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  1. I tend to agree with your statement Kev, I used to think that Pinoy have bad manners but the more I thought about it the more I came to the conclusion that good manners have actually never been taught to many of them in the first place. Having said that though, it is annoying when you are the victim of somebody socially inept.
  2. Good on ya Mick, it would be great to see your side of Sheffield get promoted and it would be even better to see the other side of Sheffield get relegated, back to the lower divisions where they are more suited. Onward and upwards mate.
  3. I had an implant done in the UK about 10 years ago, upper jaw, front center, just had to be done. Cost was about £2,300 Same procedure as Tommy T. Jawbone drilled, titanium post fixed in place, waited about 6 months for everything to settle down then had a crown fitted to the post. After about 5 years the crown came loose, went back to the dentist and he made a minor repair, all sorted and good ever since. Highly recommended in my opinion.
  4. Stop talking bollocks ya northern twat!!
  5. Steve, short straight answer, buy a pair at home and bring them with you, you will have a lot more choice at home plus probably cheaper. Don't waste time faffing around here.
  6. Mick, Mighty nice of you to join in but we only discuss Premiership football here!!!
  7. Jim, If Westham win (very unlikely) I am going to have a word with the Mayor of Bacong and ask him if we can have an all night fiesta near your place with the supersized professional speakers so we can celebrate in style. Lol. Come on you Irons!!!!!!!
  8. Eddie1


    Tommy, I appreciate your further comments and I apologise for being abrupt to you. Jim (Jimeve) and his wife are good friends of ours and good friends of Kevin (Sonjack) and Jack and their wives etc. This is not the first time that Jim has posted about excessive noise from his neighbours and is clearly very stressed again at this present time, he has recently even made comments about giving it all up and returning back home to the UK, this would be a disaster as you would really have to go some to find a nicer couple. You made some good points and you often make very good posts, however making a comment that you are sensitive to noise but basically to hell with people that have to listen to your noise just touched a raw nerve with me. We are a close knit circle of friends down here in Duma and when one of us is having a difficult time we all feel it. Again, my apologies to you for my abruptness.
  9. Eddie1


    An ass? Probably...... but I think ignorant sums it up so much better.
  10. We have the typical 2 burner gas ring. Now that there are 3 of us (haven't counted the baby) we only get 2 months. Surprising how having a kid around uses so much more gas but seems to be the case for us.
  11. Berkowitz, The advice given to you by Dave Hounddriver in that article almost 2 years ago is not insulting, he tried his hardest to put a delicate answer in a way that was made easier by humour. So many men here have fallen foul of deceitful, unscrupulous filipinas that DNA is often the only way to resolve any doubts. I would also like to take the opportunity to add that Dave is one of the nicest, most helpful people that you could wish to meet. Many of us that are now happily settled in the Philippines have learned a lot from Dave H and incidentally he is one of the forum moderators that keep trouble-making people like you in check on this forum. Finally, as you have stated that you didn't need to get a DNA check done I think its just a matter of time to see if your child is truly yours, by this I simply mean that if your child grows up to be an ignorant, arrogant, trouble-making scumbag like you then, YEP, it's got your DNA all over it.
  12. Steve, I must have missed something. Where's the missus gone?
  13. Yep, you get 2 months free council tax, not sure if there is a reason why it's done over 10 months but February and March are no charge.
  14. All the best Don, wishing you a safe and speedy recovery.
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