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  1. Beef for steak eaters here is a sad option S&R beef tenderloin from NZ occasionally acceptable, from Oz not good Beef generally only good for stewing or slow roast Can try USDA frozen stuff from S&R and Rustan's Or try Oz special beef (including waygu) from Melbourne Prime http://www.facebook....bournePrimeBeef Philippines pork is the best you find anywhere in the world Chicken and ocean fish often excellent, depends on where you get it
  2. You just might be asking yourself what is a Lucky Bugger? Well, it’s a group for men who happen to be the “trailing spouse” or “significant other” of someone on assignment here in the Philippines. We try to stay out of trouble by keeping ourselves busy with just about anything we like really, just as long as we don’t get our better halves too angry with us (a little angry is okay). We are always looking for ways to stay out of trouble, whether it’s golf, bowling, diving or other sporting activity and have actually been known to volunteer our time to charity or other social projects. Of course
  3. I agree, in general, "Australian Beef" in Makati/Fort B is tough and cheap. Flavour is ok, good for stewing only.But, considering decent cuts (fillet, rib-eye, sirloin) in Australia cost $30-50AUD per kilo (1200-2000 peso), and Makati "Australian Beef" costs 300-600pesos per kilo, why the surprise?I buy most of my meat at S&R at Fort, good chicken and really excellent pork. S&R sells "Australian Beef" good for stewing only, and sometimes excellent "NZ Beef". The NZ beef is variable, so when they have the good stuff, I buy bulk.The issue I have generally with Manila supermarket meats is
  4. Need to buy a car early December. Honest private seller please, pay cash P250,000 - P600,000, upon registration transfer.Car will be used daily in Manila.MUST be 4 cylinder petrol (gasoline) automatic transmission with central locking and electric windows. Air conditioned of course.Prefer 1999 onwards (later the better) CRV, RAV4, Vitara, Escape, X-Trail, may consider 4 cylinder 2wd Prado.Not interested in Landcruiser, Forerunner, Surf, Patrol, Pajero, Jeep, Jimny.No grey imports, no flood damage, no conversions please.No low profile tyres, no suspension mods, no turbo or hotups, no body kits,
  5. Someone I know very well (?) uses unlicenced XPpro on his laptop.It's really easy, just install XPro, (service pack 2), then shut off updates.You can install IE 7 if you like tabbed browsing, but versions 8+ may check for licences. Or go for Opera, Mozilla, Firefox if you prefer.I use IE7 for tube stuff, and Opera for everything else.Then install AVG free virus scanner (version 9 came out last week).That's it. Rock solid, protected, and no more MS surprise updates.If you use moderate care in your web surfing, no probs.No offense guys, but Linux is for enthusiasts only.However, the new Google C
  6. Y'allMoving from Perth to Manila in December 09 for 3 years, 2 months Dasmarinas, and then moving to a Makati apartment, hopefully in Salcedo.Need internet (512k to 1.5M) for 2-3 PCs, and wireless (HSDPA) looks possible, if I can get a router for multiple PCs.Globe tell me that Wimax is unavailable in Dasmarinas and Salcedo.I could get wireless for 2 months in Dasmarinas, then DSL in Salcedo.What's your experience with providers? Especially the 'big 2', Globe and SmatBro?What's your experience with DSL and HSDPA? Iheard that wireless can be very slow at times, and DSL unreliable due to old cab
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