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  1. No doubt about that Kev. Fingers and toes will only take her so far.
  2. I thought about it Dave, guess it's not too late, lol. The 6 months was a blessing mate, really didn't want to be travelling anywhere at this moment in time. Yeh, hopefully the Covid situation will have improved significantly by early April when I will take off for a while.
  3. Good luck with that. All new SRRV's requests have been suspended by the government and will remain so for the immediate future.
  4. Whilst it is generally true that Tourist Visa (9A) holders cannot leave the country and then return there are a few exceptions to the rules. If you are married but have not yet obtained a 13A Visa (Resident that is free to come and go) OR you are a parent (Married or not) of a Filipino Child (Minor) you can leave the Philippines and then return by obtaining a Tourist Visa (9A) by providing proof of your marriage or proof of parenthood (Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificate etc). These are exempted from the current restrictions of no tourists allowed to enter the Philippines. The application
  5. Hi fella, My neighbour flew a couple of weeks back from Dumaguete to Manila, then later that day flew, from Manila to USA. Both of his flights were with Philippine Airlines, NO Covid test was required to fly with that particular airline.
  6. HK, do you know of anybody that has entered the UK recently and has self-quarantined for 14 days? If so, did that person actually get checked by the authorities to see whether they were actually following the quarantine rules?
  7. Shady, Maybe this might be of help to you. August 19 This is what Philippines Embassy in USA is telling those applying for travel from USA to Philippines. The following nationals are exempted from the current travel ban of inbound foreign nationals to the Philippines: 1. Filipino 2. Dual Citizen (with Dual Certificate/Documents) Required to secure Philippine visa: 1. Foreign spouses of Filipino nationals, regardless of nationality. 2. Foreign minor children, and foreign children with special needs regardless of age, of Filipino natio
  8. Deleted. Tried to upload a link but failed. Have to get the missus to do it tomorrow, lol.
  9. Go on to the Bureau of Immigration Facebook page, you will find it there. I have no doubt on that information as it is relevant to my individual current circumstances.
  10. There are several ways of entering depending on your circumstances. If you are married and have a 13A you can come back whether you have Filipino kids or not (Minors). If you have an SRRVisa you can come back if you are married OR you have Filipino kids (Minors). If you have Filipino kids (Minors) but are not married (13A) or you dont have an SRRVisa then you have to apply to a Philippine Embassy and request a 9A Tourist Visa. You will of course have to show proof of birth etc etc, no doubt jump through a few more hoops and then get the 9A Tourist Visa stamped in your passport
  11. Hi Colin, So i am assuming that as you couldn't do the Visa run by the above date that you are now an 'overstayer' of your 3 year tourist visa allowance. What was the attitude of the BI Office that you would not be out of the country by your expiry date? Helpful? Supportive? Hostile? Uninterested?
  12. I don't understand this post Mike. SRRVisa holders are not being requested to leave the country, this is all about SRRVisa holders that got caught out of the country once the lock-downs started being unable to get back in.
  13. Hi JGF, First heard about the 25,000 peso fee a couple of weeks ago on a Youtube blog when a local blogger was interviewing a Dumaguete Attorney, the Attorney mentioned about the Motion Of Reconsideration Form and the fee of 25k. Following that I went into the BI here in Duma last week to check it out and got quoted the same fee for the same form from the head honcho in there. Also, on a FB post I was chatting with a guy from Surigao who had received the same info and the same 25k price from the BI there. If it was only 1,000 peso before maybe someone in the Bureau of Immigration no
  14. Me !!! I have another 8 weeks to go then out. 3 years will be up. Hopefully I can extend for another 6 months but have no idea yet, I have seen an Attorney here in Dumaguete and we will be submitting the application tomorrow afternoon. If the application is approved then all well and good (cost 510 peso) however, if it is declined there is a process of appeal called "Motion of Reconsideration". The cost of submitting and processing this form costs 25,000 peso with no guarantee whatsoever of any extension being granted, ouch!
  15. Edrigo, Respect to you for what you are doing and of course if people decide to donate then that is wonderful. Sadly, millions of families across the Philippines have had no work since this virus raised its ugly head, therefore millions have no form of income whatsoever. In many places such as Cebu City as just one example, families are totally locked down, no possibility of work and no money and precious little food coming in, many are truly starving. You mention that the sick child's father has an income of $350 USD per month, that equates to about 17,500 peso. Believe me, that is
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