even if you are not in a prime position ....by doing, adding, somethings you can increase your chances of doing good in terms of ROI ( return on investment). Let me just tell you some things that I have read about hosts who manages more than 3 units/apartments/houses.. Let's say you have 5 or 6 units..Good idea to have a Swimming Pool !..That is a good attraction especially not being near a beach! If you don't get a Pool then get a Mini Van or an SUV and use it as a Shuttle ! When guests arrive at the Airport they feel a bit lost not knowing where to go especially.. they are surrounded by those < sharks> trying to get you in their private cars and rip you off for fare money!..it would be a good idea to pick them up from Airport. I know someone here who doesn't have a car but he hires one and pay the driver. Make sure you charge a bit LESS than a taxi !! Guests like when a driver has a card board with Mr. XYZ written there waiting to be picked up ! Same when they check-out. They love having a car waiting for them to take to airport.Sure they will leave v. good reviews. Maybe this post is getting too long sorry..but I have one more..Buy a couple of Washers and Dryers! Not all guests will use it ( short terms) but for those who stay longer yes they like it..You will make some money out of it too . You will need these machines too! Many bed sheets , pillow cases, towels, blankets, drapes etc..If you hire a Filipina she will have trouble washing stuff for 5-6 units ! wow Have a nice Sunday sir ! Chuck
  3. Hello RBM.. alright Nationality...Born in Italy. Living, working and have whole family ( whatever it's left of it ) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for 37.5 years. 3 kids/grown ups now, 2 in Canada and one daughter in Italy. Lived in Thailand for 4 years and moved to Phils 6 years ago , married, I am 71 years old and still < kicking...if you know what I mean RBM ...blink !! he he Now your intentions to build a couple of Units and list them thereafter.. Wow !! Man I will tell you here my own opinions ..Your intention is great and is a recipe for success RBM ! I am convinced that you will do good or very good ! Let me elaborate a little bit... I have only 2 apartments and I am doing very good as return on my investment..You, with let's say building 5 or 6 or more units Cannot Go Wrong ! It's called Economy of Scale and it is proven that the more units you have the better the return..! I went to this Airb&b website and registered with them long before my apartments were built..I have learned a lot from there... They have a so called Community Guide where people share their experiences, their complaints you know the stuff sharing the good, the bad and the ugly..There are hundreds of topics covered, typical is almost the same as this Expats Forum except this Forum is much much better !!! he he !! I have 2 friends one American he has 4 units and one Swiss who has 5 units. These are NOT Resorts just private homes like mine. They are doing exceptionally well, way better than me just because they have at least someone renting something in downtime or low season.. Of course RBM it will also depend on other factors such the three L' s ( Location Location Location), proximity to major events, major Landmarks, Big Malls, Theaters, Airports, Entertaining venues etc etc .. Still without a superb location or without a special something one can make it work very nicely ( good money ) in my opinion. I have read many many examples where people doing good even located in the middle of nowhere.. Just to conclude RBM I have a good American buddy here in Panglao Island. Former limousine driver in Boston USA. He has a very nice Villa/Mansion, 2 stories, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, beautiful workmanship, gorgeous facade, one of a kind place. He has no Pool and is Not close to beach ! He rented his entire house for 6 persons for 2 nights over the New Year for....hmmm 25,000 pesos per one night ! 50,000 pesos for two night..! he he ! It's time you to start building ... my friend ! Chuck
  4. Hello there Yes , at times I read, there are some problems, inconveniences and glitches with Airb&B ...In my opinion it could happen of course.. Remember they have 4 millions Listings in 191 countries ! Maan this is a huge number and obviously sh can happen.. Regarding your mentioning about trying to list with booking.com and then you get " it's all fake " ..Hmmm !! Probably I guess, I am not sure the system had detected a Different IP address and told you to walk ! With Airb&B I have listed a property here in Panglao Island., Bohol for a Canadian friend and it all work very well with no problems. I am not enthusiastic with Booking.com ( 15% commission shoot !!) but we need them for their large exposure.. The only thing I would try is if you can go to the property, carry your laptop with you and list their property from inside their place Maybe this way will work ??? Good Luck Good Fellow! Chuck
