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  1. The best of luck to you Geoff, wherever you decide to have the treatment I am sure that everybody on the forum wishes you all the very best. Take Care.
  2. Sorry Mike but I have to disagree with you. For sure you have somewhere to park your car as do I ( at the moment in my current rental) but many others don't have that luxury. Why should they be without a car also? Back in the UK millions of people do not have a space to park their car so they park it outside the best that they can. If they park in a restricted area/no parking zone they will be dealt with accordingly, clamped/towed away/fined etc.
  3. Do you have the dates Jim? I might be affected by that as well.
  4. Eddie1

    Hey Joe

    Answered in style HK.
  5. Eddie1

    Hey Joe

    I would say it would be a definite improvement, way better than being called a ''Sweaty''.
  6. Really Mike, I didn't know that. Thank you for the info. I was of the understanding that Cebu City operated under different rules. My missus is from Cebu City and tells me it is seperate rules from Cebu Province. Perhaps JGF can throw some light on the subject?
  7. It's not in Cebu City yet sadly. ''Wearing face masks in well-ventilated and open spaces in Cebu Province are no longer required.''
  8. Surely just a normal day from somebody north of the border, HK.
  9. Well at least you can't say you never got anything for ya birthday!! Get better soon you old git.
  10. We get a few rats get up on the roof, they tend to climb up the mango tree and then across onto the roof. Can anybody actually recommend a Poison that we can purchase?
  11. I mentioned in my earlier post that the two guys that I know are that living there at the moment are both leaving because they say it is boring. Both are married (one only just recently) and are not bar/pub type people. Actually both are Brits, one from England and one from Scotland. The English guy is into Scuba Diving, he says that unless you are prepared to have a long journey there is no good diving to be had nearby to Iloilo City where he is living. The Scottish guy said that for him it is boring because it is too flat and the walking/hiking is not good. Both are returning to Dumaguete and/or the nearby towns. Good diving to be had at Dauin and good walking/hiking to be had at Valencia (Mt Talinis). So, it seems that both are leaving because neither of them can enjoy their hobbies there. Does that make it boring? I guess if you are not into diving or hiking it might be a great place to live. I have to say that from all the things I have seen and heard it looks like a nice place to try out.
  12. HK, please feel free to give them reasons, I hear many good things of Iloilo yet I have 2 UK friends living there and both are leaving to come back to Dumaguete area as they say it is boring there. Your opinion?
  13. I also saw that news on another forum. James seemed to be a man that was very passionate on his hobbies. R.I.P James.
  14. According to my information (and not experience!!) the guy in the back office and the guy in the front office are both batting for the other side. Not 100% sure so I will check with Brett when i see him.
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