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  1. Actually AK, you couldn't be more wrong. I like animals, even at this moment I am caring for a very old dog that my neighbour has had to leave behind as he had to cut and run back to Europe a few days ago. What I don't like is the amount of stray dogs that roam around in packs, often giving trouble to pedestrians walking along narrow tracks to and from the highway. Most of them are busted up in one way or another, skin and bones and usually ridden with mange or some other skin complaint. I have always had pets in the UK, mainly dogs and ferrets. Now if you want to discuss my like or dislike of cats, gonna hold my hand up to that one, cant stand the bloody things.
  2. I see this as a good opportunity to rid many areas of feral cats and dogs. Stray animals should be rounded up but of course are not.
  3. Jim, I have plenty of Paracetamol, I can drop some down to you and restock from the Pharmacies here in Dauin. Let me know if you want.
  4. So you're happy playing with meat and 2 veg then Steve? Ask your missus to explain if you don't understand my comment, lol.
  5. What happened to the other 10?
  6. Reassuring to know it's still a forum Steve.... after the multitude of topics and posts you have added in the past 2 months or so I was wondering if it had changed at some point into your own personal blog.
  7. That's something I also suffer from Heeb, drives me crazy at times.
  8. So you wont mind me disagreeing with you on this occasion then? AK is nothing short of bad mannered and ignorant, hope the door hits him hard on the way out.
  9. I don't know for sure any more than you do Tommy, but I assume he meant a distant relative, certainly not his wife if she became sick.
  10. What a truly disgusting post. I see the post has now been removed, GOOD! I think it's about time 'Arizona Kid' is removed from this forum permanently.
  11. ITGeek, If you read through the previous posts you can clearly see that particular comment is not directed at you. Ignore that and move on my friend.
  12. Great post Snowy, absolutely nailed it in my book.
  13. Hope you pay them from 7.45 then.
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