  5. Hello Scott.. The following it's just my own opinion.. Look you have nothing to loose with your brother in law property.. Arrange it nicely, make sure it's clean, neat, has all amenities working, good mattress, linen, pillows , blankets, comforters, clean bathroom, make sure there is a shower heater there, make sure all sinks ( bath and kitchen are working nicely) , cooking stove with gas tank , add if you want a Toaster, a Water Kettle ( for tea or coffee) , also a Microwave would be good too, a good fridge ( not a mini-type crap! ), a good TV set , I think at least 40 inch screen would be nice and if you want to go fancy buy a Smart TV ..Now it's fashionable it has Wi-Fi so one can watch Youtube, Netflix, you get your browser there etc. Go, take your time and list it. Remember, the most important thing in any listing in my opinion is to have Nice Photos and more photos. That"s the first thing the guest will see..Bright photos, ( choose a time of day with sun shining inside) , chest height photos, wide zoomed photos not shady or blurred ones. Take 50 photos, list 25-30 and the rest discard them.. Start with a smaller price per night and go from there..Depending on demand .you can always change increase or decrease your prices. Again Scott you have nothing to loose..It is better to try and list rather than having the house Empty and bring no income collecting dust. Let me know if you go for it.. Chuck
  6. I own a property in Panglao Island, Bohol and have a good income from renting it thru Airb&b, Booking.com and Agoda.com. By far, the best out of these three is Airb&b..Their <take> is minimal ( I think about 3 or 5%) . Their system is working perfect for me with no glitches whatsoever. Booking.com ( UK based) is taking 15% , wow !! not a dandy but I have adjusted the price per night so I get my wanted price. About Reviews..Yes, nobody can write a review without being/renting there. As soon as the Guest leaves the next day Airb&b sends me an email, you click a box and write your review. One directed to the site ( it cannot be edited / cancel or delete it) one that will be published, and the other is optional, directed only to the guest personally. After I do it, they immediately informed the guest about my review and they invite the Guest to write his own review about me the Host. Also their payment is precisely within 24 to 48 hours after the check-out. Sweet ! Booking.com is taking a longer time to be paid..About 2 weeks or so at the minimum. One unpleasant feature Booking.com has is every month they send an Invoice with money you owe to them..So you have to go to the bank, take a number, stay in line and pay the damn Invoice..Don't understand why they do that !!! On the other hand Aib&b take automatically their commission out of the total pay for the room ! Nice and Elegant !! I am exploring Expedia.com at the moment..They also take a 15 % commission and another 10 % if the guest buy a package deal with Flight and Car Rental included !! That is a Nasty deal ! I am a small host < what do I have to do with Car Rental and Flight ?? >> he he . One doesn't have a choice Expedia is so big, has so much exposure !! Go and List now with Airb&b ..Chinese New Year is coming ! I am fully booked ! Chuck
  7. Thank you good fellow.. Good , informative and probably helpful site you gave me...I went there and wrote a lengthy mail to one of the ladies who work there.. It is a weekend so they might reply me Monday.. Nevertheless very good site Thank you sir.. Chuck
