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  1. Does anyone know what the tax treaty is for U.S. citizens that work in the Philippines ?
  2. Ok Guess I should spell this out a little more clearly... Lets forget about the new law for a minute. She is in the middle of the annulment process (8 months in no court date yet). We were living together in Hong Kong for 2.5 years when my company moved me back to the U.S. She was rejected for a visitors visa (multiple times) in Hong Kong We were told and are trying to verify that We could get a divorce in Hong Kong even if she was not married there nor does her spouse have to be present (That is verified) That the divorce would be honored by New Jersey but not the Philippines. he
  3. Suggest you do more research Max. The way I have read the new law is that foreign marriages with end in foreign divorce are accepted and that the spouse can remarry. I might be wrong, hope I am. If it was me I would get some serious legal advice before buying plane tickets and such. Yes I already am checking on that. Thank you! She has been rejected for a visitors visa and now we are looking to find out whether or not the US Consulate will recognize a foreign divorce so we can get married and she can come to the US. We are in the process of an annulment and 8 months have passed and h
  4. I guess this would resolve my issue. So if my filipina girlfriend gets a divorce in Hong Kong, the Philippines will allow her to marry? If that is true, then I will be able to get a K1 visa for her to the U.S. This would be great news!!
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