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  1. Sorry to hear about your problem Jim, Maybe one of the tips below will help settle you. What can I take for wind? More tips for treating trapped wind: Drink warm water. Try adding a drop of peppermint oil to it. Drink herbal tea – chamomile, ginger, dandelion are particularly soothing. Massaging your lower abdomen can get the wind moving. Going for a walk uses gravity to move the gas out of your body.
  2. Not necessarily. If you are one of the lucky few to receive a 6 month extension after your 3 years has expired then Yes you will pay your 6 months Visa fees PLUS the 25,000 Peso fine/contribution that you referred to. However, according to the BI Officers here in Duma most requests are normally given just 2 months extra and in many cases just 30 days to get out of the country, for this pleasure you will also pay the Visa fees for the time you have been awarded PLUS the25,000 Peso fine/contribution as well. Ouch, that works out to be expensive.
  3. Haha, it's about time we got a result against you bloody northerners. February 1st we get another chance, lol. Hope you and the family are doing well John under what is surely difficult circumstances at the moment in the UK. Stay safe my friend and hope to be sharing another beer or two together on the boulevard as soon as possible. God Bless.
  4. 0k I'll give you my call since you asked for it. My call is that you piss off, almost every post you make is attacking Gandang Smile. Generally on this forum we have a system that tends to work, if you dont like the topic or post from a topic then just move on to the next topic. I don't agree with all his comments but there are plenty I do agree with. I personally feel shamed that you are from the UK like myself, you come across as a mealy mouthed snide. This is the second topic which you have attacked over and over. As you said yourself, other people read this forum, actually peopl
  5. Would be a whole lot more satisfying if you were done with the forum!!
  6. I hope that you do come back Steve and find time for a reasonable length visit to our small gathering here in Dumaguete. I genuinely believe that you will enjoy your time here, there are a few of us Brits here (not sure if that is good or bad, lol) and some of the other colonials are OK ish also, haha. Apo Island, Siquijor Island and Cebu are all a stone's throw away, great coral and fascinating sea life here in Dauin, 10 miles south of Duma. And of course you will get to buy a long overdue round of beer for us old gits. I think it will completely change your view of life here in the Phils
  7. Sad to say Steve but from what I recall of your visits here to the Phils, 'what is around you' is your wife's family... and she should have put them firmly in place during your first visit so that your subsequent visits could be properly enjoyed instead of all the hassle and crap they give you.
  8. Understandable given the circumstances, can't really blame them for that.
  9. What about Canvey Island, just a stones throw from the quite unforgettable Southend on Sea. The locals have to fight off armies of East European and North African asylum seekers on an almost daily basis!! Proud of our boys, give it to 'em!!
  10. Actually the UK has announced today that vaccinations will commence next week so by mid summer it might just make sense to head back to the UK and see what is on offer. I reckon we will all need a Vaccine Certificate eventually just to get on a plane.
  11. Not really sure yet Don. I was lucky enough to be awarded an extra 6 months which of course will take me to 3.5 years here on a Tourist Visa. I will just consider my options nearer the time. Hopefully by then things will loosen a little.
  12. No. I have no wife but I am the father of a Filipino child (minor) so I will have to leave the Philippines when my time is up but I can return under the present rules.
  13. Not sure if this is seen as splitting hairs but the Tourist Visa (9A) can be issued from any country that you happen to be in providing it has a Philippine Embassy. Simplified, as I am English I dont have to be in the UK to apply for the 9A Tourist Visa.
  14. Wrong. Gator is correct. As of early August foreign spouses and foreign parents of Filipino Children (Minors) have been allowed back in providing they secure a 9A Tourist Visa outside of the Philippines. Married spouses and Foreign parents of Filipino Children (Minors) are exempted from the no tourist visa ban. This change on December 7th is about restarting the Balikbayan entry. Simplified, if you (foreigner) and your Filipino wife/husband arrive together you will be granted a Balikbayan Courtesy Entry valid for One Year, just as it was before Covid.
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