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  1. I will leave you the keys to my place Jim, we are off to Cebu City tonight for a few days, time to check out the reopening of the bars there AND miss the bloody brownout!
  2. Much the same for us here in Dumaguete and the surrounding towns. We are due another 12 hour brownout this coming Sunday, they are maybe one per month at the moment and probably ongoing for a while. Whilst they are definitely inconvenient and unwelcome it is very doable if you have advance notice, it is the unplanned which I dislike the most as you never know whether its going to be minutes or hours without power. We are fortunate that we just live 20 meters from the beach so at least we do get some cooling sea breezes.
  3. To be fair Jim, the Aussies have always been a bit lacking.
  4. I too hope all goes well with your second dose. If possible can you come back to the forum then and give us an update on how things went. Also, perhaps you could also then give a report on the verification/paperwork that you hopefully will have received. I know for example that Thailand are being very stringent on the verification of Certificate of Vaccination and many British Tourists trying to obtain a visa to go there are being forced to go back to their GP's to get formal printed vaccination certificates issued from the National Health Service. As far as Thailand are concerned if it isn'
  5. Hi Queenie, Congrats on getting your first Astra Zeneca vaccination. Have they guaranteed you a second Astra Zeneca vaccination? If so, how long between the first and second jabs?
  6. I think you're correct on that Scott regarding the 13A holders but what about the vast numbers of spouses that haven't got their 13A visas? Still no entry for them as I see it. For me as an unmarried 'Parent of a Filipino Child' I would not currently qualify under the present rules to enter the Phils. Having said that, I haven't actually left yet so hopefully that amendment will get reinstated at some point in the near future.
  7. No tourists. No unaccompanied spouse. No 'Parent of a Filipino Child', unless parent is a Filipino.
  8. Some may choose to say that....however some (myself included) might choose to describe him as an arrogant and ignorant prick. One of the worst in a Royal Family that continue to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. And yes, like yourself I am British but the likes of him and his ilk do not represent me.
  9. As it is considered bad manners to speak ill of the dead, the best I can offer to this person is RIP. A loss to his immediate family which is the norm when anybody passes but just in my own humble opinion no loss outside of that family. Just a smidgen of garbage to spill from his mouth over the years :- No filter: Prince Philip is known for his verbal gaffes and occasional temper. On the occasion of his 90th birthday in 2011, the Independent newspaper compiled 90 of his greatest hits. Visiting China, he said this to a British student: “If you stay here much longer, you will go hom
  10. Well, that's the comment of the day for sure, right between the eyes. Nice one Dave. (No offence HK).
  11. That sounds like a recipe for disaster for me. Act like a spoiled child and get rewarded for it? Not bloody likely!
  12. My partner does it and despite many conversations/warnings etc regarding my total contempt of such a childish action she still continues to do it. A year or two back a good friend here just advised me to give her an hour or two and if she is still acting like a spoiled brat then just go out and leave her to it. That is generally what I do now, I leave her to sulk on her own until the cows come home. Me? I go off to town, have a coffee, meet friends, maybe go for a dinner and then have a few beers and watch some live music. Maybe go into 'Why Not' which is a late night bar/nightclub and j
  13. I disapprove of most of them. Happy to say more but would probably be banned from this site for foul and abusive language. Have a nice day all.
  14. Sorry to hear about your problem Jim, Maybe one of the tips below will help settle you. What can I take for wind? More tips for treating trapped wind: Drink warm water. Try adding a drop of peppermint oil to it. Drink herbal tea – chamomile, ginger, dandelion are particularly soothing. Massaging your lower abdomen can get the wind moving. Going for a walk uses gravity to move the gas out of your body.
  15. Not necessarily. If you are one of the lucky few to receive a 6 month extension after your 3 years has expired then Yes you will pay your 6 months Visa fees PLUS the 25,000 Peso fine/contribution that you referred to. However, according to the BI Officers here in Duma most requests are normally given just 2 months extra and in many cases just 30 days to get out of the country, for this pleasure you will also pay the Visa fees for the time you have been awarded PLUS the25,000 Peso fine/contribution as well. Ouch, that works out to be expensive.
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