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  1. Eddie1

    Newbie question

    Top advice, something for all of us to consider..... or even to reconsider.
  2. Eddie1

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    Thursday 24th is good for me if it helps.
  3. Eddie1

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    Hi John, Sorry for the delay, I only just saw this post. It was a pleasure to spend some time with you here in Dumaguete, thanks for finding the time to visit and also nice that we got to meet your lovely family. Hope that we get to see you all again soon. Wishing a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family from all of us "PEF" expats here in Dumaguete. God Bless.
  4. Peter, Not sure if I am reading this correctly or more to the point understanding what you are saying....... But what difference does it make what visa extension you obtain that effects a visa run to Hong Kong or wherever? You are allowed 3 years here on a tourist visa before having to leave the country, it doesn't matter how the time is made up of visa's. i.e. A combination of 1 month visas, 2 month visas or 6 month visas. Just as a point of interest I have just obtained my 3rd 6 month visa here in Dumaguete. Very simple and straightforward procedure.
  5. Eddie1

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    So let me see if I have got this correct...... we are meeting tomorrow (Monday) AND Thursday? I sometimes feel that being retired is considerably more demanding than actually having to work for a living, lol.
  6. Our lad has his Xmas party on Friday 14th December and then the holidays start from the next day, Saturday 15th December. He attends a private school in Dumaguete.
  7. Eddie1

    Pear shaped ham

    I believe these Ham's are bought frozen? Do they just need to be thawed and then eaten or do they require cooking?
  8. Blimey Kev, If you are knocking up all that stuff is there any chance of you opening up a cafe here anytime soon, lol.
  9. Hi Tony, Welcome to the forum, you chose well. Regarding your income of 800 GBP, there are lots of posts on here about costs and the cost of living, just use the search facility to find them, you will them very useful. My own opinion is that yes it can probably be done but its not going to be comfortable. I have been living here just over a year now and have noticed the small increases in basic living costs, i guess we can just call it inflation, another problem can be the exchange rate of the pound to the peso, when you are on a small and certainly tight income it can make a difference to the monthly spare cash that you have to spend. There are also other fees that you will have to take into account and budget for such as visa fees and mandatory ACR card. As a fellow Brit I wouldn"t advise living here on less than 1,000 GBP per month and there will be months when extra bills come in that are going to push your budgeting skills. Having said all that, its just my own humble opinion and I am so happy that I made the move, its a great place to live. Good luck to you.
  10. Eddie1

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    Dave, Lets not get carried away here, I only had 1 coke, I felt sorry for the old boy. Hahaha.
  11. Eddie1

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    Are we to assume Dave that is because the masseuse made you feel 'happy'? Lol.
  12. Eddie1

    State pension ( British )

    How did you check this, do you have a link?
  13. Eddie1

    Duma guy cashed up in Cebu

    That photo has reminded me to ask you JGF, Any more news on the down and out ex-pat that was living rough in Cebu City? Sorry Dave, my bad, hehehehe.
  14. Eddie1

    Half day trip Negros

    A great post Bruce, its been a long while since you did one like this, hope there is more to come. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Eddie1

    Luzon - Super Typhoon Yutu

    Does anybody know when it is forecast to make landfall?