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  1. Edrigo, Respect to you for what you are doing and of course if people decide to donate then that is wonderful. Sadly, millions of families across the Philippines have had no work since this virus raised its ugly head, therefore millions have no form of income whatsoever. In many places such as Cebu City as just one example, families are totally locked down, no possibility of work and no money and precious little food coming in, many are truly starving. You mention that the sick child's father has an income of $350 USD per month, that equates to about 17,500 peso. Believe me, that is a monthly income that many here can only dream of.. and that would include normal times. A sick and coughing child is sadly very commonplace here, that might sound a bit heartless but its not meant to be, it's just a matter of fact. Whilst i applaud your effort I could probably find dozens in a far worse situation just on one visit from where i live to town and back. Sad but true and that can be multiplied right across the Philippines at this present time. That said, good luck with your appeal.
  2. Hi TerryP Welcome to the forum mate, you made a good choice. Lots of good advice to be found here via the members and using the search engine at the top of the page. As GeoffH asks, have you been to the Philippines before, if yes how much time have you spent here? Your answer is relevant as if you have spent time here you will already have an idea how things work. Annulments are time consuming and expensive. Many filipinas want them but often never achieve in getting an annulment. As your partner is still married you have to be careful if you choose to cohabitate, if she has a husband that wants revenge/money etc you could both find yourself in prison if he was to pursue things through the authorities. Am i correct in reading that you are intending to invest your money in her family's business? I truly hope that is not the case but it's probably best if you can give some more information on the subject before we wade in with advice. Out of curiosity, whereabouts are you from in the UK?
  3. Let me think on that? Australia maybe, perhaps New Zealand or Canada, maybe even a nice warm European country? Can't say that anywhere else springs readily to mind.
  4. One of the better dentists here in Dumaguete was charging 55,000 peso for an implant right up until she temporarily closed a couple of months ago due to the Coronavirus. She opened up again last week, new price of an implant is now 75,000 peso. Wow, that's what I call a real kick in the teeth! Robbery.
  5. Up until 2 weeks ago in Dumaguete when the BI stopped issuing visas they were still offering the 2 month or the 6 month visa. To my knowledge it hasn't been a problem for the past 2 years in getting a 6 month visa in Dumaguete BI.
  6. Yep, all in a row. Actually the first of the 5 was issued in Cebu as Dumaguete at that time was only offering a maximum of '2 month' visas, however Cebu was able to offer a 6 month visa. The following 4 visas of 6 months each were issued here in Dumaguete. I agree though that there is no consistency and different immigration offices sadly tend to do their own thing.
  7. My own personal experience here is different to the above. I am just 3 weeks away from the expiration of my 5th x 6 month visa. I am also still below 60 years of age. Based in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental.
  8. Even scousers! Sorry John, couldn't let that opening pass by, lol. Hope you and the family are all keeping well mate.
  9. Not gonna happen, Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental are on lockdown. Last week some OFW's made it back onto Negros after being held in quarantine in Southern Cebu for 3 weeks but as returning OFW's they are considered to be a special case. Looks like you will have a long wait before you will be able to return here to Negros.
  10. Sincere condolences Paul, hope you manage to get home to your wife as soon as possible. Tragic news.
  11. TitoRock, English please on this forum, not Tagalog.
  12. Really Dave? Take your towel and go outside and bloody sunbathe then, haha. Hope you and the family are well mate, stay safe.
  13. I think Enhanced Quarantine is just about perfect for me. No school run Monday to Fridays. No trips to town and bloody Robinson's, lol. We are fortunate that the house we live in backs directly onto the beach. At the moment I am doing a half mile swim each morning, then a 30 minute speed walk along the beach. After lunch I take an hour or two sunbathing. About 4pm the missus comes out to the beach cottage with our 8 year old son and our 14 month old son. Then we spend a nice family hour together swimming or just playing on the sand with the boys. After playing, if the oldest boy is in the mood I give him an hour of tuition in Jujitsu. Boy isn't it just great to be retired in this wonderful country.
  14. Actually AK, you couldn't be more wrong. I like animals, even at this moment I am caring for a very old dog that my neighbour has had to leave behind as he had to cut and run back to Europe a few days ago. What I don't like is the amount of stray dogs that roam around in packs, often giving trouble to pedestrians walking along narrow tracks to and from the highway. Most of them are busted up in one way or another, skin and bones and usually ridden with mange or some other skin complaint. I have always had pets in the UK, mainly dogs and ferrets. Now if you want to discuss my like or dislike of cats, gonna hold my hand up to that one, cant stand the bloody things.
  15. I see this as a good opportunity to rid many areas of feral cats and dogs. Stray animals should be rounded up but of course are not.
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