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  1. What a cool toy!
  2. Wow Jack! She is a VERY talented woman! Incredible work!
  3. Very well done movie. I second JJ's opinion. See this movie if you can. Maybe not for everyone, but very well done.
  4. Cool video Max! Beautiful views and neat music! I assume you are using a drone to video a lot of the content in these videos you just posted. I have never flown a drone, but it looks like you do a great job of flying it and photographing! Congrats! Your editing looks very professional as well. Keep 'em coming please.
  5. Wow! Max, you seem to be pretty close to him, but he didn't budge at all? Just curious why he didn't spook or anything. What beautiful water!!! I live in the USA and have never seen water so crystal clear! Wow. Great vid! So happy he didn't bite you!
  6. So very well said Jake. God bless all military personnel human and animals.
  7. In reply to not being able to dispute unwanted service already performed. Pay for the service with your credit card. You can dispute the charge with the credit card company and you may be able to get out of having to pay for the unwanted service.
  8. BobP


    I saw this too and loved it! James Corden and Carpool Karaoke are great. This is his best or at least one of his best shows!
  9. Jack, So, so very sorry to hear. He has crossed the bridge and is now in a better place running with his buddies. It will take time, but a better day is coming. BobP
  10. So glad to here that your rotti is coming around to treatment. Hoping yours and his future are bright!
  11. So sad to hear of your loss Bastonjock. I have been lucky to do it only twice in my life, but they were the hardest things I have ever had to do.
  12. My wife uses What's App to call her family in Colombia, SA. You just download it to your phone. Maybe you could try this.
  13. If the person you are speaking to at WU doesn't give you a satisfactory answer as to why yours are being denied, try speaking to their supervisor. Or, try another source. Looks like Xoom and worldremit may work for you. Good luck!
  14. Have you asked the various sources why your transfers are being denied? What do they suggest doing? I sent money monthly for a period of time to my "gf" in PI in much smaller amounts and never had problems. I would think the large amount you are sending would be a red flag to them for some reason at the very least. Try asking each source why your transfers are failing and see what they recommend. Good luck to you!
  15. Jack, so, so very sorry to hear of Shadow's passing. Putting Chelsea, our beloved Golden Retriever and best friend of 15 years, to sleep was one of the hardest things I have had to do in my life. That was over 10 years ago. Shadow is in a better place now and will be there waiting for you when your time comes. RIP Shadow and God bless you Jack.
  16. Hope he gets back to his old form soon Jack. He is a handsome boy!
  17. Can't believe my(Atlanta native and current resident) Falcons didn't finish the drill (thank you Mark Richt). But, our organization is in a much better place than the last time we went to the Super Bowl and I believe we will be making a return trip much sooner than later. RISE UP FALCONS! BROTHERHOOD. Congrats Pats. You guys never gave up. My hat is off to you.
  18. Sorry. I don't really know the different choices. I was just curious about beer prices in general and "San Migs" seem to be popular.
  19. Thanks for the San Mig price info y'all. I am in the States and can't believe how cheap the prices are! Wow! Are they served cold? LOL.
  20. Good for you sir! So, so very sad.
  21. Voted for Trump, but did not really think he had a chance to win. Obviously, most if not all of the polls were very flawed. I loved watching our television station reporters and stations throughout the night, which were obviously very biased to the left, have to actually report that Trump had a very GOOD chance of winning the election. This country is even more divided than during Obama's first election in 2008. I hope and pray and BELIEVE Trump WILL deliver on his promises and make the USA great again!
  22. Robert, my point is that Americans thinking of visiting or moving to the PI will most likely see this article and others showing his dislike for the USA period. At least that is my take on the articles I have seen and/or heard of. Don't you think Americans will think twice before going to a country where their leader has these beliefs?
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