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  1. An accurate comment in my opinion, not always so easy to find. Many different expat nationalities and cultures here that simply just don't gel.
  2. I get it Jim but most wont as I am sure you know, Lol.
  3. Of course that's what i meant John, after all, you aint that far from the Watford Gap are you, lol.
  4. Typical northerner...kuripot!!
  5. You are very welcome Steve, but of course being the Philippines one can expect a gratuity for the help......... ONE box of Tesco's Finest Mince Pies!! OMG, salivating now, hahaha.
  6. Depends where you are in the Philippines Steve, I wouldn't be overly hopeful of finding any of that in Dumaguete.
  7. After staggering in with the missus at 5am on Sunday morning Jack, I needed an early night, lol.
  8. We felt that here in Dauin Jim, was just falling asleep and the shake woke me, agreed it was about 01.30am.
  9. Eddie1


    A potential problem with the Bethal Hotel is that it can suffer from late night noise particularly if you splash the cash and get a room with a sea view. The Honeycomb Hotel and Bar next door has live music every night of the week, this can and often does go on past midnight. Brett, knowing that you enjoy a beer or two and music it could be a good fit for you ( some very good music there) but if you and the missus might be looking for an early night then it may not be the place for you. Horses for courses. Let us know when you are here mate and me and the missus will join you for a few beers.
  10. Well done Mike, good to see there is at least one Aussie on here with some sportsmanship, shame that 'GeoffH' and the sweaty sock 'HK Blues' aren't gracious enough to compliment England on reaching the World Cup Final after dismantling the odds on favorites New Zealand in their semi final victory. I think we can all take it for granted that they will be supporting South Africa in the final. Hope they both choke on their words for their anti English rhetoric.
  11. Ah well, can't win them all Mike.
  12. OR..... This month's topic of conversation could be.......Does anybody want to borrow an 8 year old and a baby for a few days.
  13. Jim, the way I am reading this, if the guy got between you and the girl it must mean you was spooning the guy?? Hehehe. AND I didn't hear you complaining about that either!! .
  14. Could be worst, could be reading one of your posts, usual drivel. Arizona KId said: I've been a pessimist living here in the Phills for many years. Today We took a drive around our neighborhood and it was a very pleasant experience. No parked cars blocking the streets, and all the junk vehicles must have been towed away. We saw a group of about 4 police officers and some Barangay officials walking down the streets to enforce the rules. When the laws are enforced people obey them apparently!
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