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  1. https://yts.lt/movie/parasite-2019 Not sure if it has an English sub. You can check yifysubtitles if there is an available sub.
  2. This is what happened after succession local government in Baguio conveniently ignored urban development and planning originally set by Daniel Burnham.
  3. Not sure in other countries, but bullying in private schools in PH is worse than you can ever imagine, not because of the victim and the bully, but because of the leadership. Since they are more concern in burying the story to avoid hurting the profit, rather than doing something about it, unless there is a social media outcry, just like what happened recently(Ateneo bullying). In public schools, students tend to take matter in their own hands. bullies have to be more careful, or else they'll end up transferring to another place.
  4. Didn't back read the whole post. back if shes in Davao. there is Lingap, where you can ask for financial assistance for medical bills.
  5. 1. Yes 2. sector 3 is a minutes away from Samal, specially Agdao and Bajada 4. Yes, jeepneys are available 24/7, its regulated, so price may vary depending on the distance. 5. some areas in Buhangin had a terrible water interruption issues a year ago, not sure if it still happens. 6. Fiber depends on the area, its available in both 3 and 5, but in a specific location. in my case, we have to bribe the pldt tech to install a fiber connection in our area, hate to do it but no choice due to work. 7. Not as bad as luzon, but it's getting worse every year Go for bobs advice on this one, Toril has less traffic and a developing area, their beach sucks though, but they have mountain resorts. and you may also include Ulas to Mintal area, Mintal is not as developed as Toril but transportation is easy and always available. Downtown area specially in Bajada is getting worse every year, not to mention the flood issues during rainy season due to drainage problem.
  6. Do they have Crosses, statues and pictures of Jesus or Mary? If they don't, then they're probably born again christian, there are lots of christian groups today that starts their own church or ministry and have their mass or service in someone's house, since they're just starting. But if they do have, then maybe its a chapel? but if its not, then I don't know.
  7. One of the worst thing about this incident is that when Pres. Duterte announced to the families of the victims that the survivability of the agents is 0, chances are, most of them are still alive at that time. When the BFP manage to reach the 3rd floor of the building along with some former agent of SSI, the trapped agents were still alive at that time and manage to communicate with them.
  8. frozenmystic28


    good thing you survived!
  9. Samal is also a good choice if you want a place near the beach. I would love to suggest Marilog district, but since you're are foreigner, hmm nevermind.
  10. Uhmmmmm no. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-517821/British-man-facing-jail-adultery-Filipino-woman-asks-Why-wont-Foreign-Office-help-us.html
  11. I got this one, Itechie 55" FHD LED TV Black F-5500. Picture and quality is fine.
  12. I have one, my only complain is the audio, it sucks! you need to look for a good speaker for it.
  13. most cities, municipalities in Mindanao right now are normal, except for Marawi city which is on high alert. this pictures are not mine btw
  14. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/05/09/asia-pacific/crime-legal-asia-pacific/massive-child-webcam-sex-bust-philippines-reveals-rising-abuse-worldwide#.WRF-k0V97IU
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