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  1. Whether you take on-board the advice or not Steve, I don't know. What I do know however is that for several years you have been writing various versions of the same old problems that you are having to deal with be it in the UK or actually here in the Phils. My concern is you, where do you get to have the unbroken quality time that you so richly deserve? We are similar age you and I, same origins (UK) and did almost 30 years grind day in and day out for one company. Although the forum is a welcome escape for you in which you can let off steam etc, it really shouldn't be that way, you come here for a longish holiday and get good spells followed by bad spells, always caused by her family. What about next year and the year after etc, you will always be coming back to a stressful situation, same old bullsh1t but just a year later. How will it change? I fear in your situation you will never get to experience what a wonderful way of life it is here for us retired foreigners, this is a great country with great people and awesome opportunities to live the dream, I am confident to say this because I am living that life now, it's what I expected and more. The difference between us?, location and family/friends. I am 7 hours or so from my partner's family and I am blessed to have made so many friends here, many through this very forum. I fear that if you don't find it within yourself to move from your wife's family you will never see the Philippines as most of us ever so lucky expats do.
  2. I think that you are just beginning to realise that the family is more important than YOU! Harsh words but sadly quite likely to be true.
  3. Maybe you have come in contact with head lice? Very common in Asian countries due to the heat and humidity. From the the net...... Itching is the most common symptom produced by lice, and is explained by our allergic reaction to the saliva secreted by the lice when they suck our blood (when they bite us). This is why we spend the day scratching our head when we have lice.
  4. Exactly why I don't stop for people crossing unless there is literally nothing in sight. By being courteous as we are brought up to be and slowing to a crawl or stopping for someone to cross the road more often than not places them in greater danger by irresponsible drivers racing pass on either side of your car. Sadly, very little road awareness or manners here when it comes to driving.
  5. Almost correct...... toasted bread with beans on. One of my favorite breakfasts here.
  6. To be honest John it's all about location and luck. As you know I am renting and have no intention to change that, at least for many years to come. I am 10 miles or so out of town, I am renting on a private compound of 5 dwellings, 20 metres from the sea, occasional karaoke in the distance, maybe once a month. No other troublesome noise around, a few dogs in the far distance, way too far to be a problem. The most noise around here is listening to the waves breaking on the beach, bliss. Add to that we have an abundance of coral and marine life on our doorstep as well as seeing turtles on an almost daily basis, yep, location and luck goes a long way.
  7. Hope that's a misprint on your part Steve, if not then the locals really are enjoying your visit, lol.
  8. Steve, hate to be negative mate but I have never seen how it can work for you there in as much as I hope that it will. TimL puts it very clear ...Move away from her family! Since day one, even when you were in the UK, you have had issues with them, how much more so now that you are here? The family of my missus are on the next island over, 7 hours away by bus and ferry... that's close enough for my liking. We have the occasional visits to each other and that works out just fine, they also don't hit us up for money although we will help when I deem it necessary. I have been here a lot less time than many of the other members , I am now at 2 years 3 months, but apart from coming across the occasional expat who turns out to be a wanker I am loving it here, I wouldn't dream of going back to the UK. I have the occasional bad/gloomy day or two but in truth I am very happy, to use a Philippines expression 'I feel blessed to be living here'. You are the one providing all the cash for the numerous projects and improvements which they seem happy to let you do (no surprises there) but unless you have the genuine support and respect of her family they will be just as happy to milk you and let you get on your way, just my own opinion of course. Being careful not to offend you, your wife comes across as not really being considerate of your needs, it has always seemed to be about her and her family from what you have written over the years. Get away from them and come and see some other expats in other parts of this wonderful country, I think your appreciation and enjoyment levels will rise dramatically. Happy New Year fella!
  9. Bet that was hard to swallow Steve.
  10. Eddie1


    Yep, also using this and would recommend, I use the one in the yellow pack, seems to relieve a lot of the itching from all the mozzies and small insect bites here.
  11. Don't worry about it too much Steve, just be as careful as you can, it's hard to prevent it particularly as you have only just arrived and are still acclimatizing and will be for some time to come. If it's any consolation I had the two bob bits yesterday, why? no idea, just ate the same as the missus, she was suffering for one hour, mine has been for 24 hours, feeling nauseated most of the time. I accept it's more likely to happen here than back in the UK, you can do your best to guard against it but sooner or later you are gonna get diarrhea here no matter what you do. Fortunately there is an upside, we are the only two members on here not likely to have put on any weight on Christmas Day, Lol.
  12. For me, I think all countries can be understood for wanting independence, if Scotland vote for it in their next referendum whenever that may be, I will wish them well in whatever path they choose. I agree with HK, I am not in favour of Brexit but it's time to move on and implement what was agreed.
  13. There's always one that wants to turn a British post into an American post.
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