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  1. Kuripot is correct.
  2. So DON'T! The Phils isn't for everybody and it certainly doesn't sound like it is the right place for you. It's a big world, look for another place that falls in line with your expectations.
  3. Aah, nothing like freshly caught rabbit, used to take out some of my ferrets back home in the winter months. Great fun. Some of the gang pictured below.
  4. Don't wish to be rude oldutut but I haven't got a clue what it is you are talking about. Wanna elaborate?
  5. Eddie1

    Visa extension

    Well Bruce, that sounds like as good a reason as any for you to visit us again in Duma. Hope that we see you soon mate and when you come here how about a few hours hiking up in Valencia?
  6. Eddie1

    Visa extension

    Just came back from Dumaguete BI this afternoon, just got my 4th 6 month visa. Cost 7,030 peso.
  7. Why do we need a leaderboard for crying out loud? What are we, kids? It's a bloody forum not a game of darts to see who can get the most points. Surely we are on here to put forward our points of view, to hopefully help each other and hopefully help some newbies to the Phils and the forum as we all were once. To do this we write our views and use the Icons, be it a 'like' or a 'Love it' or even a bloody 'Dislike', whats the problem with any of those? Since I seem reluctant to let it go, with regards to Sonjack's earlier comment of... "If we had a "Dislike" button it might stifle the dialogue which gets put on here' I wrote 'total crap', to be honest I was being kind, I should have wrote 'total bollocks', much more appropriate.
  8. So, when we see a post like the one I copied below On 5/21/2019 at 5:09 PM, Arizona Kid said: I might start listening to the xxxxx religious and ethnic group xxxxx that you are spewing, if I cared. But I don't. It's all xxxxx. Then it's ok to write..... I dislike that post because you are an ignorant and insensitive xxxxxx? Surely better to just have a Dislike Icon in my humble opinion.
  9. This is definitely one of the better forums with regards to Member's behavior. However, I agree with Mark Berkowitz that it's just best to ignore and move on BUT having said that, I do wish that there is a Dislike Icon, sometimes it is appropriate to show dissatisfaction to a post without having to either comment on it or use the Sad Icon which isn't always appropriate. So, taking the opportunity can I request the forum hierarchy to insert a Dislike Icon please so we as member's can express our views more accurately.
  10. Ah, so you decided the Philippine Expat Forum isn't so bad after all then huh? Must have taken ages picking up all them toys you threw out of your pram. .
  11. Sincerely hope that the 'tampon' hasn't been used.
  12. Tom, Do you know if this is this going to be as big as the old Ayala Mall?
  13. Is your wife pinay? It will make a big impact on your budget if she isn't, so I assume that she is. You mention in a later post that you have a good job, I suppose that means that it pays well? My humble opinion... unless you detest your job with a passion I would hang in there for a few more years, it will be worth it in the long term. Unless you have a way of making some extra funds in the Phils what you have now will have to be enough for a long time to come. You mention living off savings and staying within budget, What is your budget? People can say "Yes, just do it" but if they have no idea of your budget the advice doesn't have any substance to it other than good wishes or "they did it so you can".
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