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  1. OR..... This month's topic of conversation could be.......Does anybody want to borrow an 8 year old and a baby for a few days.
  2. Jim, the way I am reading this, if the guy got between you and the girl it must mean you was spooning the guy?? Hehehe. AND I didn't hear you complaining about that either!! .
  3. Could be worst, could be reading one of your posts, usual drivel. Arizona KId said: I've been a pessimist living here in the Phills for many years. Today We took a drive around our neighborhood and it was a very pleasant experience. No parked cars blocking the streets, and all the junk vehicles must have been towed away. We saw a group of about 4 police officers and some Barangay officials walking down the streets to enforce the rules. When the laws are enforced people obey them apparently!
  4. Same here in Dumaguete, got a phone call at 3.20pm that the kids were let out at 2pm, priceless!
  5. Ireland 27-3 Scotland I feel so distraught the Sweaty Socks got hammered, crying real tears here ........... with laughter!!
  6. I had a quote to you removed for calling you a W####R, what's your problem with English people?
  7. Typical Sweaty Sock answer.... fu#k off wanker!!
  8. Alternatively Steve, since you are now retired and officially old ( ) why not just make it a comfortable journey and go Business Class? Whenever I have flown from the UK to Manila and back I fly Business Class with Etihad via Abu Dhabi. Collection to and from your house via limousine included. Seats that recline to 180 flat beds, unlimited food/drinks/champagne etc. There is a reasonable priced 'Premier Inn' just a few minutes walk through the airport in Abu Dhabi, you dont actually even leave the airport. Get a 12 hour or so stopover, bath. bed, 8 hours sleep and you get to go back to the Business Lounge for some great food etc before flying off to Manila where you arrive feeling undoubtedly fresher than doing it the 'Cheap-wad' way. Spend some of that retirement bonus you got and treat yourself, well worth it. Best to send your missus on ahead a week or so before, that will keep the price down for you, hahaha. Costs about £2.000 ish.
  9. Haha, knew it would come in handy one day, thanks mate.
  10. Oi you f ### ing farmer, I happen to come from that place you describe as a 'shit hole'!!
  11. Do you intend to slow down a little for them or they will just jump out and hope for the best?
  12. Sometimes you will encounter issues here opening a new bank account, you will most likely need to show an ACRi card in order to open an account and that will take several months to obtain. You are allowed to bring in to the Phils $10,000 U.S. that is just over £8,000 U.K., that is what I did almost 2 years ago, keep it safe and just go to a money-changing outlet when needed. Talk to the staff in Nationwide and tell them you will be travelling in Asia including the Phils, choose the account which will give you the best deal when using an ATM machine, remember there are charges in both countries for doing this. As mentioned by others here, there are other options for sending money but this will be as easy as any whilst you are finding your feet here. Don't forget to notify that you are using your card in the Phils and give them the dates.
  13. Nice post Don, thanks for sharing.
  14. I tend to agree with your statement Kev, I used to think that Pinoy have bad manners but the more I thought about it the more I came to the conclusion that good manners have actually never been taught to many of them in the first place. Having said that though, it is annoying when you are the victim of somebody socially inept.
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