  8. Thank you for replying... Yes I used to use a Globe Card ( like our phone card in North America) but they do not have anymore..Globe got stiff competition probably and cut it out..!!? Ya, I have already tried to call this Accountant and there is only an answering machine there..In 2014 his health when I saw him last time was not that good..he is hitting 74.. Here in Panglao Island, Bohol I do know only one Canadian guy but he is going thru some serious trouble right now plus he never done hes taxes alone. He had his taxes done by H & R Block in Toronto ! He got married to a Filipina, had a small child with her, built a big house ..all was well but he had to go for 3-4 months in Canada to attend some business, family matters etc.When he got back the Maid of the house call him secretly to a Jollibee sandwich and told him that his wife is seeing the childhood boy friend all the time and he was sleeping in their house too etc etc..The man confronted the wife, she admitted that she still loves the Filipino guy and does not want the marriage anymore!! This guy is in more trouble that me . My taxes troubles are less than his "annulment ". He went already to a lawyer and advanced him 60,000 just for the start !! I will immediately try this card you are talking about ( Smart) and see how it goes.. How is life there in Panay ? All right, again thank you for replying and have a good one Take care Chuck
  9. Thanks for responding.. Yes I know there are on-line Income Tax filling of course but I have never done it and I really do not know how to do it.. This Accountant in Vancouver was doing my taxes for me for 30 some years but now he is not responding to any of my emails..Maybe he quit, retired or passed away ?? Also I have a small income aside which I must add to it...Have no idea how ? Thanks anyway Chuck
  10. Thanks for responding.. Yes I know there are sites but I have never done it and I really do not know how to do it.. Also I have a small income aside which I must add to it...Have no idea how ? Thanks anyway Chuck
  11. Hello there... My Tax Accountant from Vancouver, for some reasons, did not file for me the Income Tax for 2016. I need to have it filled as soon as possible..I need someone knowledgeable Is there anybody who is in the know about help me Fill my Income tax ?? I will travel to your destination and I will pay you of course.. Please get back Thank you Chuck
  12. Hi Dave... I am using this TransferWise without any problems whatsoever.. They have a better rate than World Remit ( not by much) and their Fee is also lower than World Remit.. For example for $1,000.00 CAD TW charges $11.86 and WR is charging $14.99 of course all in Canadian Dollars. Example: 5 minutes ago rate: for $1,000.00 with TW you get $35,869.18 Pesos and with WR you get 35,779.00 Pesos . In both transactions the FEES are INCLUDED ! With TransferWise it takes approximately 3-4 days the money to arrive in your Philippine Bank Account. If it happens to be a weekend, then it will take about 5 days.. I transfer my pension from my Royal Bank to Metro Bank here. In the past I used the International Wire Transfer from Royal Bank to Metro Bank but their Rate was lousy or horrendous..TransferWise do not use Cash Transfer but only Bank to Bank. Your first Transaction is Free and if you do not mind you can enter my ID Number so I can get some discount. It is Hope it helps Dave. Chuck I also used World Remit many times ( you get your money in CASH in 10 minutes ) but this is for another topic..
  13. Good morning Bobo.. I have re-read your post where you try to compare your Bank in US and World Remit.. I have not understood something and for the sake of having a conversation please allow me.. In order to get 20,000 pesos: You said your Bank is not charging you for 10 withdrawals..Good ! You make 2 withdrawals here in Philippine and you get charged 400 pesos ..( 2x200P) That is good too.. but...but is your Bank not using their Rate of Exchange ( Bank Rate) and give you way less than World Remit? Have you tried to punch here 20,000 pesos ? How Many US Dollars were you debited ? $438.08 ? Or maybe I misunderstood..Your Bank will definitely won't give you the Prime Rate..They will use THEIR Rate..which is usually way lower ! I know that in general Banks are not that generous ! Hope you have a great Sunday Chuck
  14. Right now Royal Bank is charging ( for any amount up to $2,500.00 ) $13.50..! Toronto Dominion / Canada Trust is not even allowing any kind of International transfer online. Only you can do so by going to any teller in person ! Kinda communist approach ! One time I asked why this ?.. They justify this saying ...we are trying to prevent < money laundering > ! What a whopping lie..! I use them for transferring money before. One day though, I sign up here in this Forum and Learn from all these nice members about Transferwise and World Remit.I didn't know about this before! A big Thank you guys ! Chuck
  15. Yes, it's criminal ...it's like Bank terrorism ! he he ! $5.00 fee, 200 pesos here and plus their horrendous rate of change ! Hmmmm! 10 free withdrawals per month..Very sweet deal my friend..Stick with it.. Take care Chuck
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